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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 5, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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9:00 p.m. in paris. you are watching live from paris on france 24. donald trump looks to be heading for a loss in the latest presidential nominating contest. in the united states, ted cruz and bernie sanders are predicted to do well as voters have their say in wisconsin. the so-called panama papers claim their first casualty, the prime minister of iceland resigning over his links to offshore funds. we will get reactions from reykjavik.
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avoiding impeachment by a hair. thanks for being with us. donald trump has revived his plan to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border, saying he would force mexican authorities to pay for the well if you were elected. in the u.s. state of wisconsin become the latest to cast their ballots in the presidential nominating contest. polls show trump is trailing ted cruz in wisconsin. a loss in the state would be a setback in his quest for the nomination and cap a rough week of campaigning. to ouro live
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correspondent, philip, in washington, d.c. philip, if we could briefly talk about this threat from donald trump, a threat he is reviving to force mexico to pay for a border wall, his exact plan would impact millions of people in the united states. philip: yes, and the mexican economy. this is the first time there has been a relatively clear plan presented by donald trump. it was presented to "to the washington post" in a memo. says --lly, it presented to "the washington in a memo. essentially, it says it would leave the mexican economy with a severe lack of money which, according to president obama, would cause even more mexican immigrants to want to make their way to the united states. that is how he wants to finance
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this. that doesn't mean his supporters are against the plan. this is something he mentions in every single campaign event, first, that there will be a wall between all of the border between mexico and the united states and that the country that pays for it would be, indirectly according to his plan, mexico itself. with donaldng trump, as we tend to do, polls show he will be losing to ted cruz in wisconsin's primaries. are we able to read into that how trump is doing nationally? philip: there are all sorts of things one can read into that. it could be a turning point in the election, but only with a lot of hindsight in a few months time. this might be the moment when the anybody but trump campaign that the republican party establishment started a few weeks ago has its first effects. they would like ted cruz to win the primary in wisconsin despite the fact that the same
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republican party establishment and pretty much everybody them politics in washington does not like senator ted cruz either. but having donald trump as the nominee is seen as a lot worse by the republican party for one main reason. according to the polls that predict a matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton on the democratic side, in the eventual november presidential election, polls see donald trump as losing to hillary clinton very easily. that is why the republican party establishment wants anybody possible to win other than donald trump. this time around, it could be very -- it could very well be senator ted cruz of texas. there is a third candidate in the raise, ohio governor john kasich, who is taking votes from donald trump and ted cruz. both would like him to leave the race, but right now, it is still a three horse race for the nomination. we could be seeing a rare defeat
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here for donald trump. and: we will have to wait see how things pan out over the next few hours. thank you very much. the first head to roll over the revelations in the so-called panama papers is iceland's prime minister. he announced in the last few hours that he is resigning after showed hisments a firm within offshore accounts. we have more on his dramatic fall from grace. >> ice lens prime minister, cash iceland -- iceland's prime minister, sigmundur david gunnlaugsson, asked to didissole parliament. the president turned down his request. >> i will not agree to such a
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request until i have held talks with the leaders of other parties. one ed togunnlaugsson dissolve parliament in the face of a looming no-confidence -- wanted to dissolve parliament in the face of a looming no-confidence vote. it was a surprise for us to see that. it was not a rational thing to do. i have never seen it done before in icelandic politics, and i hope i will not see it again. reporter: pressure had been mounting on the prime minister. the panama papers revealed he had millions of dollars stashed away in a tax haven. offshore company with big claims in iceland's collapsed banks. he sold his shares a day before he was legally required to declare the them. the opposition filed a vote of no-confidence on monday.
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the prime and asked her maintains he has done nothing illegal and that he and his wife's assets are in iceland. let's get the review of this from reykjavik. we are joined by a correspondent from the icelandic broadcasting service. thank you for being with us. how are people reacting to the prime minister's resignation? correspondent: there have been them in straight and's outside parliament today. the demonstration is smaller than -- have been demonstrations outside parliament today. they are smaller than what we saw yesterday. people have gone to the offices of both parties of the coalition to protest this latest turn of events. are not very happy that only the prime minister is leaving the government. they seem to want the government to leave altogether and new
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elections to be called. you thinklikely do that is to happen? members of the opposition are also calling for the election to still take place. would thinkt: i it's rather unlikely. the coalition parties have rather strong authority in .arliament their cooperation has been going quite well until now. the leader of the other coalition party, the independence party, says there .as been no problem with policy this only had to do with the latest events of the prime minister being linked to offshore companies. as long as the two parties managed to negotiate on who will be the next prime minister, they will probably stick to the next general election, which is scheduled for spring of 2017.
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host: has there been any talk of mr. gunnlaugsson and his wife facing legal action or prosecution over this? correspondent: not really. there has been no indication of tax evasion. there is more a question of his integrity as a politician for not having disclosed everything financial, that they had money stored in an offshore company and so on. is not facing any legal action. host: thank you very much for joining us. we were having some technical issues on the line to reykjavik, apologies. there is another development in this story that impacts france. panama's government is threatening to hit back against france's decision to put it back on a blacklist of uncooperative
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tax havens according to the presidential chief of staff in panama. in kenya, celebrations by supporters of the president as his trial was thrown out today. he and his coaccused were facing three counts of crimes against humanity for violence in the of 2006-2008.ra the court declared that there andnot enough evidence there was troubling evidence of witness interference. their expressed disappointment and hopes for an appeal. hash africa's president dodged an effort to have him in peach over his use of more than 14 million euros worth up -- impeached over his use of more than 14 million euros worth of taxpayer money to upgrade his home.
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publicccused of misusing funds. >> high drama in the south african parliament after debate turned from the notion of impeaching the president to an accuse all of the speaker. i propose that he must step down. over.icer must take reporter: the high level squabbling continued. >> listen to me. listen to me. a speaker here. you do not have the right to speak what you are speaking. >> proceedings were temporarily suspended.
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members of the president's party rally to his defense to stop a motion to impeach him. he is accused of spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his private residence. he has publicly apologized and offered to pay back a share of the money. it is tooosecution, little, too late. some members of the party have added their voices to calls for his resignation. that he has made it clear he is determined to stay on. host: the next transfer of migrants to turkey from greece under a controversial deal with the eu has been put on hold until friday according to a turkish official who spoke out today. the first transfer of just over 200 migrants took place on monday. an equal number of confirmed refugees, originally from syria, were to be brought to the eu in return.
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according to officials, turkey said it wasn't ready. here in france, shopkeepers have been rolling down their shutters and riot police standing ready as hundreds of students return fresh streets for protests against controversial labor law changes. 130 people have been arrested. the bill is discussed in france's national assembly. it has already been tweaked and could be modified more in the days to come. >> angry students and union sembers continue their protest against changes to the country's labor laws. the reforms are meant to simplify some of the rules governing the labor market. critics say they will make it easier to fire employees. france's labor minister says it is important to get this right. >> we are not carrying out
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reform for reforms sake. we are attempting to bring in a new type of relationship between workers and employers. the proposedts of law have already been watered down in a parliamentary committee. parliamentary committee is debating more than 800 amendments, including article 30 . this concerns redundancies. version, aent company must show for quarters of economic difficulties before it can let employees go. another topic of discussion, flexibility in the hours worked. in its current form, a 12 hour workday would be allowed. the left wing of the socialist party wants to see it stay a maximum of 10 hours a day. finally, the issue of overtime. currently, over time is paid at 25% more for the first eight hours and 50% more beyond that.
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the proposal would allow firms to negotiate a lower rate of .vertime pay mps have until friday to revise the text before putting it to a vote in may. host: now, it is big, brash, parts.and even smelly in the rolling stones have just their first ever major exhibition. it is in a gallery in london and features hundreds of artifacts as well as a recreation of a flat they shared in the 1950's. that's the smelly bit. michaela gives us a look around. reporter: 54 years of rock 'n roll have not only created musical greats the rolling stones, but also cultural icons. this exhibit in london looks at how the band has shaped popular culture.
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it takes us back to the 1960's, re-creating the studio where the band recorded its first single and several other hits. the band's front man, mick jagger, said the exhibit is the first of its kind. art and photography. over the years, we have worked with really good artists. you will see the normal things you would expect, guitars and costumes, things like that. costumes are on display as well as pieces from the band's own personal wardrobes. >> they have such a phenomenal history and have had such an impact on the social climate of they haveally because
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spread into art, design, recording, fashion, film. reporter: one of the instruments has special engravings. keith richards says he painted the band wase when involved in a drug case and he thought he could go to jail. gives fans a chance to find out the story behind this iconic image. the exhibit will be in london for the next five months and tour the world for the next four years. you will have plenty of chances to catch it, i'm sure. it is coming up on 9:00. a reminder of our top headlines. donald trump looks to be heading for a loss in the latest presidential nominating contest in the u.s.
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ted cruz and bernie sanders are both predicted to do well as voters have their say in wisconsin primaries this tuesday. panama papers claim their first casualty. the prime minister of iceland resigning over his links to offshore funds. and he dodged in peach met by a hair's breath. to powera hanging on after widespread anger over his misuse of taxpayer money to upgrade his home. dealings,f financial it is time for a look at the business news of the day with markus karlsson. hello. we are going to start with follow-up and reaction to the panama papers. >> you have already talked about the political fallout for the icelandic prime minister. about where this leaves major international banks. altogether, the panama papers
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named 500 banks from around the world, and some of the biggest names have come up to deflect any criticism, including hsbc and credit squeeze. the panama papers -- credit suisse. is at the center of all of this. hsbc says it has been vetting customers that want to establish offshore companies. credit suisse says it does not condone structure set up to avoid or evade taxes. government does not seem to be content with that. the french government has called directors to a meeting with the french finance minister. several countries, including france, have launched inquiries of the panama papers.
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they want to see how offshore companies have been used to evade taxes. there are growing demands for more action from governments. in germany, the government is calling for more trtransparency. >> a treasure trove of leaked data on the several hundreds of thousands of offshore companies on mossack fonseca's books. 28 german banks used the services for clients. papers set up thousands of offshore companies for their clients. hearing these may have been used for tax avoidance or money laundering, german officials were quick to call for action. >> shell companies which still have an anonymous beneficial owner must no longer be allowed. set a money laundering law and create a transparency register were these
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offshore companies will be uncovered. reporter: the minister says other governments will have to follow suit to be effective at the local level. at the moment, there are no international bodies to enforce this. >> it calls for an international response to tax avoidance locally, which has so far been absent. ministries need to work together to narrow the scope. reporter: in a deal concluded in agreedver 80 countries to set up an automatic exchange information to spot tax evasion, but it only concerns bank accounts. eu officials have called for concerted action, something all 28 member states will have to agree on. the international monetary fund is calling for action to boost the global economy.
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the head of the imf says governments need to do more to avoid "a new mediocre." christine lagarde spoke in berlin. she hinted that the imf would cut its forecast for the world. she said risks, including terrorism, were hurting the world and that decisive action was needed. christine lagarde: i am not raising the alarm. i am saying where on alert. there has been a lot of growth momentum. couldieve policymakers determine to act together to confront the challenges that i will address in a minute. the positive effects on global confidence and the global economy can be substantial, and we can get back on track. talk you through the latest on the stock market this tuesday.
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shares trading to the downside as we approached the trading day or the end of the trading day, i should say. the dow jones industrial average down about .5%. our disney shares, among others. this as the heir apparent to the chief executive of disney has left the company, which leaves disney with a little bit of uncertainty. all of this is putting pressure on energy shares stateside. in europe, markets in negative territory as well with the frankfurt dax taking hits, down more than 2%. fresh data from the eurozone suggests demand for german goods abroad is softening somewhat. that is perhaps the reason why we saw such a harsh hit for the frankfurt index.
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up-to-date with some other stories we have been watching. allergan are tumbling on wall street after the u.s. a number ofutlined tax regulations that endanger a of allergan.ver rival pfizer had agreed to by the company for $160 billion last year. as part of that deal, the takeover of allergan would relocate pfizer's headquarters to ireland, which would alleviate the company's tax bill. the proposed rules curb this kind of deal. the u.s. has approved a settlement between bp and the government over the gulf oil spill. is to pay $20 billion in damages. aside more than 55 billion dollars to cover the cost of the disaster. it is still waiting to settle with individuals and businesses
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who were affected. the chief executive of a french power company says it will not delay a project to build a new nuclear reactor following warnings that the project represents two great a risk. and that it should be delayed by three years. the chief executive says the upset the british government, which is offering financial incentives. they are due to decide at the beginning of may on the future. finally, are you in the market for someir and hoping inspiration to rub off on you? a wooden chair used by j.k. rowling when she wrote the harry potter novels is up for grabs. the chair will come up for auction in new york and is expected to fetch tens of thousands of dollars. the piece was last sold in 2009, and back then, it fetched around
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$29,000 despite j.k. rowling herself saying the chair looks like something you would pick up at a junk shop. about $65,000. host: it does look like something you would pick up at a junk shop, but that is not the point, is it? it is a magic chair. is it from the coffee shop in edinburgh? it?she make it -- nick >> it is from her house. perhaps she was gifted it. i used to go to the same cafe. host: rubbing shoulders? >> during my student days. host: but you are not going to buy the chair? >> i wish i could. we will check back with you later onbq
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