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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from paris with french and world news. reimburse money spent on his private residence. the south african president has been found to violate the constitution and the opposition is calling for his impeachment and we will be in cape town and a moment.
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abdesalam is currently in belgium and could be transferred to paris soon. and overpass has collapsed in eastern india. these are live pictures and at least 14 people have been killed and the death toll could increase, many more are still missing. this is happening in calcutta. the highest court in south africa has ruled against the president. the judges unanimously decided that he had violated the constitution must now repay part of the $16 million of public funds used to upgrade his private home. this is the final chapter in a scandal that has undermined his presidency for years. >> the president has failed to
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uphold, defend, and respect the constitution. and the supreme law of the land. determined that the cost bythose measures implemented the department of public works at the president's homestead that do not relate to security, namely, the visitors center, the amphitheater, the kettle crawl, the chicken coop in the swimming pool only. >> we go live to cape town. how is the opposition reacting to this ruling? opposition party, the democratic alliance, did not waste any time. minutes after the judgment was handed down, the democratic alliance filed papers to start the impeachment process while
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other political parties are calling on the president to do the honorable thing and the right thing. they're asking him to stand down saying you cannot have it resident who has violated the constitution and the very constitution with the -- which the anc gave birth to. you cannot have him violating the constitution and continue to be the president of the country and they're asking him to step down. >> the opposition will bring impeachment proceedings, what happens from there? impeachment,ds to this is one thing the constitutional court could not pronounce. it's not a matter for the courts to decide because of the separation of powers in south africa. this matter will have to go to parliament. therefore, the democratic alliance filed papers in parliament today. the matter will have to be put to the vote. it will be interesting and probably very hard for the
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ruling african national congress to block this process from going ahead following today's judgment. >> those are the purely legal and political angles on this story. this scandal has been going on for years. how would you sum up the way south africans perceive this? >> some of the people that i spoke to after the judgment are saying that this is a victory for democracy in south africa. it just goes to show that the constitution is still in tact. the judgment was clear that nobody is above the law including the president of south africa. people are saying that they now have faith in the tradition again. >> thank you. a police raid is happening now in belgium near the french border. it's connected to the terror plot that was spoiled in france
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last week with the arrest of a man. the investigation has targeted several european cities. our man in brussels is monitoring this. what more do we know? >> it's very much ongoing this afternoon but it is set to be linked to the arrest of the 34-year-old man. , the policerate found a phone number of an allegedly topless. it seems they might have found links to others as they were raids in other towns as well. they did not find anything suspicious. context into it, it's to the west of flanders. ins not too far from liel france. police will communicate what they find but with these operations, they are tightlipped.
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of march in15th brussels, the police carried out a normal procedural rate. they were fired upon. one french woman got hurt and police have asked the media during these operations to be careful about what a report and the pictures they show live on tv in case the suspects are watching and finding out their exact techniques. thece are very vague about preparations and police are being searched as well. >> stay on the line, this rate is in connection with a suspected terror cell revolving around a man named raida cricket. he has been charged with belonging to a terror group. >> charged with being part of a terrorist group, 34-year-old
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raida cricket appear before magistrates on wednesday after he was detained in the advanced stages of planning another major attack on french soil. nott this stage, we have been able to ascertain a precise target, we nevertheless leave the discovery of this presented an active extreme violence in committed by a terrorist network . this is suggested by the weapons and explosives to be found and the new telephones discover that could have been used to coordinate the criminal act plus the stolen passports allowing their identities to be hidden and ensuring their free movement in france and europe. he is seen here handcuffed with his head covered and he was arrested in the paris suburbs last week. police raided the apartment he rented last summer under a false identity. five kalashnikovs, seven handguns, and a stash of
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chemicals used to make explosives. he was sentenced to 10 years last july in recruiting extremist to fight jihad in syria. he has links to the suspected ringleader of the november attacks in paris. on theirians charged alleged involvement in the plot remain in custody in belgium. the federal prosecutor there says the men will remain in custody for another week. was detained in a dutch city on sunday in connection to the plots. he is currently resisting extradition to france. also happening in belgium today, the transfer hearing for the main surviving suspect in last year's paris attacks that killed 130 people. his lawyer says he wants to be sent to france. my concern that he wants to be transferred to the french
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senseities, that he can the implementation of the european arrest warrants and concerned that he wants to collaborate with french authorities. we are staying on top of this story. the hearing is taking place behind closed doors. aboutore can you tell us the hearing and the likelihood that he will be handed over to french authorities? abdesala is notm present himself at that hearing. it was postponed until 4:00 this afternoon n so the federal prosecutor could travel to bruges and speak to him face-to-face. the idea was to look at the
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extradition to france. france asked for that immediately after he was arrested so today was just meant to be a formality. the belgian prime minister had originally said there is no political objections to sending him to france. the brussels attack is changing everything. abd on march 24, salah esalam was resisting being sent to france and then changed his tune in order to explain himself. will the belgians want to keep him here in belgium to find out about his link to the brussels attack? >> thank you. sorry we could not get the visuals. we will continue to report during the day. an overpass has collapsed in eastern india, at least three
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people have been killed and dozens have been injured. revisedh toll has been and 14 people have now been onlyrmed dead but that is temporary as many people are still missing. the overpass collapsed in an extremely crowded area of calcutta. what more can you tell us? have the moment, 14 people been confirmed dead and i'm sure there will be more deaths. congestedse was in a part of the city at a major crossing. it hit cars and trucks and buildings and a makeshift home. it trapped several people underneath. it was under construction that has been going on for six years. it was going to link this part of north calcutta to a neighboring town to ease traffic
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congestion. >> thank you very much. keep us updated. we are concerned the death toll might mount. there were many people under that overpass. who is currently running libya? there is no civil answer to that question. the unity government arrived in the capital yesterday under heavy security after reportedly making a deal with armed forces in tripoli. clashes arrested -- clashes arrested shortly afterward. -- erupted shortly afterwards. attempts at failed flying into the libyan capital, the countries you and backed unity government arrived in tripoli by boat in an attempt to take control. they are hoping to unite the country split by five years of conflict. >> with god's help and everyone support, we will work to create a state with institutions and
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laws with the participation of all libyans, we will work for a cease-fire and in and to the bloodshed across libya. we will unify all libyan efforts to confront the dangers of the islamic state group. >> islamic roots just groups totrolling libya attempted stop the council from arriving from tunisia. the security situation remains volatile. there were reports of gunfire within hours of the council's arrival. it is a sign of the uphill battle it faces. the country has been chaos since longtime leader moammar gaddafi was overthrown and killed. two competing administrations have been attempting to control the country since 1917. and thet was intobruk other in tripoli. allies of the islamic state group have bases along the north
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coast of the country and other militants control large parts of the south. the west believes the u.n. backed government's libya's best chance of uniting all factions against the islamic state groups. so far, they have been opposed by hard-liners in tobruk and tripoli. >> as the brazilian president fights or her political survival, her supporters are expected to take to the streets in cities across the country this thursday3. they could be her last line of defense as impeachment hearings underway in parliament. >> there will be no coup, the supporters of the brazilian president chanted this thursday as she hits back at the opposition and lawmakers are trying to oust her. >> impeachment without proof of
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criminal responsibility is what? it is a coup. this is the issue, there is no point pretending we are discussing hypothetical impeachment. we are discussing a very concrete impeachment without criminal responsibility. the opposition was accused of using money to under -- to cover up brazil's recession to help her reelection campaign. her popularity has taken an all-time hit dipping under 15%. ofious polls show 2/3 brazilians want her out and that is increasingly likely after brazil's largest hearty -- party defected from her coalition tuesday. the loss of votes has sparked panic in the workers party as they scramble for support ahead of april's impeachment vote. in the meantime, rousseff needs
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to deal with the worst depression in decades in the ongoing corruption probe into the state oil company petrobras. her mentor in former president has been implicated. >> let's get all the days business news. good afternoon. the u.k. government is facing huge pressure this thursday to help the struggling steel industry after a major player said it would sell its british operations. >> the biggest player in the u.k. steel industry is the indian conglomerate tata steel confirmed on wednesday that it would be selling its u.k. operations. that puts at least 15,000 jobs at risk. unions have said the government should have done more to protect the industry from cheap chinese competition. now they are trying to secure the future of threatened plants. the prime minister says he hopes to help rocher a sale of the plant that would help save jobs after crisis talks on the future
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of the stale's -- and steel industry, the government is not ruling anything out. >> what we want to do is secure a long-term future for port talbot and other still making plants and the united kingdom. we work very hard with companies to make sure there is a proper sales process and we will do everything we can to encourage people to come forward but this is a difficult situation. there is no guarantees of success. 2 in french business news, telecom giants are hoping to merge but they are not quite there yet. >> today is supposed to be the big deadline they -- day. they are extending discussions but they have not made enough progress. the boards of both companies have meet -- have met to discuss the pitfalls. sell or not to sell, the suspense continues as the two
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biggest telecom companies will give themselves another week if they will go ahead with their merger deal. discussions have been going on for months. one of the major sticking points is the price of the merger. 10 billion euros is what has been asked for. a 10-15%o seeking stake under the merger deal. any agreement between the two companies must be reviewed and approved by the french competition authorities. one of their biggest concerns is the threaded poses to competition. orange is the top mobile operator with 24 million subscribers. the fourthth wiig, largest operator would give them an advantage over their rivals. it would also reduce to three the number of mobile phone operators in france. to shake off antitrust concerns, orange would negotiate the sale of other parts of the wiig
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business to its competitors. the discussions suggest hesitation from the french government which owns 23% of orange and is keen to conserve its influence in the countries top mobile operator. >> let's see what's happening on the markets. how is thursday trading? >> those telecom companies have seen their shares drop since that announcement this morning. major european indices are in the red halfway through the trading day. it's being weighed down by the broader french telecom sector and oil prices are slumping again. investors will be looking for a jobs report to be released in the u.s. later on that could underscore the central banks caution this week about risks facing the global economy. >> argentina is one step closer to reentering the global financial system? >> yes, it's been more than a decade in the making. the senate approved a somewhat controversial deal to reimburse a group of creditors.
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intohad pushed the company default a few years ago and the deal brokered earlier this year will see argentina pay $4.5 billion to hedge funds that had refused earlier efforts to restructure that that. to about 75% of the initial loan plus interest which will allow the government to access international credit markets again. rakingsident had made the deadlock a key priority with efforts to revitalize the struggling economy. efe inally, there is between an international football star. accusing them of using a look-alike. bears a an ad that striking resemblance to the former football star.
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the photo and that tv screen is a different man but he is performing one of his signature moves on the field. it's alleged that samsung run that -- ran that at after breaking off negotiations in 2013. pele is claiming $30 million in damages. i don't think my image would go for that much. >> maybe do some more business news and push up the value. >> i will see if i can do that move on the football field. >> thank you very much. let's turn to claire williams. time for the press review. claire was you and says been reading the papers internationally and will tell us what is making headlines. let's start with france. dominated of the news over francoise hollands constitutional reform. >> he has dropped plans to strip
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terrorist of their french nationality. he has said after the november 13 attacks in paris that he would do his best to get this changed on the constitution but it will not happen because he did not get support from his own left-wing socialist party. it's a big embarrassment for him. by coincidence, for papers and france have the same picture of him on their front page. we never see this. all of them chose the one there. it's a profile picture of him looking forlorn. the headlines are pretty similar. said all that for nothing. he has been going on about the change to the constitution and it will not happen. figaro has harsher words as a right wing paper.
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they say he has wasted the french people's time as well as his own. he has shown he is not able to be the strong president has wanted to be since the terrorist attacks last year. e but someor holland say the communist paper has a more joyful look at things. page, theront shameful operation is being buried. very joyful indeed. dailies from all sides of the political spectrum are underlining that francois hollande not able to push through that marky reform. theirid not dedicate entire front page to him. >> they would rather not give
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him that honor. the front pages dedicated to the greve, the strike in france. have schools, hospitals and public transport, airports not fully staffed and it's about camarie. she is the labor minister and wants to make the job market more flexible. many french people are not happy about this. they are calling for frenchmen to get out in the street and protest. it is pouring with rain in paris. that might affect how many people decide to go down to the streets. >> it could undermine the trade union efforts. they are hoping for one million people. we will see. you have also been reading the
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international press. let's look at what's happening in brazil because the brazilian president is fighting for her political survival at the moment. >> she really is, president rousseff is in hot water facing impeachment proceedings. she is accused of manipulating finances to try to cover up how bad a state the brazilian economy is in right now. she denies any wrongdoing but it's having a serious effect on her career. , are is an interesting piece where the gilmer government, he compares that government to a snake which is almost dead but not quite. it's even more dangerous that a snake that is around. he writes that the government is
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a snake that could strike at any point. >> she could yet resurrect. you are also finding out about a dispute going on between the turkish president and a german tv channel. >> this is an unusual story. germanchannel ndr is a television channel. , musicdcast a video video. the song was ridiculing the turkish president. it was about swapping migrants and the migrant crisis. he said it's an absolute outrage. he is. sin wants to get this withdrawn. we are as saying country of liberty and freedom of the press.
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they also have turkish subtitles. to anre trying appeal audience outside germany.
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