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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: welcome back to "france 24." time for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. americans vote today in super tuesday, the most pivotal day in the presidential race so far. hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping to finish off their challenges with wings bank in 11 states -- with wins in 11 states heading to the polls. the bottom half of the sprawling l.a. t camp in
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the shaky cease-fire in syria continues to hold in spite of violations per this is the first major pause in the fighting since the war began five years ago. also coming up for you this hour, gas guzzlers in the drivers seat at the geneva motor show. we will find out how low oil prices are affecting the car industry in our business update three that an more on the way. first, our top story live from paris. genie: super tuesday voting is now underway in the united states. it is the biggest and the most presidentialn the
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campaign, with 12 contests underway today. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton are hoping today will be the day they finish off their challengers and seal their respective nominations. the first day to open and politician -- in polling stations stay was in virginia. our washington joins us, gallagher fenwick it talk to us about the importance of super tuesday. gallagher: extremely important. a little under 12 states voting all across the nation, most of them southern states, many delegates up for grabs. remember, you need over 2000 of those in order to clinch the nomination, come july, when the moment -- or the nomination is set in stone when those delegates and superdelegates get together at the convention hall and everyone agrees as to whom will get the party nomination.
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that is on the republican and the democratic side. both of those camps voting today, mostly in primaries. it is an important day, simply because of how the race has been playing out, especially on the republican side with donald andp yet again way ahead most of these states which will and if the surveys are correct, he will be coming yet closer to this fateful moment where he will officially become the republican nominee. on the other hand, for hillary clinton, things are a little bit more uncertain. gallagher, let's talk more about these last few days of campaigning. they were starting to get a bit ugly, especially on the republican side between donald trump and marco rubio. tell us about that. gallagher: completely. that bears testament to how high
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the stakes are at this point. nervousness is very much growing on the republican side for several reasons, mostly because the party establishment, the influential members of the grand old party, the parties of -- the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan do not want donald trump to be the nominee, so they are doing everything they can. he is bulldozing his way across varioustry, through different controversies, the establishment bringing out the big guns, such as former republican nominee mitt romney, to talk about donald trump's weird refusal to disclose his personal tax information. that did nothing. the latest controversy with the endorsement of former ku klux klan former grand wizard david , not doing anything to
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donald trump. so the establishment is running out of options and of ways to stop donald trump. marco rubio, known as a very polite, affable candidate who has pretty much resorted to try and beat trump at his own game by insulting him on the campaign trail. that for the moment does not seem to be helping him much. genie: we will have to leave it there. the democrats in the running -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the main battlefield for all the candidates is the southern states, what is known as the bible belt. the biggest prize there is texas. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to woo the important latino vote there, and republicans are maximizing their core conservative support. more now from houston. campaign office from houston, instructions are clear -- convince latino voters to vote for hillary clinton.
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in texas, 39% of the population is latino, and the majority of them voted for hillary clinton during the 2008 democratic primary. >> all the work that hillary clinton has done herself, she has a long history in texas of registering with latino voters. that work and her stances on immigration have helped her reach the latino community in houston. >> dante martinez was born in mexico and has been living in the united states for 18 years. ofe them, the majority latinos in texas are devout christians and defend positions on abortion and same-sex marriage. although he feels closer to republican values, he will vote democrat because of the stance on immigration. >> the republican party is not treating our community the way that we are supposed to be treated. >> during a ted cruz rally in
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houston, the republican candidate focused on values and securing the border. an issue that did not bother some of ted cruz's latino supporters. >> that issue aside, i think the republican and the conservative issues that are out there, they really align with hispanic values. >> although the republican party has two latino candidates, they are struggling to attract the latino vote. here in texas as well as in other southern states, they are focusing on maximizing their core conservative voters, hoping that that will win them the primary. now to syria, where the cease-fire is in its fourth day, but the opposition is already saying repeated violations are making it null and void. while some claim the truth is hanging by a thread, human rights groups say the fighting has definitely decreased since
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it went into effect. our correspondent has the details. >> it is the first pause in fighting since the syrian civil war began five years ago. for the u.n. secretary-general, the early signs are positive. hard toe working very make sure that it holds. , yetd optimistic message the grievance remains fragile and several actors say it is repeatedly violated. opposition, the agency has accused the syrian government and its allies of being behind numerous attacks since the truce came into effect. the syrian regime said rebels fired rockets near aleppo. u.s. secretary of state john kerry spoke with his russian counterpart monday about the alleged violations, and both men agreed not to publicly litigate over who attacks whom it instead, they hope to set up a
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mechanism to deter further hostilities and focus on their common enemy. john kerry: if we are going to track down each alleged violation and work even more now to put in place a construct which will help us to be able to guarantee that missions are against daesch. apply cease-fire does not to our buzzer or the islamic state organization. -- theome say the troops truce is hanging by a thread, there has been a substantial decrease in fighting reported since it was implemented saturday. workersn aleppo, rescue have been taking advantage of the break in fighting. our correspondent reports now on this first moment of calm since the conflict began. relief asng a sigh of
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rescue workers in aleppo finally .njoy a moment of calm since the partial cease-fire came into effect, the number of emergency phone calls have plummeted. >> thing god aleppo has not been bombed for three days. civilians feel psychologically receives, -- civilians feel psychologically resume relieve. over the past five years, these volunteers have had to work around the clock in tough conditions to provide care for the wounded. now they are taking advantage of the quiet to relax, play games, and clean their building. hoped therately cease-fire will hold, though they say the situation in aleppo remains very uncertain. >> right now in aleppo, there is no bombing. the situation is back to normal.
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there have been some violations on the outskirts of aleppo, especially in the ease and the north of the city. ofaleppo has suffered some syria upon most intense clashes in recent months. several emergency centers, including a hospital, have been destroyed. in syria hasnflict pushed half the people there from their homes, and many of them into europe. in the french port city of calais, thousands of migrants and refugees have set up a temporary home in the giant camp known as the jungle. france 24's chris moore reports. chris: many of the shelters and tents are being taken down in the southern part of the camp. what we have seen this morning, is heavy deployment of riot
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police area early on. you can see some of them behind me. they have been moving in to secure the area, followed by the dressed workers. about 100 of them yesterday and they seem to be going at quite a rate this morning. the french authorities want all of this done in a nonviolent way. they describe this as a humanitarian act, saying that the people here live under , and theyconditions say certain activist groups are here to make things more difficult. yesterday there were clashes in the afternoon here in the camp. another day of demolitions here in terms of the options open, those cleared out here,
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encouraged to move into heated containers on the other end of the cap or to take but -- of the .amp, or to take buses both of those steps, many people getting involved in an application process here that they are not interested in. chris moore there, reporting from calais in australia, survivors of child on these are calling pope to directly intervene after cardinal george pell, one of the pope's top advisers, denied an accusation that is testimony to an inquiry into child sex abuse was an attempt to deflect blame from the church. australian authorities are investigating how much he knew about child sex abuse when he was working with australia's most notorious pedophile priest.
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pell now insists he has the full backing of pope francis, but abuse survivors want the pontiff to step in. >> it seems extraordinary. i think what we're seeing is that he was either culpable or an ignorant buffalo and i am inclined to believe he is the latter because we have no evidence of the former. ofis unbelievable that a man that intelligence was so unaware of what was going on around him. polling on the pope to intervene in this, that beasked cardinal pell to more honest about what went on. genie: we have the latest on the zika virus for you now. leading researchers are warning that the virus that is carried by mosquitoes can cause a .eurological disease the world health organization says cases of the syndrome in south america are on the rise.
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correspondent takes us through the study. >> scientists call it compelling evidence, and researchers have linked the zika virus to a syndrome in which the immune affects peripheral nerves, causing paralysis. a study in french polynesia, those who haded the zika virus, and then compared those results to patients diagnosed but not the syndrome. developed, patients neurological problems within a week of getting the zika virus, suffering from muscle weakness and breathing difficulties. contracting the syndrome among zika virus patience is very low. about one in 4000 people, and many of them eventually regain their motor skills. we have observed a rapid
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deterioration in patients who needed to be resuscitated. just four days between the first symptoms and the moment they went into intensive care. but once they got past the critical stage, they recovered well. more than half the patients could walk unassisted three months after they left the hospital, and that is really good. genie: the professor says authorities must think about reinforcing its intensive care facilities, especially if the world health organization warns that up to 4 million people could be affected by the virus by the end of the year. genie: time now for our business " with stephene 24 carroll three let's start with a look at the market. stephen: good news on the jobs front in europe, and that is moving things today. the lowest level since august of 2011, at 10.3%, mainly down to robust jobs growth in germany. as you can see, games all across the european market at this
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midpoint in the trading day. a goodpany not having day is barclays, their shares down by 11% after reporting a four-year loss of 500 million euros. genie: let's go to china with news of massive layoffs by state companies there. stephen: between 5 million and 6 million workers will be let go from so-called zombie companies over the next two to three years. the cuts will come as part of capacity. reduce over streamlining sectors like coal and steel. but the cost is around $23 billion. , let'son a lighter note go to the geneva motor show. the latest figures in france showing new car registrations rising by 13% in february. low oil prices are helping to boost car sales.
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we can go to geneva and speak -- thank you for joining us on "france 24." you are launching a new suv in geneva. is that a reflection of low oil prices, showing that you are back in the gas guzzling game? >> i think these cars are a great opportunity, with a change in the price of oil. this is the fastest-growing segment in the market, and it will continue to be like this. oil prices you think are helping? are people able to spend more money on a big car because it is cheaper to fuel? luca: i think it is a concept that people like because it gives a sense of comfort and safety because of the issue. people tend to be very loyal. they jump on an suv and they never get down.
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how the take us through last year was, the recovery helping you in spain. are you expecting a similarly positive outlook for the year ahead? ca: we think the economy will continue to grow in the automotive market, maybe the european markets, where it is applied. we are pretty optimistic this year, and we have seen figures at the beginning of the year that are normally at the end of the year. it is an interesting transition. particularly in spain, where the car market suffered dramatically during the downturn -- is the recovery extending to the spanish market as well? luca: we see that clearly. the car market in spain was at 1.5 million, 1.6
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million. there is indication after a few years in the market, and i seen -- i think the same thing in italy. stephen: a volkswagen brand -- do you feel you have had any impact on your brand of the emission scandal that affected volkswagen? view, ourat point of focus as an organization is to focus on the customer in our dealers because we will have a plan to service that, that you show us from the end of march until the end of the year. i want to make sure that the ,ustomers will be satisfied that our dealers have -- stephen: thank you for joining us on "france 24" from geneva. luca: thank you. answer to found the
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the question, what will it cost to buy one of everything on amazon? stephen: of the man behind this is a computer scientist from zurich. theesponded and looked at number of items that are available on amazon's main site, 479 million, compared with the average price of them, which is $26.86. magice up with the number, $12.86 billion. this man has a track record in this area, answering questions like how much we would spend rescuing matt damon in his various movies? he calculated, $900 billion plus change. genie: some people have way too bank which time on their hit some people have way too banged much time on their hands -- some people have much too much time on their hands. nicholas rushworth is here to
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look at the papers. lots of focus on infamous super tuesday, the day were 11 states in the u.s. are going to be voting on who might be the nominee for the republicans or the democrats. nicholas: the dominating personality is donald trump and let's go straightaway to "the boston globe," which has a cartoon which certainly shocked me and many americans. the headline there, "a small tweak to donald trump's campaign slogan." we know that is "let's make werica great again." what do see there? "let's make america white again," with a kkk member brandishing that sign. this has to do with a tv appearance that donald trump made. now "the washington post" is saying, how bad are things now for the party of abraham lincoln, the republicans? trump set on american television that
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he feigned ignorance about the kkk. he was asked did he know david duke, the grand wizard, and he said, "i don't know anything about him." had two days earlier, he spoken about him. so of course the damning quote from "the washington post" is that what we have here is that the reality in which the next gop nominee, he will be a man who refuses to condemn the ku klux klan and david duke, when telling the truth would cost him a vote. that is another example of how bad and nasty this campaign is for americans. focus onl of this trump and the pumpkins means that there is less focus on the clinton and sanders campaign. clinton'sis could be moment. nicholas: "the huffington post"
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says she's in a great place, that she will occupy the center ground. she has sanders, acting as a progressive foil to her mainstream democratic divisions. on the other hand, trump is making it look like a reasonable interest. she has all the ground to herself. know -- we are off the map with this campaign. a lot of eyes will be very much on what happens after super tuesday. let's go to "the new york times," which has a piece looking at how the clintons might go about damaging trump. you can see the headline inside their plan. toward the end of the article, one thing i enjoyed was the tricks they would use was that when donald trump lashes out at hillary clinton, it will be bill tonton who will be unleashed respond, which will be a clever tit-for-tat game. thethat whole strategy for
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democrats is about portraying him as a bigot, as a misogynist, an enemy of the working people. his temper could put the world in danger. he cannot handle the duties of the oval office, that is what they will be are going. the democrats are pouring over all of the poll data about just why trump has gotten that momentum. just look at the grassroots appeal that he is getting. the quote i loved from this georgeit is from former w -- former president george w. bush. "hillary is a large tanker ship confront -- out to a shock of below the belt the acts in the head -- the elephant with the ax in
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the head. a million miles away from all of this, you wanted to say something about the first of march. talking about leap day, february 29. today is actually called complement day. nicholas: you look absolutely lovely today, genie. it is world complement today, jumped up either dutch, in fact. this being a french article, it says that french are a little bit uneasy about complements. with this being the french press, they bring in a psychotherapist to say resisting complements is actually quite healthy, because good mental health is about detecting a sort when a bit of a power-play
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somebody comes full on to use a complement. the advice is, when you give a good complement, you do not say, you did a good job, genie, you say you did a great job, but how -- what made it special for you this time? a happy world
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man: this is a production of china central television amica. mike: this week 7,000 athletes from 177 countries are converging on los angeles. they're here for the special olympics 2015 world summer games. but this is more than just one of the world's largest sporting events. the special olympics have become a global movement with a mission to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it "full frame."


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