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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello. thank you for joining us. here are the headlines. u.s. president barack obama is in london where he joins the british prime minister in his strong support for the u.k. staying in the european union. the cop21 agreement signed by 175 world leaders gathered in new york four months after negotiating the global climate deal in paris >> and fifa sets up a special welfare committee to oversee construction in qatar after
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complaints of abuse suffered by migrant workers. in london, the u.s. president is wading into difficult dilemmatic waters -- dilemmati dilemmat dilemmaticic waters. here are some of the comments. the united states wants a strong u.k. as a partner and the u.k. is at its best when it's helping to lead a strong europe. it leverages u.k. power to be part of the european union.
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i don't believe the eu moderates british influence in the world. it magnifies it. >> let me be clear, when it comes to the special relationship between our two countries, there's no greater enthusist than me. i'm proud to have had the opportunity to be prime minister and stand outside the white house listening to this man say that the special relationship between our countries has never been stronger. but i've never felt constrained in any way in strengthening this relationship by the fact that we're in the european union. in fact, quite the reverse. >> earlier, we spoke to france24 in london about the reaction to obama's comments and if his position will have any sway with the voters there. >> if he says himself that he feels powerless at times at the hands of congress and the senate, however, it is headline news here.
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we're one week into the official referendum campaign. we have 61 days to go. and certainly the build up and then the op-ed in the daily telegraph today by barack obama is really appealing to british voters to vote to stay in the e.u. then this joint press conference by mr. cameron's side, of course, this is going to get a lot of air time. radio, tv, and it will be all over the newspapers tomorrow. however, it is interesting to see how the two men clearly have got this strategy down. they both want to be careful and barack obama said himself that he recognizes that he feels very strongly about the u.k. staying within the e.u. but ultimately it's the choice of the british people. and david cameron was very careful in his words saying it's the sovereign choice of the
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british people about british membership but it's worth listening to our friends, our friend barack obama. the mayor of london a potential successor to david cameron and he says that barack obama is the most anti-british u.s. president ever. what impact it will truly have, we don't know. in a poll, 60% of the british people said the u.s. president had no right to intervene
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whereas 29% of people said that he was within his rights due to historical political and economic roots and the strong relationship. in the first step towards implementing the cop21 deal, never have so many countries been ready to sign on the first day. but the real work begins after the signing when countries must formally approve cop21 at home. >> delegates filed through at the u.n. general assembly to put their country's signature on the agreement. 175 countries signed it on earth day, friday, and for john kerry, the agreement is about securing the future for the children of today. among the speakers were a school
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girl from tanzania and oscar winner leo dicaprio. >> planet action is important. indeed, it offers many benefits. create green jobs. defeat hunger. prevent instability. and improve the lives of girls and women. >>reporter: the next step will be to implement the accord requiring at least 55 countries to ratify it. the president of france said he would be doing his part to get national parliament behind us. >> i am now calling for every country to ratify the paris agreement as quickly as possible. i will ask the french parliament to ratify the accord before the summer. and i would like to european union to lead by example on this by the end of the year.
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the agreement drawn up in paris last december aims to keep global temperatures well below 2 degrees centigrade. while some have called the agreement ambitious, scientists have largely remained cautious saying below 2 degrees will require significant sacrifices, a step they fear many countries won't be prepared to take. joining us in the newsroom is an advocacy manager for the ngo care. >> hello. >> hello. >> thank you for joining us. could you talk us through the process that's taking place in the u.n. right now? >> yes, in december, we saw the induction of the paris agreement. today was the opening, the time for countries to actual sign the agreement. they have a yore to do so between today and april, 2017.
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then it is really a symbolic moment, the signing. now, the next step is for each country to ratify the agreement. and so that process will take a bit longer and before that, we cannot implement the agreement. the ratification process is really key. >> and so the ratification has to take place domestically. each country has to go home and get everyone in their country on board with this. what do you think the possibility of that happening and especially with big polluters like the united states and china. >> about 15 countries have already done so, ratified it, particularly small island states vulnerable to climate change. the u.s. and china and france have announced they want to ratify the agreement before the end of this year. so the process varies from one country to the other.
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in the u.s., the president will not have to go through the congress which should hopefully speed up the process. in china, it seems a lot of political willingness is on the table right now and in france as well. but the e.u. will not be able to ratify until the last 28 member states of the european union has the positive instruments of ratification which might take longer than expected. >> are there any countries in the e.u. expected to drag their feet on this? >> we know historically some countries have had reluctance to engage in the fight against climate change. especially countries that rely a lot on coal like poland, for example. so the thing is they've shown a lot of willingness to work towards an agreement in paris.
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so hopefully they will be engaged this year but this remains to be seen. >> i mean, it's wonderful that this is happening. i mean, it's faster than it's ever happened before. for once we have the u.s. and china on board. but is it too little too late? i mean, what has to happen right away to save the planet? >> the thing is the cop21 agreement is not enough to save the planet, to save the people. so what's really important now is for actually countries to scale up their commitments in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and that needs to happen by 2018 at the latest because otherwise we're not going to go to renewable energies that we need.
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the head of fifa urged carcinoma tar to -- after am nesty international reported abuses in a report three weeks ago based on accounts of 132 workers at ththe site. >>reporter: faced with mounting
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anger, fifa says it won't sit on its hands. in a visit to qatar on friday, the chief said he'd set up a new panel to monitor the treatment of the foreign workers. the. >>. >> in order to ensure the protection of the worker's rights. >>reporter: many made the journey from countries like india and nepal hoping to make good money. reality is often very different. >> there's no way people have sanitary conditions. there's not even a table to eat their food on. the food of course is poor quality as well as the sanitation. it smelt. this is a hovel and none of our sons or daughters would live
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there because we wouldn't let them. >>reporter: qatar says they're working to improve conditions but amnesty international says workers face forced labor. some were not paid for months and passports were confiscated from others. for fifa, there's no question of moving the tournament anywhere else. >> joining us now is a gulf migrant migrant researcher for amnesty international. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you met earlier with fifa's chief. can you fill us in on your conversation? >> that's right. we had a very brief interaction in qatar today just before his press conference. i said to him very clearly that people are suffering right now. while he's there for a very short period of time, the workers that i interviewed and
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many others are suffering, facing appalling conditions, appalling abuse. and the actions he takes can actually have a real impact on their life. but this is something that needs to be dealt with right now just not in the future. >> do you believe that fifa is really serious about cleaning up the abuse, or is this just talk? >> it's a really good question. we really hope that they are genuine about changing things. it's very encouraging to hear the announcement today that they will set up an independent monitoring body specific to the migrant worker conditions in qatar. so we really welcome that. obviously we need to see how that actually operates. will it actually lead to providing the protection. but also there was a bit of concern on my part. you know, i was there at the press conference in qatar. i'm currently in qatar where it was said that the abuse has been
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addressed and that's a concern. i really hope that we're not just trying to feshth what happened three weeks ago with the research that we did and to rather quickly move on. but not just setting up these formal bodies but actually looking to fix the situation. what that means is that the people organizing the work themselves do not fully know what is the situation for workers working on the sites and they don't have adequate systems in place over the next few years to really work out what's happening. that's what needs to change because in the absence of that, we'll have situations of forced labor. poor accomodation. workers threatened and working very long hours for very poor pay and we don't want a world cup where we're mourning labor
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exploitation instead of the tournament. if we don't address that now we won't be celebrating futbol at all rather worrying about labor exploitation. >> can you describe the most extreme abuses you found in your investigation? >> some of the most extreme things i saw were workers who paid 4,300 u.s. dollars being paid $120 per month instead. so heavily in debt living in cramped and disgusting conditions. some workers were not paid for up to ten months so they were literally starving in really unsanitary conditions. and even a small complaint would lead to a swift threat if their employer that they would deduct
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their pay, never release them, or hand them over to the police as runaway workers. so they're mentally and physically affected and living in a virtual prison and these were dozens of workers. i spent much time with them in the heat, in their camps. people in utter desperation who so sadly had come just to earn a living so that hopefully they and their families could have a better standard of living so quite an atrocious situation on a human level. and many workers are still in those conditions. >> thank you very much. >> thank you it's time now for a business round up and marcus is here in studio. first you were, the price for iraqi diesel emissions -- >> indeed. volkswagen is in the spotlight once more for all the
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wrong reasons as some might say. the company has come out to announce that it's setting aside more money after it admit as to rigging millions of cars to cheat on emissions tests. vw said it raised its provisions to pay for the candle to 16.2 billion euros.
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if we stick to the car sector, mitsubishi is grappling with their own scandal following their admission this week that it had been overstating the fuel efficiency of 625,000 cars. japanese authorities have raided one of its research facilities and there's concern the scandal could grow. investors are jutterery in the conte context. mercedes said the u.s. wanted to
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investigate possible indications of irregularities. that news from mercedes weighed on the entire car sector in european trading. there were pressures they could be dragged further into the emissions scandal. in the united states on friday the dow finished with slight gains while the s&p 500 was flat. there were reports from microsoft and alphabet which is of course the parent company of google. all right. a new bailout deal between greece and its creditors is getting closer. following weeks of wrangling, the head of the so-called euro group said there could be a breakthrough as early as next week. greece and its creditors have been at odd as about financial
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aid for athens. >> if there is not progress we'll see how far we can get. i don't want you to write -- that is not a given fact. if we can do it this week, we will. let's bring you up to date with other stories we're watching for you. french power company edf has delayed their decision to build two nuclear reactioners in the u.k. they want time to consult about it. it follows criticism setting things up. they are expected to wait until
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after the annual shareholders meeting until may hsbc has bowed to pressure over executive policies. it will cut the amount senior executive executives can earn by 7%. the bank's annual reports show the ceo was awarded 7.3 million pounds last year less than the 7.6 million pounds he earned in 2014. enitaly's most celebrated scooter, the vespa turns 70 this weekend. the patent was registered on april 23rd in 1946.
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thank you, marcus. lots to think about over the weekend. shifting now to media watch with escape ma james for a look at the talking points during th look at the talking points during the mma, james for a loo the talking points during the day. barack obama weighing in on the u.k.'s position in europe. he believes the u.k. is better and stronger in the e.u. barack obama is still very much largely popular in the u.k. it's important to hear barack obama and why we should remain in the e.u. he provided the link to this telegraph article that barack obama himself wrote. he claims the european union
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doesn't moderate british influence. it magnifies it. not everyone though thinks barack obama should be commen d commenting on this particular issue. another very much in the forefront of the leave campaign is boar russ johnson, the mayor of london and the person who many believe will be the next leader of the u.k.'s conservative party, perhaps the next prime minister. he has shocked a great deal of people with an article he wrote for "the sun." he questioned whether the part ken yon president had an ancestral dislike of the british pire. it's a lengthy article but the comments have all of the
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attention and publicity. notefully from those in the campaign to stay in europe in the u.k. boar russ wants to be pm. nasty desperate stuff. this from an mp who is also the grandson of winston church hill. he says appalling article on boar rusris johnson. >> and the world is mourning the death of prince. >> prince didn't give many interviews. lots of people talking about their brushes with the purple one and one particular tale was turned into a sketch on a u.s. comedy program in 2004. it was called a true hollywood
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show and takes a look at a very entertaining story being shared very widely on social media right now. let's take a look.@8úxúçóbq
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