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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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host: this is "france 24." livenow for 60 minutes around the world. these are the headlines. donald trump and hillary clinton win big in new york could the primary victories bring them ever closer to locking their party's nominations. the france government wants to prolong the current state of emergency declared after the terrorist attacks in november, but that extension needs parliamentary approval.
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airstrikes in syria pumped the opposition to walk out of peace talks in geneva. they say they cannot negotiate when civilians are dying every day. thiscoming up for you hour, the european union hits google with a new competition investigation. this time over its mobile operating system android. we will have the details in our business update. and french families find a new ways to use up their excess food waste and get a few fresh eggs in the process. more on the new home chicken craze on the way. but first, our top story live from paris. we will start straight with the u.s. presence of campaign. gotionaire donald trump home the republican primary in new york with a crushing victory in his home state.
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to 25% of of the vote the vote from ohio government john kasich and 14.5% from ted cruz. he says the win makes him a shoe in for the nomination despite continual resistance from the republican establishment. >> nobody should be given delegates, which is a ticket to victory and it's not a fair ticket. aen though we are leading by lot and cannot be caught, it's impossible to catch us. nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. and that is what is going to happen. and you watch. because the people are not going to stand for it. it's a cricket system -- cricket ooked system. you go back to the old system where you vote and win. nobody can win an election the way they are doing it with the republican party. won bigillary clinton
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in her adopted state where she was a u.s. senator for eight years. her win their snapped a string of victories by her arrival and new york native, bernie sanders. >> we won in every region of the country. [applause] from the north to the south to the east to the west, but this one is personal. [applause] new yorkers, you have always had my back. [applause] and i always try to have yours. genie: for more now, let us .ring in james cohen cou we heard from a very triumphant hillary clinton in york. can you say her nomination is a lock? james: i cannot say that.
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there is a narrow path for bernie sanders thi and his campaign. there's no reason for it to stop now. they established a presence within the democratic camp and they're going to try to maintain the presence and have some effect on the campaign in november as well. genie: it is true that he does have a definite presence, some that might have pushed hillary clinton more to the left them before. is it worth it for him to stay in the race at this point given that mathematically he will not catch up? james: i do not think hillary clinton will be pushed to the left per se. what the senator's is doing is establishing a presence in the campaign that hillary clinton does not represent. she will be perhaps push into taking during november, but that does not make her a candidate of the left. genie: what about on the republican side? we saw the big win for donald trump in his home state. is that enough to kick away his
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biggest nightmare -- an open convention? james: it is not completely certain yet. there's still some trouble ahead for him perhaps, but maybe not so much either. the trouble is for the republican party in general. the republican establishment is tearing a tear out and does not know what to do because trump is pretty much destined to lose the general election. genie: that does seem to be the general consensus, but how was the republican party react? will they rally around someone like john kasich at the convention? see how thatot scenario pans out because you so little electoral support. in new york and he gets 25% here and there, but he is an outstanding alternative as a citizen on the rebel can side, but that does not give him
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legitimacy to be chosen as a candidate as some sort of maneuver in the convention in july. i think trump is on his way. all they that measuring gravity of the situation because a candidate who stews a lot of hate and intolerance. genie: you do think the republicans will end up backing donald trump? james: i do think they will end up backing him. i do not have their formula in mind. i've no secrets from their camp, but i think the disappointment will not be as firm as he would like. part of the party would like to disassociate from him because he is likely to create some damage in terms of electoral seats. genie: in a strange situation where the rebel can has to candidates and either are appreciated by the mecca public american public.
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thank you for speaking to us about the big wins. france wants to prolong its current state of emergency by two months. needs parliamentary elite approval to pass. the extension would cover to major sporting events coming up this summer. the euro 2016 football tournament and here's more from the french prime minister. suggest that the state of emergency be extended for two months starting at the end of may. this is considering the threats that loom over metropolitan france and over its overseas territories. to address this threat, we need to make these options available pending the approval of a judge in the parliament. that will allow us to better respond to terrorism. genie: that announcement came
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just after a night of new anti-terror drills at the train station in paris. the training exercise was for french special forces to be better prepared in case of a new mass killing like the one last november. the elite forces now have a new response time of 20 minutes. >> with a station under attack by nine terrorists, a fictional scenario to test the coronation of france's police units. the special operations unit arrests three terrorists. this man is taken down. his suicide vest deactivated. in another train, the elite enforcement unit of the national police encounters a hostage situation. all the passengers are rescued unharmed. meanwhile in the stations underground, the paris-based
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elite police union attempts to save 20 hostages. the assaults must take place simultaneously in all three locations. they are coordinated from their command post. the french interior minister followed the events list. ve. >> if a large-scale attack does happen, we can respond with these forces together. the response will be perfectly correlated. -- coordinated. >> conducting real life exercises like these helps to give the elite units vital training in case of a large-scale attack. genie: that is alexander okafor reporting. the fight against terrorism is at the heart of proposals introduced by the french interior ministry. the key element is correlating the different security forces in france in case of another attack. beorter: how can france
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more effective in responding to terror attacks? that is the question that the french interior minister is trying to answer in light of last year's paris attacks. and a plan unveiled on tuesday, he likes better coordination and thesecurity forces time it takes to react to a security incident. >> as we all know too well and we saw in the case of the bataclan, it is in the first two minutes of the attack that terrorists claim the most victims. to respond tois terrorist incidents ever more quickly to reduce as much as possible the time it takes to intervene. reporter: france and its overseas territories are seeing their forces revamped to be able to react more quickly in the face of terror. the elite special operations unit of the french national police will see for new branches while three new branches
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of the french national police known as raid will be located in to loose. meanwhile, the paris based police unit is seeing its force doubled. the bri was first on the scene and instrumental and ending the siege at the bataclan in november. to alert in get under 20 minutes anywhere in the country. new airstrikes in syria have pushed the syrian opposition to walk out of peace talks in geneva. they say they cannot negotiate while civilians are dying every day. the latest strikes most likely from the syrian regime hit two markets in the northwest province. we have more now from beirut. >> what we are hearing is at least 44 civilians are being killed and maybe as much as 55 by other accounts into rebel
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towns. that is from local coronation communities and this takes place in a context where the opposition has recently announced it would carry out new offenses against nearby locations of government forces in the north province. these could very well be airstrikes carried out as part of a counterattack by the government forces. we do not know exactly who carried them out because they are both syrian and russian planes active in the area. there is certainly no mention of these strikes by the syrian state media. that this isugh is perhaps the deadliest single attack since this came in to place in the 27th of february. is still being in
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.lace in some parts of syria in most people's mind, that has all but collapsed. the same has been set of the peace talks. the opposition seeming to have walked out on monday before this attack. however one of the things they have said is that they were pulling out because of increased attacks on civilian areas and increased bombings on civilian areas. see this as a justification of that decision. ettse: that is adam pl reporting. 's law banning people throwing up food, france is making efforts to reduce food waste. when tossing out edibles, the top consumer is the worst offender. that is where chickens coming e in. french families can adopt laying
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hens and can maybe provide an egg or two. reporter: eric and his daughter are making dinner, but their new guests in the garden will eat first. stale bread and cucumber peelings that would've gone to the trash two weeks ago make a nice meal first that left and clara -- for stella and clara, a pair of birds that change the way the suburban family manages its trash. >> it forces us to do something we are not used to. up until now, since we lived in apartments, we tended to throw away peelings without taking about it. now we put them aside and think, hey, these can have another use. the family is one of 200 who signed up through their neighborhood association to adopt a pair of chickens. following in the footsteps of a dozen or so communities around france. >> hello, we are here to pick up our chickens please.
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>> ok, if you could just sign this contract please. reporter: new owners attest that they have a yard, a coupe, and an intention to care for the chickens. once the chickens are home, figuring out what to do with left over should not be a problem either. chicken will eat up to 150 kilos of scraps each year. with this operation with 200 families participating each with its own pair of chickens, the community is hoping to recycle 60 tons of waste. -- allr: the best part the birds are laying hens, which means they will provide the occasional on what for breakfast. some patients may be needed. after 10 days and counting, the family is still waiting for their first egg. in france today, a ceremony is being held outside of paris in memory of u.s. troops who fought in france during world war i. today marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of that was largely
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made up of american volunteer pilots in france. the squadron was the idea of three americans who wanted to help the exhausted allied forces. the memorial is you see there was built on july 4, 1928 to honor the pilots and to stand as a symbol of the franco-american alliance. it is time now for business news was stephen carroll. you are targeting an eu investigation targeting google. >> they are abusing this dominant position over its mobile operating system, android. the maker tog preload apps on its android phones. this deprives consumers of choice and stifles innovation for competitors. those tablet and
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smartphone manufacturers are not free to choose which search engines and which browser to install on their devices. we believe that this hampers competing search and brows browser providers and effectively competing with google. genie: let us turn now to mitsubishi motors next with a new emission scandal. stephen: the japanese carmaker says it falsified test results to make omissions appear lower than they are. this affects 625,000 cars. mitsubishi motors president says it will stop making and selling the affected models. it wiped $1.2 billion off of the carmaker's value. the shares dumped more than 50%. genie: massive job cuts at intel. isphen: the chip maker cutting 11% of its global workforce as it reorganizes its business to confront the decline in sales and personal computers.
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they are trying to expand into other kinds of technology like where bell technology and drones. the news is coming as intel reported lower-than-expected sales for the first quarter of the year. genie: another tech happy having a bad day is yahoo!. losten: the internet firm $99 million in the first three months of the year compared to profits of more than 20 million last year. revenue fell by him as 12%. the figures come as yahoo! is examining buyout offers sports court -- for its core internet business. reporter: yahoo! is a company in decline and the latest results do not help improve that image. a one-time internet star posted a net loss of $99 million. the big problem stems from the cost of layoffs with 1200 people let go in the last quarter and the ceo's caught cutting plan could >.
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>> the difficult actions were necessary and we treated employees respectfully. reporter: while many still use yahoo! for searches and photo sharing, the company's products have been outperformed by its rivals, hence the reduction in never ties in revenue. leicester, and posted a massive net loss of $4 billion. there are promising areas of operation like mobile platforms and native advertising. those are sponsored articles many see on social media. the company wants th to boost profits in this area. yahoo! intended to sell off its main internet business. the ceo says finding a buyer is her top priority. >> we have a well-defined, aggressive calendar to move as fast as possible. reporter: a number of potential bidders have come forward including u.s. phone giant verizon, who has picked up
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another falling star, aol. stephen: it is a mixed picture on european shares at this point in the trading day. lots of company news weighing on the market. downs in commerce bank over 1% in frank for after the chairman of its board one shareholders that this quarter's earnings might not be as good as the previous three months. the ftse 100 trading down. france's ministers and the president have discussed the future of edf. stephen: it is worth over 37 billion euros in debt and it's not being helped by plunging on sisi prices. the company's board is an acting a new plane on friday, including a decision to proceed with a new plant in the u.k.. they will have to sign off on any new plan. he said the hinkley point project with go ahead. profitable business
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idea and a fun ones -- the world's smallest nightclub. stephen: it is quite a good read for something not useful anymore. a company called kelly disco converted three phone boxes into tiny nightclubs complete with disco balls, lights, and a small smoke machine. the current record is nine people managing to fit inside a phone box. i do not know if there is much room for dancing though. [laughter] genie: that actually looks kind of fun. thank you for that. that is a look at business news. now time for the press review. we are here on the set with a look at the papers. a lot of reaction to that u.s. primary in new york state. are calling it a happy homecoming for both donald trump and heller clinton. >> trump wins big in new york. that is what "yesterday" is saying. he is poised to win all but a handful of his home states 95
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delegates. her in his victories each, he boasted that we do not have much of a race anymore. papers are also calling it a triumph for hillary clinton. those are the words of "the new york times" today. it is becoming nearly mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to catch up to clinton. there's an interesting article about hillary clinton's relationship to new york state in general. she has had dramatic highs and lows during her political year, but the new york state has always loved her back. she is actually not from new york, but actually she was adopted in a lot of ways. tuesday, new york state really delivered one of her biggest that was, a boost crucial during this rocky and unpredictable race. genie: a rocky race that has done an damage to her image still. florence: let's take a look at
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"the washington post," saying her images underwater despite this much-needed boost out of new yorrk. it has been a battle for new york senator hillary clinton. let's take another look at the washington post. this article saying that the 2016 presence election is shaping up as an unpopularity contest of unprecedented proportions assuming hillary clinton wins her nomination and that is regardless of whether she went against donald trump or ted cruz. general election is set to be between two candidates int unfavorably viewed history. it will be the first time in history of pulling that we have major party candidates disliked by the majority of people going into this election.
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whoever wins this election will probably be in a weak position and have a lot of work to win people's hearts and minds. genie: in the meantime, while those two leading candidates are now focusing on the general election in november, "the near times" has a message for the underdog s. florence: there will be calls for john kasich and bernie sanders to leave the race, but they say they should ignore any pressure to quit. john kasich is not an exciting candidate for "the new york times," but he is the most sane sounding candidate in the republican field so it's important to stick around to give the party grounded. for sanders, he has made the race more substantial and he is actually push clinton a positive way. those are two reasons they should stick around. ultimately it should be up to voters to decide who stays in the race and who does not. the article says do not cheat
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voters out of that choice by stepping down. genie: let's go back now to france for papers are focusing on the government's plan to reform the labor code with the leading business representative giving an ultimatum. florence: it has given the government three weeks to change law thatlled elcon wants to amend or change france's labor code. you can see it on the front page that there is the president of this business association and he is angry that the government has essentially given in to the pressure of protesters in the streets and water down its original version of this law. amendments to the original law and he is upset the government is backing down. government should not backtrack and should go back to something closer to its original project. he is threatening to pull out of negotiations altogether unless
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the government goes a little bit back-and-forth on what it is actually saying at the beginning. here's a funny take on things. they are talking about business owners up in arms. with the play on words protest movement that we have been seeing gaining ground across the country against this labor code reform. genie: they also like in this whole labor code reform to a greek tragedy c. florence: according to the editorial, this labor reform and code we have been talking about is going to end up being quite a mess. it is going to be overly complicated and not boost job creation, which is what it's all about overall. in the meantime, there will be a lot of collateral damage. the major victim is something called social dialogue, a very important institution, the relationship between business owners and representatives and trade unions, people who represent workers. that relationship is crucial to
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getting anything done in france and it has really been damaged by this whole fiasco around this law. at theirke a look editorial, they go even further and say there is a divorce taking place betweenññçoçobq
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