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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 19, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: first kabul was a shaken today by militants who formed a attack. a truck bomb tore through the city center. the blast was followed by a gunfight. the talib and confirmed responsibility for the attack. reporter: according to security spots packedny were explosives -- with explosives were in a warehouse next to afghanistan. service, andecret
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once that powerful explosion took place, the walls were destroyed in seconds, allowing at least three attackers armed with hand grenades and wearing afghan intelligence uniforms got inside the building and started shooting at at least 50 members of the force that were supposed the first vice president, second vice president, and chief executive officer. were undergoing training aimed at protecting these senior officials from such attacks. they did not have arms or weapons. the pictures are too graphic to show that i have seen. they show how at least 10 members of the afghan secret service were killed in what seems like an execution-style shooting. understand, that most of
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those killed and injured were civilian. at least 27 were injured. this is the heart of kabul city. the downtown, if you would like to call it that. they are calling it a terrorist attack. he has but kabul and many of the other cities on high alert. efforts will be taken to protect kabul. we don't know what extra measures will be taken. afghanistan's chief executive officer has responded in a visit to afghanistan. he was invited by the pakistani prime minister. he said it was the reason why he canceled the trip, because today's attack was inside pakistan. he means a pakistan-based network, that has links to the army intelligence services. molly: i do understand, a few
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hours ago, following this morning's attack and assault, there was a second blast. what more can you tell us about this? bilal: it was less than a mile away from where i am talking to you. you cannot see because it is start. the home of the first vice president, is about 200 meters these popular shopto a where young afghans went to smoke and have a good time. three people are injured because of the broken glass. what that attack shows you, if these militant groups can go right into the heart of the afghan capital where the security details are dedicated to protecting those neighborhoods, that raises a serious question. they will be asking the question, is the afghan government able to protect the
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bigger cities and its people? molly: indeed, as he raised that question, walk us through this attack. it marks the beginning of the spring offensive that the talib them -- taliban brings on every spring. what is their strength, currently? bilal: it is misleading, because the taliban has not stopped its offensive. the leader, they choose to unify the various taliban factions. one of the demands of afghanistan, is to use your influence against the taliban leaders. spring offensive, stop bigger attacks, including attacks like today in cities
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like kabul. we are almost certain now, that the taliban is it simply saying no to any future peace talks, let alone a peace deal. least 30now, at attacks are underway across the country in various places and provinces and districts. it is very clear that the taliban thinks they are winning, thinks they are not in a weak position to comment join any future peace talks. molly: he was reporting from kabul. airstrikes have killed at least 40 people and wounded some 80 others. talksce has brought peace in geneva to a standstill. the u.s.-russia backed truce crumbling. prospects for negotiations are bleak. the opposition says post moment
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is indefinite in the government, ruling out any negotiations about the president of assad. oliver farry reports. staller: as peace talks influences,xternal they had clues -- accuse regime,nt -- the assad and a stronghold, people say greater efforts are needed on both sides. >> we hope it will bring relief to the people. we need something effective. we don't want to only count the versions. we want to meet our people's aspirations, and nothing more. government and the opposition should have a dialogue with each other, because if we wait to hear from
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turkey, and egypt, we will hear nothing. just like many cooks trying to prepare the same food. is no agreement possible without the departure of the president. some say outside pressure may have the saudi and turkish opposition groups get there in the end. i do not believe that the riyadh delegation can agree on this. they have plans to make this succeed. in -- an war, and american one, could make it succeed. >> they're trying to get moscow to restore its influence. regime forces carrying out strikes tuesday. it has all been in vain.
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molly: the french president has said that syrian opposition to suspend talks was worrying. president hollande offered support to the refugees fleeing the syrian civil war. more than 640,000 displaced syrians. must focus much -- on a fragile truce. >> here in jordan we are very much aware that this is happening in geneva. it is very important. it isvery worrying to see suspended, because this means the truce will be broken in some way or another. they will resume the air bombings. molly: in the wake of last year's terror attacks in france,
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they have been trying to improve response efforts from security personnel. it is aimed to improve coordination between departments. speaking today, relief units will be deployed across the country. they can respond to any threat within 20 minutes. as we know all too well, and saw in the case of the bataclan, it is in the first few minutes that the most, victims can be killed. we must respond to terror threats every -- ever more quickly to reduce the time to intervene. this is how we will best engage in this battle. from now on, all antiterrorist responses will require it. more than three days
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since a major coast struck the coast of ecuador. hopes of finding survivors are fading. the death toll has climbed to over 480. the damage becomes more clear. for three days now, this family has been living here. blankets inrs and the place of walls and beds. their house was not entirely destroyed in a 7.8 92 the earthquake, as many work, but it could collapse at any moment. >> this is chaos. we cannot be inside our home because we are afraid they will happen to us or our kids. we are afraid. south, one ofher the areas hardest hit by the tremors, the search and rescue efforts continue. desperate families, fire fighting, and it can --
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mechanical machines working to clear the debris. while the death toll continues to rise, there is still hope of finding survivors. now, we are trying to recover bodies. told it is possible there is still someone alive inside. meanwhile, rescuers did find one man in the rubble. a cause for celebration in difficult times. the earthquake is the worst to hit the south american country in nearly 40 years. providinge agency vital supplies, it including mosquito nets. hastries around the world provided.
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cuba is sending a team of doctors. molly: next, crunch time in the big apple. after weeks of campaigning, new yorkers are casting their ballots in a high-stakes presidential primary. hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping to secure big wins in the race for the white house. jessica reports from downtown manhattan. donald trump voted at this polling station, not far from trump tower earlier today. he said it was a great moment, referring to voting for himself. he is expecting a big win here in new york city. he could do that if he gets 50% or more of the boat in every district of new york. he might be able to do that. will have ane honest momentum to keep him through the primaries that, author new york city to capture
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more delegates so he could eventually clinched the nomination in time for the convention. so that it does not end up being a brokered convention. that is if the republican party and antitrust movement do not stop him. here in new york city, he is not that popular. the metropolis is full of immigrants, is extremely multicultural, and many find them quite offensive. is a strongly in the lead, but he is relaxed because bernie sanders has been doing extremely well. of the last 9 across the country. ahead in the polls, for the moment. we will watch and see of the votes come out. next, the leader of a
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group of israeli men that burned alive a palestinian teenager in 2014 has been convicted of murder. the ruling came after a court rejected the defendants insanity plea for the crime. two other israelis have been sentenced for their role in the killing. mark thompson has more on a murder that was part of the series of events that helped trigger the 2014 gaza war. mark: a brutal killing that helped spark a wider conflict. 16-year-old mohammed abu khudair 's charred body was found in 2014. he is been kidnapped from an east jerusalem never become a forest, and burned alive. he burned my son, i still cannot sleep at all. i hope he gets a life sentence. the attack was carried out by two teenage boys, seen by
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revenge for abducted israelis earlier that summer. confessed, but said yosef haim ben-david was not responsible because he committed the murder during a psychotic episode. >> the court ruled that the accused actually knew what he was doing. more importantly, determined this was an act of a despicable, cruel person that kidnapped an innocent youth and burned him alive. mark: the ruling close the way for yosef haim ben-david to be tried the month. his younger accomplishments were charged with life. it sparked days of palestinian rights -- riots. a spiral of violence which
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eventually led to the 2014 gaza war. molly: staying in israel, and ultra-orthodox man convicted of murder and six counts of attempted murder over stabbing at a jerusalem gay pride parade. it left a 15-year-old girl dead. the convict had been released from prison only three weeks before the stabbing for a similar assault. it led to harsh criticism of israeli police. the and theof immigration group going on trial in the german city of dresden. facing hate speech charges over speech he made over foreigners. rising--- writing and the immigrant sentiment. founder of ais the far-right movement in europe, accused of inciting racial hatred over controversial
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comments he made about migrants. >> they have charged him with incitement. a publicly made comment. he is said to have denied them equal rights in germany. patrioticthe european, against the islamization of europe. anti-islam group has attracted thousands of supporters to its rallies. the movement has gained momentum since last summer, since angela merkel opened up an open door policy to the thousands of migrants arriving in the country. >> what started out as a one-time protest against religious rules on german soil,
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has become, and i want to stress is, a broad citizen movement. reporter: they were out in force as he went to trial in dresden on tuesday. are all here because we believe freedom of expression has been compromised in germany. so we are here to fight for him so we can continue protesting without getting into trouble with the law. i am supporting him because he speaks from the heart. if the media does not want to listen to him, that is their problem. but the people stand united. reporter: his trial is likely to last until the 10th of may. if charge, he will face a prison sentence of up to five to 10 years. molly: fighters stage a major assault on kabul, dozens dead and hundreds more wounded. analysts say it shows the growing strength of the taliban.
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finding survivors in ecuador. rescue teams continued to pull bodies from the rubble. at least 480 people confirmed dead from the powerful earth. and voting is underway in new york. hillary clinton and donald trump hope to win today in a high-stakes primary. it is time now from a business update. i am joined by markus karlsson. we will start in argentina, where they have been making a big return. bang.eed, with a they're selling bonds in the market for the first time in more than a decade. hasargentine government made more than $60 billion of debt it was hoping to sell. this is a milestone for argentina. markus: they defaulted on their debts back in 2002.
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some debts remained unpaid. , struck a deal with creditors for the standup. that will give them access to fresh financing and boost the entire argentine economy. >> 4s, this is the starting point, not the endpoint. has beenork done sorting out the mess so that argentina can have a clean landscape to grow back. we are not doing this to look good in the eyes of foreigners. we are doing this so argentine's can have jobs. there are warnings of galloping inflation in the republic of congo. they have seen food prices rise rapidly while their currency value is falling.
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julia has more. prices have nearly doubled in the last couple of months. shop owners say they are finding it hard to find takers. price of fish used to be between 15000 and 70,000 francs, and now it is 24,000. how can we sell this to the public esther mark the soaring prices are linked to the currency, which has flipped against the dollar after several years of stability. the democratic republic of congo -- exchange have a huge impact on consumer prices. >> we are finding it hard right now. you can't sell your goods and meanwhile, inflation continues.
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it disturbs us, greatly. economy ishe congo's dependent on the export of congo -- cobalt. there has also been a slump in oil prices. in this highly dollarized emerging-- other he market currencies, such as those of turkey and brazil have also recently clenched. the uncertainty around china's economic growth continues to lower, especially as growth estimates continue to fall. meanwhile, oil workers in kuwait say they will extend a strike. the strike has cut their daily oil output by half, which has stabilized local oil prices. they punch on monday.
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tar overers met in qa the weekend. it has settled around $44 a barrel, after a more than 2.5% recession. they are helping stocks go higher on wall street. nasdaq arees and hanging on. dow and s&p inhe particular. netflix shares dropping. indexest the close, the , the dax.g 2.25% following strong quarterly l'oreal, and also the
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dairy giant ,dannon. we will have those reports in a moment. let's look at some more market-making stories. goldman sachs has reported a steep drop in revenues. they lost $1.2 billion between january and march. still, their shares are slightly higher this session. continued, sales grew by 3.5%. compared to the same. bang last year. danone seem to think that the glass is half-full, and shares gained more than 3.5%. brewer has agreed to sell
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european brands to japan's asahi. was said earlier that asahi prepared to spend more than 2.5 5 billion euros. they needed to sell some of their brands to complete this mega merger. staying the drinks market, the global market for wine grew last year by almost 11%, according to fresh figures. these figures also showed the market was worth as much as 23.8 billion euros. place, in terms of number of bottles exported. we break down the numbers. bordeaus, rose, or chablis, france is the top producer of fine wine.
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it has nearly doubled in the last decade. almost 20 billion euros in 2015. amassing,hird of it far more than its european rivals. france is home to the world's most famous chateau, some selling it hundreds of euros per bottle. americans consume the biggest amount in 2015, with 3.1 billion leaders sold in the u.s. -- china has been drinking and producing more wine. liters onaround 41 average, every year.
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molly: we will have to go out for a quick drink. markus: but not drink and drive. molly: we will take a quick break, stay with us. hereññçoçobq
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