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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 20, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: hello, you are watching "live from paris." tolet's bring you up-to-date on some of our top stories rule oun investigation. the last remaining survivor
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-- parise november to terrorist attacks has refused to speak. is a response to the constant surveillance in his cell. and israel's defense minister has quit, saying he does not trust benjamin and yahoo!. he says that the government has been taken over by extremists. ♪ thanks for watching.
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let's bring you up-to-date on a story we have been covering in debt. the flight of egyptair flight ms 804. they found debris floating in the mediterranean. 290 kilometers north of alexandria. it includes plain pieces and other wreckage. we cannot know what caused of the plane to crash. the egyptian military is still looking for the plane's two black boxes which should help piece together what happened in the final minutes. no terrorist group has claimed responsibility and investigators are saying it is to early to early to ruleo out any explanation. reporter: confirmation from education broadcasters friday morning. wreckage from ms 80 located. >> military planes have localized the debris and personal belongings of those who went missing with the planes.
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reporter: the news was confirmed shortly afterward by the greek defense minister. >> a few moments ago, egyptian authorities informed us they had pieces and a number of suitcases. reporter: the wreckage was found .orth of alexandria the egyptian space agency says that one of its satellites may oil slick close by, although the fuselage has not been located. >> they have not found a sufficient amount of debris. we need more sophisticated means to investigate. study theexperts trajectory of the a320 kraft, which took a sharp turn to the
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left and began to descend sharply thursday morning. the plane made a 360 degree turn to the right, before vanishing from radar set some 10,000 feet. given the turn of events, some -- someust terrorists have suggested terrorists could be involved. examine the situation ofperly -- the possibility having a terror attack is more likely. president lcctian -sisi has askedal that all take part in the search. tohor: as investors tried determine what could've happened 804, theyr flight ms
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are looking into the possibility of terrorism. the government is going to some public to reassure the that french flights are safe. flight ms804 is missing, taking to the airwaves to assure passengers. charles de gaulle airport has scrutinyr intense since last year. >> these assessments were taken forces inr security tandem with u.s. and international institutions, show that paris is on the highest level of security alert. we must learn from every incident that does occur. therter: speaking of european football championships next month, the sports minister
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was also at pains to reassure people. the tournament is now in question, and fan zones where members of the public -- i and fan zones were members of the public can watch the games on the break screen, there will be one security member for every 100. staying with that egyptair crash in the search and rescue efforts, our correspondent takes a look at for possible scenarios authorities are looking into areas -- looking into. reporter: what happened to 804.tair flight the first scenario, and the most the aviationing to minister is a bomb. there are conflicting reports about whether a distress signal was sent out. >> perhaps they
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did not have enough time to say anything or they were too busy to deal with the situation. maybe there is nothing to deal with. perhaps the aircraft was in midflight and something exploded , like a bomb. according to reports, the satellite imagery has so far shshow no evidence of an explosion. -- a diversion by the pilot, similar to the german wings incident when one of the pilots intentionally crashed the flight into the french alps. together, the pilot and his 6275 and 2075 had hours of flying time. the two men had no known political affiliation. another possibility -- a cockpit intrusion.
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lastly, the disappearance of egyptair could be down to a mechanical fault. a320 was relatively new for an aircraft of its type. a breakdown has not been ruled out, according to experts. >> imagine an engine explosion. this explosion could take off a piece of the wing, and you have a wing that is broken on one side and one that is up right on the other. so the plane is no longer controllable. reporter: more theories emerge. getting to the final answers is likely to be a long and fraught operation. to take youre going over to egypt and our correspondent adam, who has been following events in cairo. in a short space of time we have seen a shift from what you might phase, withmistic
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hopes that there may have been survivors, to one where that cannot be a possibility anymore. what is it like from cairo? adam: the civil aviation minister told the families of the victims they were not expecting to find any survivors. that really began to become clear to my early in the day, when they were finding individual seats, that obviously implies the aircraft broke up. and then when they find seats on their own without other wreckage near them, that indicates that the flight did not break up on impact. and then they have a search 605 kilometers, and that implies that they think the plane probably broke up at out the dude. it's a strong implication that is the case. if it did break up at our to did, it would just be impossible for anybody to survive that.
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the hope of the families, it would have become clear early in the day as they were being given that it was unlikely any of the relatives or likely to have survived this tragic crash. anchor: you touched on it there, but the focus will be shifting from that kind of search-and-rescue to what happened in the investigation. they still need to find out what happened to that plane. adam: the search will go on. the nature of the search will change. as you said, it will not be so much a search and rescue as a recovery operation. they will be looking to recover body parts, bodies themselves, of course, what wreckage they can all be playing, and of course, the black box, which will be crucial to the investigation. we sent for experts.
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cause -- areroot we talking accidents here? they suggest early on that it anchor: could be a case of terrorism. thank youm pletts, very much for your updates on egyptair flight 804. expectations were dashed earlier when salah abdeslam was brought forward for what was thought to be his first proper interrogation since the terrorist attacks last november. he's thought to be the only terrorist survivor of the cell that launched those attacks in which 130 people were killed. it was somewhat of a surprise because he had said last month he would talk once he was transferred to france. to discuss this in more depth, i my guess to runs
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his own law firm. thanks for joining us, stephan. how much of a surprise was it did not talkdeslam today? could we have expected that? as we know after the attacks he fled to belgium. he was arrested in belgium. he was interviewed by the ingian authorities, it connection with the terror attacks, and he spoke, provided information that apparently contributed to the investigation there. he went to france under the rules of the transfer for these people and a month ago he said i'm not going to speak now, but i will speak soon and i will provide information, and whwhat happeneded today, he did exactly the opposite. it was a huge surprise and we prior warning.
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and this morning, there was no information as to why he chose not to say anything. you said there was no explanation, but part of the reason, his lawyer you said theo explanation, but part of the reason, his lawyer said he might not have talked with the conditions he is being held -- isolation, surveillance cameras on him come a no contact with other inmates. does he have a point here? absolutely. the rules require that he be put under surveillance, video surveillance for only up to 24 hours. and if he is a suicidal threat. in this case, it's not arguable it is that situation. -- there is a specific decision by the ministry of justice which has no legal grounds to it.
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from a legal perspective, it is a fair argument. .nchor: i'm very sorry we will have to leave it there. i could talk all day. thank you very much for your input. we are moving to israel where the defense minister has stepped down, saying he no longer trust 's prime minister benjamin and yahoo!. he said earlier that the governing party had been taken over by extremists and dangerous elements. he is expected to be replaced by the former defense minister lieberman, one of israel's most divisive politicians. time for business news. marcus is here. thanks, marcus. first, we are talking about result's scandal hits oil company. reporter: petrobras. there has been a lot of controversy are around to that company the last seat of years. chief executive.
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the name of the man in the hot at ais taking over critical time. a massivehe center of scandal that has rocked brazilian politics. we have more. wasrter: his predecessor appointed by doma recep last year and was thought to have links to the ruling party. -- by dilmaecep rouseff. a we will ensure we have strict professional administration. petrobras has been at the center of a major corruption scandal that has gone to the top ranks of government. with an alleged some of over $2
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bribes andd in kickbacks to businessmen and politicians in exchange for political support. overinflated deals have in turn caused financial damage to the country, which has been hit by low commodity prices. petrobras has reported record losses for the last two t financial years and has the largest debt of any oil company in the world, over $126 billion. to reduce its spending, it is 12,000 jobscut over by 2020. his appointment is meant to reassure investors. he served as energy minister the president in the 1990's. but his scope of action appears limited. as the head of a state company, he receives orders from the government and is bound by official guidelines.
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meanwhile, greece is close to clinching a debt relief you with its creditors. that is according to the economics minister speaking on the sidelines of the g7 meeting in japan. amounts national debt economicf its entire output and the international monetary fund has repeatedly warned that that level is unsustainable. countries,ne especially germany, have opposed debt relief. agreement that an still needs to be done. it is very close and could be reached may 24. ok, we are going to take a look at the stock market next. stocks are climbing with inking and financial shares among the ridsesers.
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the nasdaq is a head higher. this is after an up beat forecast on the state of the chip industry. european stocks at the end of the session, higher as well. the banking sector in europe got a used from the italian lender the report that it may be about to sell off assets. shares in the swiss luxury the laggards in europe. it is painting a gloomy picture for luxury goods. its sales fell. richemont also owns other brands. the days of branded cigarette packets are over in france. cigarettebans
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companies from using colors and logos to differentiate products. the aim is to make cigarettes less attractive, especially to young people. coming into effect in britain. any future cigarette packets will have to have a green-ish color. domestic product contracted by .4% in comparison with the same time last year according to the country's bureau of statistics. the country is facing its worst recession in decades. that is the business news. anchor: thank you very much. it's time for your daily dose of glitz and glamour, courtesy of the french riviera. festival's cannes some
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will be having its closing ceremony this sunday. until then, there are plenty of stars about. correspondent has spoken to the director of "the exorcist" and "the french connection," william friedkin. enjoy. ♪ [song changes] reporter: every year, cannes offers a movie master class by a world-renowned director. after quinton aaron chino, -- quentine, tarantino, oliver stone, or martin scorsese, this year the festival invited william friedkin. he won the oscar for "the french
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connection," before going on to what has exorcist," been thought to be the scariest movie of all time. ♪ >> take one. reporter: william friedkin, hello. guest: hello there. reporter: do you have a favorite memory of coming to cannes? guest: not really. i have been here five or six times. only one time that i let a film of my being competition. i did not know it was in competition at the directors fortnight. i don't come to cannes for the connotation. i love that cannes shows films from all over the world that would not otherwise be seen. reporter: your film "the ranch connection" 15 academy awards. tommy about the night you won the oscar. guest: i was thrilled. the main thing i was thrilled by
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was the recognition by my peers, the people who direct films and produce them and write them and do the makeup and do all of these jobs -- voted for my film over the rest. i personally do not believe my film was better than any of the other films. i really don't. there is nothing as satisfying as winning an award from your peers. yet, i read the only time you went to see a psychiatrist in your life was just after you won the academy award. guest: yes, because i was unhappy because i felt i had one it too soon. reporter: after that, you went on to have even more success called thexorcist," scariest movie of all-time time. what made that movie so great? guest: the fact that it is about the mystery of faith. and even if someone does not believe in catholicism or any faith, you have to be concerned and interested about the
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possibility of things. to say that the evil that we do is because of possession. we don't know that it isn't. what motivated hitler? what motivated the worst tyrants in history? any more so than the rest of us? we have in us the potential for great good or great evil. you told me you knew for a fact that in actresses and would not do any good! >> aah! yourter: a lot was made of unorthodox way of getting reactions from actors -- tell me about that. don't have any unorthodox ways of getting a performance. the main way you get a
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performance from an actor starts with the casting. ant i look for from actor or actress more than anything is intelligence. reporter: what about the story of firearms going off to get a reaction? guest: what about them? reporter: did they happen? guest: what? i'm asking. reporter: did you set off fireworks to get a reaction? did you refrigerate the set? guest: today, they would refrigerate the set -- they would do that to get the breath. today they would do it with a computer. yes, i would occasionally fiery weapon with a blank -- with a nk, nowhere near the actor, but enough to produce a reaction that was frightening. for example, if you heard a gunshot right now, you would probably go like this -- reporter: i would.
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guest: you know? or if you heard something drop or whatever. actors need to be surprised, often, to give a reaction. reporter: a few days ago, i interviewed geena davis, and she is created this institute of gender in the media. one of her big things is talking about quotas. perhaps it's a good idea to force her to be more women -- snoring]mitates reporter: tell me about this, william. you do not think there means to be more women in the industry? guest: hell no. women are running the studios. the sameomen deserve opportunities as men and it should all be based on merit, not gender. there are too many -- i look
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around and i see, for example, three men on camera. i don't see a woman. these three guys must he good -- must be good, you know? they can't be steps. they can't be imbeciles and be on the camera. ?hat do you want to do oh, let's get rid of this guy and that guy and put a woman there. a woman should earn that position like anything else. bullgender business is -- there are great actresses. they earned it. oh, let's cast a woman to play hamlet. let's face it. most of the classic works of literature that became films were written by men for men. like shakespeare's theater. only male actors -- even playing the female parts. they don't do that anymore. but in the days of thelobe g
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theater, the early 17th century, women could not be in a shakespeare play. a lot has changed since then. reporter: fortunately a lot has changed since then. guest: i8úxúr
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