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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 19, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you're watching live from paris. egypt says that wreckage from a plane that crashed over the mediterranean sea early this morning has been found. 66 passengers and crew were on board the egyptair flight from paris to cairo. egypyptian officiaials believe terrorism is more likely to blame than an accident. ♪
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egypt says that wreckage belonging to a plane that crashed early this morning in the mediterranean sea has been .ound 66 passengers and crew were on board the egyptair flight run paris to cairo. the pilots issued no distress call and wreak officials said the plane jerked sharply left and right before coming down. the defense-- minister said he believes terrorism more than technical failure was to blame. >> terrorism a more probable cause than technical failure. these were the technical -- the words of egypt's aviation minister this afternoon in the wake of the missing egyptair flight 804. [indiscernible]
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>> that's why we want to wait for proper information. >> from paris to cairo, it went missing halfway between the greek island of crete and egypt's northern coastline. according to egyptian and greek aviation officials, it crashed. >> you have to realize that with the current situation of strong winds, it's very difficult for any evidence to appear. , planes andunits able forces have been dispatched from egypt and greece with french teams expected to join in the search. week military officials say the found-- debris was although it is not known if it belongs to flight 804.
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on board the f flight,t, 10 crew members and 56 passengers. 30 egyptians and 15 french nationals. asked questions are being now about the safety records of the plane itself. an airbus a egyptair was operating flight. >> taking off from brussels theort last september, aircraft registration, the plane that went down in the mediterranean on thursday morning. what else do we know about flight 804? the aircraft itself was a recent model, delivered to -- delivered to egyptair in 2003. since then it had racked up 48,000 hours of flight time.
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the plane flew short and medium haul routes across north africa. in the two days before the crash, it had flown seven legs cairo, andis, paris, brussels. authorities have released little on the crew, but it consisted of 10 personnel, including two pilots and three security agents. egyptair says the captain was an experienced pilot with exit -- .ith 6000 hours the airline has a reputation for safety. writeup asn a good recently as january. since 1985 5 the firm has seen only five crashes in all, fewer than both air france or american airlines. but a reporter joins us from toulouse. it is sending
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aviation experts to cairo in the wake of this crash. is that standard practice for the company? >> one has just arrived in the last half-hour and a bunch more are coming tomorrow morning to cairo to help with that investigation. whenever called out the country appeals for them too come. they will analyze all the data coming in and are looking at when maintenance checks were carried out, anand if therere we any incidents in the past. one has arrived and a few more will be arriving to more morning to be >> the plane that crashed 320.n airbus a
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it does have a good safety record, doesn't it? >> that is right. while we have been speaking, about five have landed or taken off. arere 6000 in operation around the world, so one takes off every three seconds, airbuss tells me. so you can imagine the safety record is pretty good. -- they have a pretty good safety record. safety checksre carried ouout on these p planes? any outlined based outside the european unionon has to folw guidelines and regulations and egypt air had to respect those. they are pretty stringent. all airlines flying in europe have to go through, just like a new car has to go through a service check out 30 thousand kilometers.
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there are checks and balances and a certain amount of flight hours. plane would have to go through that or it simply would not be allowed to land in european airspace. eu authorities check up on the airlines to make sure they are respecting the rules. >> thanks very much,h, speaking there from toulouse where the company airbus is based. families of the victims of the egyptair crash happened gathering in cairo and also here in paris. at charles dere gaulle airport from where that flight took off early this morning. will staymily members at a hotel. they h have been given rooms ner the airport and will be staying there overnight waiting to hear more news on what happened to that plane. other family members have decided to head to cairo.
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one flight went off at 3:45 this afternoon and another will leave this evening. french and egyptian nationality and they want to meet up with family members in cairo and find out on the egyptian side of affairs what happened and get some answers to their questions. and of course anybody will be talking about airport security at paris charles de gaulle airport where security is ramped up to the maximum following the attacks in paris last year. >> absolutely. tight but itbeen was ramped up as you say six months ago after those deadly attacks in paris. at the time, the airport someity actually revoked of the security passes of some of the baggage handlers and cleaners here. so the airport is very well aware that security needs to be tight and has now launched another investigation.
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>> was it possible for an explosive device to be put on the plane here in paris, or was it impossible -- was it possible it may have been put on in cairo or tunisia because the plane passed through all of those places before it arrived in paris. authorities search the plane when it came to paris. we don't know, it may have been a technical failure. we are still waiting for answers but for now security will remain extraordinarily tight here. time youot the first just national carrier has been in the headlines. in march, one of its planes was and adverted to cyprus. that incident enended peacefully but in 1999 and egypt air pilot direct -- deliberately crashed with everyone on board. >> it was supposed to be a routine egyptptair flight fromom
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alexandria to cairo ununtil it s hijacked by passenger on board who claim to be wearing a suicide belt and diverted to cyprus. after a six-hour standoff at the airport on march 29, the hijackers surrendered and all the hostages were released. afterwards, the authorities said the man, and egyptian national, acted because he wanted to see his ex-wife and children who lived in cyprus. his suicide belt turned out to be a fake, and officials said the man appeared to be mentally unstable. the hijacking followed on the heels of last october's deadly crash of a russian passenger plane in the sinai peninsula. it is widely believed that metro was down by a terrorist attack. the islamic state group claimed responsibility, saying it had planted a bomb on board, killing all 224 people on the plane.
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the two incidents have focused the spotlight on egypt's airport security with questions being asked about how any potential explosive could have been smuggled onboard and if there were any security lapspses. but t egypt air's worst disaster flight 990 back in 1999. it was a regularly scheduled flight from los angeles to cairo with a stopover in new york. a half-hour into the flight, the plane lunged into the e atlantic ean. kilometers off the coast of nantucket, killing all 217 people on board. an investigation concluded the relief pilot was most likely responsible for deliberately crashing the jet. >> let's bring you some of the other top stories we are covering this thursday. unions are promising to continue their protest against the government's labor reforms. they are claiming 100,000 people
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took part in protest today. police say only 13,000 took part. the government is pointing to it ising numbers because the sixth rally organized by unions and they are warning there will be more. they are hoping to force the government to back down on that bill which they claim undermines workers rights. today's march against labor law reform has come to a close and the seven trade unions that call people to protest have reason to o be pleased. there has been a very heavy police presence but today has gone pretty much without incident. there were some people still involved at the end of the day and the police responded with not been that that has the major flavor of today. it's the second demonstration this week of its sort and while there were 11,000 people on the streets of paris on tuesday, according to police, they are
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now saying that today's demonstration has 14,000 people. that is certainly a sign of success for the people mounting the demonstration. the people we spoke to today have been calling for a last chance to defeat the so-called proposal to change the work code. unemployment stands at 10% among adults and 25% among youth. he believes that changing labor law making the labor market more flexible will make it easier to hire and fire people as the way to tackle unemployment. the people who protested today see it as an attack on job security. the urine -- unions insist the movement is only gaining strength and they will not stop until the proposals are rejected.
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françois launch insist it will become law and says that reforming labor law is more important to him than his own popularity. >> the man likely to be turkey's next prime minister is a close eye level -- ally of president ertl one. -- president erdogan. >> new blood at the top of turkish politics. president erdogan's longtime ally has emerged as the sole the akte for leader of party, putting the transport minister on track to take the prime minister's post in congress. doubt thatould be no we will make every effort by working in full harmony, primarilyy with our founding chairman and leader and our colleagues. party toanks of our fulfill the goals of turkey.
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>> the wheels of a new political order are in motion. earlieier this month, talks faid to douse the flames between erdogan and the turkish prime minister stepped down as the leader of the ak party, effectively ending his premiership. calling for party unity, he stressed that he would never utter a word against erdogan in his exit speech. a public show of solidarity, despite a long speculated power rift. they were increasingly at odds over foreign policy, including turkeys stance on syria and negotiations over the controversial eu migrant deal, pushing for presidential system, erdogan has been making moves to consolidate his rule since taking the top spot in 2014 after over a decade as prime minister, steps that threaten to
2:46 pm his own >> he was a very ambitious man, although i don't know what he can do with his ambitions today. he obviously tried to create some space for himself in the political realm. predecessor, he has a long history of standing firm at erdogan's side. >> the nigerian schoolgirl who escaped after two years being held by islamist insurgents has met with the president. she was flown to the capital where she was met by the president. it is hoped the 19-year-old can help locate the other 218 girls who are still missing. a reminder crack top story this hour, egypt says that wreckage from a plane that crashed over the mediterranean sea early this
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morning has been found. 66 passengers and crew were on board the flight from paris to cairo. officials believed terrorism is more likely to blame than an accident or technical failure. roundupbring your daily from the cannes film festival. ♪ ♪ >> the danish superstar has wowed the world in the bond movie casino royale or as
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hannibal lecter. while he will soon be in the blockbuster star wars spinoff, he is also an art house favorite, winning the best actor award here four years ago. this year he is back as a member of the festivals prestigious jury. i got a chance e to meet up with the actor who has been voteded denmark's sexiest man alive. ♪ quick hello. how are you and the other jury members holding up so far? have there been any people you have bonded with in particular? >> i think it's a fantastic jury. rock 'n roll cents in the jury, spanning from the youngest to the oldest. there's a lot of energy and passion in films. >> is there one person in
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particular you were looking forward to meetingng and spendig time with? >> were all cherishing the fact that donald sutherland is in there. he has beautiful anecdotes about the films he has seen. >> you won the best actor award here a few years ago for the danish film the hunt. what do o you rememberer about e screening of that film? i remember it was very raiainy that night. >> we all remember that. all the girls who dressed up for , we had an older star who had been waiting 50 0 yearso , but it alles turned out good. the film is beautiful and people loved it.
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>> and you won the best actor .ward this year in cannes does it give you a different way of looking at the movies? >> i think so. an artist always likes a little pat on the shoulder. you can look at it and go, at least that one was good. withed to go in there childish eyes and an open mind and let it have an impact on me and not be too professional about it. >> your career first took off in denmark. are you going to excuse yourself? >> i worked with him four times, but that has been the case before was jury members, and i told them that i would definitely go outside if there is a balance in the votes. right now it's not an issue. quench you have also crossed over into international movieie. .ou were in king arthur
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that was your first big international role. i think you are really well-known around the world thanks to the james bond movie, casino royale. did you actively try to get that part or did they come to findd you? >> there was a danish film called open hearts and that was one of my favorite films. playing a very nice man who is a dog, but they could see a brilliant -- a villain in their somewhere, so that was really nice that i got the part. quick that would explain how you could set up a high-stakes poker game. >> i read that one of your favorite movies is taxi driver. robert de niro was there. >> i walked past him. film.s my f favorite
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it's one of the first artistic films i have ever seen when i was younger. it just blew my mind that you could follow a character that you like and dislike. i thought it was a fantastic thing for a film to achieve. >> your family is here with you as well. what do your kids think of you as an actor, a movie star r dad? down here they can see you in a different way, but i'm still there dad. massivenmark you are a star, voted sexiest man of the year. >> down here it's a little more chaotic in the sense that there are photographers everywhere and people screaming on the street. but they grew up with it and they are pretty cool about everything. have two big films
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coming out this summer. it has leaked out that you are the father of the main character . tell me about that, that was not supposed to come out. what happened? i'm not sure what i can say. ---now i will just say fight.continue to what will you become? >> was it a big deal for you to be part of the star wars world? watched them all back to back, as i did with james bond, i hadanother watched --
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never watched a james bond film either. >> is there a glass see her for you -- a glass ceiling for european actors in hollywood? do you find yourself pigeonholed in certain types of roles? >> i guess i am to a degree. yes, they do see us in a certain way, and i don't mind that at all. >> was there a precise moment when you felt on not just a big star in denmark but around the world? getou get a hunch when you fan mail from china or finland, all of a sudden a certain fillmore show has been traveling. but walking a street in various citieses, some of the small danh things. that is interesting, becauause f the bigger things can watch a danish product as well.
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>> just to wrap up, how do you see the remaining days of the cannes film festival playing out? >> i'm going to watch films. it's vevery exciting. they are long days and it's a big responsibility to be here. watching films is the first call. >> thank you so much. ♪
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