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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 8, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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hello there. it is 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24." one person is dead and nine others wounded after knife attacks in southern tel aviv, this as the u.s. vice president joe biden visits the city. and notsly dehumanizing consistent with european or international law -- rights groups at the united nations refugee agency pigging out on the latest plan to tackle the migration crisis. she is paying the price for failed drug test. tennis star maria sharapova this is a string of sponsors after
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nnedtting she had taken a ba medication during the australian open. first, an american tourist has been killed and at least nine more people have been wounded in a stabbing frenzy in jaffa in southern tel aviv. police say they have killed the attacker. the man is struck as u.s. president joe biden visits the city. our correspondent has the latest for us. reporter: a young man, 22 years old. he arrived in jaffa. it is not clear how he arrived there. and he started stabbing people on the promenade. he stepped three people, one of those was a u.s. citizen, 29-year-old tourist who has died
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. his wife is severely wounded. another man also at that spot said the man was attacked by an israeli who jumped out of his car, hit him with a metal rod. the attacker escaped and began running in a different direction, where he stabbed more people along the way. there are a total of six people -- three people that are severely wounded, three people that are moderately wounded. , andhen he kept running police chased him and shot him to death. but yes, that was just one of three events that took place today. and we willndeed, come onto the other events later, but sticking with what happened in jaffa, what we know about the identity of the attacker? old, well, he is 22 years he had no permit to be in israel . it is not clear how he arrived in the country. the police will be looking into that closely. that is all that we know at this point.
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catherine: now, it is not consistent with european law and not consistent with international law. that is the damning reaction today from the united nations refugee agency to a proposed new deal between the eu and turkey over the ongoing migration crisis. the plan is for thousands of people to be sent back en masse from the european union to turkey, with an equal number of refugees sent back to europe. in return, the rights group amnesty international has also slammed of the deal, saying it is dangerously dehumanizing and offers no long-term solutions. thousands of migrants are effectively stranded on various borders around europe. reporter: freezing temperatures, fog, rain, and mud. this is where the children, women, and men are waiting at the border crossing. their clothes are soaking wet. trashes strewn everywhere. and many are falling ill.
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tent inside --my i feel it all over my body. and you see what happened yesterday at the meeting. they tell all the people, we will see what we can do. so more than 10 days. reporter: most people herereporter: have no choice but to wait for the border to open. but anger and disappointment are mounting kit they see their theys of crossing into -- see their dreams of crossing into europe unraveling. >> most people here hope they will open the borders, at least for the people stuck here on the border. but finally they said no way to go through this order. -- this quarter. this makes us feel so bad. reporter: as turkey and the eu
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negotiate the terms on how to slow the micro flow, the united nations sounds the alarm. they say the plan could violate the convention on human rights, as europe seems to be skirting its responsibility to protect migrants fleeing violent conflicts from countries other than just syria. that 91% of the people arriving in greece are syrians iraqis, and fleeing for their life, because of human rights violation in a country, people looking for a better economic future. they are people who are looking for the conflicts still unsolved today. estimatedauthorities 13,000 people are stuck here on the greek-macedonia border. barb wire fences and right police regarding as they closely watch how the talks in brussels play out and whether they may have a future further north in europe. catherine: migrants hoping to
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travel up from greece to northern europe are set you face more closed borders. slovenia today announcing it intends to limit the number of people that can enter its territory. as of midnight local time tonight. the interior ministry says it will only admit those who plan to seek asylum in slovenia itself or who are coming for humanitarian reasons. in response, serbia has declared that it, too, will harmonize its policies with those of the eu member states, saying that slovenia's decision means "the root for migrants is being closed." tunisian authorities have found major stashes of weapons as they search for accomplices to a militant attack on monday that left 55 people dead. seven civilians and 25 members of the security forces were among those killed. authorities suspect that the islamic state group was behind the early morning assault could but for now, no group has claimed responsibility. kate moody has the latest for
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us. bodies and dozens of confiscated weapons. the aftermath of monday's clash between militants and tunisian security forces. at 4 have now identified of the attackers who were killed yesterday, and they are tunisian. we are now trying to identify the nationality and the remaining 36 attackers. on monday morning, dozens of heavily armed islamist militants stormed police and army posts in the town near the libyan border. in what the president described as an unprecedented attack. after hours of fighting, security forces managed to regain control, but heavy casualties on both sides. attack that happened yesterday showed that our military and security forces were ready. we won a battle to the we've not yet won the war on terror and
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that war continues. the government says it believes the islamic state group carried out the assault from neighboring libya, or political chaos has seen militants take control of several cities and coordinate attacks in the region. last year i.s. fighters carried out a deadly assault on a museum in tunis. believe that the jihad is are trying to expand their presence across the border. american officials have reported today that a senior commander from the islamic state group may have been killed in a coalition airstrike in the middle east on march 4. more details as we get them. officials in these southern turkish town are accusing the islamic state group of targeting them with rocket fire. child and adult were killed today and others wounded. the mayor reported that eight markets hit and they were under
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the control of the islamic state group. relatives of the 239 people who went missing two years ago today on for the malaysian airlines lang are demanding the case not be written off as a mystery. the team investigating the 70 issued ace of mh3 statement earlier saying that no wreckage from the plane has been identified. the search is due to wrap up this summer. parliamentalaysia's at a moment of silence as the country marks 2 years since the disappearance of mh370. our thoughts and prayers are always with you. the next of kin, for the loss of their loved ones. reporter: for the victims' families from these words sound empty. two years on their waiting for news of 239 missing people, most of them chinese. on monday, relatives of a dozen passengers filed a lawsuit in beijing against malaysian eing, and the
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engine maker rolls-royce. >> we will find out the truth through legal means and look into the responsibilities that the airline company failed to fulfill. we are not asking for competition because there is no evidence to show that the plane crashed. >> in the two years since the accident, authorities have repeatedly come up with things like the plane has crashed and is denied reports. he can't stand this. reporter: despite months of searching the indian ocean, no wreckage has been found. opening part washed up on -- a wing part washed up on an island last summer and was determined to be part of the plane. wentials say the boeing out over the indian ocean but searches carried out by australian others never found anything to corroborate that version of the story. the lack of evidence fueled spec relation that other factors may be at play. >> we haven't seen a single radar image of this plane flying
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over so many countries. malaysia is well-equipped. it has british radars, french radars. and all these american ships were there, and no one has been able to produce one single radar image. reporter: the search is due to wrap up for the end of summer, but the families demand it continues and the case not be closed and written off as an aviation mystery. catherine: now, the final leg of the race to be president of be is underway. an established political faces due to compete with the country's richest man. our africa editor is therefore us. noisy,r: it is passionate, animated. every day drivers and customers get together in front of the publication of the day's newspaper. today they have a lot to talk about.
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what is being hotly debated are the fortunes of the two men who are due to go head-to-head in the second round of the country's presidential election. >> benin people decide today to for patches --t patrice talon. he is going to give many jobs for our people. doesn't live here. he doesn't even know the problems we have in this country. he has not lived here for six months. he does not know what our food tastes like. >> he is going to go all over the world where people trust him to make them carry out development projects in benin. if these projects are carried out, the only people who will benefit from the are the people of benin. reporter: so you have got lionel issou, who for many people
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the face of the political astonishment, as well as patrice talon, the country's richest man. but in the second round of voting there is another face, that of sebastian avajon, known as the chicken king. he will be playing the king maker people what to see where he throws his support on march 20. catherine: now, the russian tennis star maria sharapova is paying at the price, literally, for her admission on monday that she failed drug test. a string of high-profile sponsors have announced they are cutting ties with her. could have more problems to come, with many commentators protecting she will be banned from competitive sports. the get more from off cap. -- let's get more from moscow. very sharp over has lived in the u.s. for more than 20 years but she is still -- maria sharapova
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has lived in the u.s. for more than 20 is but she is still a heroin to many in russia. how are they taking this news? reporter: taking it very hard. a successful sportswoman. the russians love somebody they can rally and waved flags behind. it is good for the national psyche, as it is for many countries, to have a sports star on the national stage. as you mentioned, maria sharapova has spent much of her life in the u.s. and has been a resident for more than 20 years, but she keeps her russian citizenship and you find very few people here that suggest she is not a patriot. she has shown she very much support russia a number of times in her public performances. if you look at what tv has been showing as well, you see a large amount of time dedicated to sharapova's victories but also to this doping scandal. we have not seen much of the conspiratorial age that we often .ee with a doping scandal
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in general it has been more about her future and whether she will get back on the court. catherine: this does throw the spotlight back onto russia's record in doping in sports. athletes are still waiting to hear if they will get to compete at this summer's olympics in rio de janeiro. right,r: well, that's but let's just stay with the sharapova case just for a second because the sports ministry has said the medication, the drugs she has taken, is actually widespread in russia, certainly freely available. you can get it without a prescription. he suggested there will be a number of other russian athletes who will test positive for this substance in the future. let's go back to the question there is doping scandal that has wracked russian athletics for the past six months. let me take you back one and a half years. a german documentary film maker did a documentary that revealed that the widespread nature of .ussian doping in athletics
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a year later, the end of last year, the world anti-doping agency suggested -- agreed with those accusations that were was put in place on russian athletes from competing on the global stage. whichhat is german tv, recently put out on sunday a new documentary using hidden camera footage suggesting that much of the doping that was going on is still continuing along with the cheating and the corruption. so we look forward to hear now, and the russian authorities are looking forward to the olympics andio de janeiro in august, they can see very clearly now an uphill battle to get their athletes, russian athletes, on the track their, and on the field there as well. catherine: it would be a very different olympics without the russians. thanks so much for now, thomas lowe, reporting from moscow.
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the owner of a zoo in the gaza strip is putting his last surviving animals up for sale because he can no longer afford to feed them. the animals are seen as victim of gaza's shattered economy. a team from an animal welfare charity came visiting last month and said it was one of the worst zoos in the world. a lion, dear, crocodile -- when they were alive, these animals were top attraction at the zoo in gaza. their owner can no longer afford to feed, so we h-- he stuffed them. they are now just a mummified reminder of the zoo's better days. is a much the survivors the owner is hoping to sell. >> we are selling the animals because of financial difficulties. we cannot provide food or
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anything for them because of the blockade. reporter: families and schoolchildren used to visit the zoo. at its best, there were 200 animals here. many of them were smuggled into gaza through underground tunnels . but like for animals and people has gotten even harder to the two-month tour in july and august of 2014. smuggling tunnels were destroyed. israel's gaza blockade prevents goods coming in and out of the palestinian territory. the war hit the economy. 80% of gazans rely on food aid. this tiger hasn't eaten in 4 days. the owner hopes by selling him, he can save him. some cultural news for you now. paris fashion week has taken a surprisingly egalitarian turned today. guests inh all of its the hallowed front row. emily that position is reserved for the biggest name -- normally
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that position is reserved for the biggest name celebrities and journalists. the models have to trudge half a mile to be seen by everyone. luckily for them, the designer opted for flat shoes throughout. paris fashion week is due to wrap up on wednesday. quarter past nine a clock in the evening here in paris. let's remind you of our top stories is our. an american jurist is dead and nine others have been wounded in a knife attacks in jaffa in southern tel aviv. this as u.s. vice president joe biden visits the city. they say it is dangerously dehumanizing and not consistent with europeans or international law. rights groups and the united nations refugee agency are hitting out at europe's latest plan to tackle the migration crisis. and she is paying the price for a failed drug test. kenneth starr -- tennis star maria sharapova losing a string of sponsors after admitting she medication during
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the asteroid open. artist carlson is back with us with a look at the -- markus karlsson is with us with a look at the top stories. more legal woes in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal. markus: definitely some more legal woes in france as well as its home country, germany. french prosecutors, let's start with them. they have opened a series fraud investigation into volkswagen over its cheating on emissions tests. it is the continuation of a preliminary probe that was opened back in october. german prosecutors have confirmed that the number of individuals in a fraud probe has gone from 6 to 17. these legal was hung over a meeting of management and workers like a dark cloud earlier this tuesday. more details on that. reporter: nearly six months since news of volkswagen's commissions cheating scandal broke, the company's top
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management sat down with 20,000 workers at its german headquarters. they warned that depending on how much the carmaker ends up paying in legal fines, layoffs could be on the cards. the chief executive said the scandal would inflict substantial and painful damage on volkswagen. but it was the works council chairman whose message was directed to authorities in the united states. >> to the future viability of volkswagen be endangered by an unprecedented financial penalty, this would have dramatic social consequences. we very much hope u.s. authorities also have an eye for the this social and employment-political dimension. reporter: the u.s. justice department has sued volkswagen for up to $48 billion for bridging environmental laws in the country. the reports made it to a german court this week revealing the carmaker was caught off guard when authorities in the united states went public with the cheating scandal. volkswagen was hoping instead for an amicable settlement.
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meanwhile, the number of employees currently under investigation in the scandal in fromny has widened to 17 6. so far, none are current or former members of the board. banks are likely to move part of their businesses from london should britain vote to leave the european union. that is according to the top finance official, the governor of the bank of england. mark carney was speaking to british lawmakers on the impact xi on theake bre financialt industry. carney said at the night giving that won't come down on either side but said that financial services couldn't leave london if there is no mutual recordation of rules. >> a number of institutions are>> contingency planning for the possibility, major institutions, foreign headquartered institutions, who have european headquarters here. there would be an impact. markus: that was mark carney speaking there earlier. there are fresh fears that china's economy is heading for
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slowdown, following a a steep drop in chinese exports during february. they fell 25% in comparison to the same month last year. it highlights that the world appetite for chinese goods is weakening and that could have consequences for the chinese growth this year. chinese trade figures have put a damper on trading across the globe this tuesday. shares in the united states started the session in negative territory. but although we have seen a little bit of improvement perhaps in the last hours or so, we're seeing those shares in negative territory. energy shares weighing on the indices as well after the drop in oil prices. it was a similar story here in europe during tuesday's trading, and the indices closed below the flat line and after that mining shares were particularly hard hit on fears that china's appetite for minerals will fall back. we are going to take another look at the money angle of the scandal that is currently hitting maria sharapova. she is counting the costs after she failed a drug test at the
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opened this year. three of her major sponsors are distancing themselves from sharapova. she was named the world's highest-paid female sports star for the 11th consecutive time last year. thanter: it has taken less 24 hours for maria sharapova's world to come crashing down. a day after the tennis star announced she had failed a drugs test for taking meldonium, sponsors have been lining up to pull the plug on lucrative deals. luxury carmaker porsche. swiss carmaker tag heuer. and nike have all cut ties with sharapova. nike said it would be suspending a deal worth $2.5 million a year. >> i have to take full responsibility for it because it is my body and what i put into my body, and i cannot blame anyone for it but myself, no
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matter who i am working with. it is important to have a great team around you with coaches and doctors, but at the end of the day everything you do is about you. reporter: sharapova to the world of tennis by storm when she won wimbledon at the age of 17. since then she has cashed in big-time on her success. going to "forbes" magazine, share to just under 30 million u.s. dollars last year, making her the world's highest-paid female athlete for the love of your straight, a distinction -- for the 11th the year straight, i distinction she may end up losing next year if her sponsors to jumping ship. markus: let's keep you up-to-date on of the stories we are watching for you. a german utilities cutting 2400 jobs in britain. the german company is looking to restructure its u.k. unit. eurosnit lost 137 million laughter, compared to a profit
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of 200 million in 2014. the present construction tycoon -- brazilian construction tycoon has been sentenced to 19 years behind bars for corruption and money laundering. the court found he paid billions in bribes in extent for contracts. he was arrested last june in connection with a bribery scandal at the state owned oil giant petrobras. the head of brazil's biggest construction committee, which bears his family name. france is bracing for transport chaos as the 36-hour rail strike starts to bite. some trains had been canceled, with widespread cancellations expected on wednesday. workers of the state-owned rail operator are calling for better pay and conditions. the protests coincide with plan protests over french labor laws. high-speed services will be hit, including international ones to london and switzerland. that is the business news for now.
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watch out for those trains on wednesday. catherine: indeed, it could be a tricky day of getting around. thank you so much, markus karlsson, our business editor. we're going to take a short break. do stay tuned. çççxí
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