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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the france 24 newsroom. it is 1:00 p.m. here. the headlines this hour. egypt expresses sadness over the plane crash of flight 804. the military says it has found debris from the airbus. we crossed to cairo for the latest. suspect salah abdeslam goes before judges.
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he refused to talk during questioning. defense minister resigns. he says a lack of trust in benjamin netanyahu has forced him to quit. coming up, apple is having a retail re-sync. we will give you a glimpse of what the tech giant has up its sleeve. over the past 30 hours after missing, there are signs it could have been located. the military is saying it has found debris. let's get up to speed with where stand.efforts
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we can cross to adam, who is at the airport. what are we hearing from the military? adam: given yesterday's false alarms, you would have thought carefulies were being about what they are saying. boththey are saying now, haveaft and navy vessels spotted debris from the airplane. both personal possessions and wreckage. oft is some 290, the north alexandria. if it is from, the plane and they can identify it as being debris that has come 804, if the plane disintegrated at high altitude, 37,000 feet, we don't know yet whether it has disintegrated, if
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that was the case. the debris could be spread out over a large area. this gives us a starting point and what it means is to find the black box, that is easier and -- they will be sweeping to find the blackbox as long as it has not been damaged. molly: we have also heard from the presidency, they have extended condolences to the families. it is safe to assume whatever we know, the families have also been told before us. has made sure the families of the passengers were firsthand,hing including the announcement they found debris yesterday that they had to retract.
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i answer families will be cautious. condolences were issued yesterday from the government and egypt. we have not seen any images of the debris they are talking about. we don't know what the families have been shown. french family members of the passengers had a briefing this morning. recently had a meeting with the french ambassador here. molly: thank you for that. on the search for flight 804. authorities are examining all causes for what caused the disappearance. we look at the aircraft itself. taking off from brussels last the plane this is that went down on the
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mediterranean on thursday. what else do we know about ms 804? a320 delivered in 2003. it racked up 48,000 hours flight time. egypt, europe, and other countries across north africa. before the crash, it flew seven legs. authorities have released little information on the crew. it consisted of 10 personnel, including two pilots and three security agents. the captain was experienced, with 6000 hours on the stick. the airline has a reputation for safety. an australian website gave egyptair a good write up.
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since 1985, the firm has seen only five crashes. that is fewer than air france or american airlines. another top story out of the french capital, salah thislam went before judges friday. he is the last known survivor of the team that carried out the november 13 paris attacks. authorities hope to get insight into the islamic state activities here. the 26-year-old refused to talk during the session. he feels he has been spied on 24 hours a day. ,his a video surveillance highly irregular and does not fall under legal framework. he does not understand it and feels he has been treated in a different way to others. it could lead to him cooperating less with judicial tories.
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-- judicial authorities. toly: union leaders urged call off protests against labor reform. turnout is weakening, but violence is mounting. a march took place in the capital and there were chaotic scenes. lange reports. >> the mass majority of the protest across the country were peaceful. the climate was tense in spirit. 120 9000 marched thursday. police came out in drones to prevent clashes. in ane day before, unofficial rally, hooligans attacked two officers and set their car alight. acts of violence that have become common.
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the movement and rallies began in march. the prime minister said trade unions should reconsider protest because they are being hijacked by violent gangs. we have to ask ourselves about the permanence of some of these protests. >> representatives have condemned the violence, saying it is nott t them but a seselect group of hoodlums. they say not holding protests is out of the question. >> what is all this about in the first place? the bill. without the bill, there would be no demonstrations, no violence. the government and labor unions are vowing they will not back down. israel's defense minister
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has announced his resignation. cited a lack of trust in benjamin netanyahu. reporter had more on the shakeup. speech.ry the former defense minister said he was resigning from the job, parliament, and the party he has been in because it is not the party he joined. extremists have taken over our party and state, he said. and a reference to the facts his job has been in the air for three days, not knowing if he would continue, he said the prime minister has not had faith in him and he is stepping down. he said he will not leave politics entirely.
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at him as the new leader of the opposition. molly: the replacement for moshe yaalon, who will fill his shoes? party, hed of another is a controversial figure. wing, immigrant from the former soviet union, extremist views. experience in the military or this post. huge criticism for the past two or three days that this is the price he is asking for entering the government. people saying it is cynical, a blow to democracy and the security of israel to replace someone as respected as moshe yaalon with an unknown quantity. huge political fallout from this today. irris, joining
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the earlier from jerusalem. captured in damascus. the development came as the -- vowed that peace talks would not be abandoned. shaping up to be one of the hardest months of the year. more than 40%ched of the people last month with supplies. we were supposed to meet the needs of more than 900,000 people in may and that was the compassionate -- the capacity. we are not close to reaching half of that. it leaves others under siege where fightings prevented convoys from getting in on the
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ground. urged the syrian regimes to provide safe access. negotiations have been deadlocked for weeks. the united nations is looking at alternative solutions. >> the government and the , no doubt,need to be no progress in land deliveries. both can do an effort on that. the airdrops will become the focus of the international community. food program has made 30 five drops to 100,000 people in an eastern town, completely cut off by the islamic state group. air drops are inherently dangerous. molly: the nigerian army says a
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second teenager has been rescued after another team was found -- another teenager was found with her four-month-old baby. these are two of the girls kidnapped by boko haram two years ago. >> she is the second girl rescued this week. wasyears after she kidnapped with 275 girls by militants from a school in the remote borneo state. -- clashes with jihadist militants. she was among 97 hostages freed. on thursday, the first girl to be rescued received a presidential welcome. with her mother and her child, she fronted a press conference. when the president said he held -- for her action.
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>> [indiscernible] >> until they were found, there had been few indications the students were alive. as the -- has revealed six girls have died and others are being held. said the army was drawing up plans and moving into the forest in a bid to rescue the remaining girls. >> the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. is a good omen. a sign of greater things to come. 2009, they have kidnapped thousands of girls.
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an investigation is underway to determine if her husband is a boko haram terrorist. an update of our headlines and their development. we are hearing from egypt and greek authorities that it appears to pre--- it appears debris has been found from the missing plane. the president has expressed sadness and condolences. missing earlyent thursday morning with 66 people on board. from -- salah went before judges. he refuses to talk during questioning. israel's defense minister resigned. lack ofalon says a
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trust in the prime minister has forced him to quit. it is time for a business update. the g7 finance ministers meeting in japan. >> no surprise that when -- is topping their agenda. fiscal stimulus is the way to kickstart the economy. there are divisions in the world of's biggest powers. this, despite pressure from the united states and japan. has named a former energy minister chief executive. many brazilians know him as blackout minister due to his efforts with energy rationing back in 2001.
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>> petrobras needs professional management. the board, the board of executive directors, where we will have to see what the demands of the company are. we have to keep in mind the interest of the business itself, the interest of its shareholders. let's get a check on market action. gains across the board. to venezuela, where the government has issued a crackdown on the black market. it is pushing many to give up
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their day jobs. lines like this one stretch across the country. i came at 4:00 in the morning. for those of us who buy daily food for ourselves, life is hard. hoping to improve their quality of life with the highest inflation rate in the world, more venezuelans are quitting because they can earn more money by queuing and reselling. >> the market is depressed and demand is high. it black-market dealers are getting a lot of customers area how can you stop them?
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manage the economy well and give a supply of commodities in the meantime. >> it is a vicious circle. the government says it will fine or imprison anyone involved. controlling the phenomenon well support.t of >> let's look at the other stories we are tracking. a company's weakness out of hong weighing on the sale of luxury watches.
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a deal will help samsung increase the number of people using its payment service in the second-largest economy. the partnership comes three months after apple launched apple pay in china. uber is joining the race for driverless cars. it is testing a vehicle on the streets of pittsburgh. fusion withd a ford laser scanners and cameras. finally, the most valuable company is having a retail riesling. froml and funky product apple which is free. they will overhaul stores around the world. in san the layout includes more space wait.ople to sit and the genius bar will be renamed
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as the genius growth. -- genius grove. for that lookou of the news. time for our press review. i am joined by florence for a look at what is grabbing headlines. we have a lot of focus on the missing flight. >> a look at the egyptian press. the front page talks about the mystery of the lost plane because that is what everyone is trying to figure out, what caused the plane to go down. this is going to take months to
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figure out what happened to the plane. the plane left from paris. there may have been a major security breach. >> they are focusing on what a tough blow this is with egypt. >> a focus on what impact it could have on tourism in egypt. taurus have been turning -- tourists have been turning their the last planee crash caused by a bomb on board. has droppedtourism 45% since this time last year. plane that at the
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went missing, there were 66 passengers on board, but the plane could hold 180. this could have a devastating effect on the egyptian tourism section. if you look at the title of the article, tourism will be sinister. this is an interesting piece. formessage for taurus -- on tourists calls to keep going to egypt. molly: another concerning the kidnapping of over 200 haram.irls by bo boko >> another teenager was rescued. another girl found.
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there is a photo of the girl, being met by the president. worker say what she needs his help. she'd not -- she should not be turned into something political. a lot of people are saying it is a positive symbol. if we look at the front page, they are talking about a good open for nigeria. the obama administration is ready to transfer planes to nigeria, but human rights activists are trying to block the sale. molly: the prime minister justin trudeau in hot water for getting physical.
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>> you can look at the national was -- he isppened a boxer and former bouncer. he pulled gordon brown by the arm and elbowed another in the chest. , but it hasgized caused a major uproar. critics are calling him a he haste because campaigned against violence against women and here he is hitting a woman. the incident is a blow to his image as a feminist modern
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leader and threatens to end his honeymoon after his election. a word on a bill on cigarette packages coming into effect here in france. all manufacturers will be obligated to create neutral packaging first europe. you can see one here. these packages are going to make you scared. there,s a gruesome photo but that is the point. the aim is to make cigarette to help people kick the habit. between now and then, there will be a mix of the old packs and these new packs. we are going to take a
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quick break. when we come back, an update on the headlines and the search for white 804. more reports from greek authorities. they have found debris that could belong to the plane8úxúr
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[thunder] >> people are going to do things under cover of darkness, afraid of light, so if you come at midnight, i'll be there with my headlights glaring. if you are a democratic country with a constitution that has a bill of rights, you have to enforce those rights and people must enjoy certain basic freedoms that are allowed by the law. what about his rights to an early heariring? >> i i think initially, whehen she started to represent me,


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