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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to "live from paris." i am annette young. let's look at what is making headlines this hour. will they or won't they back confusion continues to reign in brazil as the senate says it will push ahead to impeach dilma decision waser the reversed for a no vote to be held.
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rte wins the filipino election. style,veling in revealing just how much french kings love to pimp their carriages. annette: we begin in brazil, where confusion and political chaos continues to reign as the senate says it will push ahead impeachvote to dilma rousseff, this after the speaker of the house says he will no longer call for a new vote to be held. in the meantime, brazil's and battled leader is calling on supporters to defend democracy. rushworth has more.
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nick: the vote to impeach dilma rousseff stands the u-turn by the acting speaker, yet another extra ordinary twist. rousseff, when she heard her impeachment vote had been held, predicted bumps in the road ahead. >> it is not official. i do not know what the consequences will be. please because this. we are living in a web of tricks. leader has said the move to suspend the impeachment procedure in the lower house was a legal and that the vote in the upper cha mber would go ahead. personally responsible for
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the delay of the impeachment process. .> rousseff denies wrongdoing she is accused of trying to hide the scale of the country's economic problems by manipulating government budget accounts during the 2014 reelection campaign. london: recross now to -- we cross now to london. this story has more twists and turns than an airport thriller. so if this impeachment process -- is this impeachment process likely to go ahead? >> yes. it is clear now that it will go ahead. this is a real roller coaster. i think we have been seeing the same kind of last-minute twists every week. and this is an indication and a reflection of brazil's institution of weakness and political -- politicization's.
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all of this is making a very negative impact on brazil economy. we consider the main factor, -- the brazil under political factors rather than any other factors, which we are now projecting 4% contraction this year, and even the economy will not grow in 2017 either. in the this is down entire majority to the political crisis. annette: so why did the speaker rivers his decision earlier today? -- so why did the speaker reverse his decision earlier today? >> one factor is, in the first was ignoringnate him, and that would isolate him. --ond, it appeared that he
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that a political party threatened to expel him unless he backtracked. it appears the threat of expelling him made the trek. and -- made the trick. and now with even more uncertainty more than anything. senate will vote tomorrow for the appeasement to -- for the impeachment to go ahead is a foregone conclusion. then we have six months of a brazilian soap opera, because president rousseff will have to step aside for 180 days, and we will have a new interim government. annette: carlos, we will have to leave it there. thank you so much. to the philippines now, where maverick anticrime candidate erte has won dut
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the election. his main rival admitted defeat after polls gave him an unassailable lead. the 71-year-old had created headlines for his ultra-tough stance on law and order. william hilderbrandt reports. the establishment candidate has stormed to a huge win. te, known by some as the filipino donald trump, caused controversy with fire and ry comments. corrupt policeman know very well they have the option to retire or maybe to die. >> supporters gathered outside
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his home to celebrate. the mayor has prevailed in spite of all the trash talk about him. duterte handily did peter did -- handily defeated the other candidates. his biggest challenge are going into the polls has conceded defeat after what was a bitter campaign. to respect the will of the majority, whether we agree with it or not. our primary concern now should be reconciliation. >> despite his convincing victory, some people are skeptical about whether he will be able to deliver on his campaign promises. >> we still do not know if do willh -- if duterte handle his role well. vague inhe was campaigning, tuesday he unveiled ambitious plans.
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he said the government will devolve power from what he calls imperial manila to long neglected provinces. he will end the land dispute the south china sea. annette: in other news on this tuesday, the luxembourg leak scandal was back in the spotlight as the trial resumes of the three whistleblowers who exposed sweetheart deals between some of the biggest companies. prosecutors are recommending the three face 18 months in jail. sparks debate over whether whistleblowers are criminals or heroes. that is her tougher protections. -- that deserve tougher protections. those go former route one and mayors have gone on trial in france tuesday for their alleged participation in rwanda's 1994 genocide. they stand accused of several hundred taking refuge in a church in april 1994.
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for more, let's cross to james andre, who is covering the case. james, this is the second time such a case has been heard in france. is that correct? james: that is correct. this is the second trial of the genocide since the international tribunal for wanda. this one is an important one because they saw the opportunity to take a close look at what happened during that genocide on a grassroots level. what we are talking about here is two former mayors, accused of having encouraged the local population to massacre local tutsis who were inside a church trying to seek shelter. the massacre went on for two days and there are no exact figures, but we are talking about over 1000 people killed over the course of those two
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days. this is a very big trial. 28 days. there are over 100 witnesses that are due to testify in the court behind me. some of them have been flown up, are going to be flown up from her wanda to take part in the trial -- from rwanda to take part in this trial. annette: what has come out of the trial so far? james: there has been quite a lot of activity in this courtroom. everyone was expecting simply for the jury to be picked, and then for the file to be opened and the defense decided after the trial, to be stopped right away. they say it is an imbalanced trial, completely based on witnesses, and the fax took place 22 years ago. witnesses werehe
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incoherent, they could not remember, and they said they were denied the right to go to rwanda and the cross interrogated themselves. on the other hand, the prosecution is saying that these matters have already been put on the table, and that three separate jurisdictions have told these lawyers that indeed they had no right to ask for -- to rwanda.o be sent to everyone agrees that this trial is to be exemplary, historical, and the court will have to examine this request by the defense lawyers. the trial is due to resume at 2:00 here. annette: thank you. and the fight between the obama administration and north carolina over a state law accessg public bathroom
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to transgender people has escalated. the law prohibits people from using public restrooms not corresponding to their -- the obama administration says it violates the 1964 civil rights act. the federal government is being sued for what is being called overreach. state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in the safety and security, a right ticket for granted by most of us. what this law does is inflict further indignity on a population that has already suffered far more than its fair share. this law provides no benefit to society, and all it does is harm innocent americans. annette: a powerful tornado has ripped through oklahoma as a
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series of storms -- at least those go people were killed. our correspondent reports. >> it was a vision so captivating despite imminent danger, some stops to film it. a funnel cloud appeared in the darkened oklahoma's the guys -- oklahoma skies, and a violent tornado destroyed everything in its path. it is one of a series of tornadoes making its way through the area. extreme weather destroyed several houses. >> we have windows broken out. it is not pretty. serviceational weather issued a tornado watch for parts of southern oklahoma. the dramatic weather even led forecasters to declare an emergency on monday, urging locals to find shelter. the storms are expected to settle in the valleys of ohio couldnnessee, but they bring hail, high wind, and more tornadoes in the region. annette: now here is a story for
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pimpingterested in their cars. a new exhibition has just open, revealing just how much french kings new how to travel in style. the chateau's museum of carriages has reopened to the public on tuesday after being closed for more than a decade. let's have a look. >> wants vehicles of pomp and ceremony, now tucked away in the chariots were created for coronations, weddings, and funerals. the carriages showcased important technical innovations. still used in car manufacturing today. the crown jewel of the collection is this carriage made for the coronation of charles in 1885. 4.5 meters high and nearly seven meters long, it's system was revolutionary. >> this hitch allow the front
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wheel to pass under, and angle of thend the will increase from 30 to 90 degrees. this is an innovation we still find today in cars. >> the second progress was in suspension. here we have large springs which ensure the comfort and flexibility of the car. with its gold embroidery, the carriages a moving throne, a symbol of power. even children had their own. this one belonged to the oldest xvi.f king louis king howalk the future to live the high life and how to drive a future carriage. they were drawn by dogs rather than horses. >> luxuriously, this chair was
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built for the funeral of louis xviii. for the funerals of two french president's. republican end to this most regal mode of transport. annette: certainly it is something to go and have a look at. businessesime for with kate moody. an unprecedented ruling about targeting. flo: regulators -- kate: regulators have said that more care needs to be taken on as for medical issues and products. a student underwent an experimental cancer treatment that he found and it was unsuccessful and he died last month, leaving behind accusations that the internet giant was promoting false medical information. rules declareew
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that baidu has to take some responsibility for its advertising and not just sell top spots to the highest bidders. it is sometimes referred to as china's google. its shares have dropped 14% since the controversy broke out at the start of the month. baidu says it will respect the ruling, even if it cuts into its short-term interest and profits. indices are trading firmly in the green. the banking sector trending upward. that is pushing the dax and the cac up 1% each. there are gains in the energy sector. turning to some of these other business headlines now, credit suisse has reported a second consecutive quarter of losses. nearly $500 million in the red, and the first three months of the year. net revenue dropped 30%. the results were not as bad as expected, and shares rose 5%
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with this lender saying its cost-cutting program was going according to plans and would expect to see and improving trend. no kia has reported losses over kia million euros -- no has reported losses over 510 million euros. shares dropped 8% in tuesday trading for no kia says it expires -- it expects its equivalent sales to decline this year until the companies are fully integrated. treasury has warned that tens of thousands of jobs will be at risk if british voters choose to leave eu 285,000 physicians in the finance -- positions in the natural sector were directly linked to business and year. the gap between business people for and against brexit have narrowed in recent months. 50 poor percent of members would remain in the -- would vote --
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54% of members would vote to remain in the european union. south africa has been struggling more of ar with quarter of the population under employed. "weathering the storm," as the government tries to strike an optimistic note. some global corporations believe the market is right for growth. catherine clifford has more. catherine: the road to economic recovery stretches out far ahead in south africa. unemployment is at 26.7%, its highest peak in eight years. food prices are rising after the worst drought on record. fordespite cloudy forecasts the economy, the government says --is confident it can avoid assessments from moody's and the feared, andter than
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taken as a morale boost to the government. >> moody's maintaining our investment creates a reflection that our economy is resilient in spite of the global economic downturn, in spite of the domestic challenges that are impacted because we do not need the isolation of global wealth. faced holdingsnt that despite the economic outlook, it is still a good time to launch starbucks in africa. notwithstanding, it is an opportunity. >> the coveted believes south africans can support as many as 150 starbucks stores. say that despite rising food prices, people are still more likely to opt to you on the go. annette: finally -- kate: it is not quite a robot
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takeover, but a new report put a price tag on how much drones are impacting the economy. it is estimated that commercial applications for drones will oflace $127 billion worth services and human labor in the very near future. drones are gradually being introduced into more and more businesses. amazon and google hoped to be able to deliver packages, while security and construction andres trees are working -- construction industries are working out how best to exploit that technology. annette: probably here in the studio. kate: maybe one day. annette: that is kate moody with the business news. it is time now for the press review. to take a look at what is making headlines, i am joined in the studio by florence 11 oh.
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-- by florence 11 oh. the chancellor has been in power since 2009. flo: lots of surprise in the austrian press. word, "adieu." he is stepping down after losing the support of his social democratic party, and last month, the party suffered a -- a stinginge defeat in which the anti-immigrant freedom party did very well. so lots of analysts are saying that he is the latest casualty in the kind of political upheaval that is sweeping across europe in the wake of the refugee crisis. this is a very interesting editorial in another austrian paper that says the refugee problem is very important, but that is not the real issue here. hismajor weakness was
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economic policy, according to standard. his problem is unemployment and economic situation. annette: let's move to french politics. we have had another revelation in this part of the world, that being the deputy leader of the lower house of parliament, who resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment. flo: it is a huge story in the french press. it is not the first time french politics has been rocked with such a sex scandal, the you can see this front page saying that things are changing. the age of impunity for men in power is ending, it is time to put an end to this law of silence, the code of silence. things are changing thanks to the fact that many women in politics are breaking their silence. women politicians are finally saying stop, enough is enough, and indeed, that is what happened in this case. denis baupin resigned after eight women from his former
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party, stepped forward accusing him of shocking allegations of sexual harassment and even sexual assault. there is one instance where a woman alleged that he pushed her up against a wall and tried to force her to kiss him. another woman said he center waves and waves of very uncomfortable sms text messages. it is important to note that denis baupin has denied these allegations and has sued for slander. annette: the scandal did not come as a surprise to many members of the green party. flo: several members of his former party were interviewed and they said there was a problem that they have known about for nearly a year. you can see that quote there. it was really well known in the party. we knew that it would come out one day per why did it come out now? the official reason is that on baupin posednis
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for a photo wearing lipstick with several other male mp's to protest violence against women. this photo printed the eight women to speak out about their own abuse. annette: other papers are citing political reasons as being the cause behind the scandal. flo: that's right. one says that if everybody in the green party about this for years, why is it coming out now? it feels like people are settling scores here. -- if everybody in the green party knew about this for years, why is it coming out now? denis baupin left the party just last month, but what makes this scandal even bigger is that is currently married to the housing minister and she left the party in a very public falling out when she joined the
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government. a lot of people are saying by targeting denis baupin, people are trying to target his wife. annette: other media outlets are exploring in more detail the not just innce is french politics budding political spheres around the world. flo: it is an interesting topic. there was an interesting article about the fact that france is having a slowly getting to the problem of sexual harassment in politics. this can very much to the forefront during the scandal back in 2011. french culture has been very slow to change on this issue. annette: it was a watershed, though. flo: it was definitely watershed that brought to light this question of silence. why are things slow to change? first of all, the idea that came to light that there is a distinct and between the private life and the public life, and that is still very present and
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there is a respect for the private life of public officials. another interesting thing that comes out in this article is that french people and politicians in particular tend to put sexual harassment into perspective. it, mistakeexplain ññ1111@1@1@1@1púúa xx
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announcer: this is a production of china central television america. mike: videogames are a cross-cultural phenomenon. industry generates more than $55 billion in global renue annually. if that statistic doesn't impress you, how about this one? nearly 60 % of all americans play videogames on a regular basis. but is the industry promoting a dangerous culture of discrimination and bias? i'm mike walter coming to you from the heart of new york city's vibrant times square. let's take it "full frame."


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