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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. it's the top of the hour. glad you could join us at the top of the hour. i'm james tengan. turning a new page. lawmakers in myanmar have elected a new president. and he's the first in 50 years to not have a military background.
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>> taiwan's president-elect names her new premier. he was previously her economic advisor. test on order. north korean leader kim jung-u.n. said that his country will soon conduct a nuclear warhead test as well as launches of missiles capable of carrying them. lawmakers in myanmar have elected a close aide to aung san suu kyi as the country's next president. she barred from the top job. because of the constitution written by the former military government. members of the parliament voted for the position, choosing between three candidates. >> translator: we announce that htin kyaw has won the majority of the votes and has been selected as the president of myanmar. >> the 69-year-old studied in london and was a government official specializing in economics. he'll be the first president without a military background in more than half a century.
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the other contestants will become vice presidents. all three will assume office on march 30th. >> taiwan's president-elect picked a foreign prime minister as the island's new premier. the appointment was announced from her party's democratic progressive party. he's a senior member of the think tank. he's also been an economic adviser. >> translator: we are determined to rebuild public trust in the government and will use our expertise to do so. >> chai won the top job in january. she will take office in may. the president-elect said she
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will decide her cabinet by next month. sensitive to fears of political instability, she will meet with the president to discuss a smooth transfer of power. north korea's state media reports that kim jung-un has ordered preparations for a test of a nuclear warhead and trial launches of several kinds of ballistic missiles capable of carrying the weapons. the leader's latest comments came as he supervised a different test for ballistic missile technology. state-run tv reports the test was to evaluate the heat resistance of the warhead and it was a success. south korea was quick to try to refute the claims. >> translator: what north korea announced today was north korea's one-sided play. our military believes the north hasn't acquired re-entry technology.
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>> japanese leaders also reacted strongly to the news. >> translator: north korea has not shown any intention of abandoning its nuclear missile program but has kept up its provocative actions. we will never tolerate such acts. >> the government spokesperson also said the north should comply with u.n. security council resolutions which aim to stop the north's nuclear and ballistic missiles programs. we asked an expert on north korea what the announcement means and what we can expect from the country in the future. >> translator: north korea's ultimate goal is to develop missiles with nuclear warheads that can target the mainland u.s. i'm sure they will continue to develop them but the announcement reveals that despite their intention they have not yet acquired that technology. i believe north korea wants to demonstrate that it has or is
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close to having the capability to carry out nuclear attacks on the u.s. and south korea, in order to change how the u.s. regards the country. in other words, the north apparently hopes that the u.s. and south korea will suspend or reduce the scale of their joint military exercises out of concern of a possible conflict once they learn that north korea has that level of military capability. there is no doubt that the north views the u.s./south korea joint drills as a threat. i think pyongyang is concerned that, if the forces taking part in the drills were diverted to attack it, the country would suffer considerable damage. that is why the north is quick to try to show off its military might. i think the north's next step will be to fire a missile into
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outer space and have its warhead re-enter the atmosphere, and they will check whether it can return to the ground without major damage. i also anticipate they will conduct another nuclear test underground, to try to develop a nuclear warhead that is small enough to mount on a missile. it's been ten years since north korean officials conducted their first nuclear test, so i assume they have already gained nuclear technology to a certain extent. they have conducted the tests every three years, so they may expect to acquire the technology in three years or sooner. i think sanctions from other countries can hinder the north's nuclear and missile programs to some extent. but improving the programs is
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their first priority in national defense, so i think it's unlikely that they will abandon the programs because of economic difficulties. >> that was satoru miyamoto with the university. japan's foreign minister has criticized comments by china's top judge about jurisdiction over the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands in the east china sea, china and taiwan claim them. the chief justice of the supreme people's court spoke sunday at the national people's congress. he discussed a settlement reached at a chinese court over an incident in 2014. it involved a coision between a chinese fishing boat and a panama-registered freighter near the senkaku islands. he said the case demonstrated china's jurisdiction over the region.
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>> translator: the accident took place beyond the territorial waters of the senkaku islands. it was not even in the contiguous zone just outside japan's territorial waters. >> kishida said under international law, the accident occurred in a place unrelated to the senkakus. he noted that, legally and historically, the islands are an inherent part of japan's territory. kishida said china's independent claim to the islands is very regrettable. he said japan launched a protest on monday with the chinese government. u.s. officials are promising to help with an investigation into an american sailor arrested on charges of sexual assault in japan. they will give japanese police their full cooperation. officers in okinawa arrested justin castellanos on sunday. he's suspected of assaulting a japanese woman at a hotel. police say the 24-year-old sailor is denying the allegations.
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he's stationed at the u.s. marine corp camp schwab in nago, okinawa. spokesperson john kirby spoke about the case. >> the united states navy takes these matters very, very seriously, and we'll do a thorough job of getting to the bottom of it. >> defense department spokesperson jeff davis said the pentagon will cooperate fully with police in okinawa leading the investigation. japan's central bank officials metaphor the first time since surprising the world with a negative-interest-rate strategy. gene otani has that story and the rest of the business headlines. >> bank of japan continue their kweeft to drive inflation up to 2% they've agreed not to expand their stimulus.
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the board members said japan's economy has recovered moderately but exports have been sluggish due to a slow down in emerging economies. they won apply negative interest rates to money reserved funds used by investors to pay utility bills. the bank's governor stressed the negative-interest-rate delivering tangible benefits. he said commercial lenders are lowering their rates on mogages an company loans. >> translato i expeco see the effects spreading to the economy and pric. then ihink o easing policy with the negative-interest-rate will be viewed more positively. checking the market share prices in tokyo dipped following the boj's decision.
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>> many analysts had expected the boj to maintain its current policy but some investors were disappointed and sold shares as they hoped for further monetary ease jig. the nikkei finished at 17,117 snapping three sessions of gains. the topix fell 0.6%. let's look at individual shares. three banks popped into lower territory. banking stocks have been hurting since the introduction of negative interest rates in january. kobe steel saw strong gains. shares were up nearly 1%. the company's construction equipment business is expected to move back to profitability in
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the next fiscal year. and toshiba shares ended the lay doer by more than 1% on news the troubled electronics company is in talks with china media group to sell its appliance business. so the policy meetings of the european central bank and boj are over and the focus turns to u.s. federal reserve statement on thursday. >> let's look at china. shanghai composite closed up .17%. investors bought banking shares before the end of the national people's congress on wednesday. sidney's s&p/asx dropping 1.43 hitting a one week low. market players dumped energy
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related shares after crude oil prices fell 3%. energy shares dropped on the hang seng. indonesian shares dropped from a nearing eight month high on monday. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. toyota workers can expect a pay raise under a deal between executives and union officials. third year in a row the automaker promised a wage hike. they have been pushing for a raise twice that size. toyota managers said they had to be mindful of the slow down in emerging economies and stronger yen. tokyo officials say over a five year period big buildings in the capital slashed their carbon dioxide by 25%.
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total savings on emissions came to 14 million tons. japan's beauty industry is eyeing overseas markets as domestic demand is flattening out. they are making a push into asia where women are eager to try out new makeup and hair styling trends. >> most of the customers here are foreign tourists. >> translator: these boxes each contain a set of cosmetics. >> reporter: the cover model looks different but the same face just the makeup has changed. the product is popular because it contains everything customers need to adopt the latest japanese-style. each set costs about $85.
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the kits are being sold overseas this year. >> translator: there's a lot of interest in japanese beauty products abroad. japanese manufacturers are able to make high quality products and we want to promote them overseas so we can reach new customers. >> reporter: the hair care industry is also looking at other asian markets. more than 600 foreigners are attending this event hosted by a cosmetics company. the showcase caters to people from japan, asia who work in beauty in a hair care including salon owners and stylists. >> translator: despited the popped up section of the bangs covers the eyes. if you can shape the hair
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carefully like this you can create a style that's in fashion this year. >> reporter: the company sells in eight regions and countries and developing new items. this spray can hold a hair style in place even in high humidity. and these hair dyes are offered in a elevator of tastes. the firm has set it sights on expanding market share in indonesia. it invited more than 40 people from the country to attend the showcase for the first time. indonesia has a population of about 250 million. about 90% are muslim. but many asian women do not cover their hair and the country is considered a promising market. indonesia business were invited to a beauty school in tokyo.
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students honed their skills as they practiced a hair style. >> it would be nice in our country where beauticians could learn more in detail. >> translator: it's advanced compared to what we have at home. >> reporter: the company hopes to improve sales in indonesia's beauty industry and develop the market there. >> we're in a very good way. we grow now about five, six years double digit every year in the asian markets, opening new markets to come. so i think they have really brought momentum to make hair more beautiful in asia. >> reporter: japan's beauty industry is expanding aggressively, setting trends for their products that are proving popular throughout asia.
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>> that's a look at biz. i'll leave you with the markets. in 2001 the taliban shocked the world with an act of
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cultural destruction. they blew up buddhist statues. now a group of tokyo researchers are trying recover some of what was destroyed. >> reporter: a team from the university of the earth is creating a full-scale replica of the ceiling that sheltered one of the giant buddhas. in the center of the eight-meter wide work stands -- around him are goddesses with greek-style wings. the bird-like figure is an indian deity. the fresco is a 1400-year-old vision and it draws on the variety of different cultures. the team leader says that given the lives in global religious conflict re-creating an artwork like this is more important than ever.
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>> translator: long ago people in the region mixed together extremely well and they respected each other's dignity. that's why i think the meaning in these images is so powerful. >> reporter: the team is using data recorded in the area to re-create the ceiling surface so that they can exhibit a fresco as it would have actually appeared. the proprietary process combines digital technology with traditional japanese paintings. the team has used photographs shot on site in the 1970s. by a group from a university. 150 pictures have been scanned and fitted together. images taken from a range of angles enable lost colors and lines to be recaptured. the images are inkjet printed on japanese washi paper and fine lines and color are added by
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hand. when that is finished the paper will be fixed into place, but the latest technology can't solve everything, matching a specific shade of blue proves a major challenge. the ancients used a gemstone native to afghanistan. the stone comes in many hues. he combed the university in an effort to match the color. thanks to the university's late president, relics were stored here until it was considered safe to return them. he studies the fragments and mixes colors over and over searching for a match. midway through the project, a visitor arrives, a former director of the museum in afghan.
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he risked his life protecting the cultural assets of his homeland against extremists. >> translator: the professionalism of this japanese team is outstanding. i am deeply grateful to them for creating this replica. >> reporter: it's his hope that the completely fresco can help inspire peace in afghanistan. it will open to the public in tokyo in april. nhk world. >> "newsline" comes to you from tokyo where it's now 48 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh joins us this hour with an update. >> hello, unfortunately it looks like the situation is not improvinbecause much infall h taken pce.
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it has flooded -- historic flooding levels taking place in places like louisiana. let's look at this video. and the water levels are just so high. those storms that we talked about last week, that brought flooding into the region and five people have died so far as of sunday afternoon. over 180 homes were destroyed or significantly impacted. you can see cars completely submerged because of the water there. many rivers and lakes in northern louisiana have risen to these historic levels and they are facing threats of more flooding. authorities describe the flooding as some of the worst seen in the region. we did have in fact some more rainfall that took place to the north along with stronger storms and because of the mississippi river nearby that really is going to be a problem for e foreeable fure. a very difficult situation for those living in that region. and they are not the only ones dealing th some vere ather. on monday, we received a report
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of a tornado imontgome county, ohio. are expting morunstable weathe the w pressu system at brought the system has pushed to the east and another one is moving in. this will create an unstable situation in chicago and gary, indiana, and the surrounding areas. look at the possibility of dealing with tornados, hail or some very strong winds as we go throughout the day tuesday. and then, further toward the west behind the system, very strong winds will be in place. that increases the level of fire danger which is critical. if you are going to be in the area please do not be burning anything because of these very poor conditions. again, very heavy rainfall taking place there. meanwhile, we are getting a break in the pacific area, an area that has seen so much rainfall. we may see a little bit of a break. we still may be seeing some showers but much lighter than what has taken place over the past couple of weeks.
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and some of these heavier rain bands near places like the great lakes into minnesota, look out for some heavier rainfall accumulation totals there. so, a very active scenario from winnipeg to chicago, and down into washington, d.c. drier and warmer further down to the south and west for tuesday. as we talk about rainfall i want to show you what's happening in queensland, australia, where heavy rains took place in northern portions of queensland on tuesday. we do have a low pressure system that is ushering unstable weather. more rainfall just in the next 24 to 48, possibly 72 hours. up to 400 millimeters of rainfall as we extend that forecast out toward the end of the week. so, be prepared for some heavier rainfall and this rainfall again lasting through at least friday for cairns and the other areas a bit drier for friday. wrapping up in east asia, the
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high pressure is bringing in very warm conditions over japan. we are expecting sunny skies. already saw a high of around 14 degrees in tokyo on tuesday. looking similar for wednesday and near 20 degrees for thursday and friday. hope you have a good day wherever you are, here's your extended outlook.
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and that was the news and weather from our studios here in tokyo. send your comments and thoughts to us. logon to the nhk world website and click contact us.55ñññ1
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molly: you are watching "france 24." beginsdlines -- russia to pull out forces from syria. it is time with a fresh round of syrian peace talks in geneva. burma elects a new president. of syu kiis


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