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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  March 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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becomes the next u.s. president. hitting back.
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pakistani government forces are expected to retaliate against the militant taliban group in response to sunday's deadly suicide attack. locked away. a man was taken into custody on suspicion of kidnapping a teenage girl and keeping her prisoner for two years. coming out on top. the sumo tourney kept up the suspension until the final bout. yoshihide suga says the country will keep close ties with the u.s. regardless of who becomes its next president. he stressed that maintaining the alliance is one of japan's key diplomatic policies. suga made the remark at a regular news conference. a reporter asked about a comment by u.s. presidential candidate donald trump that japan should pay more to maintain a u.s. military presence. suga said he should refrain from commenting on remarks by a
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candidate. >> translator: the japan-u.s. alliance with the security arrangements at its core is the lyn linchpin of our diplomacy. whoever is the next u.s. president, japan will continue to work closely with the united states. this will not change at all. >> trump said in an interview with the "new york times" that he would be open to allowing japan and south korea to build their own nuclear arsenals. suga said the government will keep its three non-nuclear principles as its basic policy. they ban japan from possessing or producing nuclear weapons or allowing them into the country. preparations are in full swing for japan to host the group of 7 summit beginning in may and to pull off the summit there is a lot that has to be done. >> reporter: the japanese is having major counter-terrorism
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threats. it was at at top of the list for the g 7 summit. in light of recent terror attacks there is even more of a focus on it now. the police presence is being beefed up all around the prefecture which is hosting the summit. >> translator: there should be no failure in providing security particularly after the terrorist attacks in france and belgium. please do not overlook any signs of possible terrorism or illegal actions. >> reporter: the two-day summit opens on may 26th and under an umbrella of tight security japanese prime minister shinzo abe plans to welcome the leaders here. while outside police are preparing. inside, the agenda is being discussed. for japan it's showing about
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increasing fiscal stimulus with the aim of stabilizing the global economy. it says a coordinated effort is needed. but that won't be easy as some countries are placing a high priority on fiscal discipline. >> translator: industrialized countries are getting on a recovery track while emerging economies are slowing. now is the time for g 7 nations to play an important role in the world economy. >> reporter: he said that, as hosts of the summit, japan also has some specific issues it wants discussed, namely, issues of the abduction of japanese nationals by north korea and its nuclear problems. japanese lawmakers are ready to pass a budget for the new fiscal year starting from april.
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gene oy tatani has the details. the upper house is due on tuesday to approve from promises to be japan's biggest budget ever with majority support from the governing coalition. the lower house has already passed it. it's a budget worth about $850 billion featuring financial support for parents with kids in kindergarten or day care. it will provide funds for increasing the number of elderly care homes. tax bills are also on the diet's agenda. one bill would lower the corporate tax rate. debate will move on to the transpacific partnership. talks on the deal are due to start next week. 12 nations including japan signed the pact in february. governing parties hope to approve the tpp during the current diet session. the bank of japan will release its business sentiment on friday. analysts at all 15 private think tank expect a worsened mood
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among large manufacturers. the tankan survey covers more than 10,000 companies and showed the index in of firms who say business is good and those who see it as bad. forecasts from the 15 research institutes range from plus 5 to plus 10 points for large manufacturers. the index was plus 12 in the previous survey. the analysts say the export oriented ones are growing cautious due to slow growth in china and ear emerother emergin economies and the appreciation of the yen. forecast for nonjapan manufacturers were split. the analysts say, although foreign tourists are spending more, overall consumer spending remains sluggish. this just in, japan's ntt data has announced it will acquire the i.t. services arm of u.s. computer maker dell for
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just over $3 billion. once again, japan's ntt data has announced it will acquire the i.t. services arm of u.s. computer maker dell for just over $3 billion. in checking the markets. tokyo socks extended their gains to a second day. the benchmark nikkei hit a two-week high. for the details we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >> many investors bought shared on the back of a weaker yen. some bought before companies go ex-dividend and market players are nursing hopes of additional measures by the japanese government to boost the economy. let's check the closing levels for this monday, march 28th. the nikkei rose 0.77% to 17,134. the broader topix gained 1.16%. some exporters benefited from a weaker yen but companies catering to domestic demands
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such as department store operators, outperformed. j. front retailing also up 4.7% and mittsukoshi up 3%. sharp in the spotlight again with reports that their deal will be inked as early as this weweek. the debt line is looming at the end of march. shares were up nearly 4%. seven and i holdings is up. trading was thin as investors were waiting for key economic data coming up this week. also, feds share janet yellen will speak on tuesday in new york. many investors looking to confirm if the u.s. economy is in fact on solid footing and could warrant a rate hike by the fed next month. >> thank you for that.
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other markets in the asia-pacific region ended lower. in china, the shanghai deposit slid 0.7% closing at 2957. investors inningsly cheered by strong profits data but financial sector stretched its losses toward the end of trading. in indonesia the composite fell more than 1% extending its losing streak to a fifth day. poor corporate earnings led the index to a four-week low. seoul's kospi edged lower. mumbai down by 1 and almost.5%. sydney and hong kong were closed for a holiday. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're following. production at japan's major auto makers has seen its third straight month of decline. the figure was down 7.4% in february from the same time last year. the plant explosion at a toyota
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group steel maker forced the car maker to suspend domestic production temporarily. weak sales of mini vehicles contributed to the drop for the eight manufacturers but overseas output was up more than 8%. officials from japanese airline skymark say they have completed court supervised procedures to rebuild the company. it filed for bankruptcy last year. executives announced a three-year management plan. it calls for the resumption of overseas charter services in 2018. ena holdings and investment fund integral have been giving the airline financial support. golfers in japan may soon be able to get drinks and golf balls delivered by air. e-commerce firm is planning to deploy drones on golf courses. the compmpany is planning a tri from may at a course near tokyo. players will make their orders on smartphones and the drones will fly the requested items to
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golfers on the links. let's take a look at our global economic calendar for the week. we will have japan's key monthly economic figures. february. household spending out on tuesday. industrial production on wednesday. as we mentioned earlier the bank of japan will release the results of its tankan survey of short-term business sentiment on friday. in the previous report, the key indexes stood flat as corporate executives remain uncertain over the global economic outlook. also, officials at the u.s. labor department will release employment data for march. federal reserve officials are closely watching as they ponder raising interest rates. the same day china's factory data for march, a survevey of purchasing managers at manufacturing companies. >> every monday we ask specialists to share their views on the week. this week we speak to tokyo
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research. taya is a former board member of the boj. he agrees that the tankan survey will likely show worsened sentiment among major manufacturers though not as bad as hadton expected in december. >> corporate earnings in terms of profits likely to remain more or less favorable since negative effects of a stronger yen in the foreign exchange market are likely to be more or less compensated by continued cheap energy cost. investment plants are likely to be revised downwards by large companies but revised upwards by small companies.s. >> butut taya warns that japan' economy can expect to see very moderate economic growth. >> the main reason has been stagnant consumption. the stagnant consumption has been attributable to the slow pace of increase in income.
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this is, of course, due mainly to a slow pace of increase in wages. but, at the same time, i don't think we can rely much on corporate investment or exports. >> taya says, in stimulating the economy to reverse the conditions experts are paying close attention to fiscal policy. >> the bank of japan acted in late january, and there is no strong justification for the bank to act again in the near future. as long as the yen-dollar exchange rates remain around recent levels. this may be the reason why people's attention has -- appears to have shifted to positive fiscal policy. the administration appears to be looking for rationale or justification for the tax increase to be again postponed
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and for sizable supplementary budget to be employed to stimulate the economy. simply because the government needs to prepare for elections of the upper house in july. >> that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets. \s the pakistani government is expected to launch military operations against the islamic extremist group that has claimed respsponsibility. local media say the bombing in a
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park in a city of lahore killed 69 people and injured more than 300. a group related to the pakistani talibaban, the country's larges militant islamic organization has claimed responsibility. it's suspepected t the group targeteded christians on easter. prime minister sharif held an emergency cabinet meeting in the evening to discuss the government's response. government forces have been conducting military operations against the pakistan taliban in the northwestern part of the country. muhammad rama is an expert in politics in pakistan. we sat down to get his take on the lahore attack. >> lahore is an attractive target for multiple type of terrorist groups, even in the past, because this city is considered the heart of the country, and if something happens in lahore, it gets more
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headlines and it's hard more to calm the pakistani. i think they strategically choose the target in lahore. islamabad it may be difficult. this is a splinter group of the pakistani taliban. now it's basically -- it's replaced the central ttp or the pakiststani talib faction. they're getting inspiration by i.s. and a few al qaeda chapters or affiliates operating in parts of the world. and what we have seen in the global contntext, that these terrorist groups learn from each other's tactics and, in many cases, their objective converge on the strategy.
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>> he says pakistan needs to keep a high level of vigilance. >> we cannot rule out that these attacks, the current terror wave in pakistan, may be the reaction of this -- these counter-terrorism actions which is going on in the main area of pakistan. so efforts are going on. in many cases the security forces are taking the lead, they are winning. but whenever the terrorists find the space, they try to be exploitive. japanese police have detained a man they believe kidnapped a teenaged girl and kept her locked away for two years. the girl finally managed to escape on sunday. nhk world has more. >> covered in blood, she was wandering early monday morning in a mountain valley outside
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tokyo. a newspaper delivery man found him and called the police for help. >> translator: i asked him if he had been in a traffic accident and he said, i wanted to die but i couldn't. >> police say it looks like he tried to slit his own throat. he is in hospital recovering now, but once he is well enough investigators plan on arresting him for kidnapping a teenaged girl. she is now 15 years old. two years ago she disappeared from a city north of tokyo. family and friends have been handing out flyers and frantically searching for her but nothing until this sunday when the girl reportedly contacted authorities from a pay phone at a train station in tokykyo. police say she had managed to escape from the nearbyy apartment. she is now in protective custody. >> translator: she looked a little scared. i don't think she was carrying any belongings. >> reporter: according to police, he moved to the apartment in february. they say the girl was kept
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inside most of the time and, when she did go out, he was watching h her closely.. ighbhbors are stunned. >> translator: i don't know him at all. it seemed like no one was living next-door for a while. >> reporter: in a statement, the girl's father says it must have been extremely painful for a 15-year-old girl not to be able to come home for two years. we are truly relieved. we hope everyone will quietly watch over us. the man's facebook pictures show a y young man who likes airplan, a young man who studied computers and just graduated from university. they do not showw any s sense o whatat police allege happened or the past two years. nhk world. officials with japan's space agency are struggling to contact their new satellite. they're trying to verify information that the satellite may have incurred damage. the japan aerospace exploration
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agency launched the hitomi last month. scientists hoped the satellite would help to solve mysteries of the universe's history and black holes. the communication problem began late saturday afternoon. u.s. scientists have since reported debris drifting near the satellite. about 40 jaxa engineers are investigating the cause of the trouble and are trying to reestablish contact. they say the satellite communicated with earth for a few minutes after the debris was detected but they haven't heard from it since. the march grand sumo tournament came to a close on sunday. our reporter tells us how everything played out in osaka. >> reporter: heading into the final day three men had a chance of winning the championship. hakuho was the sole leader with just one loss. he was followed by two champions with two losses each. first the battle between the two
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oziki. the winner could find himself in a possible playoff. the two go chest to chest. he wins 13-2. hakuho meanwhile doesn't want to waste any time or extra energy. he wants to shore up his 36th title by beating his rival. he steps to the side and sends his foe out of the ring. hakuho is the march tourney chchampion.
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>> congratulations to hakuho on his 36th title. a special prize w was also give to a man who really stood out with his performance. he was the only recipient of a special prize this time the 24-year-old received the outstandnding performance award after beating others on route to finishing an impressive 12 victories. that wraps up our march tourney recap. the next competition is in may in tokyo. please join me then. >> may will be here before you know it.
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thanks. for weather now. cloudy with a chance of scattered showers is the forecast for us here in tokyo where it's 13 degrees celsius or 55 degre 55 degrees fahrenheit. stormy conditions in western europe. we are looking at some very strong winds that will continue to be a part of the story as the storm named katie rolls over this portion of europe. winds extending from 74 kilometers per hour up to 191 kilometers per hour on sunday. these are very strong winds. and the story will continue as we go throughout the day monday. we will see more strong winds as we go forward. areas close to 115 kilometers per hour are possible. the low continues to deepen and strengthen. as it continues to become a more powerful system, the winds will really stream in. because it's more of a westerly flow it's tapping in on the moisture from the atlantic, bringing a lot more rainfall throughout monday.
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so be prepared for a breezy, windy day. that's extending from portions of the united kingdom especially over the southeastern corner into places like london down toward northern portions of france and germany. eventually we'll see strong winds in places l like the scandinavian peninsula ththroughout the day. low pressure system toward the south will also bring showers toward the northern portion of italy going through the day. looking at the next few days from amsterdam through brussels, dublin and paris, all looking at wet weather. some areas may be dealing with thunderstorms. so be on the lookout for that. temperatures in the low teens for monday all the way through wednesday. so have the umbrellas handy. the wet weather is expected to contininue. as we lookok at the forecast fo north america we're also talking about a very wet weather scenario. we are keeping an eye on a low pressure system that continues to move over the great lakes and is wrapping around with plenty of moisture. a cold front is extending toward the south. so anywhere from toronto way down into miami, you are going to see a chance for some wet
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weather. now, especially for the areas in the southern part, i think that the cold front will move quickly enough to where you may see sunshine by the afternoon hours. for the morning, we're looking at a potentially messy commute as you go through monday. i wanted to point out the high pressure system over into the central plains. kansas in one area is dealing with some wildfires. it is dry out there right now and we're seeing a little bit of the windy conditions. we're keeping the eye on a potential for fire weather danger. going into the day monday the winds should relax a bit. that will help out the firefighters, though we are going to see a very dry pattern. it will be a little bit of a mixed bag. back to the north and west, a cold front swinging out through the rockies. we're looking at anywhere from 30 to 90 centimeters of snow. yes, even into places like idaho we'll be seeing the possibility of more wintery weather even though we're in spring as to say. seattle and vancouver, drier conditions.
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wet along the east coast for monday. wrapping things up with a look at east asia. it was a pretty nice day here in tokyo. a bit cooler, but we still saw the temperatures trying to move up bit. unstable weather will bring the chancece for rain, maybe even thunderstorms for the overnight period into tuesday. so look out for that. and thehen eventually the syste will clear out and we should be seeing much better weather for the afternoon. look at the big warmup. highs into the 20s for tokyo wednesday in thursday. the outdoor cherry blossssoms looking good. east asia. high pressure. dry weather over japan and the eastern portions of china. back toward the west, we're looking at more wet weather. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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don't forget to watch news room tokyo at the top of the hour for updates and special reports. more to come here on nhk world, so stay with us. @ññññññóóç
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>> welcome back to the "france " newsroom. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital, for clock p.m. in islamabad. the manhunt is underway in pakistan for breakaway pal taliban militant for a suicide bombing village 70 people dead in pakistan. the anti-terror crackdown continues in europe. three further people are


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