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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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hello and welcome to "live from paris." let look at what is making headlines this hour. 50 years since the beginning of one of the most firemen. in china -- most violent peri ods in china's history. further turmoil in brazil as the president awaits trial over impeachment. protesters have been taking to the streets in support.
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a film focusing on recent atrocities in china is screened at the glamorous film festival. china whereegin in 50 years have passed since the start of the cultural revolution. the campaign unleashed by chairman mao is widely recognized as one of the darkest times in modern chinese history. millions were humiliated, tortured, and killed during the people which the government officially labeled a catastrophe in 1981. half a century later, there are still not official commemorations. china, a a rarity in
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museum dedicated to the country's cultural revolution. it is private memorabilia commemorating the red era, regarded as one of china's most divisive and deadly periods. ideahave long followed the of not to speak but to let the cultural relics talk. what is important is to hand down the experience and lessons learned. onorter: half a century ago may 16, 1966, he launched a political and ideological movement to purify the country of old customs and ideas. it was also a means to discredit political rivals. it would pick students and the red guard against their teachers, children against parents. historians believe millions died. yet today, opinions about the cultural revolution are mixed with chairman mao remaining a
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withed figure for many thousands flocking to his hometown every year. >> the people who feel nostalgic about the cultural revolution are usually old, retired workers era.fficials from mao's they feel this way because the current society is unstable and there is an even distribution of wealth that makes people unhealthy and long for chairman mao. it has led to disparities in wealth. with the current economic slowdown in china, the bygone days, however dark, are often celebrated as a gilded era. anchor: staying in the region, the philippine president-elect says he will offer cabinet posts .o communist rebels in his first formal news conference since the main nine vote, he says he will also
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launch a major military to destroy the in other news, a suicide bomber has blown himself up at security headquarters in the southern yemeni port city. the explosion killing and wounding six people a day after the islamic state said it was responsible for a suicide bombing that killed 25 police recruits also in the city. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he remains optimistic about achieving a peaceful settlement in the war-torn country. however, he does admit google matters remain unresolved -- admit political matters remain unresolved. reporter: with little help from the peace accord, only a handful of journalists showed up for the sunday press conference. for nearly a month, peace
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negotiators from gathering in kuwait trying to strike a deal between rebel fighters and the yemeni government. >> we have made progress. the problem now is reaching a clear political agreement. reporter: for now on paper and on the ground, peace is far from reality. since it began in july 2014, killed civil war has 6400 30,000, and displaced nearly 3 million yemenis. huthi rebels who and troops and on the other the troops of the president led by saudi arabia. the size one another of violating the u.n. peace accord from april. but the militias that support the former president are hitting us with heavy weaponry. they have reinforced their ranks with northern fighters.
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yemen is also plagued by terrorism. in the past week, the city in the east of the country has been hit twice by terrorist attacks. islamic state group claimed responsibility for both bombings. militias,pulations, and terrorist groups have dissident poverty-stricken yemen into chaos. protests grew into something more all-encompassing. movementx week on, the appears to be losing steam. in a bid to keep the protest movement alive, organizers are urging other cities to join them in the struggle. reporter: a call for international solidarity. hundreds of people gathered in sunday in what they hoped would be a global protest
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against austerity. >> the issues that bring us together a global issues. other cities face the same problems. politics of austerity, labor reforms which drive people into the streets and mobilize thousands of people. reporter: organizers asked for support in 130 european cities. but the turnout did not match expectations. around 150 people gathered in and 100 in berlin, a far cry from the success of similar movements in spain and greece. imagery, thousands took to the fifths to mark the anniversary of the movement. protests in 2011 led to the creation of a party which has changed the face of spanish politics. >> we managed to stop the privatization of the health sector, to stop thousands of evictions. we managed to completely change the political landscape and make
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politicians respect us again. reporter: but in france, the outrage seems to be gone down. the labor reforms which first sparked protests are being forced through by the socialist government. with recent demonstrations marked by vandalism and violence, recent polls show a fall in support. if it were to evolve into a -- instead of evolving into a political party, it is looking into alternatives. it announced the global campaign to denounce socially responsible companies. ther: as president believes trial over protesters have been taking to the streets of são paulo to support her. they are opposing the interim government with its all-white, all-male cabinet. the companies trying to escape
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its worst recession since the 1930's. the crisis is bringing a dramatic end to the 13-year rule of the workers party. >> that government does not represent us. we will be in the streets every day until that government falls. >> in 24 hours, it has taken us back 30 years of advances. it is absurd. we cannot allow this to continue happening. we have to stand. we have to be out in the streets. reporter: it is not the government that combats corruption, rather it is a government that supports and legitimizes corruption in our country. we are here to say we don't recognize the sexist government. out with the illegitimate and sexist government. anchor: staying in the region, a says dumpingtists
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dead fish into the pacific has created a massive red tide. that has led to widespread protests. reporter: millions of dead sardines washing up on chile's shores. beaches were covered in a thick layer of red prawns, fish, and penguins. in chile, the ocean is turning into a giant graveyard. a catastrophe also affecting the livelihood of local fishermen. >> with what is happening in the north, there is mistrust that has spread to this region because nobody wants to consume fish. and fishing is the only work we have. reporter: the culprit?
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a species of algae known as the red tide which reproduces uncontrollably making seifert toxic in turning the water andson -- seafood toxic turning the water crimson. it is other unprecedented proportions. some say it could be caused by the country's massive salmon industry which dumps tons of waste back into the ocean. >> this could kill other fish. it reporter: protests broke out last month over the lack of action and spread to santiago where police dispersed the crowd with water cannons. scientists have largely dismissed the idea that the salmon industry is responsible for the red tide, pointing instead to rising temperatures caused by the el niño phenomenon. government announced friday that his team of experts had didn't dispatched to investigate the root causes -- had been dispatched to investigate the root causes of the tragedy. trump is warning
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he may not have a good relationship with david cameron. he was responding to the british prime minister caused trump stupid, divisive, and wrong over his call for muslims to be banned from the u.s. in response, cameron says he is standing by his comments. moving on. after her win at the eurovision competition, she has arrived in kiev to a host of the door and friends. saturday, she stole the show with her emotional song about wartime deportations from crimea by stalin. russia has accused the european competition of being politically biased. the hero's welcome for the contest winner.
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moment to used the pay tribute to her people. >> for me, it means my story has been heard. the crimean tartar story has also been heard, that the story of ukraine and its pain has been heard. songter: the lyrics of her described wartime deportations from crimea by joseph stalin. victory,ring about the her success has raised morale in crimea two years after russia's annexation. >> it is not just a victory for ukraine. it is a victory for all those fighting in crimea. it is a strong message europe has not forgotten they are under repression. the song is the soul of the crimean tatar nation. they know and we know that
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crimea is still ukraine. entry won theia's audience vote, but the jury's decision put them in third place. organizers ofhe political motivation and sentiments. some program when officials have threatened to boycott the 20 kremlinnt -- some pro officials have threatened to boycott the 20 17th event. anchor: the cannes film festival is continuing in the south of france. the glamorous at two collide with gritty reality. they are telling their own stories in one of the big screenings of the day.
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reporter: the director's documentary showcases a nation still suffering three decades after the rule of the dictator. canne andpy to be in make their voices heards. it seemed important. people, are, my invisible and now i can bring their stories to like. -- to light. reporter: he rose to power in 1982. his violent rain lasted six years during which up to 40,000 were slaughtered. scene, a victim and his torturer are reconciled 25 years later around the same weapon which inflicted so much pain. associations he finally down,
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appeared in court on war crimes charges in 2013. >> this is the first time in africa where this has happened, where civil society has succeeded in bringing someone, a head of state, to trial in africa. it is unprecedented. reporter: but some say it will not make the pain any more bearable. >> all these victims need psychiatric treatment. in chad, there are 12 lane people. we have one, single psychiatrist. there are 12 million people. reporter: the film hopes to raise awareness about the violent past. anchor: a reminder of what is making news this hour. 50 years since the beginning of one of the most violent periods in china's recent history, beijing is ignoring the anniversary of the start of the cultural revolution. turmoil in brazil. that country's president waits for trial over impeachment.
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protesters have been taking to the streets in support. grit just saw, a dose of at the glamorous can film festival with the film focusing on atrocities in chad is screened this monday. it is time for the business news. you are starting out with a lawsuit coming volkswagen's way. right. is the world's largest sovereign wealth fund says it is planning to sue the company over the emissions cheating scandal. according to the financial times, they say the conduct rise to claims under german law. it says the management should have known about the existence of the defeat devices. it is the fourth-largest shoemaker in the carmaker. news of the lawsuit comes just weeks after the billion-dollar fund said it would start
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cracking down on executive pay. let's check on the market action in europe. greek data out of china has -- sentdata out of china have the indexes into decline. is closed frankfurt this monday for a public holiday. the slump in oil prices has led to a string of credit downgrades. over the weekend, saudi arabia, along with its neighbors, have had their ratings slashed by moody's. the collapse in energy prices has seen gulf countries cut spending, raise taxes, and issued debt. last month, saudi arabia announced a host of reforms aimed at reducing its dependence on oil. moody's says unless reforms are implemented, saudi's economic troubles will continue to intensify. asked week in france, the government pushed ahead with its reform -- last week in france,
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the government pushed ahead with reform. the dust has far from settled. the strikes are set in the country -- to hit the country this week. seven major unions call workers to action. disruption begins on the roads. the region around paris is unlikely to see much impact, but other cities will feel the effects. members of the union also plan to block the ports. a planned rail strike will come into force tuesday. rail workers say they will continue until the government withdraws its controversial labor legislation. they are also fighting for rights that could be cut as the real industry is opened to competition. led a notice to strike.
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the disruption on french railways is set to go beyond this week. it's thursday, the strike will thend to the skies for aviation industry. the last time this happened, 20% of flights were canceled at the paris airport. reporter: let's look at other stories we are following. the chief executive of apple is in china for a charm offensive. his visit comes a week after the tech giant portably billion dollars -- poured $1 billion into the ridesharing company. face a record antitrust fine of around 3 billion euros in the coming weeks. officials at the european commission plan to announce the fine as early as next month. the european union accuses the internet giant of promoting its shopping service at the expense
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of rivals. phillips says it is selling 25% of the lighting division in an initial public offering. the company could raise as much as $1 billion. the amsterdam company said it would sell that arm to focus on the more profitable health care division. disney shanghai is set to open in one month. unlike traditional offerings around the world, the $5.5 billion disney shanghai will have a distinct chinese take. donald duck doing tai chi. visitors will be able to sample local food done the disney way. it is all part of disney's chinese and russian strategy -- chinese and russian strategy -- chinese immersion strategy. back to you. anchor: it is time for the press
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review. time to take a look at the international papers. studio.ned in the the world press is talking about the 50th anniversary since the chinese cultural revolution. it is seemingly absent from the chinese media. reporter: not much of a surprise. let's look at the china daily, the state-run paper. this is the front page. they talk about taiwan's new leader, business news, organ transplants. but nothing about the cultural revolution that began 50 years ago today by chairman mao and saw the deaths of 1.5 money people. i want to show you the hong kong-based newspaper. published a multimedia package that details events of
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the cultural revolution and looks at the legacy it left on modern-day china. two very different coverages of the revolution. anchor: "the wall street journal" is looking at comparisons between chairman mao and the current president. what did they find? isorter: his governance nowhere near the scale of oppression we saw under chairman may. he does have a way of fashioning himself after chairman mao with this wonderfully titled headline according to the paper. it looks at how presidencies carefully crafted what they called a personality cult to foster blind obedience to him and concentrate power in his hands. that is interesting given the history the president has to chairman mao. this father was one of mao's top lieutenants and killed during
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the revolution. he was sent to the countryside along with millions of young chinese people. despite that, there is this perception his father was a hero because he was working for chairman mao. that is why he is ensuring chairman mao's reputation is not get denigrated. testimoniesve been from those who survived were witnessed the cultural revolution -- there have been testimonies from those who survived or witnessed the cultural revolution. reporter: i want to talk about the article which tells the story of a chinese born librarian in pennsylvania who is volume ona mammoth the cultural revolution. it started when the professor received a package many years ago that ended up multiplying over the years. it contained secret information from people who escaped cultural
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revolution. he is compiling a report that details unimaginable horror during the revolution, including a mass cannibalism movement. his testimony is proof that even if the government tries to deny this history, its own people are ensuring the truth comes out. anchor: let's move on to the comments by the former mayor of london that have been picked up by the press. he compares the e.u. to hitler. reporter: it is as outrageous as it sounds. these comments appeared in the sunday interview with "the telegraph." he is referring to attempt to unify europe under what he calls a singular government. he says napoleon, hitler, various people tried this and it ends tragically. the e.u. is an attempt to do it by different means. rightare his very words
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there. anchor: has the media reacted to controversial comments? reporter: they have reacted with a lot of humor. cartoonist sends up his comments with this .artoon the clearly inflammatory comments are meant to flareup the far right. independent" has written a funny article about what they linked to hitler. it has come up with its own dbs, "don't be silly." i think that sums it up.
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anchor: who is going to be the next james bond? it appears we have an idea. reporter: nothing is set in stone because daniel craig is remaining tightlipped on whether ,
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