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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday here in japan. welcome to "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. we start with a look at the hour's top stories. tightening the grip, members of the u.n. security council are set to adopt a resolution with new sanction on north korea. ruling reversed.
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japan's supreme court the family of a man with dementia sahould not be held accountable for the accident he caused. and hands-free. a japanese company begins testing for a driverless taxi. members of the u.n. security council are voting on whether to impose tough new sanctions on the north korea. after pyongyang's newest test and rocket launch. u.s. delegates spent more than a month and half negotiating with china, north korea's closest ally, they came up with some unprecedented measures. resolution would make it more difficult to trade in natural resources and require inspections of all cargo ships belonging to the country. it will be the fifth resolution calling for sanctions on north
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korea. pyongyang said it's a representation of hostile policy and a grave challenge to the challenge. south kr the south korean president said she'll do this based on the security of her country and the global community. >> south korea should make north korea realize it cannot survive if it only concentrates on nuclear developments and such efforts are futile. >> pashe noted the u.n. securit council is set to approve its toughest ever sanctions against north korea. she also referred to an agreement reached in december. she said tokyo will need to work so that future generations
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rememberlessons learned from past mistake. this year's speech was less critical of japan than in past presidential speeches. top security officials of the secretary ree yat and japanese department of state anthony blinken met in washington on monday. they talked about pending u.n. security council sanctions. also likely on the agenda, the russian imvolve nmt the syria civil war. u.s. government officials have taken a caution stance on shinzo abe's visit to russia before japan's host the group of seven s summit in may.
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they talked about pending u.n. security council sanctions against north korea. russia controls the islands. japan claims them. the cessation of hostiles negotiated by russia and the united states took place on saturday. >> by and tlarnl cessation of hostilities is holding. but we have some experience of incidents. >> ban said he hopes the agreement will continue so more humanitarian aid will reach besieged areas they have accused each other of violations. u.n. officials say they'll monitor the situation around the clock. and ban said the u.s. plans to resume its role of brokering peace talks on syria. fresh clashes have broken
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out as refugees and migrants trying to move across europe battle with police. officers in macedonia fired tear gas at people trying to force their way in from greece. police responded when a crowd rammed in a border fence. more than 20 people were injured. about 7,000 migrants and refugees are stuck on the greek side of the border. officials in macedonia have been restricting entry to 580 people a day. violence also erupted in northern france. authorities in the city of calais began demolishing a makeshift camp. french media say four migrants and their supporters were injured. five police officers were injured. officials plan to relocate some people staying at the camp to facilities in other parts of france. japan's supreme court has issued a landmark ruling that could affect how people take care of family members with dementia. it ruled that relatives of a man with dementia who was hit by a train and died should not have to pay compensation for train delays. the case goes back to 2007 in
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central japan. a 91-year-old man with dementia was hit and killed by a train after he wandered onto tracks at a station. officials with central japan railway company say they suffered losses due to a two-hour service disruption. they demanded his family pay about $60,000 in compensation. supreme court justices overruled lower court rulings on tuesday and they ruled that in this case it was impossible for the man's family to supervise him. civil code provisions require the family of an incompetent person to take responsibility for damages. but the family is exempt from responsibility if it has fulfilled its supervisory provisions. -- obligations. the man said in the trial that they wrote his name and contact information on his clothing and shoes. they say they also installed a sensor in his house that sets off an alarm when he leaves through his front door. but the man is thought to have left the house undetected through another door while his wife was taking a nap.
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the transport ministry says at least 22 people with dementia died in railway accidents in fiscal 2014. in that year, police received reports for more than 10,000 missing people with dementia or showing signs of the illness. officials at a nuclear plant in central japan say they will keep a reactor offline while they investigate a problem. the number four reactor at the takahama plant was just restarted last week but it automatically shut down monday due to a malfunction. [ sirens ] kansai electric power company says the glitch occurred when workers were making preparations to send power to the electricity grid. an alarm that signals a malfunction went off, and the reactor stopped operating. officials say they've been checking every possible cause of the problem, but they say they have yet to determine just what happened. the utility was initially
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planning to raise the reactor's output to full capacity on thursday and begin selling power later this month, but now officials say they will keep the reactor switched off until they reporto regulars and te counrmeasure the number four reactor was the fourth in japan to be brought back online under stricter rules. the japanese government introduced the rules after the 2011 fukushima daiichi nuclear accident. japanese lawmakers are set to enact the largest budget and gene otani has the details. >> thanks, james. members of the lower house of japan's diet have approved a draft budget for the fiscal year starting in april, it lays out nearly 97.7 trillion yen. mbers of the ruling liberal democratic party said the budget must be enacted quickly, they said doing so will avert the
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economy's downside risks and help pull the country out of deflation. but members of the opposition democratic party disagreed. they said the budget would only lead to both economic and fiscal collapse. the chamber passed it with a majority support from the governing coalition. the budget finances project, the active engagement of all citizens in society. financial support for parents who are sending their children to kindergarten or day care. if the upper house doesn't vote on the draft budget it will be enacted before the start of the new fiscal year in april. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is getting ready for japan to host the group of seven summit in may. he says he plans to meet with ex ex's perts on global economy to prepare for the meeting. he said growing uncertainty over
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the world economy will be a major topic at the summit. >> translator: i need to listen to the opinions of various people so japan as the host can present its views and analysis on the matter. >> abe also spoke about raising the consumption tax to 10% in april. the plan to increase the rate remains unchanged. he added if there was a large contraction of the global economy, the political decision will be made on whether to go through with a tax rate. officials with the chinese government in a private research firm has released the latest figures for factory output. the second largest economy continues to lose steam.
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a reading below 50 as we see here on the line suggest a contraction in factory activity. analysts said orders have been declining with sluggish retail sales. private research caixin released their pmi. checking the markets, the yen's moves caused prices to fluctuate. the nikkei average closed at 16,085. we go to the yotokyo stock exchange. >> china's pmi giving investors reason to worry about asia's largest economy. but the lackluster figures are raising hopes about more currency easing. it reversed earlier losses and managed to close up 3.0%.
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at 16,085. the cut of the reserve requirement ratio by china central park failed to give a strong boost to the market and overnight the yen extended gains against major peers. many bought the yen as a safe haven. so, a stronger yen dragged on export-related stocks. and nec shares slipped more than 11% after the electronics maker made cut. on the other hand, the top performer was pharmaceutical firm shionogi. analysts say some investors are holding on to hopes for more stimulus measures from china.
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all right, thanks for that. moving on to other markets in the asia pacific region. let's take a look at china. the shanghai composite gaining by 1.7%. a strong performance there. a higher yuan also improved sentiment. a look at sydney, up by almost a percent. after the central bank decided to keep the key interest rate unchanged. in hong kong, hang second index gained by 1.5%. it's climbed to a one-week high. singapore was up 0.6%. and seoul closed for the holiday. and here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following today. japanese officials say con
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summers are continuing to cut back. spending by all households with two or more people fell by 3%. warmer than usual weather led consumers to pay less on clothes. japanese firms continue to spend more on facilities and equipment. the combined expenditure came close to $94 billion in the last three months of 2015. that's up 8.5% in yen terms. from a year earlier. electronics makers for cars and smartphones boosted their production capacity. convenience store chains and supermarkets also expanded. started recruiting new hires. japanese. officials usually look for talent among university students still in school. experts say it will be another good year for those looking to secure work after graduation, they say many large officials are eager to take on more people. despite having one of the
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world's largest fertility pa rates, south korea's maternity market is a $200 billion industry and is growing 20% every year. nhk reports on the latest trends. >> reporter: these pregnant women are practicing for the big day with ballet. these classes are run by a ballet studio. raising the legs high helps to ease swelling. the instructor says stretching the pelvis makes for a smoother birth. dancing to classical music is a way to relax. the classes are so popular that 500 women have applied for just 15 places. >> translator: sometimes i feel depressed. but moving while looking at myself in the mirror gives me a boost and makes me feel happy. >> reporter: pregnancy style no longer has to be challenged.
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more and more maternity stores are helping women embrace the bump and fit their tummies into the latest trends. one online maternity store has started to sell dresses to moms to be. some of the roughly 30 outfits are designed to show off the bump. these dresses are for taking maternity photos. such photos are very popular. this company has a dedicated studio for maternity pictures. buying a dress entitles you to a bonus photo deal by a professional cameraman. this woman is expecting her second child. >> translator: you need a bit of courage to wear them, so it was a bit challenging. but having my picture taken in such cute dresses is like getting a big present.
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>> reporter: this is not a suite in a luxury hotel, it's a facility for post-delivery care. women typically stay for two to four weeks. the services are popular in south korea. the facilities are growing increasingly luxurious. the staff here provide around the clock care for newborn babies, along with massages, cosmetic treatments and other services. rooms cost about $250 a night. the price of a stay in a high-end hotel. but it is almost fully booked for three months. this woman is given a tour about two months before the big day. >> translator: popular facilities are always fully booked.
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so it's best to make a reservation. >> reporter: the facility has attracted attention outside the country. six branches have opened in china since 2011, and there are plans to go worldwide. >> translator: we want to export south korea's post-delivery care to many countries. we hope to some day expand our business in asia and to europe and america. >> reporter: pregnancy and childbirth are increasingly seen in south korea as something to be enjoyed. that trend is helping to liven up the maternity market. kim chan-ju, nhk world, seoul. >> and that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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self-driving car technology is attracting attention in and outside of japan. it's becoming one of the most competitive markets for developers, but many questions about the technology remain. unanswered. nhk world reports. >> reporter: this may look like an average taxi, but it's missing something every other car has -- a driver. with robotic controls, the taxi
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is expected to accelerate, steer and brake on its own. and if the developer has his way, these kinds of taxis are about to get a lot more common. during the trial run, people reested the taxis through their devices. a self-driving car picked them up and took them to a nearby supermarket. the vehicle is equipped with cameras and sensors that it uses to navigate its surroundings. >> translator: there are more than 7 million people with poor access to transportation, i want to build up services to help them. >> reporter: train service is limited in this area. it takes about an hour to walk to the nearest station from here. so vehicles are essential for residents, especially the elderly. >> translator: with this car, people who hesitated to go out because of poor transportation
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access will be able to go out more. >> reporter: taxi companies in smaller areas are also interested in the technology. the drivers are aging. at this company, seven of its 44 vehicles are unused because of a shortage of of drivers. hopes are high for the driverless taxis. >> translator: our business won't survive without this technology. >> reporter: while many local taxi companies expect new technology will help their future, safety is still a big question. inapan, th are sti studying the technology's safety. >> translator: i wonder how feasible it is for small companies. >> translator: these cars may be on the road in ten years. >> reporter: two weeks ago in california, a test run of a self-driving car run by google was involved in a crash with a city bus.
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an investigation into who caused the crash is ongoing. despite the uncertainties, carmakers and i.t. firms are stepping on the gas. nissan motors plans to introduce cars with automatic driving features by 2020. toyota and honda have similar plans. current rules and regulations in japan don't specify who will be held responsible in an accident. or what people sitting in the driver's seat must do to guarantee safety. how safety will be guaranteed remains to be seen. nhk world. fair weather prevails here in tokyo. but up north, they're having to
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deal with the worst winter storm in years. here's jonathan oh with the details. >> hello, the latest that we are receiving from the area is the high winds, along with the heavy snowfall, that continues to be an issue, and we're going to be watching out for this as we go through the overnight period into wednesday. we should see things calming back down as we go throughout the day wednesday as the low pressure system continues to move toward the east, but it's still making a big impact. if you look at the video, you really won't be able to see a lot, except for the fact that there's a lot of white because of the intensity of this storm. we're seeing whiteout conditions. and this blizzard over hokkaido produced 124-mile-per-hour wind gusts at 5:00 tuesday morning. now several utility poles were knocked down and about 2600 houses were without power as of noon on tuesday and 130 flights to and from hokkaido have been canceled. that is some really, really frigid conditions there, and
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really hard to travel about. look at some of the reports that we've received over the past couple days. some areas seeing up to 60 centimeters of snowfall in just a 24-hour period. and gusts up to 140 kilometers per hour. and i want to point out -- haneda airport is quite a ways from hokkaido. but we're still feeling the impact from that gust. now, i mentioned the low pressure system that was the instigator of all this, it is pushing off toward the east. the winds will start to relax and we should see some improving conditions. we'll have a high pressure system moving in bringing southerly fl. buwe stilleed to go through tuesday night into wednesday before things start to calm down. so, expect anywhere from 35 to 40 centimeters of snowfall from hokuriku up to hokkaido. gusts still up to 144 kilometers per hour. waves stay in where from 7 to 8
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meters, and so it's still going to be quite intense, at least as we go throughout the day on wednesday, and then we should start seeing some calm, and we should also see warmer temperatures. we're looking at midteens for tokyo and we're going into the single digits for sapporo with drier conditions for thursday and friday. close to 7 degrees coming up on saturday. we will also see warmer conditions in beijing for the rest of this week. as we look at the forecast for north america, we are watching out for this area. i want you to look right there -- this area of clusters explode over oklahoma. we're watching out for this. this is part of a cold front and low pressure system. that's indication of very unstable weather, looking at the possibility of more severe thunderstorms for the deep south now. oklahoma had three hail reports. damaging winds and tornados cannot be ruled out for the areas highlighted in orange. the north and the east, looking at snow for canada and over the great lakes and possibly even freezing rain into the mid-atlantic states.
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this is going to be a mess as we go throughout the day on tuesday. this system is expected to clear the area as we go into wednesday. so it's going to take some time before it clears the coast. and so we're going to see snow for chicago and toronto and rain over into atlanta for tuesday. last note, we go to europe. there's that low pressure system over italy. we talked about this on monday. we continue to monitor this system, it will bring thunderstorms and snow into mountain areas. a lot of unstable moisture moving into the region. hope you have a good day wherever you are, here's your extended outlook.
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news updates and special reports on news room tokyo at the top of the hour. more to come onñaw=>>>>>q
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genie: welcome back to "france 24." time for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. americans vote today in super tuesday, the most pivotal day in the presidential race so far. hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping to finish off their challenges with wings bank in 11 states -- with wins in 11 states heading to the polls. the bottom half of the sprawling migrant


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