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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and thank you for joining us us. fouran has been reduced to years for michel platini. in belgium, the trial is underway for members of they killr cell, plotted to police officers. there are also links to the
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brussels and paris attacks. voters electpines, a new president. a firebrand major leads the pack . coming up with protests on the streets, greek lawmakers give the green light to another round of austerity measures. more in business. coming up, a look at an enormous serpent. a sculpture by a chinese artists is part of the show which kicked off on sunday. ♪
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>> a mid a push to the right-wing, a prime minister steps down. we go now for our correspondent in vienna for more. can you tell us more about why this is happening? under chancellor had been extraordinary pressure without any let up since the result of the first round of the presidentiallectionshen th far right candidate took 35% of the vote in an explosive result which shocked the establishment left to the shadows the mainstream party. on for ay to hang couple of weeks, seeking to
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bolster his position by relying on his traditional supporters. today was seen as a crucial day with a meeting of the leaders of the social democrat party in austria to determine what his future would be. the southern announcement by him --seveannouncement by him that he is stepping down as chancellor is in fact nothing short of stunning for austria. open many more questions about what is going to happen going forward. we haveunder two weeks the runoff vote into which the far right is going as a clear favorite. anthony, reporting
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from vienna. belgium,e on trial in accused of planning to kill and idnap police k officers but there plot was foiled. they are links with the attacks in paris and brussels. we have more from oliver farry. >> the residence will remember the events whe special forcesn launched an attack of his apartment. 213 rounds of gunfire were exchanged. police shot down two men. investigators found five kilograms of explosives and soface uniforms hidden in a
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they were on the verge of. >> carrying out terrorist attacks. belgians a success for intelligence services who located terrorists returned from syria. there was more to it. taken part in the paris attacks and was planning others in brussels. airport attack on the -- 16 months after the case. >> he was killed in a police raid days after the paris attacks. 16 of their compasses stand trial on monday.
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always seven of the accused will stand trial in court. the trial is expected to last three weeks. plan to government counter terrorism includes measures that are already in place as well as several new ones. centers to prevent formidable yout from becomingh jihadists. , a center tocenter reinsert radicals will be set up this summer. the first to be welcome could be those who have taken part of their desire to come back into society will be put into test. >> a shaky cease-fire is set to end just after midnight local time on tuesday.
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by 72 already extended hours. a monitoring group said airstrikes pounded rebel stronghold. they fired rockets, killing three civilians and wounding 15. north korea's top decision-making body has agreed to boost the country's defensive nuclear powers. they are holding the first congress in nearly 40years .delegates pledged not to use nuclear weapons unless threatened by another nuclear power. here are some reactions to those decisions. congress, the first in which 36 years. he reached out to the southern
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neighbor. his comments were nothing short of propaganda. >> we have not given up on dialogue with north korea. genuine dialogue only be possible when they are sincere about denuclearization. friday.ngress began on memberseekend, a planmed the doctrine, for nuclear proliferation. the leader promised a responsible nuclear weapons policy. >> we will only use nuclear weapons if aggressive hostile nations use them against us. we work to achieve the
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denuclearization of the world. >> north korea continues to pursue its developments, including a nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. folders are heading to the polls in the philippines to elect a new president. an unofficial tally show the firebrand mayor rodrigo duterte taking a strong early lead. filipinos are also choosing the vice president and local officials. we take a look at the big issue facing the philippines. crime, andomy, corruption are all major issues in the election. despite rapid economic growth in ofent years -- more than 1/4
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filipinos fall below the poverty line. population growth spending as well as job creation. top campaignn a issue for most candidates. many have accused the outgoing president of letting violence slide. trafficking is a particular concern. synthetic drugs in asia. another key issue is corruption. the porkbarrel scandal shocked the nation. members of congress have stolen more than 180 million euros from a fund. are a bigith beijing concern. the philippines and china claim control over the oil. >> documents part of the panama
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paper investigation are to be released later today. there will be a searchable database with information on more than 200,000 offshore entities. it includes information about in taxs, foundations havens21. provides links to people in more than 200 territories and countries. a ban has been reduced for michel platini. his retiring as the uefa president. he was banned for conflict of interest over a payment. they have been the highest profile figures to fall over the
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scandal that have hit fifa. we have more on the verdict. >> an optimistic michel platini was pitching a six-year ban imposed by fiffa last year. >> a new match. we are all at the same point. i hope the result will be a good one. >> the embattled president managed to score a few points with the court of attrition, counting the supreme court sixced the sanctions from to four years. michel platini is now out for a 54,000 euro fine. the verdict removes him from the top post.
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of mandate ends in march 2019. he announced he will step down as uefa president of the next congress. guilty of it conflict of interest. payment.en dogged by a behavior slammed by the tribunal as unethical. denials of wrongdoing fail on deaf ears. the latest ruling has ended his hopes of replacing him at the helm of fifa. >> it is 240 meters long and weighs130 tons. a sculpture of a giant metal serpent has taken over as part of the art show which kicked off on sunday. it is a symbol of global
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economic power. we have this report. shipping containers would be a common site. parisre piled appear in at the grand palace. >> quite surprising to see these containers. is that the word? >> this is giving me goosebumps. it is scary. >> even scarier is this snake skelton made of aluminum and hanging over the containers. it is a giant artwork that symbolizes the environmental consequences of globalization. the artist behind it is one of the most influential figures in chinese contemporary art. >> the grand palais is a
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wonderful venue. installing an artwork was a challenge. >> forging the giant snake involved specialized foundries and a team of 200 people. only a handful of contemporary artists have been able to showcase their work here for the annual exhibition. >> he is one of the top contemporary artists and works with simple materials. he is an artist and the philosopher at the same time. >> he is back in paris more than 25 years after his exhibition. >> taking a look at the headlines we are covering today. michel platini's ban has been reduced to four years and he resigns as the uefa president.
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the trial underway for 16 members of a terror cell in belgium. investigators say they are links to the paris and brussels attacked. voters elect a new president in the philippines. rodrigo duterte leads the pack. ♪ time now for business news with kate moody. you are starting with the conjugal reforms pushed through in greece. they have won approval for lawmakers. >> not a lot of rest time. the eurogroup is getting ready to discuss the controversial reforms. speak toarriving as we
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give the green light to reforms that is been put in place by athens. this review has been delayed since october. it will be a crucial meeting because it is on the agenda for the first time ever. withdraw.reatens to the differences between the creditors are increasingly becoming apparent. 2.5 billion euros in july. asia as mixed close in n weakened.experts dropping nearly 2%. european markets are firmly in the green. dax up. oil prices up about 2% this
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session after wildfires in canada. is planning to -- a 5% sale would be worth ion, which would be the biggest ipo in history. they are replacing their long serving oil minister. that is part of a broad government overhaul, hoping to reduce dependent on oil. >> a transformation is going to occur. i think that gives a glimpse of to coordinate the energy policy between the
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electricity sector and the oil- producing sector. >> there has been a drop in global oil prices. incking is banned france.there is concern about environmental activists. our home and our meals, gas. lead,ing portugal's france is receiving imported u.s. gas. methods were outlawed in france in 2011. a paradoxical approach that worries the environmental minister. >> we cannot outlaw fracking in
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it.ce and then import we have other ways of producing energy. they signed a contract with companies in the u.s. 50 cargo ships. they have shipments of millions of tons of gas slated to arrive on france's shores. increasing competition. gas is imported. the more provided, the more competition, which will drive prices down. gas could imported keep cost down, the environmental impact remains controversial in france. protesters still say the
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environmental damage is not worth it. >> facebook has won a trademark case in china. they tried to register the name facebook as two separate words. facebook is blocked in china. mark zuckerberg has been meeting after a public visit to china. the government may be slowly softening its stance. >> thank you, kate. not time for our press review. ♪ theave a look at some of international papers this monday. you are starting with the elections in the philippines. >> some of the filipino papers.
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the daily inquiry says the man to beat is rodrigo duterte. that is on its front page. he is the mayor who emerged as the front runner has been called vowedpino trump and has he will kill tens of thousands of criminals and corruption. the outgoing president is warning of voting for rodrigo duterte carries dangers and would bring terror to the nation. the quote is that i hope we learn the lessons. we should learn how hitler came to power. >> forecasting more instability. >> this is the daily tribune. when the president came to power
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six years ago, all crooks would go to jail. that did not happen. you can see that piece. rs is nothingvote more than a sisyphus, condemned to roll a bolter up a hill. an on ending cycle of horror for the country. see death squads become the killers of the filipino people. in a year or wo, a return to widespread corruption and bloodshed and will be instability. there could be another people's revolt. >> the candidate is being
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compared to donald trump. i imagine there is no shortage of news about donald. >> the is everywhere. be a a great time to horrible person in america. be aise has made it ok to racist and misogynist. there is a long list of examples. savage is saying it is the factory worker in indiana who has voted for donald trump. the immediate do not say about what obama has done to the poor explainn, which would the horror and some examples of trumpisms. has a satirical
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version of trump and about who will be his running mate. he has an idea for a reality show. could it be the white house apprentice? apparently in the satire, he rejects that is not sexy enough. ideas with all the contenders for vp going on two trump island. why not put them all in trump tower and have them all a version of "big brother"? >> whether parliament will pass the controversial labor reforms. which labor reform bill has caused two months of
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protests across france. 72 now remaining amendments in the debate. could they result in the article being used by the prime minister. he tries to push through legislation without a vote. he is advising against that, saying he could be a death blo w. let's go to the right wing paper in france. wouldl socialist mp's 3hoose an option in voting 49. of the constitution and the would not be smeared by that brush. had the political week begins in france. you can see the cartoon with the speaker of the house handing a gun, 49.3.
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we'll see some fireworks but maybe not gunfire. political gunfire. >> thank you for the press review. if you wouldww úgc
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>> for many peoes, civilizations, and faiths, nature, or the natural world, has been an important access int to t sacred. and as we experience the wondrous spectrum of life forms that surround us here on earth, perhaps the most urgent question of the 21st century is, how do we balance the biological needs of other species with our seemingly unending needs as humans? since all life on earth shares the same home, we find ourselves


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