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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to the newsroom to you are watching "live from paris." french president francois hollande and his german counterpart spoke after meeting in paris. they pledged to reinstate the schengen zone. thatalso want to assure refugees stay in the region. kim jong-un escalates his military rhetoric and launches
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rockets in a show of force after the u.n. security council adopted tough sanctions on the isolated state. pledging to support the eventual republican nominee no matter who it is, that is about all candidates could agree on at yet another rowdy debate. hours after party leaders criticized leader donald trump. you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24." in business, kate moody will talk about how apple is getting a little help from its silicon valley friends in the escalating dispute with the u.s. government about the state of security. oliver farry will take us through the french and international papers in "the press review."
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pre-talks before the migrant summit next week. german chancellor angela merkel gave a joint press conference with france's president a few minutes ago. now new declarations. the leaders repeated their commitments to the schengen-free travel zone. all the while calling on greece to secure its borders. francois hollande also called for syrian refugees to stay in neighboring countries. >> the syrian refugees fleeing the war must be welcomed. countries as close as possible to their own, meaning in turkey, in lebanon, in jordan. and we need to provide the support, and the second principle, our guiding principle is that when these refugees arrive at the european borders,
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we need to make sure where they come from, what they are doing, and be sure of their rights, especially when it comes to asylum seeking. shona: donald tusk is in turkey this friday, where he is set to talk with turkish president aired again -- turkish president erdogan. migrants were warned not to come to your. he is wrapping up a regional tour in summit. -- in brussels. 12,000 migrants and refugees have set up camp in greece on the border with macedonia. at least 30,000 people fleeing conflict or poverty are stranded in greece. overall, after several states, especially in the balkans, severely restricted the number of migrants allowed to enter.
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ties with the e.u. are fraying even as brussels announced several hundred million euros in emergency humanitarian aid. our correspondent joins me from athens. natalie, what is greece asking for at this point? >> beyond wanting its european then partners to implement previous decision, essentially relocationes to the and the settlement, without any dissemination based on religion or whether it his families or just men being rescheduled, etc., for the moment we have, as you mentioned, 12,000 migrants and refugees at the border. but throughout the country, the number reaches as high as 30,000. for the month of march, around 100,000 are expected to get to
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the greek shores. in a country of 10 million, undergoing a financial crisis, you can understand tensions are running high and the greeks are struggling to find ways to cope with all of this. shona: what kind of political maneuvering does athens have at its disposal? nathalie: not that many, but prime minister alexis tsipras is trying. yesterday the show of support from donald tusk was very important and meant a lot to the greek authorities to see your finally understanding the scope of the problem it is facing. he will be flying to turkey because he believes it is important to stem the flow of migrants to reach the greek shores. at the end of the day, with a six-year financial crisis, as much as greece can do, it is trying to appeal to your. it has even alluded to the fact that it may use its powers to
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paralyze decisions within the european union, but that of course is a last resort measure. shona: we just heard that francois hollande and angela merkel say that greece needs to secure its borders. this is not new. but what can greece do at this point? nathalie: that is an interesting point, because according to the u.n., which gets its numbers from local authorities, around 90% of all the rivals in greece are from war-producing and refugee-producing countries. syrians, and 29% are afghans. while the overwhelming joe are women and children. it is a difficult position greece is in because it cannot push back these people because it wants to give them the chance to claim asylum if they need so. , at thehe other hand
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islands surrounded by the sea trade is difficult to patrol those borders. thank you so much. nathalie savaricas joining us from athens. moving on to other news now. ordering north korea's nuclear arsenal on standby, kim jong-un escalated the position on a preemptive nuclear attack. washington minimized the threat. international community has condemned north korea's threatening behavior. pyongyang's move follows after impose. security council harsh new sanctions on the nation. our correspondent has more. fashion,ically defiant north korean threats came with pictures claiming to show kim jong-un's newly developed rocket
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launchers and a warning that the south is in range. ministryea's defense flying intojectiles the sea. if true that they fired off these missiles, it would be another example of increasingly provocative, unnecessarily provocative conduct by pyongyang. that only underscores the importance of the resolution that was passed yesterday. the u.s. and south korea have opened talks on the possible deployment of an advanced missile system on the peninsula, but china is been a manly opposed to it. -- but china is vehemently opposed to it. >> missile development is
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unacceptable. we will coordinate with the international community to demand that north korea abide by the various resolutions, including that of the sixth army talks. previouslyrea has threatened attacks on its enemies, including south korea, japan, and the united states. syncing to new lows, donald trump and his rivals got as they debated thursday night on fox news. marco rubio and ted cruz, despite lambasting the millionaire, promised to support the eventual nominee, whoever that may be. but it was an attack on trump's hands that cause more confusion and discussed. candidatesublican with one hogging the headlines. the foxnews debate turned into a mudslide as marco rubio and ted cruz sought to knock the front runner of course. donald trump retracted a
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previous insult before setting the record straight on a low blow thrown at him a month earlier. also happened to call him a lightweight, and i had said that. to take that back. he is not much of a lightweight. he hit my hands. look at those hands. are they small hands? , ifhe referred to my hands they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. candidatesn on, the jabbed at the millionaire on his political inexperience and inconsistency, and the fact that he gave funds to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. and then the gloves came off. ted cruz: the stakes are too high, and if you were one of the republicans right recognized that nominating donald would be a disaster -- marco rubio: two thirds of the people who voted in a republican
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primary or caucus voted against you. donald trump: you ought to chill out. marco rubio: you can do better than that. >> meanwhile, john kasich tried the moston himself as experienced politician who could stay above the fray. but this left him largely out of the conversation. shona: as alarm mounts over a possible trump nomination, gop leaders are sounding the alarm. two presidential candidates warmed about trump. john mccain warned that the billionaire is dangerous. mitt romney called trump a fraud and a phony. our correspondent has more. >> as donald trump solidifies his front runner status, some members of the republican party are looking for ways to derail his campaign. in one of the bluntest speeches
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yet, former republican presidential candidate mitt romney has called on voters to support any candidate but trump. mitt romney: here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud . his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. ofromney also attacked one -- also attacked one of his perceived strengths, his business background. mitt romney: does he know what he is talking about? no, he doesn't. [cheers and applause] mitt romney: look, his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he did not create it. whatever happened to trump airlines? trump university? magazine, is trump trump vodka, trump steaks, trump mortgage. a business genius he is not.
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>>'s speech followed a letter penned by more than 70 conservatives warning that donald trump is unfit to be commander in chief and fundamentally dishonest. trump has dismissed the latest criticism. is a failed: mitt candidate. he failed horribly. i backed him. you can see how lo loyal he is. said drop to his knees and he would have dropped to his knees. >> he may decide to run as an independent. trump says he has enough support to win no matter what. a new labor bill and france is drawing fierce criticism, massive protests and strikes expected starting next the laborst minister's proposed law. the government says it will address stubborn unemployment
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and make france attractive to outside investors, but unions and political opponents say the bill would weaken workers' rights. our correspondent reports. >> all these union representatives criticized the government, but they are deeply divided. one group says the government should withdraw the proposed bill outright. the draft is unacceptable. we have to rewrite it from scratch. unions disagree, saying the legislation does not have to be thrown out, it can be amended. they submitted a document detailing 10 measures they want to change. those who signed the documents are reformist unions. we believe reforms can protect workers rights. >> to protect workers, they call on the labor minister to drop some of the measures. for example, the law makes it easier to lay off employees when
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a company gets fewer orders. it limits the maximum severance pay fired employees can get and allows businesses more flexibility in organizing the 35-hour week. the goal is to make french companies more competitive and create jobs. but the bill has raised more criticism than any of the other reforms, and mainly within his own majority. weeks to meking two with unions to make the normal balance without altering it. government fails to find a compromise with at least some trade unions, mass protests are expected, starting wednesday. shona: if you are just joining us, let's take a quick reminder of our headlines. putting the pressure on greece, french president francois hollande and his german counterpart spoke after meeting in paris. they pledged to reinstate the schengen zone. they also want to make sure that
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refugees stay in the region. north korea's their arsenal has been ordered on standby. in jong-un launches rockets a show of force after the u.n. security council adopted tough new sanctions on the isolated state. pledging to support the eventual republican nominee, no matter who it is, that is about all candidates could agree on at yet another rowdy debate. hours after party leaders criticized front runner donald trump's legacy. it is time for business now. kate moody joins me in the studio. welcome, kate. the scandal surrounding petrobras has escalated, and now authorities have raided the home of former president lula. just raided his home, but brought him in for questioning. dozens of warrants for detention and property searches.
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prosecutors are looking into whether luiz inacio lula da silva received favors from construction firms, which have themselves been charged with corruption and money laundering as part of the corruption scandal. this does mark a new phase in the country's largest ever corruption inquiry. dozens of politicians have been arrested on suspicion of overcharging contracts with petrobras and using some of that money to pay bribes. petrobras has said it needs to sell $15 billion of assets this year in order to shore up its troubled assets and pay off debts. shona: let's move on to the latest in apple's dispute with the u.s. government over its security policies. apple's rallying to side and it seems the u.n. has stepped in.
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k: at least three separate tech firms have followed legal motions supporting apple's case, and the united nations has weighed in. risk.s. authorities opening a pandora's box of problems that could threaten people worldwide. that sets the stage for what is likely a long barrel -- a long battle between apple and washington. >> the battle between apple and the fbi has gone international. companieseading tech 's topting apple, the u.n. human rights official warns that if the coverage caves in to demands, the consequences could be severe. >> a successful case against apple sets a precedent that may make it impossible for apple or any other major international theirompany to safeguard clients privacy anywhere in the
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world. a gift totentially authoritarian regimes as well as to criminal hackers. >> apple refused the court order, saying they would not help the fbi by opening the cell terroristse of the from last year. apple's refusal to comply with the court order means the case is currently being discussed in a congressional hearing. u.s. government authorities say encryption and it's the amount of evidence law enforcement agencies can gather. the fbi has invoked the 1789 all writs act. to comply, anded both sides have urged congress to create new legislature -- new legislation. shona: how are the markets
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sparing? is up,he european market not far off 1%. the mining sector in particular is propelling gains there. the big news will come from washington on friday with the labor department due to release its february jobs report. that will indicate how the world's largest economy is doing and possibly give guidance about interest rate hikes in the coming year. world's's second-largest economy is holding its biggest political event of the year, which is also the time it will be sending its economic guidance for the coming years. kate: one of the top items on the agenda for the national people's congress is going to be rubberstamping beijing half annual budget. that is expected to increase military spending by seven percent to 80%, breaking a two-decade run of double-digit increases. to 8%, breaking a
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two-decade run of double-digit increases. a spokesman for the national committee insisted it is on the right track. >> 2015 was a major year for comprehensively deepening reform, the first year for fully advancing the governance of china. kate: other business headlines -- facebook appears to be bowing to pressure over how it pays tax. facebook sent an internal memo saying it would be booking major advertising sales made by the britain. tech giants including facebook, google, and apple have come under fire for their tax arrangement as the government tries to cut down on corporate tax avoidance. yahoo! is exploring the sale of up to $3 billion of so-called non-core assets. has faced pressure
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and struggles to keep up with rivals like google. verizon could emerge as a potential buyer. the high-ende over -- the world's biggest leveraged rib is trying to expand into the premium sector. inual sales increased 4% 2015 for tumi the most expensive train station has opened its doors in a symbolic location. kate: it has opened up at the world trade center in new york city. the station was 12 years in the making. it has opened up seven years behind schedule, costing a total of $3.85 billion to build, nearly double the budget. it is expected to serve a quarter of a million people every day.
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it also has quite a few interesting comments about the design, many new yorkers pointing out it is a very original looking station, setting it apart from most other subway stations across manhattan. shona: thank you so much, kate moody. now it is time for "the press review." .elcome back oliver farry joined me on set for a look at today's french and international papers. hi there, all over. francois hollande and david cameron met on thursday, and the french president warned the u.k. about what might happen if britain does leave the e.u. co the so-called jumbo migrant camp is called a ticking bomb for the june 23 recommend him -- the june 23 referendum. france is warning the u.k. that if it wants to lead the e.u. --
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to leave the e.u., it would no longer be france's responsibility. caps off' on --cameron says more leaving some people to accuse the two leaders of orchestrating an attack. shona: france does seem to be the e.u. nation most responsible for speaking out against brexit. --ver: the problem is relations between france and london are suspended pending the june referendum. migrants dominated the agenda, but the only questions of defense and security were carried by a real sense of bilateral is him. both sides feel they are paralyzed, with the centenary celebration do for the first of july, just a week after the referendum, seemingly going to
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be overshadowed. the paper also quotes an saying not diplomat, to use brexit but remain. republicaner presidential candidate mitt romney had a go at donald trump yesterday. is that going to do anything for trump's popularity numbers? oliver: the u.s. media does not think so, starting with "the new york times," saying it will probably harm the republican party more than anything else. mitt romney's attack is in line with many others in the republican party establishment. the times called it a rambling indictment of trump after months of silence on the part of mr. romney. the paper also noted he did not endorse a valuable alternative. -- a viable alternative. he relished mr. and trump's under smith in 2012.
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trump pointed out that mitt romney also lost the presidential election. guess what donald trump tweeted yesterday after romney's speech. mitt romney is a loser and in any case, the republicans were the big ones in crisis, at times -- pandering to extremist elements, and saying that removing trump will not end the party's crisis. shona: thank you very much, oliver farry. .or more, check out our website you can see our latest press reviews. we will be back right after this. stay with us.
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