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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching "france 24." these are the headlines. politicians in iran win big gains that could deepen the engagement with the world. that is after the government and years of sanctions agreed to curb their nuclear program. police fired tear gas to break up migrants and refugees on the greek macedonia border. many of them tore down a date to
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break through restrictions keeping them in place. protest breakup in islam a bad hanging of a convicted killer. four years ago, he shot a governor for seeking reform of the blasphemy law. the child sex abuse scandal in catholic church and the reporters who unveiled it were the subject of "spotlight." more oscar coverage, coming up. the government announces plans to double the income of many farmers in what is being described as a make or break budget. more results coming in from last week's election.
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early results say they have the majority of seats in the assembly of experts. be a historicld win for moderate reformers, several prominent hardliners have been reelected. more from tehran. >> we are waiting for the final results of the double elections country'sof the eligible voters participated. the 12 years they have dominated the parliament now is the coalition of reformist and moderates that are winning the major seats. parliamentarys is speaker. theg for that post,
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reformists that won the sea. moving on to the assembly of experts, the clerical body that will select of the next supreme leader. just to give you an idea, they went up against the major rival, ultraconservative who was a supporter of the hard-line president. mean the iranian people are supporting president out theto carry policies he introduced in 2013. the nuclear was deal between tehran and a romney powers. to syria, where groups are using the tenuous cease-fire to get help in where it is needed most. the war has displaced more than
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half the country's population. two days inn, violations are threatening the troops. martin reports now from beirut. what has been concerning is the number of airstrikes. a confirmed six airstrikes in that half of the country. to 20.rn, up there is a prevailing mood across the northwest, which is the most combustible part of syria. sometimes, the cease-fire with imperfections will hold. that is creating space to deliver meaningful -- for the country that has not received it in the past five years.
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both sides have zero trust in uph other and could turn talks in geneva in early march. it has been the russian strategy to use muscle to force -- to the negotiation table. russia has backed the syrian regime. the opposition can no longer win the war. for carving of the spoils. >> french authorities have begun dismantling the giant refugee camp known as the jungle. a french court confirmed all structures in the southern part of the camp would be knocked it down except those marked as living spaces. overs led to confusion
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whether that means homes or communal spaces. authorities are trying to the camp,efugees in but many of them are desperate to do everything they can to stay put. have fired tear gas to break up hundreds of migrants and refugees trying to break through. some stormed a gate to get through restrictions keeping them in place. natalie, we see the pictures of these desperate people trying to break through the gates. what is the latest you are hearing? and we try to tear down the fence, which prompted the macedonian police to fire several rounds of tear gas. hundreds participated in this. placards, chanting
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open the borders. many families assembled. arek authorities struggling. they tried to disperse the migrants and the refugees and various camps. many of them refuse to stay put. be just when will be allowed to cross? that is the big question authorities have been asking. them ort up to macedonia, but up to austria. >> where does that leave the situation in greece? more and more migrants and refugees are piling up in that country.
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>> seem to be having some problems with our connection. we will try to get back to her later in the program. shot astan, program -- former governor seeking reform. the execution of the man came as a blow to islamic supporters who called him a hero. there are protests happening all over. others, there is a big funeral procession called for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to body has been handed over some of the supporters. they have called him for a protest tomorrow.
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on thatre looking bleak front. schools are being closed, shut down today. they were shut down earlier. diplomats have been told to stay indoors. >> remind us of the details of this case and the effect the ruling might have on other cases in the future. >> the governor was assassinated in 2011. the governor was fighting against the blasphemy law. he called it a black law and said there should be a revisit of this law and an abolishing of this law. the first christian woman on death row is accused of blasphemy.
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there has been no debate with regards to the blasphemy law or the fact that we should review the case who is still on death row in still in jail. >> in paris, the annual farm show is underway. farmers tonce for show off their wares and a right of passage for politicians to get a pressure or two. things are tough with francois hollande getting booed at the show. chris moore is at the farm show. has the atmosphere gotten better? chris: a lot more cheerful among
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the visiting public. there are hundreds at this annual event. a chance to celebrate the rural roots. in five french people live in the french countryside. it would be a foolish president who ignored the wishes of the farmers. things are a lot less convivial this morning. protesters trash the stand, called him a loser and much worse. french farmers have been blocking roads and destroying produce. they are not getting the prices they need, particularly in the dairy and meat sectors to make it worthwhile to produce goods.
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a lot of this is out of our hands, it is brussels, not paris who sets price. we will be looking to put pressure on various elements of the retail sector. while we are doing that, the protest in the end of need to stop. >> thank you for that. chris moore reporting from the annual farm show. let's go to hollywood, where stars lit up the red carpet. the big story of the evening, who was not being honored. ceremony has been dubbed a whitewash by some as no black or minority actors were up for awards for the second year in a row. night onthe biggest the showbiz counter. this year's oscars have been marked by controversy of the lack of black and minority actors up for rewards. rows the second year in a
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when all of the actors are white. chris: i am here at the academy awards. known as the white people's choice awards. if they nominated hosts, i would not get this job. that, the ceremony unfolded as usual. the big winner of the night came as no surprise. finally got toio take home an oscar, using his speech to highlight the problem of climate change. felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history. climate change is real and happening. centuryays a 19th adventure. revenant took home the best
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director. to breeress was awarded room." in " for going to the theater and seeing our film. i appreciate it. thank you. >> best film editing screenplay went to "spotlight." it is based on journalists who under covered widespread abuse in the catholic church. >> politicians when gains that could deepen the engagement with the world. that is after the government ended years of sanctions by agreeing to curb its nuclear program. plenty refugees tore down again to try and break through
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them inions, keeping place. protests break out and pakistan over the hanging of a convicted killer. four years ago he shot a local governor for seeking reform of the blasphemy law. time for business news now. france withting in a government delayed its planned at labor reform law. >> these proposals will be the biggest overhaul of the french labor market since the introduction of the 35 hour working week. the prime minister says details will not be put to cabinet on the ninth of march as had been planned. that has been pushed back by two weeks. makeition to the changes it easier to fire workers as well as capping compensation in unfair dismissal cases. the idea is to encourage companies to hire more staff.
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some have opposed the law. the intention behind it is still there. >> it is an important law, allowing companies to be flexible, to make them flexible and allow them to grow and create jobs. the law brings more security to workers. >> there has been good news for india. >> and is going to spend $5 billion trying to double the income of millions of farmers. announcement during a budget being described as make or break.
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inspoke to our correspondent new delhi. was to balancee the industry and business interests. it seems to have gone a little in favor of the common man with andding in the agriculture death areas. india has been hit by droughts in many parts of the country. many farmers. this budget was important to show that the government has interest of farmers and mine. on aid in the communities, health programs, , a lot of focus on
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the agricultural sector and about 550 million rupees in infrastructure as well. community does not seem to have gotten everything they wanted from us. it has regained some ground lately. india continues to be a bright economic gloomy climate. on theed to focus country. the budget seems to reflect that. in europe, shares are trading. it falls down by almost 1%. eds is up over 2%. beis possible lifespan could
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expanded by up to 10 years. we are checking on the markets in dublin. trading flat after the election results over the weekend. the market is not too worried at the moment. in asia, we have seen sharp falls. you can see how the indian markets reacted. will finish with oprah winfrey, who might be regretting her investment in weight watchers. street,fell 27% in wall after surprise losses for the last three months of 2015. bought a 10% share.
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the media mogul is still worth $29 million more than she paid for it back in october. moving to italy? >> they are opening i name a lawn. >> a cannot believe there has not been a starbucks there until now. time for our press review. >> nicholas is on the set with
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us. start with a closer look at super tuesday. >> lots of electioneering in the states. this cartoon shows donald trump. the oscar ceremony, the caption donald trump. will he become president? the press is trembling in fear. you can see the oscar he has in his hands, wondering what would happen under a four-year tr ump reign. ben judah argues that what we is a person anti-chinese,
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serious at the freeloading allies. number one among them, and germany. he is anti-mexican. nothing will get in the way of bromance.-trump >> there is another piece in the new york times asking what if he were a woman. let's go to that piece. it shows donald trump dressed up as miss universe. we can assume a sex change operation is not going to take as far as donald trump is concerned. what we do have, the argument, all of this we are seeing now is outrageous. if you imagined it was donna ump, it would not have been
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acceptable. it would not last a nanosecond in this campaign. arguing that what we are to the wholelow cause of gender equality in the states. another hot button issue, especially race. the oscar ceremony, chris rock rocked, with the question of the diversity issue coming up. liked is when he says -- in decades past, black people were too busy having things to protest about, such as their grandmother swinging from a tree, why would they care about film director?
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he has gotten a lot of favorable feedback from his performance. with so much focus on the race issue, one paper is saying perhaps the attention is overblown, perhaps the oscars do not matter as much as they used to. oscars are a farce. look at the headline. leonardo dicaprio has one, but the stats show that recent films that have one, such as no country for old men, they are only watched by one in 20 americans. the argument is that the whole melting ice cream because people are going to youtube and they are on their phones and their attention span is lower than you would imagine. taking on this
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cultural legacy. we are not seeing lawrence of arabia. let's go to the big story of the day, happy birthday to all of you out there born on the 29th of february. you are leaplings. you can only celebrate once every four years. the guardian gives over its space to feminists, one who says in response to this question you have the right as women to propose marriage to men, would feminists do that? that they take opportunity? >> i am all for female empowerment, but i am single, not desperate. to gett have the guts down on bended knee and ask someone to get married. i have to take a day off with
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that. proposesays yes, i did marriage and got married on the same day. >> thank you for that. happy birthday to all of you born on february 29. for news, you can check out our website.
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