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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 16, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. live from paris. the headlines this hour. western powers say they are ready to arm the government in libya. ,orld leaders reach a deal helping them fight the islamic state group. french transport workers set to strike this week. against the controversial changes to labor laws. and a brutal dictatorship under the spotlight as a film screens at the cannes film festival.
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first, the united states and other world powers have agreed to our libya to help it fight the islamic state group. leaders pledged to help the internationally recognized government imposes authority. libya has become a haven for gaddafi fiveter years ago. reporter: it was meant to be a new start. the country was plunged into chaos. the national transitional council made up of those that
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liberated.ared libya but it could not control the marriott militias that sprung up during the revolution. congress, national but when elections were disputed, they refused to give up power. rival governments were born. the gnc stayed in tripoli while the council moved 1000 kilometers away. the political crisis played into the hands of the armed groups that wielded power across much of the country. the islamic state organization saw their chance, establishing a base around the northern city. awash with weapons, the country has been described by experts as
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a playground to the jihadist fleeing airstrikes. the u.n. says the country faces division and collapse. left 400,000has internally displaced while the country's once booming oil trade has all but stopped. >> joining me is the senior fellow at the european capital for foreign relations. defeat the islamic state ends them the flow of migrants, those are big responsibilities. s this plan realistic? >> not really. is likely to get cash into banks that are lacking that and to bring back electricity.
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those are needs that will count a lot which, in turn, will make him stronger. >> what about the weapons pledge today? is that helpful? >> it depends. it there was the establishment of a joint command. that is crucial. if you don't have military i.s. is likely to sneak out. course, providing weapons if , if the libyan government is going to provide a list of weapons, it could help. is westernicism them toame in and left
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get on with it. migrant crisis being facilitated by the chaos in libya. is that a fair criticism, do you think? >> it is partially fair that libya was left alone for too left for, and was interference with different regional powers, interfering with its politics. and there were libyan dynamics. was the messick economics on top of regional dynamics without western help to defuse these tensions. >> thank you for joining us. the islamic state group exploiting the chaos in libya. al qaeda and that group are accused of exploiting the chaos
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in yemen where the civil war has been raging for over a year. peace talks between the hootie rebels and the saudi backed government ongoing. the u.n. says thousands of people have been killed and 2.8 million displaced by the fighting. >> only a handful of journalists showed up for sunday's press conference. for nearly a month, negotiators have been gathering in kuwait, trying to strike a deal between the fighters and the government. progress. made far from it began in july of 2014. peopleil has killed 6400 and displaced 3 million people.
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rebels and troops loyal to the marked by anent, international coalition led by saudi arabia. both sides accuse one another of violating the u.n. peace accord in april. >> they are hitting us with heavy weaponry. >> the city in the east of the country has been hit twice by terrorist attacks. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for both bombings. populations, militias, and terrorist groups has descended into chaos. a lack of vision dealing with
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the migrant crisis according to the u.n. envoy for human rights. they criticized the deal with turkey calling it legally questionable. they face detention and deportation unless they are granted asylum in the eu. >> it is difficult for a path, a vision. when the reactions are ad hoc reactions. it changed from one day to the neck. they retool themselves completely in order to bond to this -- to respond to this
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normative framework. shared and be discussed, not just decided from one week to the next. >> transport workers are set to strike this week. used aek, the government rarely used constitutional clause to push through controversial labor reforms. weeks beginning in france. the disruption begins on the road. cities will feel the effects. a planned strike will come in on tuesday that they say they will continue until the government withdraws controversial labor
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legislation. there also fighting for right as they've opened up to competition . they have filed an advance notice to strike for 48 hours a week. it looks set to drive will be on this week. the strike will extend to the skies. for now, no indications of been given but the last time this happened, 27% of flights were canceled. the cannes film festival in full swing. survivors from the six-year ordeal have been sharing derricks variance is.
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>> it showcases the nation still suffering after three decades under the rule of the dictator. >> i am happy to be here and make the voices heard. these people are invisible and i can bring their stories to life. >> the violent terrain lasted six years, after which 40,000 were slaughtered. chilling scene, a victim and his torturer are reconciled. around the same weapon which inflicted so much pain. >> after victims associations track him, he finally appeared in court on war crimes charges in 2013.
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>> this is the first time. it is unprecedented. make theay it won't pain any more bearable. all these victims need psychiatric treatment and there are 12 million people. and we have one psychiatrist. raise awareness about the violent past. >> let's turn now to marcus carlson. you will tell us a bit more about the brexit referendum a few weeks away?
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markus: it appears this whole debate is causing some strange alliances between politicians and businessmen, in one way. to finance minister has made argue against a departure. the low cost airline would cut investments. more than 300 business people have written letters to the daily telegraph arguing in favor . signatures, it's a letter that carries clout. and the managing director to american backed goldman sachs. companiesmedium-sized
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emphasize health and safety and employment regulations. the bank of england and international monetary fund mentioned the damage it could do. the british chancellor echoes those concerns. facts britain will be worse off. equivalent to 4300 pounds per household. leaving the eu is a one-way ticket to a poor britain. britain would lose 200 billion pounds a year and suffer from a lack of foreign investments. 40 million of its 100 million passengers a year from the u.k.. further investment but not if britain votes to leave. >> these jobs would be going to other countries.
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that's why they are campaigning so strongly for britain to remain in the eu. >> for a 9% want to stay in the eu. favoring.han those let's south korea set find the japanese carmaker for allegedly manipulating admissions test. they also them to recall hundred of suvs. a test ordered after the scandal showed nissan manipulated emissions test. bey said the fine would three hundred 30 million wands or around 250,000 euros. nissan denies the allegations. largest sovereign wealth fund is threatening to sue volkswagen for the diesel emissions scandal at that company. they have condemned to report
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that says it is looking to join a class-action lawsuit in germany. 1.6%, theround statement says it was advised to join the suit and said it was the responsibility of them to provide accurate and timely information about the scandal to shareholders. while prices settling at seven-month highs on supply concerns. the price of a barrel of crude went up $49. goldman sachs said the global collapse is coming to an end. militant threats at oil facilities in nigeria. they are warning economic weakness in venezuela will undermine the project there. you will see that brent crude
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closed just shy of $49 a barrel after 2.3%. closing 3% higher at seven dollars and $.20. those higher oil prices have been helping stocks stateside. are pulling some gains with the dow jones industrial average up 1.2%. is powering ahead after it was announced that the company run by warren buffett has taken a state in apple. it is helping them push the nasdaq higher. let's talk you through the european close. picture more of a mixed
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frankfurt dax closed this monday. and with that, we will wrap up the business news for now. time to give you a quick reminder, western powers have agreed that they will arm the government in libya. they have reached a deal pledging to help tripoli fight the islamic state group. gaining a foothold amid the chaos of post gaddafi libya. the latest industrial action against the controversial changes to labor laws. and a brutal dictatorship in chad. and we've got more from the cans home festival.
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meeting susan asandon and gina davis thelma and louise celebrates its anniversary. >> exactly 25 years ago, thelma and louise drove its way into film history. movieonic feminist road had its world premiere in may of
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1991. the film stars are back in town to celebrate the anniversary and pick up the prestigious women in motion award. i got a chance to meet them. gina davis senses and sarandon, hello. it's a pleasure to meet you both. thelma and louise came out 25 years ago and it does not deal that long. you were saying there was a ? can youoment for you share that with us? >> i had never met anybody like susan, basically. it was her self confidence, poise --
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>> i love this story. i love it when she tells the story. >> we were going to have a meeting just susan, myself, and ridley and given thoughts that we had. i had always been very careful not to offend anybody. we start to go through the script and i think it was page one and susan said, i will think it should be my first line. and then in the next page, maybe we can switch that around. i thought, you can actually be like that? >> how're you doing? >> how can i let you go? >> i left them a note.
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>> i tell this other story all the time about taking the top off. one day, we are shooting and we're breaking for lunch. and he said i think this next scene, you guys are feeling great and exhilarated. just take your top off. >> i did not answer. who is ridley, and says she's not taking her top off. he says ok, ok. thank god for susan. >> there are a few steamy scenes in the movie that of state in the minds of people. susan, you have a very
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interesting memory of the day of that shoot. >> not the day of the shoot although she did come back and say that the lighting was a lot better in that scene than anything we were getting. i have a recollection looking at the dailies. day, wehat particular waited and they didn't come back from lunch. it was hours. those scenes really peaks their interest more than the other. did you see his but? >>, and louise was such an
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empowering film for so many women, but did it change things in hollywood at all? >> we were led to believe that it would. now things would be so different because it was a big hit. there it be more female road pictures, buddy movies, more movies in general. but it did not. it did not change things. >> the gina davis institute on gender and the media. what gave you the idea? >> it heightened my awareness of how women are portrayed in hollywood. it wasn't until i had kids that i noticed how few female characters there were and what we are showing little kids in the 21st century. nobody i mentioned it to noticed what i was noticing. every creator said, that's not true anymore. that's already been fixed.
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that's what made me want to get the data and go back to them and say, what do you think? that data has changed everything. >> you are both mothers of daughters. what is the sentence you would communicate to them? >> i knew the problems a female child would have so i was focused on empowering her and not giving heard gender designated toys. but when i have boys and a really realized the problem wasn't being looked at, that process tears us apart between the competitiveness of sports and boys don't cry. and that part of the equation needs to be looked that. children more male ready to respond to women but still this macho kind of
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insensitive pressure put on boys in all cultures, i think, really. and the less it seems necessary to them to be able to open a door or just listen. we are teaching girls to be overly nice and polite and teaching boys to be brute in order to be masculine. it follows this idea that negotiating is not manly. >> the influence of airtime and media on gender. what about politics? is donald trump due to excessive airtime? >> yes, obviously. they wanted ratings and he was a clown and the same thing on the internet. --happened to me any times
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many times where there is an interview and they put some shocking and irresponsible lead that has nothing to do with the article and it gets people hysterical. >> if you are not covering bernie sanders until he wins iowa, nobody knows who he is and what he stands for. andld trump is so funny there's no substance. if you look at the way people interview or cover the interviews of candidates aft├║dc
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