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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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. here in japan, it's a thursday night. i'm james tengan, welcome to "newsline." here are some of the stories we're following this hour. enhanced defenses. south korea says it has started talks on a defense missile system which china has protested territorial tensions.
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and big city, bright lights. the glow of traditional lights is fading in shanghai as china pushes to go green. south korean defense officials say they've been holding formal missile defense talks with the u.s. they're discussing whether to deploy the advanced thaad system on south korean territory. north korea deployed what they said was a satellite. many believe it was ballistic missile technology. a spokesperson says they began formal talks nearly two weeks ago. the thaad system can take down missiles at higher altitudes than the patriot systems. china says it could be used to spy on its territory, but the spokesperson says that's not their intention. >> translator: we believe that the priority is to protect the lives and property of our
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citizens. so the south korean government is basing its decisions on that stance. >> moon stressed that the thaad system is only for defending the nation. but the talks under way is expected to provoke a strong response from beijing. u.s. officials say china has deployed a missile system on a disputed island in the south china sea. it's just the latest in a series of controversial moves by the country in the area, and it spikes regional concerns over what may come next. nhk's kurando tago has more. >> reporter: those images are what fox news says are surface-to-air missile launches and a radar system all newly deployed. the location, china-controlled woody island, part of the disputed island chain in the south china sea. from the u.s., a quick reaction. secretary of state john kerry pointed out the contradiction to remarks made by china's president last fall.
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>> when president xi was here in washington, he stood in the rose garden with president obama and said china will not militarize in the south china sea. but there is every evidence, every day, that there has been an increase of militarization of one kind or another. it's a serious concern. >> reporter: in another part of the south china sea, china has been reclaiming seven reefs in the disputed spratly islands. it's building airstrips there. one is already in use and can accommodate military aircraft. the buildup in the area has led the u.s. to conduct freedom of navigation patrols by ships and aircraft. the area is a vital shipping route. vietnam, malaysia, brunei, the philippines and taiwan all have rival claims in the south china sea, but china claims most of it.
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on wednesday, its foreign minister declined to confirm the woody island report but justified the military buildup in the area. >> translator: the facilities china is building on the islands are limited, necessary and for self-defense. they are totally consistent with the right of self-defense given to all nations by international laws. and there is no room for criticism. >> reporter: in tokyo, a meeting between admiral harry harris, the head of the u.s. pacific command and japan's defense minister, nakatani. from nakatani, a call from both countries to work on the issue. from harris, a mission to conduct more freedom of navigation in the south china sea. but this expert says china's reaction is a response to what the u.s. has been doing. >> translator: after the second freedom of navigation operation near the spratly islands, i think there was no doubt that china would take some kind of
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counter measure. i think china will avoid the conflict with the u.s., but if the u.s. keeps military pressure on china and these things keep happening, china may also take military countermeasures. >> reporter: the news of the missile deployment came as u.s. president obama and southeast asian leaders agreed to cooperate to ease tensions in the south china sea, but the tensions are rising. kurando tago, nhk world. south korean officials are trying to gather intelligence on possible cyberattacks and terror strikes by north korea. they say they have information that kim jong un has ordered preparations for such attacks on the south. officials with south korea's national intelligence service briefed senior members of the ruling party on thursday. they said north korean agents may be preparing attacks on subways, shopping malls and key infrastructure. they said government officials, north korean defectors and
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anti-pyongyang activists could also be targets. south korean and u.s. forces will begin their largest-ever joint military exercise early next month. pyongyang has condemned the annual drill, calling it a blatant proclamation of war. travelers flying between the u.s. and japan will soon have more options to choose from. gene otani has the details and more business information. aviation authorities say they will allow more flights. they are hoping to challenge the status of narita airport as the main gateway into japan. officials from both countries held talks in tokyo. currently, they allow just eight flights between haneda and the u.s. each day. all of them in the early morning or late evening. they plan to increase the total to 12, and they say they'll do
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that by reducing early and late flights and putting on ten new daytime nights instead. the agreement was welcomed. >> translator: flights to the u.s. are some of the most important routes for japan. so i'm very pleased with the result. >> he said the increase will help to meet growing demand from the business and tourism sectors. airlines are expected to use the extra slots to fly to east coast of u.s. cities such as new york and washington. government officials want to smooth the way for the extra arriva arrivals. they plan to open a hotel and tourism complex at haneda in time for the 2020 olympics. land minister officials have earmarked a 4-hectar plot. they are taking bids in firms that want to be involved, and they expect to make decisions in
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june. checking the markets, tokyo stocks rallied on thursday. we go over to our miss reporter, mayu yoshida at the tokyo stock exchange. >> market sentiment seems to have improved. one analyst told me there are three factors helping the mood for now. the u.s. federal reserve, china and oil. but let's see how the markets ended on thursday. the nikkei rose 2.2% and closed at 16,196. this is the highest level in more than a week. and the broader topix closed about 1300 for the first time since last tuesday. and now, back to the three market-improving factors. first, investors were relieved after the feds' january minutes were released. they were taking a wait and see
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stance. and comments from the people's bank of china suggest that they are trying to communicate more with the market. and third, we're seeing progress among global oil producers to deal with the oil glut. so these three factors helped the mood in asia. the biggest movers were companies sensitive to commodity prices hike oil explorers and trading houses. so japan's major trading house, mitsubishi corporation and japex saw gains. the safe-haven yen is still stronger, but for more clear direction, the markets will be paying a close eye on how commodity prices will play out in the long term. i'm mayu yoshida from the tokyo stock exchange. other nations joined the global rally. let's take a look.
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hong kong climbed to a two-week high. malaysia's benchmark, up by almost 1%, finishing at 1680. figures show the country's economy grew 5% last year, beating analysts' expectations. let's look at indonesia. of up by a quarter of one percent, finishing at 4778. the central bank lowered its key interest rate to 7%. that was the second rate cut this year and in mean with market expectation. china bucked the trend. shanghai composite down by a fraction, as we see there, 2862 for the closing number, discouraging inflation numbers fueled hopes for more government stimulus, but profit taking wiped out earlier gains. here's a hook look at some of t other business stories we're following today. toyota motor officials have
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announced a global recall of almost 2.9 million vehicles. they say the seat belts could be damaged by a metal part in the event of a crash. it applies to the rav4 between 2005 and 2014 and the vanguard produced in japan between 2005 and january this year. government officials say in january, japan's trade balance was in the deficit by nearly 650 billion yen, that's about $5.7 billion. they say exports were down 13% from the same month last year. imports declined by 18%, as prices of crude oil and liquid natural gas fell sharply. and, as mentioned, the four figures show in january china's consumer price index was up 1.8% from a year earlier. that was a slight improvement from the rate of increase in cember. however,he procer pce indewas down more than r5%, extending the dechien to almost
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four years. analysts say factories have started winding back production due to weak demand. executives at honda are expanding their folk from the roads to the sky. they're using the lessons they've learned from selling cars to push a new plane in the u.s. nhk world's rosa sobrino has more. >> reporter: honda executives have big hopes for their light business jet. in december, they received a permit from the u.s. federal aviation administration to sell it in america. >> go fly! >> reporter: engineers have spent about 30 years developing the plane. now the company is focussing on sales. >> today i am very proud to announce that we reach a historical milestone. it is the crystal of our sweat and tears. >> reporter: honda is the first automaker in the world to build a jet plane.
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its engineers came up with a distinctive design that puts the engines above the wings rather than behind. they say it reduces wind resistance and improves fuel efficiency. it also means the cabin is 20% bigger. >> this is absolutely beautiful. very unique airplane. and with honda's attention to engineering detail and excellence in manufacturing, it's a very compelling aircraft. >> reporter: other japanese firms are watching with interest. they feel if honda can succeed in the u.s., the world's largest aviation market, it bodes well for their own chances. for jet makers, the key to success is often in the after-sales support. the quality of the maintenance and emergency assistance they provide can make-or-break a deal. that's why u.s. firms provide 24-hour service for problems with fuselage and other parts that experience severe stress during flights. honda executives spent a lot of
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time thinking about this crucial and costly issue. they settled on an approach that's unusual in the aviation industry but common among car makers, the dealer strategy. car makers commission dealers, not only to handle sales, but also to provide checks and maintenance. that way dealers are responsible for building goodwill with customers. honda plans to adopt the same system for its jet the. executives have already partnered with five u.s. firms to provide maintenance for customers' aircraft. they say honda now has a network in place to get help to clients anywhere in the country within 90 minutes. >> translator: we looked all over the u.s. for partners who can provide what we need. if we can find them in such a short time, and we can ensure proper service for the honda jet, that's a big threat to our rivals.
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>> reporter: executives are already looking beyond the u.s. to asia, the middle east and elsewhere. their aim is to win more than 30% of the global market for business jets. rosa sobrino, nhk world, new york. that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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austria says they will impose daily limits on the number of refugees and migrants entering the country. it could set off a domino effect in neighboring countries along the migrant trail. >> translator: everybody knows austria cannot cope with asylum seekers in numbers like 90,000 like we had last year. that's why we must set boundaries. we must slow down the stream, step by step. >> austrian officials say each day 80 asylum applications will be accepted, and up to 3200 people will be allowed to travel through the country. the measures take effect friday. last month, austria decided to slash the number of refugees the country will accept to 37,500 this year. other countries in the balkans are also imposing tougher measures. slovenia is limiting the flow of asylum seekers, and croatia reportedly sent some back to serbia. last year over a million refugees and migrants flowed into europe from the middle east, africa and elsewhere.
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one of the largest groups fleeing the civil war in syria. an adviser to saudi arabia's defense minister says his country will be the first to join any ground operation against islamic state militants in syria if the u.s.-led coalition decides to. brigadier general ahmed acere made the remark in an exclusive interview. referring to the militant group by its arabic acronym. >> if there is a coalition against daesh to put boot on the grounds in syria to combat daesh, we will be in the first line. >> authorities said aircraft tar geted an islamic state site on monday. he says his country plans to extend its military advisement. the adviser also talked about an upcoming military exercise,
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involving an expected 20 countries, including muslim ones, it will take place in northern saudi arabia for about two weeks. touching on the civil war in yemen, he suggested that the yemeni government campaign against insurgents is in its final stage and troops are close to retakg the catal city. saudi-led forces have been fighting with the government there. japanese police are beefing up controls after pyongyang's recent missile launch. police have arrested the head of a trade firm on suspicion of breaking japan's embargo. they say that the 48-year-old president allegedly exported clothes, food and tableware two years ago worth about $53,000. the items were shipped by sea from tokyo to north korea via singapore. they were sent mainly the wealth japan has imposed a total trade
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embargo against north korea since 2009. shanghai's skyline is growing fast. to residents, they're part of the colorful night views. but as our cameraman tells us, the lights that have long illuminated the city are changing. >> reporter: china's biggest city is known for its bright lights. people illuminate shops and buildings as a symbol of prosperity. the neon signs are getting even brighter with the spread of l.e.d. lights. >> translator: the illuminations look beautiful and modern. >> translator: the lights are a symbol of development. >> reporter: l.e.d.s are low on running cost and high on design versatility. they are becoming shanghai's mainstay resource.
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>> translator: in the past, people used lights only to illuminate. now we can use them for artistic expression. >> reporter: under the glare of l.e.d.s, traditional incandescent light bulbs are fading away. the soft glow is being replaced. it was part of every day life. >> translator: these lights are best for ordinary people. >> reporter: they have been taking them down for a decade. shou says l.e.d.s of emit straight light. he says it changes the glow but illustrates the bond among downtown neighbors.
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>> translator: incandescent light is essential to old cityscapes. its dimness is a vital part of the scene. >> reporter: but to reduce electricity consumption, government officials are urging the change. they are promoting the use of eco-friendly l.e.d. and florescent lights. traditional bulbs are vanishing from store shelves. >> translator: we've switched to l.e.d.s now. all the stores are going along with the government policy. >> reporter: shou's determined to keep alive people's memories of the gentle glow that gave color to their night. >> translator: these scenes will be lost soon. as a photographer and a shanghai
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resident, i feel strongly that i must record them before they disappear. >> reporter: he's now compiling a book so that people around the world can see the beauty of the city's old quarter lit by traditional bulbs. >> translator: i want to preserve our time-honored cityscape and the light. i hope more people will share our ideas of treasuring the good old ways. >> reporter: a city full of warm light, shanghai's evolving and putting different shades of color in people's lives. nhk world, shanghai. currently, in shanghai, it's mostly fair with a temperature of 59 degrees fahrenheit.
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on the other side of the pacific, californians have been subjected to a weather rollercoaster ride. and, as jonathan oh tells us, the ride isn't over. meteorologist jonathan oh. >> hello. we expecting a change when it comes to temperatures and we are going to see a little bit more in terms of rain. we were talking about record heat with temperatures in the low 30s down into southern california during the early part of this week. now we have a low pressure system located further to the north, but there is associated cold front, and that's going to move in and bring even more rainfall for the day. we may even be dealing with snowfall in some places. but the concern is there's also stng wind sts assoated th this. so here's a look at what's ahead. a bit of a stormy thursday in the sense that gusts can be up to 100 kilometers per hour, 50 millimeters of rain in the sierra nevada and potentially up to 40 centimeters of snow in the higher elevations. the rain does extend up to the north into the pacific northwest and then maybe even some snow possible into the northern rockies.
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now, as the west coast deals with precipitation, the southern, in terms of the central plains and southern plains are dealing with much drier and windier conditions, and that's leading to fire danger weather, so extreme concern over the panhandle of oklahoma, extending into kansas, colorado and northern portions of texas and expands out from there. so when we see this breezy weather taking place, windy weather with relative humidity levels below 15%, you do not want to be burning things outside. so be prepare for that. windy for the day in oklahoma city with a high of 25 degrees. 22 in denver. that's very warm for this time of year. look out for snow in winnipeg and clouds in toronto. and chilly weather in new york and washington, d.c. with highs of 2 to 3 degrees on thursday. now, as we look at the forecast for europe, we are also seeing cold weather come into the picture because of a cold front moving along the western side of
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the continent. low pressure driving down the windy conditions, looking at rain, but also looking at some cold temperatures. that's going to help really push down the condition, and then along the trough that's set up, there's a low pressure system that's going to produce thunderstorms. drier further to the north and east with high pressure controlling the weather. so we're talking about sunny skies for places like moscow but chilly. high of negative 2, three in kiev. rain in stockholm and vienna, may see flurries in paris with a high of 5 on thursday. a quick look at winston located in the southern pacific ocean. this system is a category 4 severe tropical cyclone moving to the west. it's finally made its turn and is now moving back toward fiji. its influence will be wide enough to where we're looking at heavy rains to continue through
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the rest of this week into the weekend. so please, be on guard as this system will continue to plague the area when it comes to heavy rainfall. now dry further toward the north. high pressure is pushing up temperatures in japan. so we're looking at a high of around 18 in tokyo on friday. seoul a warmth of 6. 7 in beijing. showers in taipei. that means a wet weekend for the korean peninsula and japan. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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thanks for joining us here on "newsline." at the top of the hour is "newsroom tokyo." stay tuned for more here on nhk world. oyçyj4j8j8j8j
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>> welcome to france 24. i'm molly hall. these are the headlines. crunch time for david cameron as he tries to secure his eu reform bill in brussels in preparation for the so-called brexit summit. a deadly attacking ankara. suicides linked the bombing to syrian kurdish fighters. the group's leader denies responsibility.


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