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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> mrs. france 24 live around the world. burma announces its candidate for president. bar from running herself, it is her close friend and driver who will be her proxy. state prosecutors in brazil filed charges against --. he has been linked to an
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investigation into my honoring. britain's sky news has attained to the names and information of thousands of islamic state militants. the files were passed along by a former fighter who was disillusioned by the group. is the french government giving ground on its reform of the labor market? on our have more business update. portraits are being bought. the paintings was a diplomatic saga. first, our top story.
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we will start in burma where a driver and former friend has become the presidential candidate. the icon has been banned from running for president herself because her children are not citizens. of former driver is one three --. here's more from our correspondent. we seem to be having technical problems. we will get that later. the former president of mins -- of brazil has been placed under investigation. he has been linked to an investigation into money laundering. prosecutors say there has been no confirmation about what the
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charges are. >> he was president for seven years and remains a popular figure in brazil. the -- is embroidered in embroiled in the biggest corruption scandal. not beenails have released, investigators have been announcing the ownership of a beachfront a partnership -- beachfront apartment. he says he does not own the condo. it revolves around the state own oil company. has led to multiple arrests and shaken the government. , seenrrent president visiting the former president last week, a day after he was taken in for questioning, says
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he has been unfairly targeted for political reasons. let justice be done. accepted -- for questioning. >> the prosecutor and judge who ordered the detention are after a skeptical for the masses. >> he could join the current government. it would place them outside the grass -- outside the grasp of federal judges. genie: let's go back to burma with the announcement of the
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presidential candidate. here is more. the >> the man poised to be the burma, it ist of very much an unknown. someone selected by suu kyi. the situation is an unusual one. she will be the leader of the country behind the scenes. in terms of who is going to be represented, who is going to be the face of the country, this man is an unknown. -- is aer is a famer famous national poet. very little in terms of political experience. a question is how is this going to work out, particularly in
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terms of how long suu kyi will be able to run the country if she is not in power. -- a lot of questions hanging over the country. a lot of questions over the political situation. burma does have and is expected to have a democratically elected president. interior ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss on the migrant crisis that has been widely criticized by human rights groups. the balkans route that most migrants take through europe has been almost completely sealed
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off. hundreds more came into greece and are stuck in squalid living conditions. by the closing, hundreds of migrants continue to arrive daily on the greek island. the migrants take a ferry towards the port. it is one of the largest seaport in europe. >> they do not know what will happen. no one explained what will be the future. >> greece's neighbors have made clear their intentions. it is already making a difference. on tuesday, not a single migrant was reported entering macedonia, serbia, or slovenia.
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volunteer health workers are worried about the children. >> we hear the number of children suffering from this condition, the humidity, smoke inhalation, it will cause severe damage to their lungs. to ankey and greece came agreement during the eu summit on monday. in return, the eu will give asylum to a syrian already living in a turkish camp. the deal guarantees political and financial favors. u.n. and human rights groups have slandered it as illegal. it is unclear what eu leaders plan to do with the migrant leaders in greece. the ukrainian pilot on .rial in russia
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raised concern in the west and in kiev. they announced the trial as a farce. strikeed her hunger following a direct request from the ukrainian president. on the lighter side, a look at a new cruiseship that will be one of the biggest in the world. it has been built in france. largest cruiseship in the world. it is taller than the eiffel tower. 360 two meters, harmony of the seas is 100 meters longer than the titanic. the liner sets out thursday for its first test run. come made, passengers will enjoy its cabins.
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40 restaurants, multiple swimming pools and theaters. its maiden voyage will be around the mediterranean. ,o the joy of cruise lovers another ship is slated for delivery in 2018. >> two museums in two different countries are jointly buying art by rembrandt. are all smiles now, but getting the paintings was a diplomatic saga. >> high. -- hi, genie. genie: tell us about the portraits. >> it is two portraits. they were bought by the rothschild family back in 1877.
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bedroom of thee owner who is putting them up for sale now. special, they are about two meters high. it was always going to be an interesting bidding war. they have been bought by two separate countries, two separate museums. >> it was a saga. louvre.y he went to the they said we do not have the money. what happened is the french government provided an export license. they could have stopped that by declaring it was a national treasure. minister declined to
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do that. they were given permission to leave the country. they were given to the end of 2015 to get the money together. they started doing that. in march, this news leaked. there was outcry in the french press that these works were leaving france. new plans began to form. the two ministers of culture got together and decided we will buy these works together. we will split it. owner said no. they belong together, you cannot separate them. things were quiet and it came to a head back in september. there was a political move from holland. all political parties got on board and said we want them. .hey put up 80 million euros they said we want them both. , sayingade its own move
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we have 80 million euros from the french central bank. it was a stalemate. a lot of political pressure applied. behind closed doors, they made a deal and said we are going to split them. --t made a role in this is looking to get a security council seat. it was going to be a matter of diplomatic route. genie: what happens from here out? >> even when the acquisition was they are here for three months and it will go to amsterdam for three months. they will also be restored. the french and the dutch have different opinions on how to restore rembrandt. they will go on a rotation
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cycle, five years in amsterdam, five years france, then they will go in atr cycles. -- in eight year cycles. -- was discovered at a small auction house in new jersey and america. a bidding war erupted with three buyers on the phone. someone bought it for $870,000. the price is unknown, but it is probably three to 4 million euros. a big day for him. also interesting, this is the fourth to be filed -- the fourth to be found. if you come across a rembrandt-like panel, been on
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that one. it -- let's took take a look at the headlines per burma has announced its candidate for president. with suu kyi barred from running, it is her close friend and driver who will be her proxy. state prosecutors filed charges against the former president. he has been linked to an investigation into money laundering. obtained sky news has names and information's of thousands of islamic state militants. the files were passed along by a former fighter who was disillusioned with the group. time for our business update. you are starting with fresh oats, stimulus for the economy. >> the central bank is meeting today.
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we have about half an hour before we get the details of what, if anything they are going to do to boost the economy. expectations are sky high. this is what is inflate -- is motivating him. in february.y .2% the ecb has cut interest rates .3%, which means banks have to pay to deposit money in the ecb coffer. earlier, we spoke to the market analyst of what we should expect from mr. druggie today. -- mr. mario draghi today. with is going to come back a big bazooka, but it was not and what happened in the market, we have in a massive rally in the euro.
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i believe we have a massive expectation and there is a walmart among investigators -- among invest -- there is a qualm among investors. this is what we have not seen that selling pressure against the euro. it is trading at a stout level. draghi is going to come back in the expectations are we 20ld have a possibility of basis point cuts, that is a hawkish stand by the ecb. we will see euro trading weaker and feeble against the dollar. how have the markets been reacting? >> european markets are treading water. and about 45 minutes. we will get details on this in
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just over an hour's time. marketssee where the are today. a small gain in paris and frankfurt. the markets will be having a busy day. let's go to ireland. impressive growth figures. the economy grew by 9.2% in the last three months of the year. irelandfull year, posted growth, confirming its position as the fastest-growing economy. it is a turnaround. seven years ago they had contracted by 8% in the last quarter of 2008. a controversial reform law on labor. >> people took to the streets to protest against this law. they are calling for the changes to be scrapped. the government indicated it is willing to give -- on some
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elements of these reforms. the labor minister has confirmed there are plans to increase the payroll tax for short-term contracts. >> angered by labor reforms that union say will -- france's rights. youth unemployment is close to 25%. with more protests planned, the government is willing to tweak the reforms. she suggested putting in extra payroll tax on short-term contracts. temporary contracts make up 84% of hiring and franz. -- in france.
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>> our proposal exists and it is supported by social partners. it is in line with this bill, aiming to reduce job insecurity. >> government forces say more in depth changes to the law are being discussed. genie: you have been looking at the ranking of the most expensive cities. >> singapore is at the top of the list. it compares the cost of living calculatedes making relocation packages. the survey looks at 160 -- leisure geneva and paris come in fourth and fifth.
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london and new york are in six in seventh place. it is all caps related in dollars. thank you for the look at the business news. it is time for a look at the press review. have catherine on set look at the papers. let's start in france were the papers are talking about the massive protests against proposed changes to the labor law. >> a big story here. expressever shy to their displeasure. reporting between 224,000 to 500,000 demonstrators did turn out. showinge a graphic where the protests were held across the country. if you look, you can see the biggest area in paris between
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27,000 to 100,000 per day slight difference in the figures here. it depends on who you ask. saying closer to 500,000. very big demonstrations yesterday. the battle against the reforms here in france is a reflection of the denial of reality. crisis ofnts a representation. i have a cartoon they had on their front page. it is a poster asking a couple of questions, giving her options to choose from. marianne being the symbol of france. these demonstrations are news outside of france. the wall street journal had a big photo of young people
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demonstrating in strasburg. reveals faultlines in france. president hollande has promised not to run for reelection if he cannot get these figures lowered. if you pressures ahead against prop in reforms, he risks alienating people. france is a difficult country to reform. france is the country of revolutionaries and conservatives. these beingfts like proposed always bring people into the streets. firm: papers calling for a response in the wake of monday's deadly terror attacks. now, it is a moment of truth for the country and tunisians need to open their eyes.
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terrorists were actually tunisians. they have anow problem securing the borders, they have a problem with radicalization in the country and the government needs to do more to prevent that. possiblewarning of a fifth column there. it is a scene that is also echoed by another tunisian paper. it is a lot of empty talk. at a man wholook left an incredible mark on the music industry. the man known as the fifth beatle. >> for many, he was considered the fifth beatle.
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there is a tribute from paul mccartney. he changed they course of pop history. persony martin was the who established the role of music producer behind bringing vision to life and without martin in this role, there would have been no quincy jones or other famous music producers. important contribution was opening ears to the arsenal of orchestra. they are referring to yesterday. theas martin who suggested string quartet in that song. that opened the door to the piccolo trumpet in penny lane. taking a lookimes at george martin and explores his impact in five songs in
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particular. songs that would not be the songs they are if they did not have martin's imprint on them. they are "from edu," life,"day," "in my "strawberry fields forever." provoked confusion among fans of the game of thrones. also georgeuthor is martin. it is important not to forget it is george r r martin. was lighting up with i cannot believe this. well.alive and he met with a statement saying that i will have to go with mark rumors of myist
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death have been greatly exaggerated and i expect to hang around for quite a while. thanks for watching pure for a closer look at the press review, you can check out the website.
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