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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 18, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> more than 40 people are known to have died after being missing. >> leaving hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. it moved almost two meters. a massive landslide here swept away a bridge. rescuers are digging in the vain hope of finding seven people that are still missing.
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force islf-defense doing their best in regard to the rescue efforts. there are still missing people. >> these girls should have been in lessons. it was an emergency evacuation center. .here is no running water these are the essentials of daily life. devices, andrger there is time for recycling in the midst of this. they're worried about more tremors. thousands of people worried about what comes next.
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the weekend events will only add to japan's economic woes. tokyo's stock market index was down 3%. withar giant has been hit damage to a honda plant. japan is probably the most earthquake prepared country in the world but it can't prevent them. , rescue,can do is wait repair, rebuild. host: no one can prevent them. i spoke with a theoretical physicist who joins us from new york. in ecuador ands japan related? >> it comes from the epicenter of the latest earthquake. the short answer is, no.
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there is no connection between the place. but there is linkage between neighboring plates across seattle and portland linked to the san andreas fault. link between no japan and ecuador. there are subduction fault where one plate dives underneath another and it can cause a synonymy. and in ecuador, there was a synonymy warning. becauseing was canceled the synonymy did not materialize. it can generate a tidal wave.
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>> mark thompson has more. mark: the fledgling u.n. backed government after the french and german foreign minister's visited tribute over the weekend. on monday, iwas the return of -- the foreign minister
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u.k. and europe are ready to provide financial and military support. >> i am pleased to be able to announce that britain is committing assistance during this time. britain and other european nations are ready to provide support for training of libyan forces if the government so requests. >> the new government is tasked with restoring peace in a country ravaged by conflict. gaddafi was overthrown. they say they will financially back the government's attempts to attack the group and the migrant crisis. it will help boost the libyan economy. cracks in economic terms, we have to have our teams at work.
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and the libyan people and of the libyan government. economics on the political and security side. the first task is establishing the government's authority. they have managed to rally support. they have yet to officially recognize the government's legitimacy. host: brazil's president suffered a major loss in the lower houses of congress on sunday. the camp easily won the two thirds majority that was needed. she insists she is innocent. >> the two men are spearheading the impeachment.
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and the house speaker said they are deliberately trying. >> it is clear that there are two leaders acting together in a premeditated way. >> if forced from office, the vice president would take the reins. is facingr-old lawyer uphill battles of his own. lawyer ahead of the party, they are also implicated in the same budgetary scandal. they are charged with corruption. >> a thug that shouldn't even be
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here. the first president democratically elected by the people. >> they support if he -- they fear that if he does become president, he will sideline allegations. a bitter political battle has reached a fever pitch. it should be impeached. 58% think they should be. the brazilian president is charged with manipulating state accounts. it has taken a greater toll on the government. are stillpoliticians under investigation.
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>> investigators say some of this money made its way to paying for campaigns and expenses. officials are still under investigation. overpaid by executives. the money was skimmed from these contracts and passed on the politicians and company ceos. wayscandal goes all the from the top. they say they had evidence he was benefiting from the scheme in the form of payments and luxury properties. appointment has been widely criticized as an attempt
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to gain ministerial authority. presidentt brazilian to 2010woman from 2003 when much the alleged bribery took place. a company ended up trying to hamper the situation. host: searching nonstop in search of survivors from this weekend's earthquake. it was the country's worst in decades. to death toll has increased 350 with the ecuadorian president warning it could rise even higher. >> houses collapse and cars smashed.
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>> hopefully, we get the support and help we need. we slept in a field all night. >> they slept on the side of the road. >> i did not sleep last night. i am distressed. i need to find my loved one. to see them and know they are ok. measuring 7.8ake on the richter scale struck off the western coast of ecuador. the president met with search and rescue teams on sunday.
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he has deployed 13,000 troops to help with disaster relief while 300 lien dollars has been unblocked in emergency funds. meanwhile, the first military plane from spain left from ecuador sending firefighters, sniffer dogs, and military rescue personnel. others have sent aid while cuba has sent doctors and health workers. >> search and rescue operations continue in japan. a 30,000 strong rescue team is trying to find any survivors from two powerful earthquakes on the southern japanese island. ,hey have joined eight efforts helping with search operations. at least 42 people are confirmed dead and over 100,000 others have been displaced. in the race for the white house, u.s. presidential candidates have launched a final campaign.
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>> chatting with picnickers and starting for refreshments. the senator from vermont has been playing up his new york roots. also on sunday, he addressed his best attended rally for more than 28,000 people. sanders reiterated the intention to break up the biggest banks and went on the attack against hillary clinton, criticizing her connections with wall street. sanders: it wasn't just iraq. she was active as secretary of
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state in overthrowing the government of libya without thinking about what happens the day after. and she wants a no-fly zone in syria which, in my view, will get us sucked into a never-ending war. >> she took the sideswipe at her critics. hillary clinton: i have no time for people who are partisan for the sake of being partisan. who point fingers from whatever side of the political divide. aswas my first year serving your senator that 9/11 happened. and the necessity of pulling together drove everything we did. tuesday's primary could be decisive. 247 delegates are up for grabs. a hillary clinton remains the
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favorite but her lead has been dramatically cut to as little as six points down from 48. you are watching live from paris. it's get an update on the headlines. the main opposition group defends its participation. a bus explodes in jerusalem with a dozen people wounded. police confirm a bomb caused the blast. taking a step closer to impeachment. they vote to remove her from power. it's time, once again, for a business update. the latest warnings over a briggs it. -- brexit. >> the chairman said the u.k. would be permanently outside the eu. scenariosd the recent
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, the economy regardless would shrink by at least 6% by 2030. larry: slapping a price tag on a potential brexit. according to a new report, leaving the european union would be a self-inflicted wound for the u.k.. poorer outside the european union. and that is something the people will want to know if they consider how to vote in this referendum. pounds, a loss of 4500 euros a year for every british household. expected tos gdp is shrink 6% by 2030. that is according to the best of three scenarios examined by the reports in which the u.k. would negotiate a trade deal.
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the country could fare significantly worse. if the u.k. were to remain, the report forecasts for percent gdp growth by 2030. and according to george osborne, a renegotiation is widely unrealistic. should negotiate some other deals only have access to the single markets, we have to assess the costs and obligations of an eu membership. other member states have made it very clear that -- [indiscernible] larry: others have dismissed the report as scaremongering. but the warning signs are accumulating. and the imf called on the u.k. to stick with europe. and it's been a day for oil prices. the index which is the national
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benchmark for oil down .67%. west texas intermediate down twice that amount. no surprise since over the weekend, oil producers failed to reach a deal on limiting production in doha. had opec reached that deal to limit supply, it would've raised demand and raised the low oil prices. the meeting was derailed by tensions between saudi arabia and its rival iran. caught in between are the other 11 opec members such as indonesia. >> and the threat of commodity. so once the price of oil decreases, that means they are declining.
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>> let's see how the rest of the markets are doing. and street opening down coming back into positive. 6%.500 points at stocks closed higher this monday. many industry sectors were higher. a tough day for energy and technology. they are among the worst performing stocks. let's take a look at some of the other business headlines. the european competition commission accuses google of abusing its dominance. they're looking at the impact of android content. guilty offines google market abuse, it can be a fine of $7 billion or 10% of its revenue. the castle run and 12 parsecs and now the millennium falcon is boosting hasbro. revenue rose thanks to massive
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interest in star wars merchandise. expects strong sales to continue as the force awakens is to be released on dvd later this year. it's the last day to make an offer for yahoo!. the telecom giant verizon is pegged as the favorite. the sale comes up for yahoo! abandoned plans for a spinoff off of its stake in chinese e-commerce giant alibaba. it is followed by the blogger and broadcaster. we aret is good because not in the united states.
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a silver lining, perhaps. ñññçoçobq
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