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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 15, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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host: 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. are our top stories. campaigning begins across the channel. 10 weeks of national debate gets under way ahead of a june referendum on whether the u.k. should remain in the eu. brazil's lower house begins debating whether or not to take impeachment proceedings against president rousseff to the next level. and spain's acting minister for industry becomes the latest political leader to fall as a result of the so-called panama papers.
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good evening. a 10 week long campaign got started in the u.k. today in the buildup to a vote in june on whether the country should remain in the european union. the two sides unveiled theirards bearing slogans, marking the start of what will be a lengthy national debate. one side says the brexit would save the country billions in europe. the other says leaving the block would be an economic disaster and threaten regional security. john henry is a feature writer for the guardian. he believes not many brits are undecided. >> the big problem with this whole campaign is that i think most people, despite what the already madeve their minds up. quite simply, this is not an issue about which people are
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persuaded by the facts. almostlmost -- you could compare it to kind of a issue or climate change. people either believe in it or they don't, and they will not be swayed by campaigns or any manner of fact. there are a couple of interesting things about the polls that i think are worth mentioning. the first is, there is quite a sharp difference between online polling and telephone calling. telephone polling where people are actually pushed about their and how they are going to vote, that comes out pretty for early with remain and stay ahead, and leave behind. internet polling pulls much more closely. occasionally has the leave camp ahead. that is worth bearing in mind. but the most worrying thing, certainly, at this moment for
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the remain campaign is the fact that if you look at the polling, by far the largest percentage of people who are most likely to people,ain our young the under 25, even the under 30's. it is the over 55, over 60 who are most likely to vote go, and as we all know, in every , youngn in every country people are much, much harder to actually get out to vote. they are much less likely to vote. that is the prime concern at the moment. we are going to see a major campaign launching to address those young people. it is already starting at university campuses around the country. they are really trying to get people mobilized. after all, whichever way this referendum goes, it is likely to be the young people -- it will
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be the young people -- who are most affected. they have their whole lives ahead of them. either they will have the liberty to travel and work and settle and study in europe, or they might not. the ones they are the ones most likely to be the targets of this campaign. a couple of interesting things have happened as well. to seemple, we are going very shortly the launch of a campaign called "go speak to your grandparents," which is basically persuading young people who are motivated and want to stay in europe to go speak to their grandparents, who are more likely to vote to get out. henry, at was john journalist at the guardian newspaper. the police in birmingham arrested four people today following an anti-terror rate.
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a fifth person was arrested at london's gatwick airport. quotedurity official is one of thehat suspects in the russell's attack made various visits to birmingham last year -- brussels attacks made various visits to birmingham last year. a belgian minister has announced in is resigning over lapses security. as she stepped down, she told reporters she is the victim of she called a media crusade. transportbelgians minister has stepped down three weeks after deadly bombings in brussels. this accusation, which i was laxo claim that and did not pay enough attention to matters of security, affects
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me deeply. as a matter of fact, if there is one area that i always paid attention to, that was the one. reportaccording to an eu leaked by two belgian opposition parties dated from march, 2015, a year before the attacks. they detail shortcomings in but onlyecurity, covered areas reached after security screenings and not the departure lounge where the bombers blew themselves up. me --ht was confirmed to it was confirmed to me, contrary to what i knew, that a summary of this report was sent to the minister's cabinet in june, 2015. factnot accept that this was only announced on thursday and parliament. gracefully,igning
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the minister has continued insisting that this is part of a by atta against her disgruntled senior official. host: only hours after an anotherke struck japan, powerful tremor has hit kumamoto in the last few hours. today's quake was even stronger and prompted initial concerns about a possible tsunami. our correspondent has more. reporter: the search for survivors continues after a powerful earthquake in the south of japan. search and rescue teams managed to pull this baby from the rubble. more than 40,000 fled their homes and spent the night in local schools or outside, profoundly shaken by the experience. control wasf all lost. i thought i was going to die, and i couldn't bear it any
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longer, so i grabbed onto the side of the bathtub, but the water in the bathtub -- it was about 70% filled with water -- was going like this. all of the water splashed out of the tab. reporter: this was the moment the quake hit kumamoto in the south of japan. 130 earthquakes have rocked the region since thursday evening. japan's only operating nuclear reactor is in the area, but no soon on me -- no tsunami warnings were issued and authorities were quick to offer reassurance. >> we are doing all we can to stem the damage. at the nuclear facility, we have had no reports of irregularities. 25,000 homes have been left without water. most of the damage was limited to older, wooden house is thanks
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to japan's strict building regulations. this is the country's largest quake since 2011. three-day debate got underway today in brazil's lower house of parliament which will determine whether impeachment proceedings are brought against president rousseff. the country is gripped in an corruptionisis, with rampant. polls show that nearly two thirds of citizens are in favor of impeachment, but the entire process could take several months. president of the eu-brazil association, a professor here in paris. thank you so much for coming to see us. this is not going to be president russo being unemployed in 24 hours. this is going to be a long process. absolutely.
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the constitution is very clear. the first step was a commission of the lower house, who said that she did commit the crime and bear responsibility. now it's in the lower house. the lower house is going to vote, maybe, with a two thirds majority to transfer the process to the senate. the senate will have to accept the transfer with a majority days, andit has 180 in the end, it has to vote with a two thirds majority to impeach her. host: with all of that, we are talking, in timeframe terms -- >> october. host: several months. do you think it is dangerous to have that long of a time with a leader who is half in, half out, so to speak?
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house will have to vote immediately on accepting this. and then she has to leave the presidency on a temporary basis and the vice president will assume the presidency for 180 days at least. this is the vice president that's president rousseff is saying perhaps orchestrated this hope to, as she is calling it. >> yes, it's kind of a desperate argument because what happened is that brazil is in the doldrums for the last two years, or even more. economic a terrible crisis. for the second year in a row, a , forwn rate on gdp example. it's the worst gdp fall in the history of brazil. poor andeople who are just arrived at this little are coming back
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to poverty. country is totally broke. the state is broke. today isem in brazil that they have an economic crisis, a political crisis, and a medical crisis, and the government doesn't function. the opposition doesn't function. so, nobody knows what it's going to happen in the next few months. wasn'to you think if it for the economy, none of this would have happened then? do you think this is really the catalyst that brazilians will not tolerate, having tasted, as you said, this rather better lifestyle that perhaps they started to enjoy under the previous president? to have it taken away in any respect is unacceptable to them. is that what it is? host: it's not only -- >> it's not only the economic collapse, which is hugely important. it's also the huge corruption scandal.
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there is a huge scandal around 280 representatives and congressman. chamber,dent of the the president of the senate is tainted by it. everybody is implicated in this scandal, and people cannot accept any more of this kind of thing. this is important. time,if we look back in in president rousseff's first popular. was very her approval rating was around 80%. this is such a remarkable reversal of fortunes when you consider where she was in october, 2014, when brazilians went to the polls. do you think anybody saw this coming? were there warning signs she was headed toward this dire situation? >> absolutely. was that warning sign
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she won the presidency with a very low margin by brazilian standards. the campaign was very fraught. violenterrible, very with words, and she got her win only because of the votes of , so we knew already that modern brazil was against her. there are a lot of people in brazil against her. signs were pretty clear that something was going wrong. the economy was coming down. the model was right at the limit. there was a lot to it. so much foryou coming to see us, professor. news, spain's
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acting minister for industry announced today that he is resigning with immediate effect, making him the latest political leader to fall as a result of the so-called panama papers. he is denying all wrongdoing, but he says his position has become untenable. our correspondent tells us more. the first, and possibly not the last to step down over the panama papers. ministercting ministry spain's acting industry minister stepped down today. at the time the papers were released, he denied any involvement. >> absolutely false that i ever had any kind of relationship with the company. or that i have a foundation registered in the bahamas, panama, or any other country considered a tax haven.
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mediaer: but spanish uncovered documents like this one that proved that was a flat-out lie. he had been involved with spain's acting industry minister stepped down today. companies. themultiple offshore he continues to maintain he has done nothing illegal, that is stepping aside so as not to harm spain's transitional government. beenarty has already involved in multiple scandals. having lost a majority in september, they could face a general election in june. this is not the first head to roll over the panama papers. the prime minister of iceland stepped down on april 5. pressure has come from other corners of the globe. in the u.k., david cameron has come under fire. in argentina, the president will face judges to explain his finances. in russia, vladimir putin has a good knowledge to his inner circle is implicated. morocco, protesters were
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calling for an investigation into the palaces possible involvement with offshore accounts. angelaerman chancellor merkel has given the green light for criminal proceedings to televisionst a comedian who criticized the turkish president in a crude satirical poem. the offense of insulting a foreign head of state can carry a punishment of up to three years according to german law, but this case is triggering a bitter row over free expression. this comes at a tricky time in relations between berlin and ankara. the poemr you've found tasteful or not, funny or not, since the first of march, germans have been quite quick to say that they believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. they believe he had a right to
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say it as a satirist. too many politicians have defended him. he has quite a lot of support from leaders of major corporations, leading politicians and actors. angela merkel today said that states going to authorize authorities to begin a case against him. the opposition parties were quite quick to condemn this decision. one of the official democrat leaders said she was going against what the german democracy treasures, which is the freedom of speech. leader of the opposition parties said this proves that angela merkel cares more about turkey than she does about the freedom of speech. she is certainly in the firing line over the scandal. host: officials in new delhi are taking fresh steps aimed at improving air quality in the world's most polluted capital city.
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it is implementing a system of onowing cars on the streets alternating days. our correspondent has more. >> landmarks almost invisible through a thick soup of smog. it's not hard to see why new delhi has the title of the world's most polluted city. authorities are set to place -- are putting in place driving restrictions introduced in january that they hope will reduce the number of toxins in the air. those caught violating the rule will be fined $30. around 9000 fines in the first phase in early january. some question the effectiveness of just targeting vehicles. sector.not just one
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industry, plants, all those things. haveter: the measures may a positive effect for people like this woman, who lives in e area.dle of th air pollution is thought to be behind at least 600,000 deaths every year in india. host: time now for a check of the top business stories. that evening, well. .- will the g 20 said it would crack down on all forms of tax evasion. panama paperhe
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leaks, a lot of people were wondering what steps would be taken and how much would be enforced, but it was clear authorities would have to do something. they did issue a final communique out of washington. after the revelation that the rich and powerful have many connection to paper leaks, a lot of people were wondering what steps would be taken offshore havens, the g 20 is calling for greater transparency and wants to blacklist those havens. officials are hoping to have an agreement racked up -- wrapped up by october. here is our correspondent in washington. reporter: the publication of the panama papers have led to an announcement in washington by europe's five largest economies that they will work closer together on tax avoidance. the united kingdom, germany, , france and italy agreeing to do more within the european union. now there is a lot of convincing to be done by those five countries. more than anything, they will have to convince the members of the g 20 who are part of the imf and world bank spring meetings here in washington.
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there is still quite a bit of work to do. i spoke to the french prime minister. >> we have decided it's time to create sanctions as well. we might not use them, but they will be dissuasive. that these times of copa claro transactions and shell companies are over. aqueanies -- times of open transactions and shell companies are over. reporter: washington had been coming under increasing pressure over the last few days over its own very legal form of tax evasion. it is entirely legal in the likes of delaware, nevada, or wyoming, for example. time for a quick check on the markets. u.s. stocks trading mostly lower
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after disappointing economic data. all three indices trading down about 1.5%. investors suggest the latest earnings report and disappointing figures out of china that the economy grew at 6.7%, its slowest quarterly growth in years. on hightry that relies oil prices, venezuela, is feeling the burn out prices have dropped. the country is one of south america's largest consumers of electricity and is facing a shortage. they are taking moves to save energy, including changing time zones. will it work? julia kim has more. julia: lights out for venezuela a severe electricity shortage is paralyzing the country. timese president, drastic
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call for drastic measures. >> i will change venezuela's time zone from the first of may to save money on the country's electricity. declared he would make monday, april 18, a public holiday, make every friday a public holiday for state employees for the next two months, and encourage citizens to cut domestic energy consumption. every day could be a bad hair day now that the president has hinted that women should put down their hair dryers. >> i think a woman looks better she runs her fingers through her hair and let it dry naturally. >> venezuela has one of the highest energy consumption levels in south america. consumption has increased by 50% while installed capacity has only risen by 8%.
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country's of the energy comes from hydroelectric plants and the country is in a drought. citywideesulting in power outages and unscheduled water cuts. shopping centers, hotels, and cinemas are encouraged to reduce consumption by 20%. until then, civilians will be praying for rain by candlelight. will: new figures show that european car sales rose. saw its market share dropped to a five year low. the brand is still trying to rebuild its image aer it emerged they had cheated on an emissions test. one bright spot, the best first-quarter sales in china ever.
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earnings and revenue did top for u.s. bank. it increased the amount of cash set aside to cover loans and losses. it's the u.s.'s fourth-largest bank. general motors has issued a recall over a seatbelt flaw. it says no deaths have been caused by the defect. the nba said starting next season, they will begin selling advertising space on jerseys. small patchke a available on the front left of the game jerseys as part of a three-year pilot program. this will come underway next season, so it will be adjusting to see how that takes shape.
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it has been quite controversial, this talk. i don't know how it will -- how successful it will be, but if it remains tasteful, i don't think the american public will be up in arms about it. host: thank you very much, willq
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04/15/16 04/15/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from los angeles and new york this is democracy now! ,>> i believe the united states and the rest of the world going to work together dealt the to help thele -- palestinian people. that does not make me anti-israel. >> i have been with israeli officials going back more than 25 years, that they do not seek this kind of attacks. they do not invite rockets raining


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