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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 10, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. it just turned it on a clock p.m. in the french capital. these are the world headlines on "france 24." france's ruling socialists deployed a rare constitutional tactic to bypass parliament and pass labor laws. the already wondered to down proposal has sparked months of bitter protests across the country. 20 years after the rwandan genocide, 2 former mayors are on trial accused of orchestrating the massacre of tutsis. the lawyers say the trial is
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biased, likening it to a fight between a tiger and a tether to document and whether dilma impeachmentuld face . hundreds of her supporters have filled the streets of são paulo on the eve of wednesday's crucial vote. first, then, despite growing discontent on the country's streets and even among their own backbenchers, france's ruling socialist party has to put article 49.3 of the constitution to push through their constitutional labor reform bill. tactiche second time the to legislate by decree has been used while francois hollande has been in office. the government says the essential -- it is essential to cut stubbornly high unemployment
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figures. luke shrago has this report. luke: the french government has had enough, pushing forward deeply unpopular labor form performs by decree. >> it is a good bill for our country and is an act of confidence in dialogue. luke: i like that has led nowhere after months of negotiations and popular protests. it is institute opened the labor market -- it is designed to open the labor market and dilute unemployment that unions and students say it will erode worker rights and failed to secure jobs for young people. however, the bill retains the means for firms to conduct layoffs in the event of falling turnover. politicians have been universally critical of the
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latest move to cut them out of the process. is meant toll that encourage and reduce social dialogue am i think this is a terrible confession of failure. >> taking away the right of express themselves from whether they are for or against this lock him will be seen by huge part of the population is a form of brutality. luke: fury from across the political divide, too, with saying they mp's prepared a motion of no confidence, the only thing that could stop the bill and bring down the government itself. thomas: staying with friends from the day after he resigned as deputy speaker of parliament, a preliminary investigation against the deputy. several kenya just several female members of the green party say they were sexually harassed by him. he denies all wrongdoing and his lawyers have sued 2 media companies for defamation. is what pushed 8
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women to come forward, showing male politicians wearing lipstick to denounce sexual harassment. one of them is the man who allegedly assaulted them. the controversy is the latest of several involving french politicians. once again, officials are accused of not having done anything good one of the green party's former leaders is his former wife, now france's housing minister of it she swears she never heard anyone accuse her husband, but some say otherwise. >> when we were told that our national convention that he advantages, we were deeply shocked -- that he had been accused. we were deeply shocked. but this is in the place to discuss this issue. french politics have long been mired in sexual scandals but it usually remains .idden in may 2011, things started to change. chief, one of
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france's most popular politicians, was arrested in new york on suspicion of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. several testimonies service to describing his aggressive behavior towards women. other scandals followed. a former minister is due to to be tried for rape. finance minister is suspected of improper conduct, which he denies. >> harassment happens in all parties. party leaders don't have the appropriate reactions. according to the parties they don't have to do anything because it is the court's job. say it issome mps time to take the problems using, calling on him to push take the problems here's the, calling on him to resign his parliament seat. thomas: in a turkish city, echoes of the severance of and balances.
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three people were killed and 40 others injured in a car bomb attack in a mainly kurdish southeastern city. it was targeted with carrying detainees. state-run news agency has blamed pkk militants for the attack. mayors took ton the dock for their trial wednesday. they stand accused of orchestrating massive and systematic summary executions during the 1994 genocide. it is alleged they played a direct role in the massacre of hundreds of tutsi refugees. it is the second such trial held by the special court, which was set up to go after suspected rwandan killers who fled to france. our reporter has been following the proceedings and sent this update. >> the first day of a child that has been historical point --
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this trial seen as the struggle by all parties, studying the objections of the defense lawyers. they say the whole case is based on testimony on events that took place 22 years ago in a small village in southeast rwanda. hundreds of tutsis were massacred and the 2 defendants are accused of having organized this, having taken part directly in the massacres. they face life in prison. defense lawyers say they had no access to the witnesses until now. on the other hand come prosecution points to the fact that they are posturing and the court decided to overrule the objections and the trial will be carrying on until the first of july. there were over 100 witnesses, a lot of which are being flown from rural rwanda and have never left their village. this is a unique opportunity to try and understand what happens
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at the grassroots level in one of the worst genocides of the 20 century. thomas: let's go back to our top story good france's ruling socialist party has declared article 49.3 of the constitution to push through controversial label reform bill -- labor reform bill. it is the second time this degree has been used while francois hollande has been in office. the government says it is hightial to cut stubbornly unemployment figures, but protests of the government's decision have already begun come with hundreds gathering from the movement that have been normally camped out outside the capital and now gathering outside parliament. emma james joins us now live from outside the national assembly. what is the mood like where you are? emma: so far the mood seems to
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be fairly well contained. there was a. big police operation underway. they are -- paris very well prepared for this today. as you can see behind me, the protesters are being corralled in the bridges, surrounding roads and a note pedestrians are able to get into its three -- into the street directly. they don't want scenes where protesters are at the foot, basically, france's democratic building. what people are saying is they are asking, where is democracy? people are angry about the fact that this law has been forced through. it is dividing the government itself, the supposedly socialist government, and has angered the people of france. one -- just months now. there were thousands gathered in paris. gas cookingof tear
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the streets of the city -- cloaking the streets of the city. there is some chanting and shouting. one firecracker has been fired. what is interesting to note is the police reaction to that. they turn around to see what exactly it was that had been fired. no more was done about it. protestssts, nocturnal and night," translated to in english -- one listen that the numbers will gather because that is the basis of what they are about, standing up all night for the roots of democracy and the people of france. thomas: emma james, our reporter outside the national assembly. i'm sure we will be back to you as the protests gather outside the national a similar good moving on, no evidence of an islamist motive, when officials
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in their various a as the investigation continues into a deadly knife attack targeting computers this morning. has died of his injuries. officials say the assailant, who remains in police custody, has psychological and drug problems. it was an early morning commute that took a tragic turn. a man stabbed multiple at a station 32 kilometers southeast of munich. according to witnesses, the assailant shouted "allahu akbar," "god is great" in arabic. >> he made statements that could be described as politically motivated. we cannot exclude the political motivation of the attack. >> the first findings indicate
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at the assailant is of german origin. it is unclear whether the assailant is of a different background or is mentally ill. or perhaps suffering from drug addiction. investigators were seen analyzing the blood spattered on the platform floor. according to local police, the assailant was arrested immediately after the attack. authorities now say there is no threat to the public. the role of now, and the clock is ticking for brazil's embattled president dilma rousseff. hours before the senate votes to whether to suspend her from office for the impeachment trial. she's accused of illegally juggling budgets. if the senate votes yes, she would stand aside for six months while her vice president temporarily fills her shoes. once more, let's cross my thank you london where we -- let's cross live to london where we speak to a senior analyst at latin american affairs at ihs
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global insight. first of all, we've seen lots of roing as to whether this vote would take place. >> i think there was a last-minute tweet, as you mentioned before. obviously, the vote is back on track and the senate tomorrow will vote and we expect the lightty to give the green to the impeachment. justice something unexpected happened -- just as something unexpected happened, it is related to the fact that the ead is suspended but this is a known politician for northern brazil and suddenly decided to declare the vote to impeachment, that put everything .n total political chaos
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the senate, the supreme court, and that three hours later, the same politician decided that, drop his he will decision to suspend the impeachment proceedings. beexpect the president to move aside 180 the senate has to decide whether she will be removed or not from office. the saga of the brazil political crisis is not near an end yet. we still have a few months or confrontations in congress. thomas: just briefly, if the
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vice president takes over, what changes could we see? stories here.'s 2 we know he is pro-business. we know he is planning to a point pro-business -- to appoint a pro-business economic team, welcomed by the markets. , there is clear political polarization in brazil. the congress is totally fractured. pt has promised social protests on the streets. thisll struggle to keep together and make a significant difference. until having a general election in 2018. the political situation in brazil is extremely volatile, difficult. i don't think he has the supporting congress to make a difference.
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we are going to see the same political difficulties that we have been witnessing over the last few months in brazil. thomas: all right, senior analyst in latin america and affairs in london, thank you very much for joining us. of the canadian city of fort mcmurray will be able to return to their homes with the next two weeks. the region has been ravaged by huge wildfires for nearly two weeks now. it led to the evacuation of 80,000 people from the city. authorities have made a first assessment of the damage done and while the new group -- all neighborhoods have been totally destroyed, much of the city still remains intact -- while neighborhoods have been totally different, much of the city remains intact. the people of spoken and diverted is accepted and respected -- that is what people asthe philippines have said
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a 71-year-old nicknamed the punisher for his tough stance on crime has accepted a mandate with what he calls extreme humility. reporter: d'antoni suffers from candidate has stormed to huge win. seen by some as a filipino donald trump, he caused controversy during campaigning with his fiery comments. the man nicknamed the punisher promised to put an end to crime within six months, kill suspected criminals, and tackle corruption security forces. now he goes from mayor to president of the country. supporters gathered outside his home to celebrate. prevailed inhas spite of all the trash talk about him. beat thee handily
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other candidates. on closingpaigned the income gap between the rich and the poor was seen as his biggest challenge her. she has conceded defeat after what was seen as a bitter campaign. >> we have to respect the will of the majority whether we agree with it or not. our primary concern will be reconciliation. reporter: despite duterte's convincing victory, some are skeptical on whether he will deliver on campaign promises. >> is still don't know if you will be able to handle the role well. he said a lot of things about improving the philippines. reporter: while he was criticized for being vague on policies during campaigning come on tuesday he unveiled ambitious plans. he says the government will devolve power from what he calls imperial manila to long
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neglected provinces. it is now 9:18 in paris. france's ruling socialists before play a rare constitutional tactic to bypass parliament and pushed through plans to amend the labor laws. the already watered down proposals have sparked months of bitter protests across the country. rwandan after the genocide, 2 of the country's former mayors stand trial accused of orchestrating the massacre of hundreds of minority tutsis. the lawyers say the trial is biased, likening it to a fight between a tiger and a tethered donkey. just hours to go before the senate in brazil votes to decide if president dilma rousseff should face impeachment. the government has asked the suspendcourt to proceedings. hundreds of supporters have filled the streets of sao paulo on the eve of wednesday's crucial vote.
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time for a look at the business news and markus karlsson joins me once again on set. a look at that prices in brazil and how it is affecting the economy. markus: we have this fascinating political story on going in brazil and it feels like we have development on an almost hourly basis. the political crisis is having an impact financially as well as economically. we have seen shares in brazil heading higher. for example, this tuesday -- this comes after the speaker in the lower house of parliament reversed a decision to and all of vote on president dilma rousseff's impeachment. it appears that investors welcome impeachment as they speculate that a changing of guards politically could provide a breath of fresh air for the brazilian economy. it is the next chapter in the thriller and folding in brazil. the economic crisis rising over a political crisis over dilma
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rousseff's possible impeachment. credit rating agency fitch lowered results ranking and predicted that the economy which ranked this year. the main reason, the ongoing political uncertainty, according to this analyst. >> we are projecting 4% contraction this year, and the economy will not grow into 2017 either. all this is down in the entire majority to the political crisis. reporter: in addition, the country is suffering from low global commodity prices as well is the slowing economy of the chinese trade partner. the markets have responded favorably to the prospect of the dilma rousseff impeachment. investors are particularly fond of the vice president who would take her place, at least temporarily. he published an economic manifesto to curb brazilian spending habits. he promised to boost private investment, cut spending, reform
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the pension system, and open up .he oil sector the current political turmoil has highlighted how fractured the parliament in brasilia is an passing reform may be ethical. markus: let's move -- may be difficult. markus: let's move on from brazil to another country in the spotlight, greece. greece does not need to pass further austerity measures to get their hands on more bailout money, according to prime minister alexis tsipras. he was speaking earlier to cabinet ministers after greece and in eurozone countries reached an agreement to unlock 5 billion euros worth of aid on monday. greece needs the money to cover debt repayment and other bills in a june and july. greek debt in -- it has been welcomed in the long-term by a alexis tsipras. today greece is not alone and isolated anymore.
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it enjoys the strong support of political forces and governments , which have finally realize that this country and its people. = -- and its people have the right to turn the page. markus: that was alexis tsipras during cabinet meeting earlier in greece. in oil companies in canada are racing to restore output from the so-called , happening alberta in the wake of oil fires. royal dutch shell has resumed the province while other oil firms are inspecting theirs. operations were largely spared by the wildfires, but production was disrupted as staff were evacuated from the region around fort mcmurray. output, oneda's oil million barrels a day taken off-line as a result. despite the wildfires subsiding,
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prices were heading higher on tuesday. reboundede and wti after falling in the previous session. crude price meanwhile finished almost 3% higher in the u.s. part of theribute rise to worries that attacked oil infrastructure in nigeria come impacting output there. we saw higher oil prices helping stocks. we saw higher oil prices helping stocks on wall street the session. higher oil prices are helping energy shares, for instance. we have seen some pretty solid looking earnings as well.
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we have seen gains for european stock markets at the end of the day. boostshares also got a after greece struck the deal for more bailout money. the index up almost 4%. it's pretty up-to-date on individual stories. credit suisse earlier -- we have seen shares in this was lender climbing on tuesday. -- in the swiss lender climbing on tuesday. shares finished 5% higher, to be specific, as the loss was not as steep as forecast. says it isent, it accelerating a program to save costs in the face of adversity trading conditions. several major european banks have been reporting falling profits for the first quarter so credit suisse is not alone. easyjet were also
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among the winners on tuesday, finishing 2% higher -- 2.7% higher in london. it came as a low-cost carrier reported a 24 million-pound loss for the first half of its financial year. low-costst number two carrier came with an update message for the summer season, saying demand is strong and making up for the weakness of recent terror attacks in europe. here in france, french power company has reported a 7% fall in sales for the first quarter. the firm says it is feeling the pinch as electricity prices on your historic lows -- are near historic lows. it is still aiming for earnings of around 16 billion euros over interest rates -- interest and taxes see lower sales, head of closely watched shareholders meeting on wednesday more the building of a new reactor in the u.k. is expected to take center stage. and the european central bank has told large lenders in the eurozone to get ready for
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brexit. asked banks to outline the persians for a possible british exit from the european union, according to people familiar with the matter ññ1111@1@1@1@1púúa xx
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05/10/16 05/10/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: on the road in minneapolis, minnesota, this is democracy now! >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful and we need to repudiate it. >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win and we can win big.


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