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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> this is "france 24," live around the world. these are the headlines. ted cruz wins big in the wisconsin republican primary, trouncing donald trump. donald trump crashes to defeat as bernie sanders wins again. the prime minister of iceland steps aside. the first egg name casualty of the panama papers leaks. the scandal they
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have filed a complaint with prosecutors, claiming that they were hacked from the outside. the number of reported executions around the world is at a 25 year high. amnesty international, the author of the new death penalty report calls the jump profoundly disturbing. up for you this hour, changes to u.s. tax rules scuppered what could have been the biggest drug company deal in history. in the have the details business update. and the new shopping center in paris is unveiled after years of renovation. more on the controversial billion euro project on the way. first, our top story live, from paris. ♪ genie: ted cruz scored a crucial
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win against donald trump -- on tuesday. his win could position him as the potential viable alternative to trump. making it less likely that trump will get the majority he needs to get the nomination. a decisive victory and the pivotal vote -- pivotal moment for ted cruz. beating donald trump in the wisconsin primary, getting him one step closer to the delegate count. ted cruz: this is a hard working call to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> the results are likely to breathe new life into the republican party establishment march towards the nomination. polls suggested that ted cruz anti-trumpa wave of
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sentiment rather than enthusiasm for his own campaign. trump has been put into a unique position several times with his campaign manager, charged with battery of a female reporter. the business tycoon could fail to lock up the delegates needed to secure the party nomination according to a contested, fractured convention in july. ted cruz: either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win the majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. that the candidates will be looking ahead to the next vote in two weeks time. opinions give trump a solid lead over ted cruz and john kasich in new york. he will be looking to pick up momentum and the states 95 delegates. genie: once again, a bit more
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analysis. i'm joined on the set with our correspondent. ted cruz is a controversial character. we are saying that he might be the man to unify the republican party, that he's establishment, but that is in fact not the case? >> we are forgetting that well before there wasn't anyone but trump movement, there wasn't anyone but ted cruz movement. he has been to -- described as possibly the most hated man in the senate. let me give you a quick overview of what people have been saying about him. one quote from his former roommate at princeton. "i would rather have anybody else be a president of the united states. anyone. i would rather pick someone from the phonebook." you might think -- ok, this is not a politician, just a former roommate. let's disregard and see what politician seven saying. "i don't know how he's going to deal with congress. nobody likes him." that is from
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bob dole, former senator. "i just don't like the guy." that is from george w. bush. this one. "if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody would convict you." that's from lindsey graham. this guy clearly has a charm deficit. he has an abrasive personality. he is seen as an ideologue. someone who always puts himself forward. ted cruz asterisk knowledge that. this is what he said during one of the debates. if you want someone you can grab a beer with, i may not be that guy, he says. but if you want someone to drive you home, i will get the job done and get you home." he is campaigning on the fact that he is about substance, not about likability. interestingly, the republican establishment is so scared of donald trump that we are now --
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they are now beginning to endorse the man who they said was most hated in the senate. lindsey graham, who said there would be no conviction of ted cruz if he killed someone, has an door stem. the a copy out, however -- he said "honestly, in terms of likability it's the same thing, but ultimately ted cruz would be a better president than donald --mp." that argument way mel may well prevail as the establishment is trying to find an alternative to donald trump. genie: indeed. there is no guarantee that that alternative will be found soon. whatbrings us to talk of has been called a brokered or open convention. talk us through that. cyril: it was a thing that looks like a remote possibility a few weeks ago and it is now a likelihood. donald trump is highly unlikely to have the number of presidents -- delegates that he needs to lock up the net -- the nomination before nomination time.
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donald trump has right now now 739 delegates. he needs 1237 to win the nomination. he's unlikely to get that number. ted cruz is trailing at 502. marco rubio and john kasich -- interesting, why did i put marco rubio in there, even though he has dropped out? what happens if no one has 50% of the delegates? they will go through a first round of voting. in the first round of they are bound to vote for the person who carried their state. those 730 nine will have to vote for donald trump in the first round. except that won't make in the nominee because he doesn't have the delegates. in the second round they become unbound. the majority of the people who would have to vote for trump in the first round would no longer have to do the second round. they would choose the candidate they please. 100% of them would be unbound in a potential third round. that is what ted cruz is banking
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on. he is thinking that if he can add up those non-trump numbers and the ones in the red category right now, he thinks he can gradually coalesce them behind his candidacy in second, third, fourth, potential fifth rounds of voting. don't forget, this is an outside -- thelity republican party could decide to throw a mystery candidate in the mix at the last minute. genie: thank you. on the democratic side of the fence, the front runner is hillary clinton, but she also crashed in defeat in wisconsin, beaten by bernie sanders. while he is still far behind clinton in the all-important delegate count, the win in wisconsin does give him a new boost. senator sanders: with the victory in wisconsin tonight, we seven out ofn eight of the last caucuses and
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primaries. [cheers and applause] won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers. his populist anger has been driving his campaign, anger over big and elitist wealth. driven home this week with the biggest ever leak in journalism history, the panama papers. shed lightents have on tax evasion, offshore companies, and the people that use them to hide their money. heads are already starting to roll. the prime minister of iceland stepped down over his offshore assets. scrutiny has intensified over other companies as well, including the president of ukraine, david cameron, and close advisers of the french far right leader. they are putting panama back on
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a tax haven watchlist. kate moody has more. financial scandal with diplomatic consequences. they are putting -- being put back on the list of uncooperative countries and tax havens. that means cracking down on transactions. current members of the list include botswana, guatemala, and the marshal islands. >> we cannot be alone in doing this. that is why i have allowed the oecd to make the same decision for all involved. france removed panama from the blacklist in 2012 after signing a bilateral deal to fight tax evasion. they played a decisive role in the g20 agreement to restrict financial -- to impose financial restrictions on the company -- country. the panama papers reveal the thousands of french
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taxpayers, among many others. panama is spamming to defend itself. the government said that they could take retaliatory measures against france, including blocking foreign investments. >> there is a retaliation law against countries like panama. it's a blacklist. we will not accept being used as a scapegoat for the actions and responsibilities of third parties. panama-based law firm at the heart of the scandal has denied wrongdoing and has had many of the high-profile figures cited in the documents. with the global spotlight firmly on panama city, regulators are looking into individual cases and the country's financial system. genie: now, the number of executions around the world went up more than 50% last year. followed by that, iran, pakistan, saudi arabia, and the u.s. -- amnestyernational
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international released the report. the number of reported executions today is that at least 1600 people executed last year, but that does not include executions in china, where data on the death penalty is considered a state secret. it was down to huge increases, primarily huge increases in just three countries. iran, pakistan, and saudi arabia. captured for were almost 90% of the executions that we recorded in 2016. again, excluding china. genie: now to a place that has been thought of for a long time is one of the biggest eyesores in paris, tuesday revealed in a new form. unveiled after years of renovation. officials say that they hope the unveiling of the shopping and residential site will appeal to tourists and residents alike.
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but they say it has not been without controversy. >> a one billion euro revamp. the previous 1970's structure had long been an embarrassment to the city of light. >> the site had been damaged. this damaged site needed repairing. we had tried to heal a wound. that took a lot of thought. >> some 18,000 glass panes make up the canopy, designed to let light into the housing. there is hip-hop center and the media library, as well as rehearsal space. the adjoining underground station is the largest in the world. 750,000 passengers daily.
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affordable for many tourists, as well as residents from the cities suburbs. -- city's suburbs. >> the project took a new turn when we fully realized that this fight was also the gateway from the suburbs to paris. is also high on the agenda. 500 surveillance cameras monitor the site. the center has its own police kate. it will become the new heart of the city. the station and the park are due to be completed in 2018. you are watching "france 24." taking a look at today's top stories, ted cruz trounces donald trump in wisconsin's primary. in wisconsin's
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primary. bernie sanders wins again over hillary clinton. the prime minister of iceland steps aside, the first big-name casualty from the panama papers leak on tax evasion. the head of the firm at the center of the scandal has filed a complaint with prosecutors, claiming they were hacked from the outside. a number of recorded executions -- the number of recorded executions around the world at a 25 year high. amnesty international calls the jump from last year profoundly disturbing. alright, time now for business news with steve and carol. -- stephen carroll. hi, stephen. we've had confirmation that pfizer has called off its $160 billion takeover of the irish botox maker allegan. that would have made -- move the tax-based ireland, where taxes are much lower than in the united states. changes to the laws and tax inversion deals prompted pfizer
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to pull out. >> it would have been the biggest drug company merger ever pulled out. but now pfizer is bowing out of allerganto acquire after the projected tax benefits are set to disappear under new rules set out by the u.s. treasury department. the u.s. president, barack obama, said the companies that use tax loopholes were gaining the system. president obama: they declare they are based somewhere else, thereby getting all the rewards of being an american company without fulfilling the responsibilities to pay their taxes. the way that everybody else is supposed to pay them. these treasury department actions will make it more difficult and less lucrative for companies to exploit this particular corporate inversion loophole. are not new,deals but in recent years they have received more public scrutiny. in inversion involves a u.s.
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firm merging with a company in another country that has a lower tax rate. pfizer would have bought allegan and -- allergan and moved its headquarters to ireland, where is 12%, much less than the u.s. 30%. is when a company uses internal loans to move money from the u.s. to its overseas operations. analysts say that without the associated tax benefits, the deal makes little sense for pfizer. per the merger agreement, pfizer is now on the hook to allergan for up to 400 million dollars in expenses as a result of terminating the deal. up, stephen, what has a new encryption? stephen: they have introduced
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what they call end to end encryption. messages can only be read by the intended recipients and him by anyone else, including company staff or governments. the company, owned by facebook, says that the boosted encryption is in line with core beliefs of protecting private communication . let's take a look at what's happening on the markets right now. in europeanure shares. gains in paris and london, falling in frankfurt. down after news that their chief executive is leaving the airline to head up the travel group iata. moving on with more business headlines for you now, the french have signed a deal to build new cruise ships. order from the italian swiss
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cruise operator was announced by the french government earlier. they have already built 10 ships for the firm out of shipyards in santander. 50 million euros in lost 2016, as theyr in told french radio, business has not picked up as much as they had. warm weather -- had hoped. warm weather taking a shine off the dollar for h&m. pretax profits, 357 million euros, down almost 30% from the same time last year. a wrapup, "house of cards" has created a boom for an unusual product. fan of the you are a series, you will be familiar with the rowing machine used by power-hungry kevin spacey in the series.
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it has a tire shaped tank of water on the front. google notice that searches for the house of cards rowing machine. in march. they have seen the manufacturer triple their production capacity over the past five years. eagle eyed viewers have been picking up on this new idea. it just goes to show you what good product placement can do for business. thanks for watching "france 24." time now for the press review. ♪ we will be taking a closer look at the panama papers today. they are still dominating the headlines and you are starting with a "wall street journal" article to crack down on money laundering. >> that's right. they likened it to the popular arcade game, whack a mole. where you have a mallet of plastic moles coming out of random holes.
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according to the wall street journal, that is exactly what trying to crack down on monday -- money laundering and tax evasion is like. efforts to crack down on more traditional havens have led to more exoticg to locations. it's kind of like a game of cat and mouse. here we have seen crackdowns on switzerland, luxembourg. "the wall street journal" says that it's no surprise that people turned to more exotic locations, like panama. france the far right party is in the spotlight after it came out that some very close advisers of the party's leader and former leader were also involved. florence: that's right. the le pen family has been splashed by the panama papers. his former butler and one of her close advisers, those are the people who have come up in the leak so far.
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he reacted by saying "i don't have anything to do with this panama thing." his daughter try to brush it off and play it off as a joke. she said "if we have or had money abroad, that would be good news, it would mean that we don't have to go ask people for donations." the truth is that this is coming at a bad time for the national front. they are gearing up for next year's election. the communist papers are loving every single minute of what they are calling the le pen connection. "let's not pretend to be surprised. the national front's double standards go be on this program. marie le pen has repeatedly lashed out against the shady and harmful world of global finance that goes against the general interest or go this editorial accuses her of hypocrisy -- interest." this editorial accuses her of hypocrisy. there is a suspicious lack of americans. only about 200 have come up in
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the leak. slate wonders -- are rich americans more honest than other rich people? slate says, not really. the truth is that they don't need to hide their fortune in this way. they don't even need to go to panama. they can do it freely in the united states. it's very easy to create shell companies in certain states. wyoming, delaware, and nevada. another reason is they say it has gotten harder for u.s. citizens to hide their money abroad. the reason for that is something called the foreign account tax compliant act that was passed in 2010, which allows u.s. authorities to make other countries give them bank information about u.s. citizens, passed in 2010. it may have given u.s. citizens time to get out of panama before the papers were leaked. genie: this absence goes beyond those named in the leak. even the media coverage in the united states is quite low.
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it's been- florence: interesting looking at media coverage. it's been hard to find articles in the u.s. media until quite recently. this has really been the story around the world, but it's pretty surreal how little u.s. favors are talking about it. read it here, look. it points out that the "new york times," "wall street journal," major media these sources in the united states did not even participate in the major rummaging throughout the documents carried out by the international consortium of investigative journalists. that was carried out in 75 countries by 400 journalists. none of those were huge u.s. media sources. those that did, there are media sources that did take part -- "the shot -- the charlotte observer," "the miami herald," sources not necessarily known abroad. not the ones you would imagine.
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why is that? perhaps it has to do with the fact that there are so few americans involved in the leak. or, another theory that was put forth, that it's actually the didn't wanthat these big head honchos in the media world to take part in it because they were afraid it would steal the show and the scoop. genie: that does make sense. french papers are focusing on student protests. demonstrations against the controversial label -- labor law are turning into something else. florence: what that is is not clear, but students are excited by the change they are seeing. are we seeing a movement here? will this be an occupy wall street moment? ever since this major national demonstration last thursday, thousands of people in dozens of cities across the city that country have been taking over town squares every night to debate and discuss ideas.
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what they are trying to do is search for a new way of thinking, a new way of doing politics. the people are very excited by this desire for change and hope. this is not good for the government, however. many of the communist papers are excited by these public discussions we are seeing. you can see the front page here, talking about from the street to central square, they are talking about a new kind of future known as labor reform. people are looking for change in french politics. genie: thank you so much for giving us the latest update on the papers around the world. don't forget, if you want a closer review on today's press review, you can always get it on a website, coming up in the next half hour, mississippi becomes the relate -- latest state to strengthen protections for businesses that don't want gay customers. the financial fallout
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that the religious freedom bill could bring, on the way. ♪
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>> having been at t war for lon, and when you come to a peaceful settlement, first of all, you-- you do


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