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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 20, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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scores are thought to have died in a mediterranean ship wreck last week. the human refugee agency says as many as 500 people may have drowned. the supreme court of brazil is expected to rule whether lula da silva can join the government of the embattled president. and the u.s. president meets with the king of saudi arabia. relations are under pressure after last year's iranian nuclear deal. ♪
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first, the united nations says up to 500 migrants may have drowned in the mediterranean last week. officials are speaking to survivors to better understand the circumstances, but it appears the sinking occurred when traffickers packed passengers on 10 over packed ship. 200 or more similes may have died while trying to cross illegally to europe. earlier, we spoke with a spokesperson for more on with a no. reporter: we have a team that weerviewed survivors and interviewed 41 survivors of the tragedy and according to what we have heard from them, there could be as many as 500 people who lost their lives when a large ship went down in the mediterranean sea.
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it's in an unknown location between libya and italy, so the survivors told us about two big ships and it is possible that as many people as 500 people lost their lives. the survivor told us there was a group of 100 or 200 people that the part of last week from a locality in libya and in the middle of the sea, they were transferred by smugglers where a few hundred people were already there. during that transfer, the boat capsized and sank. next, result possibly record is to decide whether the former president could be part of the current government. that would keep him from facing prosecution on corruption charges. if given the ok, he would be entering a government on the
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brink of collapse. doma recep herself faces impeachment proceedings. -- the brazilian president faces impeachment proceedings. when she named the former president has her new chief of staff, she was hoping to use his political prowess to help in her fight against impeachment, but it caused huge controversy at the time it was locked by a judge on the supreme court. many sought as a italy disguised attempt to save lula from possible arrest. he is accused of accepting a luxury apartment as bribes from construction firms caught up at petrobras. he has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, saying the case is poetically motivated. now he's prevented from joining the government that would make wouldre vulnerable and give him partial immunity to
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prosecution, though he could be tried in the supreme court if the case got that far. if he is allowed to join the government, it could be too late to have much impact on the fight for political survival. catherine: a fresh tremor rattled ecuador overnight. it was the strongest aftershock since saturday plus deadly earthquake. rescue operations were suspended recently and the u.n. humanitarian chief says hundreds remain missing after the earthquake and some 21,000 people need shelter immediately. the latest death toll stands at 525 at that number will likely rise. , aftershocks rattled nerves in the southwest of the country. teams continue to dig into the rubble after the earthquake.
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hundreds of people in the area spent another night in their car, afraid to return to damaged houses. several people are still missing. next, the u.s. president is in saudi arabia for a persian gulf summit that will focus on the wars in syria and yemen. barack obama began the visit by meeting with the saudi king and his visit comes as relations between the allies have been strained. riyadh remains opposed to the outreach of iran. a visit to one of washington post longtime allies and a bit to revive a friendship that has come under strain. barack obama is in riyadh on and fish -- on official visit that
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could be his last as president. islamic statenst and al qaeda trorist groups as well as the crisis in syria. he's joined by secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary ashton carter who has been in talks with his saudi counterparts. there is an elephant in the room -- iran. the saudi's have not look kindly upon improving relations between washington and tehran. the wahhabi kingdom sees it as a threat to their own role in the region. it has weakened the u.s. saudi relationship, but washington has in swift to assure riyadh that caution is the watchword. >> on iran, i noted it the united hates shares with our partners the view that even as the nuclear accord prevents iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, there are many more issues to be
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concerned with regarding their behavior in the region. that's why the nuclear accord poses no limits on the united states and what we are doing in the department of defense has not changed. tensions between the countries have been stoked by a u.s. buildup that could allow the family of the victims of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia authorities since 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi's cousins. obama has said he is opposed to the bill. the u.s. president is also attending the gulf cooperation summit which brings together leaders from six of the regional monarchies to discuss increasing ties with islamic orders. groups have pressured to allow human rights talks during these talks. next, hearts of the syrian peace talks are still going on a geneva despite the fact that the main opposition
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group has called off its participation. be government said it would easier to reach a compromise without the opposition. reporter: sponsored by the united nation's, this was verified in in the space of two days when the special envoy and and ambassadorr reported in a meeting with the deputy special envoy that the government intends to put together a government of national unity that would consist of government members and opposition figures. this proposal is anathema of the main opposition group which was announced in geneva.
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protests would be free of president a sod and should be a real political transition. the same time, there are problems on the cessation of hostilities. the cease-fire broken -- brokered by russia in serious trouble and on the verge of crumbling. efforts are underway by senior officials to solve the situation but all around, it doesn't look talksor the brokered which the chief envoy earlier in the week said parties are still fall of -- so far apart on the local process. the key issue on whether there will be any movement going forward on a peaceful resolution of the five-year-old conflict. norwegian court has
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found the rights of anders frederick was violated. he killed people in 20 tax on 2011. the oslo district court says prison conditions were breached because of his violation. reporter: inhumane treatment of one high profile prisoner, a , accusing thed state of jeopardizing his mental health. withhad limited contact other people and his lawyers argue it's a violation of his human rights under european condition. >> the court rules the isolation is in violation of article three and that is why we went to
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court. he must be granted contact with other people. this isolation must be relaxed. reporter: at the trial, he complained about conditions including for food and drink and the fact that he has no access to the internet. communication with the out side world has been strict they controlled and norwegian authorities have upheld this rule despite his appeal. they say given his extreme and racist believes, he could influence support by writing letters and influence terror attacks. 2011,led 77 people in planting a bomb in oslo and opening fire on young people. it is considered the most violent attack to take place in norway in decades. human right groups have flagged norwegian prisons for their
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solitary confinement. they've been asked to pay a total of 35,000 euros. donald trump and hillary clinton scored big in yesterday's primary in new york state. both candidates were tipped to come out on top and now they say their path parties nomination is unstoppable. a triumphant night for the two front runners. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and on the republican side, donald trump swept tuesday's new york state primary. strong showings that propelled linton even further toward clinching the nomination. ms. clinton: we started this race not far from here on roosevelt island and a little less than a year later, the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. reporter: both clinton and her rival were on their home turf in new york.
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says it hasator allowed her to widen her delegate lead against sanders, a brooklyn native. clinton: you have proven once again there's no is like home. winning was even a more of an imperative for donald trump. to get a delegate asian wide to win a majority at the republican convention in july for mr. trump: we have one millions of cruz,otes than senator millions and millions more votes than governor kasich and now especially after tonight, kos -- close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. deeply disliked in the state, ted cruz came in third place. they were not from the empire state.
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they have moved on. in thevania is the state next round of primaries. catherine: reporters without borders has warned of a new year of propaganda. they say press freedom worsened across the globe, especially in the americas and as world leaders have developed a form of paranoia about legitimate journalism. reporter: these are troubling times for journalists. press freedom is in decline and reporters without borders released its report saying it is or to only grave in latin america due to institutional violence, organized crime and media concentration. >> latin america goes from costa rica to cuba, which is among the very last.
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the fact that latin america is regressing means the americas are actually behind africa, which is way behind europe when it comes to freedom of the press. reporter: the press read an index ranks 180 countries according to several criteria, including transparency and self-censorship. while europe remains the nation with the most press read them, a worrying trend is seen several media outlets fall into the hands of his misspent. ,> in recent events in france we can see the media is being trusted by businessman who have interest in other sectors. we have seen in europe and switzerland, newspapers being bought by politicians and from one day to the next, their editorial stance changes. even worse is in turkey, with the president making sure the newspaper follows party lines. china is not doing well either things to its great firewall.
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then there is eritrea, which has been at the bottom of the rankings for the last eight years. the country has been a did readership in which the media has no rights for decades. at least 15 journalists are currently being detained. catherine: coming up is the business of day, but first -- scores are thought to have died in a mediterranean shipwreck. the u.n. refugee agency says as many as 500 people may have drowned. expectedlian court is to vote on whether lula da silva can join the government of the current president. and the u.s. president meets with teen solman in saudi arabia. relations are under pressure after last years iranian nuclear deal. marcus: time for the business roundup and we are going to start with google and its parent company, alphabet. they are in the crosshairs of
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the european union watchdog. they are charging the tech giant with antitrust violations over its operating system, android. the european commission is taking on an american giant. after a year-long invest ignition into google and its operating system, the commission has accused google of pushing cell phone makers to give preferential treatment to its own smart phone apps. a result of google's behavior, rival search engines, mobile operating systems, and web browsers have not been able to compete on their merits. the commission accuses google of fermenting itemscturers from selling that have applications from
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other manufacturers. google rejects the allegations and in a game at posted online, the search engine senior vice president said -- >> we take these concerns seriously but also believe the business model keeps manufacturers cost low and flexibility high while getting consumers unprecedented control of their mobile devices. if found guilty, google could face a fine of about 7 billion euros. the case draws strong comparisons to 2007 when the european commission found microsoft guilty of abusing its dominant position with its windows software. it set a precedent for future lawsuits against internet explorer, tying the company up in litigation for several years and costing more than 2.2 billion euros. marcus: shares in mitsubishi have come crashing down following the admission the firm cheated on fuel economy test.
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mitsubishi says 625,000 many wagons guzzled more petrol than indicated. warns that the number of affected vehicles could rise and some were sold under mitsubishi's own brand. several were sold under the brand of rival carmaker, nissan and the cap -- the scandal came to light when the sun started asking questions. >> in the course of our internal investigation, mitsubishi motors learned of the improper conduct that had been used and it provided more advantaged to fuel consumption rate than the actual rate. marcus: let's talk you through some other stories we have been
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keeping an ion for you. russia has won a legal victory. eight dutch court has overturned and order for them to pay $54 billion for the compensation was awarded in 2018. say they willr continue their fight against moscow. if french tire maker has received boarded -- has reported a stronger-than-expected quarter. rising car sales in europe boosted michelin's topline and made up for weakness in other regions. the company expects drunker growth and the rest of the market and is sticking to its forecast. the french president has had a meeting with the state own power company. project has sparked criticism from within that it is
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to costly and risky. that has sparked concern that the construction of the reactors will not go ahead. finally, we finish with this story -- abolitionist. tubman is about to become the first woman to appear on a u.s. dollar bill. sources say the treasury secretary wants her portrait to replace that of andrew jackson. is part of a planned overhaul of u.s. notes. fame varyingo hundreds of slaves from the american south in the 1800s. that is the business roundup. back to you. molly: thank you for that. by james creedon for media watch. that has caused
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a bit of a storm on social media after one of its associations organized a headscarf date. allow ore idea was to encourage students who do not ordinarily wear the headscarf to come in wearing the headscarf so as to understand how muslim mightliving in france experience life wearing a headscarf. is there some sort of stigmatization? the idea was to provoke a degree of discussion in what is a pretty elite school. because of that, it drew an awful lot of attention and even a degree of protests in and around the university.
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beingf the women were quite aggressively fought with verbally. -- says thatng if goebbels likes what you are doing. it generated quite a lot of debate and lot of people online are disagreeing with the. you can see a facebook page was set up for muslims and non-muslims to experience the job for a day. that is why this initiative became a huge talking point on social media. what about bikini day? i would like to see muslim women are dissipating in this cultural exchange. you can see the tone of some of the tweets. it wouldn't work the other way is what some were saying. a facebook page was set up for
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bikini him a skirt, dress day -- come as you want. is essentiallyat a disagreement with the whole concept. some of the far right took the opportunity to say stop a job locald even sharing elections in france, you choose your suburb. a's not the same as headscarf. they cannot really be equated. the headscarf is not permitted in french schools but at the university level and all other walks of life, it is completely legal. that is a sense of how it was playing out.
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he tweeted that he was not alone in saying this. hijab day, one or we going to have the sharia day or public stoning day or slavery day. making that tweet is comparisons between the muslim headscarf, which is legal and freedom of expression should protect that and slavery. in any case, some dug out a tweet in january where he was anding for the respect there is a clear -- he deleted tweet, so maybe he realizes it is not on the same page. others think it's a mix lane the difference to me and here you
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have those in christian religious dress on the left. molly: and we have the issue of women's rights. james: she said it is a provocation. she was at the center of a political storm a few weeks ago when she compared the muslim veil to slavery. quite a controversy, saying women who choose to wear the they'll, there were women's master women in times of slavery in that created a massive outcry. is reacted saying that this a provocation. we can respect the right to wear the veil while still finding the hijab day off
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message. molly: there you go. thank you very much. we are going to take aññçoço
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04/20/16 04/20/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from denver, colorado and new york city, this is democracy now! >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is insight. we don't have much of a raisin in more based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. amy: hillary clinton and donald trump wh


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