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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to live from paris. a look at what is making news this hour. has taken military action against 16 people over a deadly bombing rain that destroyed a doctors without borders half it'll in october. foodis you -- as the shortage worsens and menace way luck, the opposition is claiming
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more than 600,000 have signed a petition to -- the president. the u.s. military is said to take disciplinary action against bombingpersonnel for a raid that destroyed a doctors without borders hospital in october. it will broadly conclude that it was a tragic mistake. mark thompson reports. ,ark: this hospital in kunduz
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afghanistan, was reduced to rubble. dozens were killed in a u.s. airstrike. the first of the 211 shells was fired around 2:00 a.m. in an onslaught that would last almost an hour. happenednts of what changed several times. >> afghan at forces advise they were taking fire. an airstrike was called to eliminate the threat and several civilians were accidentally struck. hit becausetal was of a series of human errors along with an electronic malfunction.
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officials claim one of the special forces units was being attacked by taliban fighters inside the hospital, and account rejected by doctors without borders. >> this is ridiculous. we have heard no fighting from the compound. this compound is guarded and fenced. the only patients in the building were patients and staff. >> the attack came a month after kunduz fell into the talib and's hands. the afghan military, the u.s. embassy -- were contacted to a from the neutral position of the hospital.
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a message which was not enough to protect itself. our correspondent has published a report. you talked to dozens of officials and to staff at the hospital who knew there was a risk they could be targeted in the fighting and tried to alert the appropriate authorities. what actually happened? where were the failures. contacted what they assumed would be the appropriate actors. they have been working in a lot of environments across the world. is, know what the procedure
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where the front line was moving. they directed all parties to the conflict, including the insurgency, as well as the afghan government. they also contacted nato. it is being run by two mandates, the other mission is america's counterterrorism mission. the messages would be relayed to
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freedom sentinel, the mandate of thehich majority senate forces operate. this turned out not to be the case. we know why they targeted the hospital? >> the military investigation has yet to be released. we hope that will happen later today. the hospital was struck, yourding to the military,
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can only call in an airstrike for force protection reasons. -- they men are being did not have eyes on target, which is among the many were arm and for calling in air support with the gunship. >> doctors without borders refuses to believe it was a simple technical error and they want an independent probe. what would an investigation on cover? it would be an integral part of understanding what would happen and ensuring the mistakes that were made are not repeated.
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month after the incident, we still don't know the specifics of what happened, who called whom and for what purpose. all of this stuff and all of the thatls i relayed our ones only the american military can answer. they are the ones who have access to the transcript, the pilots speaking to men on the ground. information is necessary fullerto -- for a picture of what happened that night. more importantly, in the absence of a rigorous independent investigation, no one will be held accountable.
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as we have seen, syria, earlier medical facilities are .ncreasing a little-known incident happened , where a swedish run clinic was rated by an afghan specials unit. ,hey barged into this clinic drag three patients out of the hospital, shot them and left. if things like this continue, it would be too much to ask. we have run out of time.
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thank you very much. moving on in a regime sponsored by russia and the united states will come into effect for 24 hours. it comes as fighting has intensified. what do we know about this silence? >> a lot more -- not a lot more than what you said. it has been calling on the u.s. and russia to do all they can and to apply pressure where they can to get the peace talks and back on track.
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[indiscernible] third of all, this regime of silence, we do not know what it means. first of all, this is the area orre following a breakdown, as the talks were breaking down, the opposition said it would start -- against the forces. this is one of the areas. but what is not mentioned, any
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mention of aleppo, which is probably where this is most needed. food shortages in venezuela are worsening by the day. sack the threatened to food minister for his handling. >> a common site here, menace way a's second city. dozens of shops and pharmacies have been looted.
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we ask for the cooperation from the population for the law to be respected. >> the oil economy has been hit hard by plummeting prices. foods been compounded by shortages. many are directing their against president nicolas maduro. his popularity ratings have nosedived. no meanhim would be feat. it would require signatures from 20% of voting.
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singlelargest destruction of ivory and history. the illegal trafficking is worrying conservationists, who believe elephants could become extinct in as little as 50 years. biggest stockpile of poached ivory. more than 100 tons from 8000 elephants. will burn it all as it hosts a giant summit of african leaders. >> the only value of ivory and the rhino horn is on the elephant or the rhino. it is estimated to be worth $30 million.
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tourism brings in more than $2 billion a year. >> there is nothing else we do. if we sell it, we are going to encourage the train -- the trade to go on. we want to take it out of economic reach. buying and selling was banned in 1989. illegal poaching has continued. >> they will kill a seven ton animal to make a bracelet. it is not medicine. >> longer jail terms and fines have failed in the war against poaching. every year, more than 30,000 elephants are killed for their tusks.
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>> a deadly bombing raid in afghanistan that the story day -- that destroyed a doctors without borders hospital. -- food shortage gets worse in venezuela. more than 600,000 have signed a petition to sack the president. in kenya tomeeting discuss how to say the continent's elephants from extinction. it is time for the business news. you are starting with much-needed good news on the french economy. >> it is quite the week here in france. the economy has grown half a percent for the first quarter of 2016. consumer spending grew at its strongest pace since 2004.
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it comes at the right time for president hollande. >> good news for france's economy. enough to make francois hollande optimistic. >> are we the best? in many fields we can prove we are the best. -- follow throughout the week. since the biggest fall 2000. gdp rose to 0.5%, more than anyone had forecast. business investments are up by 1.6%. improvements the government set are due to tax cut policies. much more needs to be done to
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make the economy healthy again. >> things are improving. the situation deteriorated so much. in 2008, 2 million people were out of work. now there are 3.5 million of them. the number should have gone down, but it has been drastically reduced. people are unemployed because of mistakes politicians make. >> the government has pledged to make more jobs by making labor laws flexible. met weeks of street protests. the government has already watered down its bill and they're being pushed to drop the bill entirely. >> a check on the markets. has done little for sentiment. all the main indices following cutqueue from wall street.
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the man tipped to be treasury secretary at donald trump becomes u.s. president says he sold all of his shares in apple. he says it is china's fall. carl icahn says apple is a great company and its chief executive is doing a good job, but aging could make it difficult for apple to sell there. it has not been the best week for them. apple reported its first fall in 13 years and the first decline in iphone shares. let's look at some of the other stories. the bank made a one-off payment to the government. percent ofwned --
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rbs after it was built out. richestindicate china's man could have his eyes on a club. -- ac milan.aid it formere owned by italy's prime minister. executive of the new york times is facing a class-action lawsuit. black women who work in the advertising department accuse the ceo of introducing a culture of discrimination. not only does the times have an ideal customer, but the ideal who is young, white, and unencumbered with a family.
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>> shocked to read that. thanks for that. a look at what is making headlines. we're going to start with britain. the opposition leader forced to suspend his close ally, the mayor of london for inflammatory remarks about hitler. a huge crisisked and it is getting a lot of attention in the british press. the guardian talks about this anti-semitism crisis as -- is suspended. a zionist and was backed moving german jews to israel. there is a reason this comment
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sparked an uproar. -- was also accused of anti-semitism. the labour party has been facing growing criticism and is not doing enough to crack down on anti-semitism within its own ranks. the can see they are talking about labors civil war. you can read more about his statements in the independent today. this is really damaging to corban, who is attempting to build bridges with the jewish community. it is a story that is raising eyebrows abroad.
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let's look at this article. they are talking about the labour party's nazi meltdown. a similar analysis piece in the wall street journal. the left wing often likes to pretend it is the hostility to letonly jewish state, but voters judge that for themselves. lots of violence in many other cities. focuses on the fact that 24 police officers were wounded during the violent crashes -- the violent clashes with
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protesters. violence.cus on this tot as a reform the labor code but turned into a fully fledged battle. it was three hours of guerrilla warfare. let's look at the communist paper that said it is the police who violently charged the demonstrators. the government is losing it's cool, losing its self-control. people the papers blame who break things. cool against, if you will, troublemakers.
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quite a diverse group, an antiestablishment group barrett you also have inner-city project kids. aim is to fight the occupancy with the police. finally, here is a change of pattern. a word about a hip restaurant set to open in june in central london. it has a unique take. it is designed to get people back to nature.
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it will be free from electrical lights and clothing will be optional. it is very popular and has not even opened yet. it has a waiting list of nearly 30,000 people. the restaurant only seats 42. in the market few would have thought existed. >> do you think people will turn up for the food? meant to beis delicious. it might also be for sightseeing. >> i suspect as such. what weread more of have been discussing on our website. it for this addition.
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i will be back after a break. °
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