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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you're watching live from paris. i'm michelle harrison with you for the next hour. a last-ditch bid for survival. calls on thef supreme court to block the impeachment process against her just hours before the crucial vote in the senate. police face-off against angry demonstrators here in france where the government has pushed through controversial labor reforms. protests erupting across the
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country. hours to go until the curtain goes up on the 69th cannes film festival. security has been beefed up. we will chat with legendary director woody allen. ♪ >> first, an 11th hour battle for survival. dilma rousseff has called on the supreme court to block the impeachment process against her. the last-ditch move comes as the clock ticks down to a crucial vote in the senate this wednesday. rousseff supporters hit the streets across the country, causing chaos with burning barricades. catherine clifford has the latest. >> a blockade of smoke rising from the streets of sao paulo.
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supporters of embattled president dilma rousseff burned tires in protest as she fights against moves to impeach her. roadblocks have taken place across all brazilian states. the senate is set to vote on whether or not to impeach the president. the government, led by its top lawyer, called on the supreme court to suspend the impeachment process, arguing it was politically motivated by the former lower house speaker who initiated the process. >> from the very start we have said that he conduct impeachment procedures in his own defense. he threatened president rousseff saying he would open an impeachment process if her party did not support him at the ethics committee. a few minutes after the workers party made a statement saying they wouldn't support him he triggered the impeachment process. resident'sen as the best hope to remain in power even in the event of an impeachment vote by the senate.
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she's not giving up. >> history will show that because i'm a woman, i'm more resilient and more of a fighter. , theyimes even today wanted me to step down. but stepping down has never crossed my mind. rousseff is accused of illegally manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her 2014 reelection campaign. allegations she denies. on tuesday, hundreds of supporters held candlelight vigils ahead of the senate vote while others marched and held banners. what you say when there are microphones around. you never know what they may pick up. british pm david cameron learned the hard way after some
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statements he made ahead of an anticorruption summit in london went public. the diplomatic faux pas landed him in hot water. >> david cameron was not at his diplomatic best chatting to the queen as head an anticorruption summit in london. the british prime minister singled out two of the attendance. ts. nigeria is fantastically corrupt. nigeria and afghanistan are possibly the most corrupt countries. >> they criticized his comments, calling them embarrassing and unfair respectively. they may have been outspoken but they were not untrue. the countries rank at the bottom of transparency international's corruption index, though the u.k. has its own problems. >> we should not forget that the u.k. and its overseas territory
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and crown dependencies are a big part of the world's corruption problem. >> the 11 million leaked documents that comprised the revealedpers scandal widespread tax avoidance and innovation by the world's powerful and wealthy and the u.k. appears almost more than any other nation. cameron himself has said the u.k. must not become a safe haven the british authorities billions oft dollars of dirty money are laundered through u.k. banks each year. the crown prosecution service and the serious fraud office have each had their budgets cut. as for the anticorruption summit , critics say will be watered down since major tax havens like panama and the british virgin islands are not taking part. police and friends fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who hit the streets angry at controversial labor reforms. the protests broke out across
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the country after the government used a loophole in the constitution to force through the law by passing parliamentary approval. the only way the bill can be scrapped now is if the government loses a vote of no-confidence. oliver farry explains. >> faced with the possibility of as many as 60 mps refusing to vote for the labor reform bill, the government called an emergency cabinet meeting. to force the law through. >> because the reform must go through, because the country must move forward, because labor relations and the rights of workers must progress, the cabinet which meant a short time ago overseen by the president has authorized me to keep the government commitment. that leaves the government exposed to a vote of no-confidence. the center-right has already tabled one. communist groups and others on the left will decide wednesday
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whether to support it. this motion of no-confidence is not simply about defying the government. it is to ensure the label reform law is not adjusted by parliament. all the more so because it hasn't been properly debated. takeover we call those on the left who are opposed to this right-wing neoliberal turn by the government to unite. if rebel socialist mps vote against the government there is a possibility -- they have been warmed -- warned they will face consequences. >> if there's a vote of no concert went that means they want to bring down the government. let's be clear, they will be expelled from the party. >> it's the second time investment here manuel valls's government has used the -- the prime minister says he's confident in fending off
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another. >> there has been lots of movement at the french national assembly ahead of tomorrow's vote to a group of mps from the ruling socialist dead set against the reforms convened to decide the next step. andrecross live to james who is at the national assembly in paris. a very good afternoon to you. you met some of those members from the socialist party that want to shut down those labor reforms. what did they have to say? iswhat they had basically that they will not be voting alongside the right-wing parties with their vote of no-confidence tomorrow afternoon. they say they cannot do that. that would be crossing the line. that would be making an alliance with the extreme right-wing party and that is something they do not want to do. they say it would make no sense because what the right wants is a harsher labor law and what
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they want is a more subtle one. they want to have their own vote of no-confidence and in order to to signthey need 58 mps in favor of this vote of no-confidence. so that's going to be very difficult to do. they say they want a global left-wing vote of no-confidence which means they have to ally themselves with the extreme left wing and it's going to be very difficult to. they risk exclusion from the party. they will not be the party's candidate for the national elections that are to come in a couple of years. that of course is a big risk for all of these mps and the risk of being expelled from the party altogether. a lot of pressure on them of course. will this vote of no-confidence happen? that is not a sure thing. if it does take place they need 289 mps to vote in favor of this
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no-confidence vote and that is going to be very difficult to do because that is the majority here. enoughe may not be left-wing mps willing to support them. so what are the chances that the vote might actually go through? >> the government seems to believe that the vote will not go through. is their be saying, why with the left-wing mps roll out a red carpet for the right-wing just a year before the presidential election? this absolutely no risk. the french government is of course monitoring the situation. there are protests planned tomorrow and protests that will definitely be encouraged by the
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usage of this article. there are more protests to be staged next week. it is a lot of pressure from the street as well. this is a crucial moment for this government. and a big risk for francois hollande. next, the crowded baghdad market was bustling with shoppers when the explosion struck. at least 50 people were killed and dozens more wounded when a car bomb went off in the iraqi capital. the islamic state organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. iraqi officials say they expect the death toll to rise. now to the u.s. presidential race. his white house dreams may be fading but bernie sanders is hanging in there. the vermont senator notched up another primary win in west virginia on twos and telling his
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supporters that he would fight down to the wire for every last vote. he still trails hillary clinton in the delegates tally. he is on track to clinch the delicate nomination. -- she is on track to clinch the delegate nomination. thehey may not have influence to swing an election but endorsements from hollywood stars are much sought after by presidential candidates. hillary clinton has been athletic and george clooney on her side. inoney being instrumental drawing huge amounts of money in through fundraisers. but it is bernie sanders who had garnered -- has garnered the most celebrity support, with actor mark ruffalo appearing in campaign videos alongside him and denny to veto warming the crowd up at sanders rallies. endorsementke lee's
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has helped sanders increase his vote among african-americans. >> it's not that spike lee's endorsement is suddenly going to make african-american voters abandoned hillary. they respect him. he is someone who speaks his mind. if spike lee is endorsing bernie sanders then i will give him a closer look. >> hollywood has long been accused of a liberal bias. donald trump has picked up few celebrity endorsements with formeron voight and boxer mike tyson. it may not matter to the reality tv dark who manages well enough on his own -- star who manages well enough on his own. >> he's his own celebrity. he has had his own tv show. so in a sense he needs those endorsements less than a hillary or a bernie sanders. the actors and directors are more likely to back democratic candidates, but the corporate studio bosses swing both ways.
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>> oliver farry reporting. rivieraad to the french where this wednesday evening its curtain up at the 69th cannes film festival. and redom the premiers carpet sightings, this year event organizers say there is a huge focus on security from six months after the deadly paris attacks. kicking off proceedings this evening is woody allen's latest film cafe society. genie godula sat down with the legendary director. you releaseat once a film you never watch it again. is that true? >> that's true. that's the only thing about cann es that puts me off. i have to sit through my film again. when i go to red carpet events to promote films in the united states, i go down the red carpet
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and when that's over, people go in to see the movie and the lights go down and i go to a little restaurant and have dinner. when the movie is over, there's always a party and i go to that. nnes--re at ca >> they make you go. you are starting with a megamerger in the telecoms industry that is being blocked. >> this is big news coming in from the european commission. the commission has rejected this multibillion euro merger of two mobile operators. it would have left the u.k. with just three major mobile phone network operators. similar debates have been taking place across europe.
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the antitrust commissioner said that if the takeover were allowed to go through it would have changed the market for consumers for the worst. >> our investigation reveals significant competition concerns with this deal. it would very likely have led to higher prices and less choice for u.k. consumers. >> how are the markets faring this wednesday? >> we are seeing european markets being dragged into the red. the banking sector in particular weighing down trade. the dax down nearly 1%. take a look at some of the day's other business headlines. mitsubishi says that more of its car models may have been affected by an emissions cheating scandal than previously thought. had said that four of its cars were tampered with so as to misstate fuel economy data. on wednesday the group said it suspected that all of its
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vehicles sold in japan may have been submitted to false tests and given inflated mileage. toyota has reported its third consecutive record profit about $21 billion for the year. the world's top-selling car company warned that its net profit could slide as much as 35% in the coming year because of the strength of the japanese yen. french rail equipment maker has reported a 7% rise in sales. this after recording a 719 million euro loss the previous after an indian order for electric locomotives pushed its pipeline contracts to a record high. >> i'm going to look into my crystal ball. what some people hope the future will look like.
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the transportation system. >> we are learning more about this amazing looking hyperloop. the idea is to use magnetic levitating technology to whisk passengers and cargo in pods through low-pressure tubes at speeds of 1200 kilometers per hour. california-based companies are competing to develop similar technology. catherine clifford has the details. almost --in a two at tube at almost supersonic speed. pods atrs travel in speeds of 1200 kilometers per hour. >> it's not about getting somewhere. it's about being somewhere. we are not trying to optimize the transportation experience. we are trying to eliminate it. >> the hyperloop to exceed in the mind of seal on -- elon
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musk. in 2013 he published his vision of the future stick -- futuristic system in a paper. hyperloop is one of the startups that took up the challenge. they are demonstrating what they have achieved so far in the desert of loss -- las vegas. they will test by the end of 2016. the company just announced it has raised $80 million in new funding from a range of and best are's. -- investors. if you build hyperloop today it will be very expensive. we want to deliver all the value that hyperloop can deliver. but we want to deliver it at a cost basis that is absolutely transformative. companyal crowd sourced signed an agreement with a
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slovakian -- the slovakian government agreeing to build a hyperloop connecting slovenia with austria and hungary. beers world's best-known is undergoing a rather patriotic rebranding. it will ber says taking its name off the beer cans and bottles and it's going to be calling itself of america. it's a temporary change designed to tap into u.s. patriotic spirit with the olympic games coming up this summer and the presidential election in november. anheuser-busch inbev has redesigned its labels in the past to feature the american flag or the statue of liberty. for the next six months you may be able to walk into a bar and order a pint of america. will you be drinking some? >> only if you come with me. i'm not a beer drinker. i'm a wine drinker. much, kate with the business roundup.
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let's take a look at what's making headlines around the world with today's press review. lots of focus on brazil and the country's roller coaster political scandal. plenty of suspense over the possible impeachment of president dilma rousseff. >> that's right. rousseff says she's the victim of an institutional coup d'etat. you can read about that more in the brazilian papers. on the fronter page of this one. this editorial qualifies the attempts that she has been putting through to stop the impeachment process. it says this is a grotesque farce. this is a political maneuver that is terrible for brazil's image of broad. it says brazil's image has really suffered in recent weeks.
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it must be said that globally, most brazilian papers are in favor of impeachment and are quite critical of dilma rousseff. it's not the most balanced analysis. >> she does have plenty of supporters and many of them are very active on social media. >> that's right. i pulled out a facebook page that was quite interesting. it's a bunch of cartoonists that have come together to protest this coup d'etat. i pulled out one in particular which accuses dilma rousseff's critics of trying to get rid of her policies and impose u.s. style capitalism. plantingee uncle sam an american flag into brazil's state-run oil company petrobras. that are two destroyers detect two major papers in brazil. you can see what i was saying -- these newspapers that seem set
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out to destroy dilma rousseff. >> let's move on to a story here in france. the government deciding to use this constitutional loophole to push through a very controversial labor law reform. at the same time drawing a lot of criticism from the press. >> yes. this is the 49.3. that's the article of the french constitution that allows the government to push a law through parliament essentially. you can see the front page of the pro-business paper that says 49.3 brings the beginning of the end for the government. hollande andois his government are completely paralyzed. any time they try to push everything through parliament it becomes this huge political drama. this is a cartoon of him on a horse that depicts the socialist party. the horse has a bunch of broken legs. and he is whipping the horse to try to get it to go over this obstacle, which is 2017.
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that's when there's going to be a presidential election. and that horse doesn't seem very enthusiastic or capable. >> critics say that using the article 49.3 is undemocratic. others say it is a democratic tool. >> that's what the business paper says. it says, we are witnessing all it takes here. it might be a little rough around the edges but it is not a corruption of democracy, it is actually a safeguard that protects democracy. it ensures that a minority in parliament, these socialist ensures that this minority does not block a majority of lawmakers that are just trying to get things done. very different opinions in other papers. this is the main left-wing paper. they say using 49.3 is a terrible admission of failure. what we are witnessing is a divorce happening within the left. 49.3 toer also likened
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a stick of dynamite that the prime minister has used to blast the left wing into a million pieces. divisions are so bad that some left-wing mps are actually even considering backing a motion of censure put forward by right-wing mps. >> let's move on to something lighter. the 69 position of the cannes film festival kicks off this wednesday evening. this paper takes a look behind the scenes. >> and asks the very interesting question, what is the point of the cannes film festival? it wonders, is it useful or just futile? it is the 69th edition. perhaps they should have asked this question a few years back. they ask is it a celebration of cinema and creativity, or a superficial tacky trades fair? 12 people who go to the festival on a regular basis. they explained the essentially what the point of the film festival is and how it works.
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it's quite an interesting read if you are into cinema. >> let's and with the u.k. prime minister david cameron is in hot water after being caught on tape having a very candid conversation with the queen. >> that's right. open mics are not the prime minister's friend. says, the premise or has embarrassed the queen again. this happened at a celebration to mark the queen's 90th birthday. he was caught on camera telling the queen that nigeria and afghanistan are "fantastically corrupt." lots of papers are calling this remark quite embarrassing. you've got the daily mail tabloid quite average because afghanistan and nigeria both get a lot of aid from the u.k. they are both scheduled to attend a government anticorruption summit scheduled for tomorrow in london. the nigerian president is actually set to deliver a keynote address and title, why we must tackle corruption
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together. quite an embarrassing episode for the prime minister. lots of papers are accusing cameron of being a pot calling the kettle black. the guardian says, for fantastically corrupt cameron c
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