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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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molly: you are watching "france 24." it is time for an update for our headlines. there are more -- there is more fallout through the british prime minister -- argentina plus leader denies any financial wrongdoing. he is put under federal investigation. greece resumes migrant deportations from its islands. dozens are sent from laszlo's to esbos to afrom l
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turkish port. and the pontiff makes no changes in church doctrine but says conscience, not rule, must guide the faithful. business,g up in public servants in venezuela are told to stay home on friday. it is the latest in the government bid to solve the country's energy crisis. molly: first begin with the following from latest animal papers. david cameron admitted he benefited from an offshore trust owned by his late father. cameron made the admission during a tv interview, insisting he paid all relevant taxes in the u.k. and soul all of his shares when he took office.
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ourmore, we go to correspondent, who joins us from london. cameron has been caught not necessarily flip-flopping, but certainly not being entirely upfront about his financial past. what are the reactions to all of this? >> david cameron is paying a heavy price, a heavy price for his ambiguity. when wet rule of appeal handle such crises is actually to get all the facts about quickly. that is what was not done. on monday, they were saying at the beginning of this publication and this link between the panama papers and ,avid cameron's late father that it was a private matter. then we got various statements which culminated in this statement last night, this admission to british television, that he and his wife, samantha, had held shares in this trust
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they were holding. the second thing is that often you really -- the cover-up is often worse than the actual offense, the original offense. so the headlines today, the front pages, and indeed the editorials of the british press are very damning, damning for his administration. trying to eliminate on a global level tax evasion, tax itidance, even, and in fact was told to the british public that britain was leading the way on this. the fact of the matter is that david cameron, the prime minister, is engaged in the biggest political battle of his life. make no mistake, he has got a , campaigningent
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for grexit -- for brexit. he is recommending to the british people to vote to stay in the you -- in the e.u.. this is a critical moment for britain today, the united kingdom, and his future. he is saying believe me, trust me, and yet on something like this he has dilley then dallied. is a man who is a former public relations man himself. molly: clearly an embarrassing situation for the prime minister, but does he really faced political consequences? >> well, let's see. media pressure, huge opposition pressure, particularly from the leader of the labour party, the labor opposition saying that this shows everybody there is one rule for the risk, -- for the rich, and that when parliament is in recess and parliament and mp's come back on monday, we can all know that political pressure will
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increase. so although nobody is saying his father, ian, did something illegal, this smells bad, and the timing is awful. molly: benedicte, thank you so much for that. the british prime minister is not alone. argentina's president is the latest leader to come under pressure for offshore activities. mauricio macri he was elected this past december, just months under the job, he is now under federal investigation. elliott richardson has more. macri vowed toio stand down corruption, but just four months into his reign, his administration is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. an argentine newspaper, examining the documents, said he was listed as a company's director from 1998 until 2009. the revelation has put him under
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pressure from rival political parties. does he have to give an explanation for the two companies he is tied to -- one in the bahamas and the other in panama city -- he should also hold an open news conference with questions from all journalists, and expose the seriousness of this topic. he needs to explain to the court. elliott: his office has explained that his office has not received any income from the company. when he became mayor of when osiris in 2007 -- he maintained innocence. >> this is a legal transaction. an investment that did not take place until i was appointed director. the company belongs to my father.
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he ceased operations because it made no investment. there is nothing strange about the operation. his coalition has been undermined by rising inflation and a huge increase in utility costs. molly: next, after a four-day pause, greece is deporting migrants to turkey. it is part of a controversial e.u. deal to cut the numbers of refugees reaching europe. os,the greek island of lesb a group of men from pakistan were put on a boat today. our correspondent has details. >> after a four-day pause, the big authorities have resumed the deportation, sending back 130 people. ago,d three or four hours it left with 45 people. what we are hearing is that
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protesters, activists were .rying to disrupt they jumped into the sea at the , did deportbos these migrants back to turkey. they were trying to disrupt the operation. they were completely unsuccessful. meanwhile, at a camp where refugees have been incarcerated, completely detained. we have heard that there is a hunger strike which is underway, and there have been protests. -- many of the residents are living right in the open there. food is running out. it is really untenable, and that is what the protest is all about, and that is causing the
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expulsions to turkey. molly: that is nathalie savaricas reporting from athens. developments, journey has seen a 112% rise in asylum applications of the first three months of this year compared to last year. this might be due to the fact that most of the migrants who arrived in the country last year were first registered at shelters. they had to wait weeks or months before they can file asylum application. next, it may be small in size, but it is big in strategic importance. djibouti is home to less than one million people, but its location at the gateway to the red sea has attracted the u.s., france, and china as a prime location for military bases. today voters head to the polls for a presidential election, and the country's leader is expected to extend his 17 year rule. here is our correspondent with more. >> they may live in one of the int important shipping ports
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africa. but 87% of the residents in djibouti live below the poverty line. >> there are lots of things to include -- to improve. the high cost of living. electricity costs too much. it would be good to have an equal distribution of wealth among the people. >> many feel that the presidential elections are not going to change a thing. foreign investments will not trickle down. especially under president ismail omar guelleh. >> we want a complete change. we do not want this government. for 40 years we have seen no reforms, no development. iswhat has evolved international reliance on djibouti as a military base. it is a strategic spot to help protect shipping and commercial interests coming from the suez canal. thes ideally located for u.s., france, and other
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countries to launch military operations in africa. are lucky to have our american allies here. we also work with spanish and german forces. not only is this a center for french forces to toughen up, but it is a source for our allies to toughen up as well. in regional projects worth an estimated $14 billion, the influx of chinese cash has yet to reach the people. international interests have done little so far to help djibouti become a full-fledged democracy. has releasedrancis new guidelines on the catholic church's approach to love, sex, and marriage. many were wondering if the pontiff would try to bridge a growing divide in the church concerning divorce, homosexuality, and even abortion. the pontiff has maintained the status quo. here is more from josephine mckenna in rome.
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josephine: a major document from love,"ancis, "the joy of he campuses many issues facing marriages around the world today, social and economic. he wants to stress his understanding on some of the challenges people are facing. on the hot button issues, though he reinforces the catholic church's opposition on major issues like abortion, contraception, sterilizations. he says same-sex unions are not marriage. he says marriage is between a man and a woman. he says the church should be a little more respectful of people, no matter what their sexual orientation is, and adopt a more open approach to accepting people in the church. on divorce, he says it is on the rise, it is evil, deeply troubling. on the question of whether dufour saves -- whether divorcees should receive communion in the holy church, he
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does not address that. he says to bishops on the ground that they need to adopt a more welcoming, more compassionate approach to people who feel marginalized within the church and make sure they are welcomed back into their dioceses. he is speaking to the conservatives, to the progressives. there is a danger he may not satisfy either grouping, but he is trying to lay out a framework to take the catholic church forward and create a structure or a vision for how he sees the family going into the future. that includes not only recognizing what he sees as the marriage between a man and a woman, but seeing that there are other complex situations, single families and families suffering from domestic violence, and trying to recognize some of those problems and make his priests and bishops much more aware and more sensitive to those types of issues facing families today. molly: what reaction is this likely to get within the church? there is a danger that the
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pope may not can satisfy the conservatives and that he may not satisfy the progressives. he is trying to satisfy everyone, and we saw the way the , the way they looked at the family, there were strong divisions. he is not really changing church doctrine in any way. he is reinforcing with those key issues that the catholic church stands for -- against abortion and contraception, and he is not making any move to recognize same-sex unions. so in that respect he will not offend the conservatives. but there is a danger that he is not doing enough to include more progressive elements within the church. whether they will be satisfied with this more inclusive, flexible approach on the ground, we will have to wait and see. oury: lets get a check of headlines this hour. there is more fallout from the panama papers leak. the british prime minister
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acknowledges that he helped hide his father's off-shore stakes in a trust. greece resumes migrant deportations from its islands. lesbos to sent from a turkish port as part of a controversial new deal. the pope unveils his guidelines for love, sex, and marriage. to churcho change doctrine. time for a business update. i'm joined by kate moody. you are going to start off with more fallout from the panama papers leaks. not just the politicians we have been talking about but also shining and unwelcome spotlight on banks around the world, financial institutions that may have helped facilitate those accounts. europe watchdogs across at it.king
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the u.k. has asked 20 banks to hand over all details on individuals or companies named in the leaked documents. thursday, protesters blocked the paris headquarters, accusing the bank of fiscal fraud. >> frederique is in hot water. he is accused of not selling the whole truth. in 2012, the bank ceo appear before a senate commission on tax evasion, where he declared -- has feastedenerale on a list of proactive countries -- on the noncooperative countries, which in practice means for us, panama. the senate wants to see him
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again. the bank has defended itself, saying that the frameworks referred to in the media are held not by societe generale, but by clients. in other words, the banks has no offshore accounts in panama. it is not its responsibility if the customers have. the latest revelations undermine the credibility of the bank's top brass. there is no explanation forthcoming. it will be hard to trust banks directly, and that will be difficult to have a transparent dialogue with them. french finance minister has asked his staff to investigate the bank's practices . if the accusation of perjury is 's ceo, societe generale could face five years in prison and a fine. kate: mostly an update -- mostly
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in upbeat picture for currency. that is leading gains of about 4.8% there. the london ftse not too far behind. moving on to the day's other business headlines -- a criminal investigation was launched into deals operations. the telegraph reports that you k's serious fraud office is looking at whether a staff have faked certificates on its products. last month it said it would sell its u.k. operations, putting thousands of jobs at risk. of kenya hasank taken control of yet another retail bank, the third this year. chase bank said its customers rushed to withdraw their money after what it described as inaccurate rumors of its financial health on social media. the bank has closed its branches
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as a teen tries to find his way forward. verizon and google are for takingpreparing over yahoo!'s web business. chief executive marissa mayer has been under increasing pressure to turn around yahoo!'s fortunes, hoping to streamline business and bring it back to profit. venezuela's government is trying to save energy by giving about one million public-sector workers fridays off for the next two months. the country is dealing with an energy crisis because he gets about 70% from its hydroelectric plants, running at a low level because of a drought. he says consumption could fall by up to 20% if the public follows his guidelines. out thathave pointed they may use just as much energy staying at home. >> it is the same, whether at
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work or at home. it is the very same thing. what they will not use in electricity at work, they will use at the house. beingunusual jobs are advertised in tasmania. the flinders island is looking -- a fan posted this video of a wombat. it is not a full-time position. they say they have gotten more than 2000 entries. australian residents who would like to be flown to meet derek the wombat and molly: give him a hug there. wombat tot -- that give him a hug there. molly: i would not mind being the chief wombat cuddler. presstime now for the
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review. i'm joined in the studio by florence villeminot. we are going to start off with more fallout from the panama papers concerning the british prime minister. flo: yesterday david cameron admitted he personally profited from an offshore investment fund run by his late father, and i concession is all over the british press. check out the front page of "the aily telegraph." "i did have money offshore." the last couple of days he has been stalling and partially denying this fact, and now he has finally confessed and is drawing a lot of criticism. anothernother look at piece in "the daily telegraph," the writer really relaxed out -- really lashed out at david cameron. in politics you only get one chance to make a full and frank disclosure, and this was a textbook example of what not to do. molly: some people are calling
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for the prime minister's resignation. flo: the labor opposition has called for david cameron to step down. let's take a look at this article. she says cameron needs to resign and quickly. this time the hypocrisy has gone too far. while we are staying with the independent, let's take a look at a cartoon, lots of cartoons in the british press. you can see cameron there camera stashed with cash. the economy minister of france is in the spotlight, watching a political movement. flo: the political movement can be translated as "forward," or "let's go." he is adamant that it is neither on the right nor the left, but that it is open to everyone of all parties. he is drawing from pieces of all
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parties to someone playing with legos, the toys. you can see they are talking about how he is opening his lego box, but the french legal is a play on words with "ego" as well. this comes a year before the presidential election, and there are a lot of questions about just what his ambitions are. molly: he has never run for iscted office, and he rocking through traditional french politics. people are having a hard time situating him on the political spectrum. flo: officially he does not belong to any party, but he is part of the socialist government. critics say he is putting forward right wing politics, shipping up sacred topics. you can see the right-wing paper, which is quite a fan of him, saying he is jostling the left. in their editorial, they focus on -- they liken him to a
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prisoner who has escaped. he has broken free from a party that was holding him back. he is leaving behind a socialist party that just was not ready for his revolution. where is he going to go now? maybe he might actually join the right-wing, and they say that if he wants, he could try his luck in the opposition primary through the presidential race, which will take place in november. mali: we also have the left -- molly: we also have the wondering who will win in the general election. flo: it is talking about 2017, the embarrassment of the primaries. the primaries are not automatic and france as they are in the states. they are relatively new but they are becoming a regular fixture in french politics. a good ideat is because it is bringing french politics closer to a system of direct democracy. but they can get pretty ugly, and they are very hard to
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organize. these are the potential candidates for the right-wing, the opposition primary. there are 12 people who could potentially run for president. it is starting a little bit about -- it is starting to sound a little bit like american politics. critics are afraid there could be a downwards spiral. molly: we do have tensions of the democratic party. ofy are running high ahead the new york primary. flo: the contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is growing increasingly nasty, according to this boom in washington. the fact that there are growing concerns within the party but that there rivalry could do some lasting damage -- campaigning for this new york primary, hillary clinton took a ride in the subway yesterday, or metro card adventure did not go exactly as she planned. you can read more about it in "the new york times. she had to swipe card five times
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-- swipe, rinse, repeat. this is something new yorkers probably experience on a daily basis. molly: it is true. flo: bernie sanders also had an awkward moment last week when he told reporters that he had taken the subway about a year ago and it required a token. although it certainly does not. it requires a metro card. there's a fascinating article in "the washington post," about the eating habits of presidential candidates. you are what you eat. that is what they say. bernie sanders, according to this report, likes smoothies, pinot noir,. does this make him a foodie? it does not go with his image as an everyday guy. according to the article, he is a reluctant gourmet. molly: flow, thank you for that. for more from flow, you can head to our website.
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coming up, we will have an update of the headlines, and where you are on a new social movement here in france called "night rising. 8úxú]ñ]ñ]ñíñíñíñéñéñéñéñéñéñer
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