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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from paris. >> live from paris, your rendezvous with the world. it is 1:00 in paris, france 24, bringing you the latest international news. araujo in delmer brazil, she lost an impeachment vote in the lower house of congress that will now pass to the senate which could vote her permanently removed from office. to earthquakeaid hit ecuador.
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at least 272 people were killed and that death toll does seem to -- does look to rise even further. a major battle due to begin in the u.s. supreme court. -- 26 states are fighting against president barack obama's executive orders on immigration. we had the latest business news, we are telling you why oil prices are on the slide after a crucial meeting. stay tuned. thank you for joining us on france 24. we start off with some breaking news coming in. we have a report from italy that there has been a major shipwreck in the mediterranean, with hundreds of migrants feared drowned. the italian president speaking
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out a short time ago. we get the latest from our correspondent in delhi that in italy. -- in italy. >> so far, the italian coast guard has not confirmed, we are hearing reports that people have drowned, disappeared and the nationalities are -- we believe the shipwreck occurred between egypt and the coast of italy as the migrants were trying to reach italy but we have no confirmation from the coast guard. rescue 100 they did people in a different incident where a shipwreck -- a ship wrecked leaving the coast of libya. we have no formal confirmation, so far. >> we you know that the migrants
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across mediterranean -- routes across the mediterranean have been getting busier in recent weeks. >> there is a major concern as the european countries try to block the routes that more migrants will try to come across and reach the coast of sicily. likely -- weost have seen tens of thousands attempting that crossing and the conditions are much better and easier for the most to make that crossing, it is still very perilous and the coast guard is on high alert for more of these crossings. incidentally, the italian president said if the tragedies did occur, we need to think about what is being done to support these migrants that are trying to make the cross. >> absolutely, those reports are
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still very much having it. -- very much coming in. we will bring you more as we get that in. moving on to brazil, there was a crushing defeat for deal marissa , the president lost a crucial impeachment vote in the lower house of congress by a large margin. the impeachment process has been sent to the senate. drama,a moment of high witnessed by millions on television and huge crowds of demonstrators who poured onto the streets of brazil. we look back at the vote in the lower house. >> this is -- this was the decisive moment, 341 brazilian mps had already voted for the impeachment. the opposition needed just one more lawmaker to support the
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motion. this was their man. >> brazil, we are moving toward a new future. outside parliament, thousands watched the session on giant screens. votes for the impeachment passed, some burned effigies. >> it is the birth of a new brazil, a brazil marked by full democracy, respect for judicial power and our laws. everything that is to come will be better. demonstration,e supporters seemed devastated. they said that she has not been charged with corruption and that hundreds of them -- hundreds of mps have, including those that have voted against her. >> we will put a stop to this to in the senate. we will take to the streets and
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if we need to, we will have a civil war because we are not afraid. we will fight until the end, until the impeachment attempts fails. >> the senate is where the next vote will take place. in the upper house confirms the vote, the vice president would take over the top job. >> let's talk more about this now. i am joined by our chief international affairs editor. let's look at these claims by supporters. they have been saying that this whole impeachment process is a coup d'etat. >> that is exactly how they see it. from the president's perspective, let's lay out the facts. she is not accused of corruption. she is not accused of doing something that the best majority of the last -- that the fast
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majority of the regime government is accused of. -- trying to use -- concealing $40 million in. bribes money. she is not accused of any of that, no personal enrichment. what she is accused of doing is improperly using funds from state banks to plug holes in the budget. you might say that is not to morally upright, not something a president should be doing. every othert like president in result has resorted to similar measures, the governments have been shrouded in a veil of under table -- under the table sort of practices which throughout brazilian history, over the decades. the basic argument is she was reelected in 2014 by 54 million voters.
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she says it is legitimate in a democracy to criticize your president. what she sees as illegitimate and making a mockery of the process is to impeach a president for what she says is not having committed any crime. it is not a crime she committed and this is the problem and why she says it has been highly politicized, used by many opponents singling her out because she is perceived as being weak. hert of people resent spending on a lot of social programs, continuing the policies. there is a lot of people they say that are trying to grab people -- grab power for themselves. a lot more political score settling that anything else. >> this is clearly evolved into a massive divisive issue in brazil. how did we get here? at one point she had skyhigh popularity ratings. how did things go wrong?
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well one thing is what went wrong for the entire brazilian country as a whole. the economic boom went bust. we are member when they were the envy of the developing world. the booming oil companies, the mines, farming. everyone was drooling and fawning over brazil. she was not able to benefit from any of that economically. brazil is heading for the second straight year of economic contraction of 4%. they are in a massive turnaround. beyond that, you could say she is not as savvy local operator as her predecessor was. he was a revolutionary cap a guy who was able to lift millions of brazilians out of poverty. he was able to ensure the
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business class and the upper class that he was not able to -- that he was not out to get them. >> thank you. we move on to ecuador where the extent of the damage run the weekends powerful earthquake -- of the damage from this weekend's powerful earthquake. the death toll could rise. ecuador's president has cut --rt of the vatican to climb cut short his visit to the vatican to fly home. he declared a national emergency. russians are getting a and rescue teams were they are needed. several other latin american countries have stepped in. >> neighborly solidarity in the wake of tragedy. the present -- the president of columbia meets with search and rescue teams down in ecuador a
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day after earthquakes rocked the country's north west leaving hundreds dead. >> rescuers are going with equipment and rescue dogs. they will be there as long as is needed. other latin american countries are also lending a hand, including chile, sicko and venezuela -- mexico and venezuela. who will help there in his first 48 hours. ,escuers, doctors, k-9 units experts in hazardous material. >> on the ground, humanitarian aid has begun arriving. meanwhile, the ecuadorian leader cut short his state visit to italy to deal with the crisis. briefed by officials among the debris after declaring a state of emergency in six provinces. 14,000 security
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personnel to the affected areas. the president said that the quake was the country's biggest tragedy in more than six decades , the worst since the earthquake of 1949 which killed more than 5000 people. we are getting reports of fresh violence in syria. rebels have launched an attack and alsost province have separate its urgent advances elsewhere. a shaky truce in syria looks in danger of collapsing. several rebel factions say they are launching an armed response to what they termed an increase of violations of the cease-fire by syrian government forces. next, a battle is set to begin
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in the u.s. supreme court this monday which pits 26 states against president obama's plan for immigration reform. obama had signed executive action in 2014 which would protect 4 million illegal immigrants in america from being deported, but many states are refusing to bring the measures into force and the supreme court looks evenly split on the issue. food, water and flyers taking the washington, d.c.. the bus ride from miami will take nearly a day but spirits are high among these immigrants. some are even bringing their children along. their fate will be decided by the u.s. supreme court. >> it will be almost 22 hours on the road. we leave this morning and expect to be in washington, d.c. at 7:00 a.m., ready for the hearing. >> on monday, the court begins
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hearing oral arguments in a major immigration case that challenges president barack obama's executive action to protect nearly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, such as those living in the u.s. for at least five years and have children born in the country. 26 states, all of them with republican leaders, have refused to apply the measures. we are going because of the immigration action blocked by republicans. asking god that everything goes well so that we can legalize our situation. >> as the travelers boarded the bus, each other names was called. mostly latino. among the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s., more than 70% are latin american origin. >> we feel very positive and hope everything will go well.
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>> the bus is finally on its way and with it, the hopes of the immigrants that they can stay in the united states. >> just a reminder of this news that we have been getting in. major shipwreck in the mediterranean, with hundreds of migrants feared drowned. the italian president speaking out on that a short time ago. unconfirmed media reports talking about up to 400 victims from boats which capsized from italy.oute from egypt to well, time for a look at today's business news. stephen cal is with me. they --aving a volatile day. >> oil-producing companies fail to reach an agreement to cap supply levels at a meeting on
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sunday. oil was down over 5% earlier in trading. some of those losses have been paired. .own around 2% there had been high hopes that the meeting would be the first deal on global oil supply in fifth years. >> expectations were high as the heavyweights of the oil world athered in delhi, but agreement was out of reach. the elephant in the room was iran. to attend the summit or slow its pumps. >> we cannot cooperate with them and freeze our own out low. that would amount to imposing
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sanctions on ourselves. >> the rise of the u.s. shale industry has contributed to an already wanted oil market. prices at the international to a low plummeted around $27 a barrel this january. oil dependent countries have struggled to deal with the drop in revenue. they have considered scaling back their output in an effort to reduce the fly -- supply. russia, qatar and venezuela had earlier agreed to freeze production. geopolitical tensions between saudi arabia and iran are thought to have contributed to the deadlock, though opec members downplayed those applications. >> fundamentals are improving heading in the
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right direction. >> they said they needed more time for concert -- contemplation. the next meeting is scheduled in june. good foroil prices is consumers, but bad news for the companies and that is what is driving movement on these stock markets. losses have been impaired back as the day has gone on. a french oil company started the day down 4% but ended 1.7% down just a short while ago. earthquakes in japan killed at least 42 people. >> toyota and honda have suspended production at their factories in the affected parts of southern japan. cleared a cutting it output by 50,000 vehicles in april.
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the government has promised to support those companies affected by the quake. with ahead to the u.k. warning of the negative affects of leaving the eu could have on the british economy. >> even with a special trade deal, the british economy would shrink by 6% if the u.k. votes to leave the eu. a brexit says that would cause -- cost each household the equivalent of 5000 pounds a year. the research examined three options for britain including trade deals that exist with -- similar to those that exist with canada and norway. airline qantasan is not having a good day.
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aftern 10% in trading plans to scale back expansion of its domestic services. they were planning to increase internal flights by 2% in the second half of this year and now said growth will be less than half of that. they blamed falling demand and the drop in consumer confidence ahead of elections in australia. >> finally onto the entertainment industry. amazon is setting its sights on netflix. >> they will start offering their streaming service as a standalone product, putting that in direct competition with netflix. the new service will be cheaper than netflix and will allow access to shows including transparent and the man in the high castle. also investing on buying up the back catalog of older hbo shows. the predicate that amazon would do this back in 2012 -- it was
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predicted that amazon would do this back in 2012. our -- for time for a look at what has been grabbing headlines around the world in our press review. we start with a story we've been covering in our news bulletins, a huge story from brazil, the president has been dealt a huge blow after the limit -- lower house of congress voted to impeach her. >> it is front-page news in brazil, all of the papers reporting on this. , but itstart with "all is part of the global media empire and they have a history of supporting conservative candidates, their coverage has been accused of being slightly biased by supporters of the president and being a bit
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unfair, so to go back now to the banner headline, it says she loses the battle of impeachment in the chamber and the process goes to the senate and that inside, the paper has lots of coverage of what's happened. i looked an article that gave a recap of what happened today. thought,esting thing i this is the decisive vote, it was cast at 23:10 local time. another headline is that it is authorized impeachment. a very divisive issue and we can imagine that the editorial pages have been weighing in on this crisis. paper thater is a has consistently supported the president, however, the tone of this particular editorial is not so positive. it says that while this is not the worst crisis the country has ever faced, the brazilians are
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exhausted by the political incompetence that has been on display. the unparalleled economic disaster uncovered by the deep-rooted corruption in the workers party and the president and her are responsible for it. that of these challenges will be overcome in the short time and that the crisis must be fixed with balance. >> the papers have also been showcasing some photojournalism, very powerful images. the paper hasm -- several photo essays, fantastic pictures i encourage people to go and check out. i have picked 2, 1 showing the supporters after they found out the announcement, crying. the other side, those who are hoping for a yes vote, jubilant, flags waving. definitely go and check them out. >> the wall street journal
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points out that the president is not the only politician under investigation in brazil. >> they're calling this the tale of two tainted leaders and what the paper is doing is taking a closer look -- closer look at the leader of the lower half of congress, the man who brought this impeachment vote to the house floor, and he is also third in line for the presidency. however, he is being investigated for corruption and wonder -- money laundering as scandala sweeping generated with the state oil giant, they are accused of diverting oil company money to themselves and political party members. shows that month while 61% of resilience think he -- the president to go, 77% think he should go. 60% of brazil's federal legislators have been convicted
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or are under investigation for crimes ranging from corruption to electoral fraud to assault. >> this is very deep. moving on to the pope making headlines over the weekend. >> the pope was visiting the greek island of less most where there are lots of syria -- of -- posts -- letters those lesbos. a headline that is it a critical of his visit says that while the pope takes 12 refugees, heelys 3988 others on the island. isn you read the article, it tempered, saying that the symbolic gesture only underscores the scope of the problem and that the moment, there is no solution in sight. also, reporting on this, another italian paper. their front page says europe respects migrants and that the
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book got the idea from a colleague that there was no political consideration the high the decision. it was a cooperation between the governments of greece, italy and the vatican. creek to underscore this because the vatican has been critical of the eu deal with turkey about returning migrants and the pope is trying to underscore that his visit is not making a statement. france, they have a pretty grim picture about their reelection. >> they are asking -- can he be the candidate? see what would happen, whether voters are thinking about a first round and who would they choose -- exactly. they've got several scenarios and in each one, elan does not make it past the first round. pretty grim.
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thisapers reporting that is a disaster and says that 71% of french people don't want to see him run again and says it is a humiliation for the president ñññçoçobqpoint out one thing 'm john cleese,
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