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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> france 24 live around the world. these are the headlines. bernie sanders breathes new life into his campaign, eating hillary clinton in the she can. she won in mississippi. for the republicans, donald trump is in first place in three of tuesday's races. croatia seals off the border, blocking the transit of most
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migrants coming through. serbia and macedonia are following suit, leaving thousands heading north in greece with nowhere to go. and strikes and protests today in france. anger is growing over new labor reforms that would help businesses hire more employees by shaking up the country system . to make matters worse there is traffic chaos on the train network as real workers strike. that is over plans to change to the working arrangements. a victory for artificial intelligence as they have just beat one of the best players of the complex board game. our top story now, live from paris. >> we will start with the upset
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in michigan for the race to the white house as bernie sanders won the primary. by a hair. he beat hillary clinton i under 2% but it is enough to take all 130 delegates. clinton won mississippi and she does look set to take the democratic nomination. speaking after his michigan win, he was triumphant. , what weafter state have done is create a kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> in the meantime, donald trump is tightening his grip on the republican nomination. the billionaire businessman swept a victory in michigan, mississippi and hawaii on tuesday, despite continual efforts to try to bring him
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down. >> donald trump. >> looking increasingly unstoppable, it was another big night for donald trump, clinching wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. with comfortable leads, he was a clear winner in all three states. >> only one person did well tonight -- donald trump. >> the tycoon submerged unscathed following a marriage of attacks from fellow republicans. leading the charge is mitt romney. in a speech, he blasted donald trump, calling him a phony and a fraud. independent conservative groups are stepping up their effort to stop his march to the republican nomination. spending millions of dollars in attack ads to discredit him. >> don't let donald trump for you. stop him now. >> the 30 minute spots are being
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aired in florida where the primary is considered a key battleground. >> i don't think i have ever had so many horrible things said about me in one week. $38 million worth of horrible lies. there has never been more money spent on hating somebody than was spent on me. >> it was a bad night for marco rubio, who came in a distant fourth in michigan and mississippi. meanwhile, donald trump is looking ahead to the bigger contest, he battle for the white house. slamming hillary clinton as a flawed candidate. but before then, he will meet to cement his message with primaries in illinois, missouri, ohio and florida next tuesday. >> thousands of migrants and refugees are still heading north through greece, struggling to get the heart of europe but their hopes seem all but dead. both slovenia and croatia are
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refusing the transit of most migrants. suitonia is also following and hungary says it is getting ready to put up a fence. that has left thousands of migrants and refugees now stuck in greece. the decision to shut down the balkans route comes after the decision from turkey and the eu. we have more. huddled in freezing rain on the macedonian border, tens of thousands of refugees and migrants in northern greece are leaving. >> it is very bad. rain, rain and not clean and tired. no food. no food. we go to germany. >> but moving on to germany is now unlikely. so then you has shut down the
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borders for all migrants on tuesday except for those few seeking asylum there as individually assessed humanitarian cases. serbia followed suit in short order following other nations who have instituted heavier restrictions. given the increasing numbers of still headed for greece as the initial jump off point, athens eir lot to in th turkey and a deal. >> it will give the following message to those coming from west african countries. there is neither the political will nor the ability to cross to europe within the frame of the measures we are taking. those measures are aimed at turkey taking back anyone landing illegally in greece. they have been criticized by rights groups who say it does nothing for any long-term solution, not to mention those
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already stuck. >> there is not enough staff here to take care of all the needs of the people. we are really worried about outbreak conditions and the potential for measles, colorado and polio. >> given the chance between headache back south, many are choosing to stay. hoping against hope for improvement in their situation. >> israel has been hit by a new wave of attacks. on tuesday, a palestinian went , today,own things re- two palestinians opened fire on a bus in jerusalem and also outside the old city, leaving a person seriously hurt. those attackers were shot and killed by police. there have been six separate or during the visit by jen by -- by joe biden.
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first of all, tell us about what kind of reaction there was to this new state of violence from both joe biden and the israeli prime minister. >> indeed, at a press conference benjamin accuse the palestinian authority and the leader of being responsible for this violence, saying that it was their incitement and lack of condemnation on these attacks that is causing them to continue to happen. spoke out about iran and the reported missile tests. tell us more about what he said there. >> these missiles that were shot were short and medium range missiles. and the iranian general said they could reach israel. that is what needs to be checked. if they go over what the un security council sanctioned, biden said the u.s. will react to this.
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>> hell is more about what kind of security measures are being put in place now, given that these attacks have been taking place and are on the uptake. numerous police set up on corners. even on regular neighborhoods, neighborhoods where you go to have your coffee. they have increased the amount of police after the attacks yesterday in the southern part of tel aviv. people are being much more aware. definitely. >> thank you for that. reporting from jerusalem. security forces in tunisia say they have killed six more gunmen. that is near a town that sits on the border of libya, and tax by 50 extremists two days ago. -- and attacked by 50 extremists
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two days ago. >> hunting for jihadists and for weapons. although unsuccessful, the operation remains after monday's deadly attack. this soldier was walking to the barracks when he heard the first shots. we thought such an operation might happen after the attack. but we didn't imagine it would be this big. we saw the shootout and the number of assailants doubled. then the police got the upper hand. they pushed them back into a single area. >> pushed back. some of them sought refuge in this small house where seven were killed before this grenade ever had time to go off. the attack on the city was targeting security forces.
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seven civilians were killed. like this simple baker. >> i called him in the morning and i told him not to leave the house alone. anyway to buy bread for the bakery. first, we thought he was wounded but then they told us he was dead. >> usually full of activity, this town seems like a ghost town. meanwhile, the security situation seems uncertain and the authorities points to libya and the threat of this group. france, we are facing strikes and protests today. people are angry over a controversial new labor reform which would be good for hiring but would take up the country's job security. we are joined now from one of the protests. what more can you tell us?
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>> i am in front of the employer's union. this is where hundreds of protesters have decided to come down into the streets to protest against this new bill. they say that the bill will actually give the death to workers rights. they don't want to negotiate with the french government about it. they say they will march towards the french labor ministry today. other protests are taking place throughout paris today. so at 2:00 local time, students ask gather and they will for the government to back down. they say that the project will actually encourage companies and employers to lay off workers
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more easily and they say this is not the right solution for it the tackling of unemployment. unemployment increasing more than 10%. for the french government, it is important to implement that law because they say it will make the labor laws more flexible and that is what will make it more easy for employers to hire people. but protesters here say that they will not back down and that they will maintain pressure against the government. they have already planned another protest on march 31. >> a long tradition of strikes changing things. what about this time around? can these protesters get the government to change its mind about this labor reform? isthe french government going to keep a close eye on the number of protesters that will be turning out today. across the whole of france. more than 250 protests are
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staged today. they will keep a close eye on the because as you know, youth movement managed to make the government back down on a reform 10 years ago. protesters say this could be possible once again. hasfrench prime minister said that he was ready to make some compromises. discussing with labor to try and find a solution. they say such measures are necessary. >> thank you. reporting there from one of the protest in paris today. indonesia were plunged into darkness for a few minutes as the moon paid the sun. millions of people enjoyed the chance to enjoy a total solar clips. millions more across asia saw
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the sunshine partially covered by the moon. >> this is the moment they have been waiting for. for the first time in more than three decades, indonesia sabi total solar eclipse. clouds over parts of this spoiled the view for many. >> too bad we couldn't see the total eclipse but we enjoyed the atmosphere when it got dark around us. >> many people turned their eyes skyward. science ande, photography enthusiasts gathered to watch the partial solar eclipse. >> this is where you can really look at science and have experience about what nature is about. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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>> a solar eclipse happens when the moon casts a shadow. a total eclipse is rarer. this image shows it through the telescope. crowds through australia, taiwan and even if the eclipse was only partial. >> beautiful. lucky to have. >> the next total blackout of the sun will happen in august of 2017 and will be visible in the united dates. >> there has been a new victory for technology against humankind. googles also go computer program won the first of five matches against one of the top players of the complex board game, go. the machine beat the south korean player in a match broadcast live. who i'mme for someone
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sure is an excellent go player. our business editor. it is a hard game. have you been looking at the changes into the french labor laws? they are at the root of the protests. >> that's right. we have been hearing about the arguments for and against it. the proposed bill is 131 pages long. the changes that are causing the most controversy, let's take a look -- the idea that it would be easier to lay off workers. that is slightly widening the definition of economic layoffs in france area so the fei company isn't doing well, they would have more of a chance to lay off workers under that law when revenue or sales drop for a certain amount of time. they have also talked about capping become the station payments. also, working arrangements,
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working hours, working time -- it gets put into the principles of the working week. top of the protests over that, there are also national train strikes. >> that's right. two thirds of train services have been canceled. 20% of euro star between london and paris has been canceled. paris metro is running normally. but the trains connecting to the airports has been disrupted. over 35% of the workers are taking part in the strike, which is over changes to the working conditions and the number of days off. passengers streaming onto the platform but there are few trains to get on. unions have called on their members to not show up for work. only one out of three of the country's intercity trains are
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running while the euro star and regional services have been affected. >> i don't really know why they are going on strike. there are so many strikes going on today that we end up not listening and we suffer. >> the second largest rail operator in europe and has more than 4 theyon passengers per day, say people work 35 hours a week and receive 60 days off a year. they will cut that by 10 days and reduce other perks like free travel for employees and their families. the railway giant is facing competition from us and ride sharing services. in 2015, it had losses of almost 12 billion euros. regional trains are often suspended due to a lack of drivers. they want salary to increase and guarantees about improved working conditions. the strike will continue until 8:00 on thursday morning.
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>> tell us a bit more about the markets. >> european shares are trading up his lunchtime. taking place tomorrow, there are hopes that mario draghi will do more to boost flagging growth. you can see that they are up about by 1%. a little bit lower in london, partially thanks to a security firm whose shares are down 12% after the annual results. for more of the business headlines now, uber has done an advertising blitz to try to bolster its reputation in the face of legal and other hurdles. 15 million regular users. facingacing trough -- tough rules. and has been faced with criminal charges. the campaign is worth hundreds of thousands of euros. cutting costs by 900 million euros by the next three years -- this comes after the plan
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announced by the bank last month to symbol fly structure. they are expected to see annual profitrise by 0 millio euros. a german energy company has reported record losses last year, more than double the last 3 billion euros for two dozen 14. it goes for the huge write-downs. and the use of renewable sources. >> finally, we have been talking a lot about the u.s. presidential campaign and there is a boom in merchandise parodying donald trump. >> this is from john oliver and his tv show. his video has been viewed more than 19 million times on youtube. ted selling these caps. this is a parody on his slogan.
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the channel has been forced to post a message on the online store saying, due to ludicrous demand, our hats may be delayed but we will get them to you as soon as possible. >> thank you so much for that. that was a look at the business news. time for the press review. >> lots of focus here in france. we are going to kick off today with the opinion and their headline. pulling no punches. leftcally saying that the has taken to the streets. this is highlighting the difficulties that the government is facing in trying to propose the labor laws here in france. his promise to tackle the record high unemployment are on the
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reelection so there are big stakes here. we have hollande showing this counting from the mouth. that is the student union. as well as, there is another elephant in the room, the 35 hour work week. >> the students are giving the president we distance to fear. >> correct. the students are out there today are mistreating -- today, demonstrating. 60% of young people are against this. and the free paper here is focusing on the actions of the students, they have a photo of students on their front page. the paper asks if this will be enough to make the government yields. >> other papers on the right are warning about the dangers of not carrying out the reforms. >> that's right. -- is worried that the
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protesters may manage to make the government retreat. they're basically saying, we need reform. whether it is this or not, it is too important. it fears the administration will end up making concessions to the unions and the student groups. some of the party members there are in the demonstrations and it could be a big game of chicken with both sides waiting to see who blinks first. >> let's go to the united states with the focus on the presidential election and donald trump. >> he is the big winner in michigan at mississippi, racking up more delegates and leading the track. his opponents are trying to do what they can to stop him at the new york times columnist is saying it is not too late to do that. he outlines some steps to do that. he says, don't be fooled by ted cruz. he might be looking good to donald trump but don't trust
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him. he says that you need to vocus on marco rubio and john kasich. that would split the delegates. right now, donald trump is leading by 44%. the wall street journal talking about the delegate math. an editorial says that donald trump will need -- delegates to secure the nomination. and they look at what happens if he doesn't reach the magic number. candidates have already started to talk about a contested convention because they don't want to have to battle it out but the wall street journal says it is nonsense and the rules are clear. it isn't about who wins the primaries or has the endorsements, it is about who wins the delegates. in the meantime, the media is defensive over its courage of donald trump. >> this is from the washington post. they say to the republicans that
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they have nobody to blame but themselves. for nine months, republicans ignored him, hoping he would date away. and now that he has had the stage to himself, they are the ones that should be taking the blame. the paper also said that they tracked his coverage and it is high. 93% of the coverage over the past 30 days went to donald trump but on the democratic side, someone to bernie sanders and he is not meeting. he has been great for ratings. >> you have a bit of news for us from the sports world with the shocker admission from maria sharapova. >> yes. she wastance that illegalad only been since the beginning of this year.
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her apology over this is a beloved -- is a double standard. she is a beloved figure. people wouldn't be so quick to rush to forgive her and wired has an interesting article herçú
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