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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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see the system fall apart altogether. that's the warning from the eu's migration commissioner with a critical meeting looming on march 7. the countdown is on to high-stakes elections in iran.
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our reporters on the ground have the latest with just hours to go before also been -- before polls open. now, a large swathe of the so-called jungle migrant camp in calais is going to be destroyed. the judge ruling against the group of charities who had tried to block the partial evacuation of the right -- site. the mayor of calais has told reporters it will be done in a progressive manner and could start in one week from now. the french interior minister has insisted the government wants us a humanitarian solution for the people who are set to be removed. reporter: those who called his makeshift camp home say they
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feel unwanted by both the country they are in and the one they want to reach, the united kingdom. , we are justhey do illegally people here to live. reporter: the residents of the camp known as the jungle have been offered temporary accommodation in welcome centers or heated containers set up last month. to gain access, they must scan their hands on a biometric reader, something that makes people wary. >> they will force you to do asylum here. reporter: authorities say the scanners are merely a safety measure. that has not stopped some migrants and refugees from taking measures into their own hands. thousands divided into small -- thousands, divided into small groups, attempted to cross the border on friday.
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security forces stepped in before they could reach the euro tunnel entrance seven kilometers from the camp. it is the first time so many people have attempted to smuggle themselves across the border in one night. many of them said it won't be the last time they try. catherine n.: some of the charities who had backed that to block the demolition say they are disappointed and will be appealing. we will find out more about the legal aspects of this. the head of the mission of the calais jungle legal center, thank you for joining us. can you tell us what kind of legal help you have been offering to people at the jungle, as it is known? >> hello. the legal aid we are providing to the people is trying to help irem to re-appropriate the
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migration route, for them to be able to forecast where they will settle and when. because they are still in trouble. .hey are still in the way they left their country and they don't know where they are going to go. they are parked there because the border is closed. we are also supporting them in fors of filing complaints harassment from police and civilian militia. catherine n.: in terms of the legal side of the demolition case, the judge has now made that ruling, as we know. she has taken two days to deliberate. the interior minister made it clear he intends to follow her decision. are there viable legal avenues left for those who want to block the demolition of this southern part of the camp? >> i'm sorry.
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i think the decision is not that bad. the decision has recognized that the living places should be protected. the problem is on the definition of the living places, which the judge defines exactly like the prefecture, for example, the schools. those living centers are not living centers. they are only social centers, with the people are living surrounding the centers -- where the people are living surrounding the centers can gather. the living centers are the habitations, the houses, the restaurants. the state camp is not a living place because people there are just going there, sleeping there, but they are living in the rest of the jungle, because of the simple reason they cannot cook inside. they cannot invite friends. at the moment, the state camp
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receives min -- cannot receive minors unaccompanied. they don't have the legal right to do that. those minors, those children -- they are living and sleeping with men every night. they are taking showers with men every night. of course,.: while, the situation of the people are living in at the jungle, from anyone's point of view, is dreadful, our reporting team at a numberas spoken to of migrants who said they are not necessarily disappointed at the ruling today. they think the ruling could help them. it could speed up the process of them being moved on and put on a path to a better situation. that's what the government says they are offering as well. why should we have any reason to believe that is not the case? onthe ruling is very clear the places that can be destroyed
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. it is all the rest except the places that have been listed. i think this is an absolutely unsatisfying decision. again, the people don't know what will happen to them. the prefecture says that they will destroy the place slowly. once again, there is no clear deadline for the people. they don't know where they are going to go and when they are going to go, if they are going to be forced or not. it's just a way for the state to threaten people, for them to force them to go in the welcome center that they opened in every part of france. i recall that. we don't know how long those centers will last. the children are not authorized to go there. the state does not have the agreement for the asylum-seekers either. there is no legal support, no
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social support. some of these centers are good, but some of them we don't know. catherine n.: if i can just cut spokernard cazeneuve after this ruling today, the french interior minister. he insisted the people will be moved out of the camp in what he way.""a humanitarian he said that this will be done progressively, as you said. he said the people are being offered alternate accommodation and a chance to build a future here in france. we know there are kinds of accommodation being provided by the french authorities, either containers, as we have seen in calais, or centers elsewhere in france. the government is not inventing these figures. >> they are. catherine n.: it has to be better than living in mud, surely. >> they are making up these figures. thatsaid first of all there were only 800 people living in the southern part of the jungle.
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why they did that --because they only have 800 beds in their state camp and the rest of the welcome center. but the association made a census. on all associations agreed the math. we counted 3500 people. there is no solution for these people. especially for the children. children05 unaccompanied on the camp on the southern part. there is absolutely no solution for them. they're just going to grow the number of children that -- what is going to happen to them? tracenot track them, them, find them.
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catherine n.: thanks very much for giving us your point of view on this story, marianne hum bersot, head of the mission of the legal center at the calais jungle camp. we are looking at the broader migration jewish and elsewhere in europe -- broader migration situation elsewhere in europe. they have 10 days to curb it or see it break down completely. that's the warning from the european union's commissioner on migration today. a summit fixed for march 7 could be make or break. claire williams reports. claire: this camp on the western edge of athens is getting bigger every day. more migrants and refugees have been arriving since several countries in the balkans tightened their borders, letting only syrians and iraqis pass.
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many had to turn back in their tracks and returned to athens. >> in syria, there is five years war, in afghanistan, there is more than three years war. where is the difference between athens and syria? greece says a bottleneck of stranded migrants could be about to break. the issue was top of the agenda at an eu meeting in brussels, where interior and justice ministers discussed finding a coordinated approach to the migrant crisis ahead of crucial eu-turkey summit on march 7. >> in the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground. otherwise, there is the risk that the whole system will completely break down. claire: as non-schengen countries tighten their borders, several countries in the zone, like belgium, have reinstated border controls. last week, austria began capping the number of migrants let transit through to 3000 per day.
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country-by-country responses that, ministers one, could care europe apart -- tear europe apart. catherine n.: the are just hours to go before it remains head to head toefore iranians the polls. supporters of the current president, hassan rouhani, are hoping that the recently relaxed economic sanctions will give a .oost to his fellow reformists he has given special attention to women and young people during his first term in office. it is young, first-time voters seen as making a critical difference. reporter: they form some 70% of population and their book constitutes nearly half of the electorate. this is iran's youth, arguably one of the most vocal demographics in the country.
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some of the islamic republic's future republic were trained here. they are looking for parliamentary candidates who line.oe their leader's >> we want someone who will follow the instructions of ayatollah khamenei. it doesn't matter to us whether they have a beard or not. reporter: for the more liberal minded students, it is iran's employment that has become a major election issue. today, some 40% of graduates are out of work. >> we really have no hope. the employment situation is at a low point in our country. many people are unemployed. when i graduate as an engineer, it is not even certain i will be able to find work. one analyst is optimistic about voter turnout. areas of thent
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country, we are hearing different voices. in the larger cities, they want cultural, societal, political freedom. in smaller cities, they want improved living conditions and employment. the one country -- question they posed to me is "will my boat have an impact -- the one question they pose to me is, "will my vote have an impact?" reporter: only friday will tell whether having their voices heard will overcome their dissolution. catherine n.: across the atlantic now to the u.s., apple has hit back at the ei after -- the fbi after a court ordered the firm to comply with investigators. they want the firm to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the shooters in the san bernardino shooting. the company has asked for the court order to be dismissed. will hilderbrandt tells us more. will: it is being billed as
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privacy versus security. last week, a u.s. judge ordered apple to help fbi investigators access data on the iphone of syed farook, one of the two shooters responsible for killing 14 people in san bernardino, california, in december. apple's ceo said it was chilling that a u.s. court ordered the firm to essentially hack one of its users. he reiterated his position. >> this case is not about a phone. this case is about the future. what is at stake here is, can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s.? will: the u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch, says such requests are based on a land -- long-standing principle in the american justice system. whose safety we
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must protect, to ensure we have done everything under the law to fully protect against terrorist attacks on american soil. says it would be used only in this one instance. law enforcement around the country say such technology could help in other cases. you hereestion is, are to live in a civilized society, justice,ety, and for and you have to give up some of your liberties? will: about half of the american public sides with the fbi, the other half with apple. it has also been a topic in the tech industry. facebook founder mark zuckerberg said he is sent -- sympathetic with apple and believes in data encryption. bill gates said the debate was worth having. catherine n.: we have a musical first for you from africa. the continent's first homegrown musical download service is now
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open for business. are more than 200 artists who have signed up so far. songs cost between 300 and 500 franks. users can download them using their mobile phone credits. this, in a region where few people have been cards. 60% of that money will go to the musicians themselves. the developer says he hopes it will give africans are chance to make a living from their music. now, if you have had enough of all of that technology and modern life, here is a blast from the past for you. the train has chugged along on its first journey in a decade. the 93-year-old train has undergone a major refit that has cost more than 5 million euros. thousands of enthusiasts gathered at london's king cross station to see it off. claire williams has the story.
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claire: it is a big day for british trained spotters. -- trainspotters. the flying scotsman has taken to the tracks again after a 10 year restoration. >> is just iconic -- it is just iconic. claire: the train did not set off on its traditional trip to edinburgh, though. shrouded in steam, it traveled five hours north to york, with 300 passengers on board, albeit at a slower and more leisurely pace than more modern trains. built in 1923, the flying scotsman provided the first direct link between london and edinburgh. the train was the first to break the 100 mile-per-hour speed barrier in 1934. 29 years later, it retired from british rail. steam engines were old-fashioned by then. it was bought by a british businessman and rail enthusiast,
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who took it on a tour of the united states. and thewent bankrupt flying scotsman was brought back to britain. in the 1980's, it found itself in australia for a tour of the outback, but its future was , in 2006,rtain, until the national railway museum began restoring it. 4.2 million british pounds later and the flying scotsman is back on the tracks. and someone who has been very much enjoying looking at the flying scotsman, markus karlsson joins me here, back for more business news. markus: i have spent a lot of time on that train route. catherine n.: maybe you will have to give a flying scotsman try. about going to talk something else that is chugging along, perhaps not quite as fast as the flying scotsman. the argentine economy is where we are starting off. markus: we are putting the spotlight on the argentine
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economy and the challenges it is facing. president francois hollande has popped by for a visit. he has been meeting their with the argentinian present -- meeting with the argentine president, mauricio macri, who was elected not long ago. they had been kicking a football at the stadium in buenos aires. macri is under pressure to fulfill his election pledge to turn the economy around. let me tell you, that won't be child's play. the economy is struggling with lower commodity prices. on top of that, argentina suffering from one of the world's highest rates of inflation. christinaedecessor, fernandez the kercher is accused of -- cristina fernandez de kirchner, is accused of having doctored the prices. looking ahead at how ordinary people are coping. leandrora has not --
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has not chosen his butcher by accident. he has used information from his own website to come and find the cheapest meat. at 95 pesoslling per kilo. that's the cheapest. >> most of the prices here are not being displayed to shoppers because of inflation. the greater cost is not turning consumers off to their beef. >> people in argentina are meat eaters. they are not going to give up on that, ever. ap the online cheap meat m is a success. thousands of butchers have been listed in just a couple of weeks. >> we have learned how to live with higher prices after a series of crises. we have had no choice to find ways -- but to find ways to cope. >> argentina's new -- president -- new president vows to rein in inflation. a journalist says that
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argentina's stats agency has been releasing erroneous inflation figures. the country says -- country's new leadership says it will make the agency independent. >> there is a need to make sure this index is reliable. this needs to be done professionally. the goal has to be to regain the trust of argentines and the rest of the world. >> the imminent removal of state subsidies from electric and gas will lead to a bigger pool -- bills. reeling in inflation will take years. markus: looking at some corporate news in france. company has surprised investors by delaying the publication of its annual results by 24 hours, until friday morning. trading of shares was suspended on thursday, pending those results. areva says it is finalizing a 1.1 billion euro loan to cover
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an upcoming debt payment. without that loan, the company cost financial -- company's financial future looks uncertain. areva is expected to post an annual loss for a fifth consecutive year. areva was one share that was not trading on thursday. we have a lot of other shares that are up in trading. let's take a look at how markets are faring. in the united states, stocks are heading higher. the dow jones industrial average accelerated somewhat in the past hour or so, up around 9/10 of 1 %. oil shares have come under pressure as prices are falling back. that isn't really translating into the wider indices. the s&p 500 also in positive territory. in europe, finishing sharply higher. shares were helped somewhat by strong corporate earnings. they were helped, for sure, by strong corporate earnings.
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those earnings included the latest results from -- it finished up more than 11% after the company posted fourth-quarter yearnings -- earnings. lloyds was one of the best performers after better-than-expected results. now, earlier on thursday, chinese shares fell back sharply with shanghai stocks posting their biggest one-day drop in a month. the shanghai composite finished 6.4% lower. theeemed put -- to put spotlight back on lurking fears that the chinese economy is slowing down. the friday meeting will bring together the finance ministers and central bankers from around biggest -- 20 biggest economies. shares of sharp fell back 14% in tokyo. the company's future looks to be
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in the balance. the company said earlier it had accepted a takeover offer of 3.9 billion euros from foxconn. foxconn said it was not ready to sign the dotted line due to unresolved issues. it is a cold shower for sharp, who are looking for a white knight. >> for a few hours, it looked deal.harp had reached a then things took a left turn after foxconn told the chinese company it wasn't ready to sign. it is still not clear why. if the deal does go through, it would be the biggest ever take over by -- takeover of the japanese firm by a foreign buyer. the electronics maker was once a household name. while rivals like apple and samsung have searched ahead, -- surged ahead, sharp has been living on a knife edge, losing
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around 9 billion euros. hascompany's bottom line taken a hit from falling prices for flatscreen televisions that represent the core part of its business. analysts say that sharp has failed to adapt as times changed. companies like sharp did not follow the trends. with competition, not just from south korea and the united states, but also increasingly from china, the pressure will only get worse. markus: ok. let's talk you through some other stories we are watching. the world's biggest brewer is warning of slowing growth in emerging markets, including china and brazil. the warning came as bev reportedch in weaker than expected earnings. the company said its planned takeover of sab miller is on course for the second half of the year.
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canadianium led by pension funds is buying london city airport for around 2 billion pounds. 2 billion pounds, which is around 2.5 billion euros, has been billed as a peek price tag -- peak price tag
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02/25/16 02/25/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> this man, i like this guy. >> i have from white plains. we have a problem in this country. it is called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he is not even an american. have training camps where they want to kill us. when can we get rid of them?


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