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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: you are watching "france 24." i'm genie godula. here these are the headlines. u.s. secretary of state john kerry makes a historic trip to the city of hiroshima. he is the most senior official to have gone to the site of the atomic bomb hit in world war ii. fireorld in yemen, a news
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-- a new cease-fire put in place ahead of peace talks x week. after weeks of student protest against the controversial new labor law, the french prime minister comes up with new measures to help more young people get jobs. also coming up this hour, in the presidential election in peru, the daughter of an ex-president jailed for massacre is headed for a runoff vote that could make her the country's first female leader. as the fallout from the panama papers continues, germany has come out with a new plan to fight tax havens. first, our top story, live in paris. genie: over the past year, a war in yemen has ripped that country apart. more than 6000 people have been
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killed, and some 2 million people have been forced from their homes. at midnight local time, a new u.n.-backed cease-fire began that both sides in the conflict have promised to uphold ahead of peace talks next week. our correspondent reports. cease-fire-backed has come into effect, and some in the yemeni capital are believing that an end to the fighting is in sight. >> we hope this truce will be a serious truce and that all parties will see her -- will stick to it. we want a cease-fire, peace. we are against chaos because we have been at this for a whole year and we want a truce. >> yemen was plunged into conflict when sunni the s january.
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a coalition led by saudi arabia began bombing rebels and their allies. more than 6000 yemenis have been killed, and 2.4 million displaced in just over one year. monday's cease-fire comes after months of three nude u.n. -- of three u.n. brokered -- just days iner, a houthi delegation the rebel held capital -- d intrikes have calme recent weeks. hours before the trees became into effect, there were sporadic clashes across the country. skirmishes in the central province of marie left dozens dead. but with both sides publicly committing to the cease-fire, many of many believed they are one step closer to secure lasting peace in talks scheduled in kuwait next week. next, to syria, where
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islamic state militants have taken back a stronghold in the northern region of aleppo, days after losing it to a group of mainly turkish backed rebels. the u.k.-based syrian observatory of human rights says other fighting around aleppo has killed close to 40 soldiers and rebels combined. the latest unrest leaves a fragile cease-fire more and more in jeopardy. john kerry telephoned his russian counterparts to discuss ways to strengthen the truce that excludes the rebel out islamicont and the state group. our correspondent told us more. >> this is an assault being carried out by the opposition there. there have been affiliates of al qaeda. the towntered around that was taken back by the opposition just over a week ago in heavy fighting.
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they are really trying to capture government supply lines in their parts of the town, the part of aleppo that they control. it is something of a yo-yo situation because in the week leading up to the start of the februarye week before 27, the government did exactly that to the opposition in aleppo, cutting their supply heading northbound out of the city. the opposition is trying to do the same in return to the government in the area that they control south of the city. at the same time, the syrian government has announced preparation at stages for aleppo proper and have indicated that the russians will take part in airstrikes whenever they will take place. russians had said that they would cease their airstrikes unless it was against terrorists, and there that
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should -- and that there should be a truce in place. but the russians have said they ,ill carry on airstrikes again and they're trying to justify the airstrikes even though under law, other rebels in the area, and even in fact, the heaviest airstrikes have been carried out since the truce came into place back on the 27th of february. genie: next to japan, where u.s. secretary of state john kerry is on a historic visit to hiroshima. he is to become the most senior american official to pay his memorial,t the city's to victims of the u.s. nuclear attack in 1945. that attack reduced hiroshima to ashes and killed some 140,000 in all. john kerry called the visiting gut wrenching reminder of the need to work toward a world free of nuclear weapons. express on i want to
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a personal level how deeply moved i am, and how honored i am to be here as the first secretary of state to visit the beautiful city of hiroshima. earlier today, as you know, i anded the prime minister other citizens for a tour. display.tunning it is a gutwrenching display. it tugs at all of your sensibilities as a human being. it reminds everybody of the extraordinary complexity of choices of war and what war does to people, to communities, two countries, to the world. genie: earlier today we spoke to our correspondent in tokyo, richard smart. i started by asking him how john kerry's visit is being received.
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: the hiroshima globaltion explains that powers are now going to look to find conditions globally for denuclearization. but at the same time, a joint communique is being released that sets up the myriad of problems we face today, with refugees in syria, north korea, iraq, to name a few. thatthat in mind, it seems declarationrization is diplomatic words and there is not anything going to be happening there. the mosthn kerry is senior american official to have gone to hiroshima since the attack of world war ii. what about president barack obama? there has been noise that he himself might be visiting hiroshima.
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richard: there have been reports over the weekend saying that the white house is considering this as an option, but given the political climate in the united states at the moment, i do not think we can 100% certainly say that there will be a visit from barack obama. the republican field would likely jump on this and condemn it. donald trump, for example, as well as others, have gone on the it is a wayg that of japan nuclear rising, which is against the spirit of everything happening today. even on the japanese side, there are several officials who say that any visit by obama would increase overseas scrutiny of japan's record during world war ii, and its actions during world war ii. perhaps still, i think,
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60/41 what they will do. genie: in southern india, five people have been arrested went to a massive explosion at a temple the left more than 100 dead. many are helping the hundreds more hurt from a blast of an illegal fireworks display. our correspondent reports. >> on monday, a city tries to grapple with tragedy. some 100 people were killed and temple400 injured at a where a firecracker fell onto a shed where fireworks were being stored. it was a really big festival at the temple. i had come here to stay with my family. we were having a good time, me, a brother, and his son, when fire broke out. my brother was hit in the head with a large piece of stone. sparked a string of
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powerful explosions in the temple complex. many had come to watch the hindu temple's fireworks display, only to because in the inferno. a number of corpses are still waiting to be identified in the town morgues. the firery describes as shocking, beyond words. >> i have told the chief minister that the federal government will make arrangements immediately if the critically injured patients need transferred to mumbai, delhi, or somewhere else. display wentrks ahead, even though local authorities had refused permission on safety grounds. the regional government has ordered a judicial inquiry into the disaster, and police have registered a criminal case against the temple authorities. five temple workers have been
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detained for questioning, but no arrests have yet been made. genie: for the past 11 nights, the symbolic -- protesters of the movement known here as "up all night." french police have evacuated someone or hundred demonstrators from that site, with authorities cleaning up the square and dismantling structures built by protesters. their movement has spread to other towns and cities across france, and the activists could renew -- could resume their protests in paris as soon as monday evening. after the protests, the french prime minister went on to meet with some students from the massive student protest in recent weeks over the controversial proposed reforms to french labor laws. those are aimed at bringing down france's 10% unemployment rate. many students and unions are angry, saying the reform will cut back too many of the country
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passed cherished employee protections. groups met with manuel valls today, where he conceded to some of the demands. james, tell us more about what exactly the prime minister gave, and did the students get what they wanted? : the prime minister gave a plan with 11 points, which will cost 400 to 500 million euros. the four months will be the time that it takes for students to get a job. it is also more money for high school students here in france. it is also universal health care, housing benefits in order for the students to be able to find flats. so basically a lot of help, and this is what the head of the
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student university said. positivee have had answers to most of our requests, so we are in the very pleased what france's education minister has called the third 's planfrancois hollande as far as young people are concerned. genie: we were talking earlier about the "up all night" movement, determined to come back tonight and keep protesting. our students determined to protest despite what they saw today at cap james: not really. if you listen to the head of the students union, one of the main student unions in france, they were happy with these measures. he also said they did not change anything. this new labor law due to be
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passed in the weeks to come, he says it does not change conditions on that, so students will protest alongside workers unions on april 28, the next big protest scheduled in france. he does say that it will change form. it appears the student protests will probably no longer be staged. he said bank holidays are coming up and exams are coming up, and these initiatives would most certainly be downgraded or different. and appears things should be calmer in france, but this all night up movement, he says he is not responsible for them, but he thinks they are very useful in a good thing. things, howo see things move on in the days to come. the fallout from the panama papers, as it continues,
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germany has come out with a new plan to fight tax havens, including creating an international network of registers that list the owners of companies. hasge lake of documents shown how offshore firms are used to stash the wealth of the rich and powerful. a new plan to crack down on tax havens by the german finance minister. wolfgang schauble is expected to measures, including the establishment of a single black list of tax havens coming to all european countries. each state currently makes its list according to its own criteria. in an interview with german public television, wolfgang schauble propose more sanctions. >> we will put these countries on a blacklist and certain transactions will no longer be possible with them. >> the main targets are countries like panama, which has
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been accused of not sharing tax information automatically. another german proposal, publishing the names of those associated with shell companies. to avoid taxes, some offshore account holders set up these companies to manage their money, hiding their ownership behind someone else paid to be the face of the business. such registers already exist at the eu level. but wolfgang schauble wants to see them linked worldwide. >> we need full transparency. >> the finance minister would also like to extend access to journalists and nonprofit groups. it was the media, after all, that broke the panama papers' investigation into potential tax cheats. endlly, he says he wants to the statute of limitations for tax crimes in germany. genie: the panama papers have hit the u.k., too, and after a tough week david cameron is due parliament overtaxed
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dealings and address new tax in vision members -- new tax invasion -- new tax evasion measures. on saturday, calling for david cameron to step down from office. public anger centered on the prime minister's tax dealings revealed by the panama papers last week, and his repeated unwillingness to come clean about them. addressing the conservative party on saturday, cameron said it himself. , it has notn: well been a great week. [laughter] david cameron: i know that i should have handled this better. i could have handled this better. either there are lessons to learn, and i will them them. >> cameron and his supporters
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insist the prime minister has done nothing wrong. his holdings in a company were sold before he took office. over the weekend, he took the unprecedented step of releasing his tax return information to the public. critics say it could be a way of avoiding inheritance tax. acted within the law, but the panama papers show there was one rule for the rich while the rest have to pay taxes. >> if you have a lot of money, you put it in a tax haven. you pay no tax on it. if you are a worker or a street cleaner or nurse, you do not have those options, those opportunities. they have to pay and they get fined if they are late. is enacting new measures to stop tax evasion in
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the u.k. genie: it is time for the press review on "france 24." take a look. oliver farry is here with us on the set to take a look at the papers and what they have been saying around the world. the arrest of terror suspects in dealt alast week has blow to islamic state. there is an intensified battle of islamic state. it's as coalition forces are managing to push the group that. and strikes against jihadists fruit, which notes that several leaders have been killed. the liberation of palmyra cigna's size -- signifies its limited power on the ground. the islamic state group is said to have conducted attacks from .ases in syria
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the back are based in syria has not been identified. asearch of his computer other attacks are planned in france, including the business district west of paris, and also against the traditionalist capital organization. the belgian prosecutor confirmed that mom if every knee, who was -- hadd on friday planned to strike paris again but was caught offguard by the french investigation and eventually decided to attack the belgian capital instead. genie: these links between the attackers in france and belgium led a french minister to say there were 100 potential freshmen on backs -- french molen dekes -- the neighborhood in brussels
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producing high profile jihadists. through times it was mentioned by the minister. in all three times, the obvious thisof multiculturalism -- is the poorest city in france, 45% of people living below the poverty line. socialist party activists there acknowledge that radicalization is a feature of life there, but the right wing says labeling the town will not solve problems. genie: let's take a look at the international papers and the panama papers.e prime minister david cameron is in the spotlight. cameron leslie begrudgingly
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admitted he had shares in an offshore account. now his government is under further embarrassment. the government department overseeing the 10 million pound investigation into the panama papers was previously part of the city law firm which advise the hedge fund run by david cameron's father. that was named in the league papers. for simmons and simmons before he joined the inil service in 20,004 -- 2004. there is no evidence that he acted illegally, but it is still a bit of a headache. governing procedure would mean that someone with a conflict of interest would have to recuse themselves from potential investigation. the paper also reminds us that mr. troupe, in 1999, before he worked for the tax man, called extortion"egalized in a newspaper article. genie: how is the british prime
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minister coming out in all of this? saysr: "the guardian" questions in some of his dealing, including whether two 100,000 pounds gifts from his mother were the product evolved the product where of offshore investments. he may refine that he remains changed in the eyes of voters both in his dabbling with onshore investments and because for the best part of a week he carried on like a man with something to hide. it concludes it all creates an unsavory taste of self-serving cleanliness at the top. one candidate took aim at donald trump with a satirical fake front page. globe" ran a-- the front-page on saturday that appeared in one of its sections, but it purported, two days from
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2017, when trump has been there for two years. the headline reads, "deportations to begin." other stories on the front page refer to u.s. soldiers' call for refusing orders to kill families. and a new labor law, which targets absolute scum in the press. and the small print, donald ump is on the nobel prize shortlist. the globe has two can -- the globe has clearly taken sides there. it says the gop must stop trump. donald trump's future of the nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-american, says "the globe." "the globe" calls on the republican party to refuse to nominate trump at its convention this summer and opted for an
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honorable and decent man such as house speaker paul ryan or former massachusetts government and -- massachusetts governor mitt romney. trump has responded to the satirical front page and editorial in his own in a minimal -- at his own in evitable fashion, calling it stupid. globe" said that trump responded with more empty rhetoric and few details. genie: oliver farry with a look at the papers today. you can always get a closer look at the press review at coming up in the next half hour, a cooking school for that staple of southwestern french cuisine.
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