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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  May 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here is japan it's a tuesday night. glad you can join us on nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. here are some of the stories we're following this hour. no apology. one of the largest u.s. war veteran organizations says it supports president obama's decision not to apologize for the atomic bombings in japan. continuing care.
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a dog trainer is looking after fuk chic ma's four-legged evacuees. rising pressure, years of improved relations between taiwan and china seem to be change being the new president about to be inaugurated in taipei. a major u.s. veterans group say it supports president obama's decision not to apologize for the atomic bombings in jap man in 1975. the president will attend a summit in the region. >> we definitely support his decision not toop apologize because we feel like it would dishonor our veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives when they supported world war ii. >> powell says the group was briefed to the president's visit to here oak sma by national security adviser susan rice. she says her organization neither supports nor opposes the
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visit. powell also discussed a message obama plans to deliver in hiroshima. we definitely want the president to stress that the american people are honored for the service and sacrifice our world war ii veterans made. >> the american legion strongly opposed a 1995 plan by the smith sewn yam museum in washington to display items by the atomic bomb dings in hiroshima and nagasaki. the museum abandoned the plan. the governor of okinawa is in washington to present his argument concerning the relocation of a u.s. marine corps base. governor met on monday separately with the state department official and members of congress. he said he conveyed his determines to move a u.s. air base on oak in that case wah in line with civilian.
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>> translator: the meetings were valuable. we received questions and opinions from all the participants. onaga said he plans to meet more members of congress and former u.s. ambassador to japan walter mondale. mondale served as u.s. envoy 20 years ago when japanese officials agreed to move the base. preparation work for the new facility was halted two months ago. in march, tokyo and okinawa reached a court mediated settlement to draw lawsuits against each other. however, the two sides have been unable to reach agreement since then. it's been more than a month hit two powerful earthquakes hit southwestern japan. seismic activity is continuing. close to 1400 quake haves been recorded since april 14th. the tremors all had an intensity of one or higher on the japanese scale. japan's meteorological agency
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surging residents to remain alert for possible aftershocks. the earthquakes killed 49 people in kumamoto prefecture. an additional 20 have agreed to die from aftereffects such as physical fatigue from the evacuation. more than 10,000 people are still living in shelters. there are some still sleeping in their cars or in tents. kumamoto city's board of education says about 2100 schoolchildren have needed post disaster counseling. that's about 3.5% of all the students in public, elementary and junior high schools in the city. the board sent questionnaires to over 60,000 schoolchildren and met with some of them. some reported feeling scared when home alone or being frightened by noises. the board plans to dispatch counselors to all its junior high schools starting next monday. officials say the children appear to have been traumatized
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by the earthquakes. japanese lawmakers have approved an emergency bill to help people affected by the earthquakes. they've agreed to channel more than $7 billion in financial aid to the renal n. ep per house lawmakers unanimously approved the supplementary budget bill. local authorities with use the money to build temporary housing and provide financial assistance to people who lost their homes. they can direct some of the money to projects of their choosing such as rebuilding roads and bridges and helping local businesses. in japan's fukushima prefecture some people have been waiting more than five years to be reconnected with their dogs. the 2011 nuclear accident forced people in temporary housing where they could not bring their pets. but as our next story shows, one person's generosity made sure pets left behind were not left out in the cold. >> a friend in need for man's best friend.
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selio yamaguchi runs an np o that trains rescue dogs and guide doo dogs in central japan. he's looking after pets for free. he has taken in 48 dogs but only 13 have been reunited with their oerns. 15 have died without ever going home. the oerns of these dogs are still living as evacuees. >> translator: i thought it would just be for a year or so. i had no idea it would go on this long. >> for the understaffed group it's been quite a challenge. and paying for health care is never cheap. this dog needs allergy medication. this visit costs about $70. the group relies on donations, but they are drying up. >> gradually these dogs are being forgotten. sometimes i feel at a loss as to
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what to do. >> every six months yamagaguchi takes thee dogs up to fukushima. he believes it's important to maintain their bonds with their owners. after a ten-hour drive, yamaguchi arrives in ntate. most of the village is still a restricted zone. the dogs are ecstatic to see their owners. they only get three hours to be together. >> momo, it's time to go. >> farewells are always sad, but this time there's some good news, too.
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>> suzuki and her family are finally going to rebuild their home. their dog will soon live with them again. >> translator: i've been worried. a dog is part of the family tran tran i'm happy the dogs are being reunited with their families even if it's a slow process. >> all are hoping the reunite their pets as soon as possible. after years of reduced tensions between taiwan and mainland china, it looks like the relationship is changing. taiwan is about to swear in a president whose party has long called for independence from china. and the political shift is prompting beijing to change its tactics. nhk world's keiko yoem moment
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toe has the story. >> reporter: after winning january's elections by a landslide, taiwan's president will be sworn in on friday. since her electoral win, beijing has changed its approach with dealing with taipei. relations with china were a key issue in january's election. she has never publicly acacknowledged the one china policy. for her part, she pledged to keep the status quo with china, but wants her neighbor not to put pressurure on taiwan. >> translator: the o outcome of the election w was the expressi of t the people's popopular wil. pressure will only wreck the stability between beijing and taipei. >> reporter: beijing sees t tain as a break-away provinince. > translalator: we are commi to the political foundation of
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one china and with adamantly oppose any separatist activities for an independent taiwan. >> reporter: in shanghai clear times over changing tactics by beijing. fewer people are boarding flights to taiwan according to some tour guides. >> translator: usually we have groups of more than 30 people. now there are only about 20 or so. >> reporter: main land chinese need to apply for a permit to visit. according to an nhk source, around february main land authorities started telling chinese tour operators to allow fewer applications. >> reporter: some 4.1 million main land chinese visited pie want.
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visitors for the mainland labor day holidays were down about 20% for the year before. more than cost and impact with taiwan's tourism. in march beijing oorps established diplomatic relations with gambia and afririca. the nation is one of the few afafrican neighbors that has diplomatic ties with taipei. meanwhile, taiwan accused china of political interference after its status with the world health organizationon was put into question. ofofficials from taipei said th year's's invititation to the wo health assembly mentiononed the one china principles something that was not quoted in p previo invitations. china's message is clear, it will not allow an independent taiwan. cocome frfriday, it will be watg the inauguration speech to see
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what message she will send to them. keiko yamamoto, nhk world. nhk "newsline" will have the updates. various economic issues will be on the agenda at a veer owes of upcoming g7 meetings in japan. gene otani boynes us from our business desk with that and other headlines. >> group of seven leaders are expected to discuss the quality of infrom structure at theish shima submit may 26th and 27th, likely to call for investment in quality, resilience against natural disasters. japanese government officials say this is the first time infrastructure investment has been put on the main agenda of a g7 summit. the topic was chosen in view of china's active moves to invest in infrastructure in asia and
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africa. japanese government officials say they're in final negotiations to announce a set of investment principles. officials are considering expressing the g7's resolve to put empmphasis on maintenance cost, the environment and job creation, also including considering a call for other countries and organizations concerned to pay more attention to quality and infrastructure investment. ahead of the summit g7 finance ministers and strald bank governors will gather in sendai northeastern japan starting on friday. finance minister aso there co-chair the meeting. he says they need to discuss ways to cooperate for global growth that take into account country's specific circumstances. >> translator: there are many uncertainties in the global economy. a major point of discussion for the g7 countries is how to tackle issues in a coordinated manner.
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the g7 should deepen debate on how to carry out monetary, structural and fiscal policies in a balanced way by reflecting the situation of each country. >> japan has been calling for g7 cooperation on fiscal spending to stabilize the world economy. oso said it won't be easy for germany as the country's fiscal policy is determined by constitution. he says it won't be easy for britain either as they face possible exit from the european union. u.s. treasury department officials have spoken out and said competitive currency devaluation should be reconsidered. some have hinted at market interventi intervention. treasury secretary jack lew has suggested he will urge other nations to not engage in competitive dee valuation.
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this is aimed at intentionally reducing currency policies to make exports more competitive. another treasury officials expressed concern that global demand has been sluggish despite steady growth of the u.s. economy. the officials stressed the need for g7 to boost the global economy through monetary and fiscal measures and structural reform. checking the markets. tokyo stocks closed higher on tuesday with the nikkei extending gains to second day. for details we go to our business reporter, phoebe amoroso at the tokyo stock exchange. >> when a driving stock in the market is oil prices, a weaker yen. the nikkei average finished up 1.1% closing at 16,652. the index closed higher two sessions in a row and the topix also gained more than one
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percent. oil developers followed strongly following rise in crude prices, rising more than 3%. apple suppliers are in demand after it was announced that investor warren buffett purchased a $1 billion take in the phone maker. on the flip side, one of the biggest losers was japan steel works. it shares were down nearly 8% after reporting a net loss of over $150 million for the fiscal year that ended in march. the nikkei gained but we saw a fair amount of caution by investors. includes japan's gdp figures on wednesday. >> phoebe, thanks very much for that. moving on to other markets, the shanghai composite was off 25% closing at 2,843, lingering
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concerns over the country's economy continue to weigh on sentiment. taiex at 8,140. apple parts suppliers after buffet announced purchasing a $1 billion stake. singapore jumped 1.7%. indonesian shares dropped down a fraction following a weak earnings report from a major bank. sydney adding .7%. rising commodity prices lifted the heavy index. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're following. >> business leaders from japan and south korea are meeting in tokyo to discuss ways to e expa indudustry coopereration. about 300 people representing companieies an business organizazations are t taking pan the two-day annuall foforum. they're talking about energy development in emerging
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economies and cooperation and distribution in other fields. japan's government has drafted an economic and fiscal policy plarnl that puts top priority on tackling an aging society with a low birth wait, discussing eliminating waiting lists for child care centers by 2017 and promoting public and pry vek sector research on big data analysis. low cost airlines in asia formed an alliance to coordinate on tickle sales. travellers can book their itineraries in a single transactction across member wewebsite. itit's the biggestst among budg carriers with flights to more than 160 airports in the asia pacific. people are flocking to trains in japan and the number of passengers is rising. tourists are getting on just to get to their destination. they're looking forward to the
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jurn any itself. as this next report shows, the trains are anything but ordinary. >> reporter: a tourist train setting out from kanazawa station near the sea of japan coast. passenger compartments resemble high-end you con or japanese style hotels. the entrance is decorated with gold leafs. the aisles have stepping stones like japanese gardens. car number two is this way, please watch your step. clerks from a famous local hotel greet the passengers. the clerks put the pass hospitality. they visit each compartment to take photos. are you ready? say cheese. >> these two sets of married couples met on the train.
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after taking pictures, they began really chatting. >> we were complete strangers before we met here. >> the whohospitality is so natural, it was such a pleasant surprise. >> middle aged and older people are especially fond of these trips. more than 20,000 people took the ride in the first six months. >> it's our 30th wedding anniversary. >> it'ss a nice way to commemorate it. >>. >> translator: i'm very surprised. i didn'tt expect it to be this popular. some people have ridden the train more than ten times. we're very grateful. >> another train allows passengers to enjoy modern art. the again by began running in apriril from near the sea of jan coast. the cars are decorated with images of a famous annual
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fireworks festival in nigata prefecture. tim madges were designed by photographer mikanigawa. the mirrors are used like canvass. >> translator: the mary rors reflect the passengers, skies and landscapes of the four seasons in niigata prefecture. i believe passengers enjoy these images. >> reporter: photos, papd dings and o other works for by artist are on display in the six cars. in the cafeteria car passengers eat sweets made with locally produced ingredients. >> translator: people in niigata are very key on that. i hope this train will boost the number of visitors to the prefecture and stimulate local tourism. >> reporter: firms are coming up
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with fresh and fun ways to keep the crowds rolling in. they're keen to show a ride in one of their refitted carriages is ability a whole lot more than just getting from a to b. >> that's it for business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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world leaders tackling global issues at one of japan's most historical sites. an uncertain economic environment, rising terrorism threats and climate change. the group of seven industrialized countries addressing challenges, finding solutions and setting new goals. don't miss our special coverag, g7 ise-shima summit right here on "newsline." if you're just joining us, nkh "newsline" comes to you live from tokyo where we're having a wet tuesday with a current temperature reading of 18 degrees celsius or 64 degrees fahrenheit. psych ka mori joins us with the outlook for tomorrow and world weather. >> it's going to be beautiful. it's going to be warm and the sky will be crystal clear. it was rainy today. the gray skies across japan, there's a cold front moving
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through the area. some areas in western japan have seen. the rain is now shifting towards the eastern half of japan. tokyo will continue to see rain for the next couple of hohours. as i mentionene it's going to be beautiful as we go into tomorrow. it's going to be sunny and warm. the high could be 26 degrees. so quite warm for this time of year, staying quite warm into saturday and according to the japan meteorological agency, it's going to be abnormally warm from saturday into next week. so stay hydrated. we will expeperience a taste of susummer as we g go into next w. across the southern areas, it's the monsosoon season for asia. a deadlyy landslide killed 17 people. born yeah will see tororrential rainfall, p probably up to 100 millimeters for the next three
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days. more heavy rain pounding sri lanka. some areas have seen over 700 mimillimeters in rainfall. in 24 houours about 200 millimeters has fallen in the northern portion of the island. more heavy rain is anticipated. there's a slow moving low pressure system wii will contueue to cause heavy rainfall across sri lanka and the southern areas of india for the next several days. the heaviest rain will likely fall in and around chenna. a chance for thunderstorms in chennai as well as columbo. across northern india, it's going to be extremely hot. 44 for new delhi and 44 with hazy conditions on thursday. thundershowers expected for friday, but overall it will stay quite warm. let's go to europe, a very different story, quite cold across many portions of europe, especially for t the north and
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central areas of the continent. now, we havee video coming out f the north of balkan peninsula to show you the snonowy sight. even though it's spspring time serbia, heavy snow came mondnda. that's causing serious problem. farmers are dealing with loss of raspberry crops as the unexexpect wintery weatherer descended on the area. for most in the area, these plants are the only source of income for the year. good news. temperatures expected to warm north of the balkan peninsula. but a chance of heavy thunderstorms and even tornadoes for northern ukraine and sriracha. temperatures expected to rise across central and northern europe. berlin the high could be 14 degrees, about ten degrees lower than normal. as we go into wednesday, 19 degrees. as we go into friday, reaching the 20 degree mark. in belgrade you see temperatures
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18 on tuesday, up to 24 degrees with rainy weather on your friday. that's it for now. here is your extended forecast.
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the controversial few ten nah issue on the agenda for newsroom tokyo. for that and more, be sure to
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live in and welcome to paris. i am annette young. in washington, world powers meeting in vienna as they attempt to salvage an attempt to halt serious civil war. -- syria's civil war. strikes against new labor reform measures, beginning with mario draghi. in cann,


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