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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  May 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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coming to you live from our studios in tokyo this is nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan. we start off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. letter to the white house. american activists and scholars have written to the u.s. president with a request ahead of his visit to the atomic bombed japanese city of hiroshima. fan turned stalker. a japanese pop idol is in
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critical condition following an attack by a man with a knife leaving fans in shock and wondering how this could have happened. a change in diet. people in emerging countries are eating more meat and bread, causing a new challenge for food suppliers. and exploring the world through design. as japan prepares for the 2020 olympics and paralympics, textile artists are giving a traditional garment international flare. u.s. president barack obama is getting ready to face a chapter of america's wartime history. he'll visit hiroshima in western japan this week becoming the first sitting american president to travel to the atomic bombed city. activists and scholars in the u.s. are urging obama to meet with survivors and to reconsider his decisioion not to apologize. 74 people sent a letter on monday to the white house. they include filmm director oliver stone and peter kusnik an
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american historian and expert on the world war ii atomic bomb bombings. they said a meeting would help ensure the horror the survivors experienced would never be repeated. they referred to a speech obama made seven years ago in prague calling for a world free of nuclear weapons. they said his words inspired hope around the world. the writers also asked the president to announce an end to u.s. plans for a new generation of nuclear weapons. the letter says obama should reconsider his refusal to apologize or to discuss the history of the atomic bombings. the writers say even former president dwight d. eisenhower and u.s. generals stated the attacks were not necessary to end the war. japanese officials are taking action in response to a violent crime involving a former
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u.s. marine. last week police in the southern prefecture of okinawa arrested kenneth franklin shinzato after he admitted strangling a woman. general nakatani lodged a protest with defense detective ash carter. carter hoped the perpetrator will be held responsible under the japanese legal system and apologized. >> translator: we are discussing with the u.s. ways to prevent incidents like this from happening again. >> japan's minister in charge of okinawa affairs also spoke about the incident. she has indicated she'll seek a revision to the status of forces agreement. the pact includes rules governing crimes committed by
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u.s. military personnel and civilian employees. she said the current agreement could stand in the way of bringing people suspected of such heinous crimes to justice. an international human rights group is accusing the chinese government of intensifying surveillance in tibetan villages and detaining people unjustly. a report by new york based human rights watch highlights the cases of 479 tibetans. the report says the chinese government has expanded surveillance to communities outside of urban areas since the outbreak of unrest in the region eight years ago. it cites unprecedented surveillance and control in villages and towns since 2013. the report says people are being detained for activities that were previously tolerated. they include sharing photos and messages criticizing the government. the tibetan autonomous region is
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mostly closed o to journalists and researchers. reports are based on other sources. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson questioned the claims of the authors. >> translator: we wonder how many of them have actually come to china and tibet. we're skeptical about whether they really know the present situation in tibet. >> she said everyone in china including tibetans leads a good life and chinese developments should be viewed in an objective manner. the diet called for a law to raise awareness for hate speech. lower house members voted for the measure on tuesday. the law gives a definition of hate speech and it says official systems must be in place to receive complaints and to prevent conflict. it also says the government must promote education and awareness on the subject. in consideration of freedom
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of expression, the law stopped short of banning hate speech. it also lacks any mention of penalties for those who break it. the legislation was proposed to combat the problem of discrimination against foreigners in jean. japan. a japanese pop idol remains in critical condition after a knife attack by an alleged stalker. according to police a suspect arrested at the scene had been harassing the performer online. and as nhk world reports talking through social media could be a growing problem here in japan. >> reporter: police say he travelled more than 500 kilometers to kill the young women he was infatuated with. ththey say hee admitted to stabg her 20 times outside a venue where she was about to perform.
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he was then arrested at the scene. many are asking how could this happen. the 20-year-old has been performing for about four years. she is one of countless pop idols in japan. young performers and role models hired mainly because they are cute. news of the attack shocked her fans. >> translator: i cannot believe it. i just hope this is not real. >> reporter: the initial police investigation revealedd that th suspect began attending her concerts around the start of the year. they believe he tried to find out her phone number and that he also sent her a gift, a watch. police say he sent more than 300 messages to her twitter account over the course of four months. in that time the messages that started out as nice became hostile. according to police, the suspect
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said hee got angry w when the g he sent was returned to him. the attention from the suspect had turned scary. she reported what was going on to the police but they did not take preventive measures. they said they did not think the online harassment required action. a council regularly consulted on stalking cases says police should have acted. >> translator: police should have contacted the alleged stalker." >> reporter: she says t they cod have done morore t to educacatea about heher safety. >> translator:r: i think police should have done more, such as advising someone to take her to and from the venue or urging guards to be more vigilant.
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>> reporter: she was not the first idol to be attacked. in 2014 two members of akb-48 were slashed by a man with a saw at a fan event. the fa the pair received serious injuries f from the attack. she says social media has changed the relationship between celebrities and their fans in an alarming way. >> translator: these days some can be delusional and believe that they have a relationship with the pop idol. that fuels their passion. and when they feel rejected, that can accumulate and turn into anger. >> reporter: and don't think stalking is just a problem for pop idols. she says she is getting more people telling her they have
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problems with online stalkers. to stay safe police have to work with those being harassed. executives are counting the costs of the earthquakes that struck in april. the people at sony are a momong hose feeling the pain. >> sony has announced the earnings forecast and blame the quakes for the delay. the executive forecast that sales for the year through next march will fall to about $70 billion at the current exchange rate, down 3.8% from a year earlier in yen terms but they expect brisk earnings from the smartphone business and forecast operating profit to rise by 2% to around $2.7 billion. the executives predict they'll book a net profit of about $730 million down nearly 46% from the last fiscal year.
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they also say the earthquakes will cut into their operating profit by around $1 billion due to the temporary halt of production lines for image sensor chips used in their cameras. checking the markets. share prices in tokyo finished lower on a stronger yen making for the second day in a row of losses for the nikkei average. giang nguyen standing by at the tokyo stock exchange with the details. >> investors looking to avoid risk as they await economic data out of the u.s. and news from the g7 summit later this week. the yen's strength also weighed on sentiment. the nikkei fell more than 0.9% to close at 16,498. the broader topix lost .9%. the dollar-yen pair was at a one-week low at one stage. they weighed on exporters.
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kubota underperformed 4.3%. toyota and mazda were lower and toyota was hit by the recall of an additional 1.6 million vehicles in the u.s. equipped with faulty takata air bags. meanwhile there are reports that nissan is considering selling its 40% stake in auto parts maker to fund research and development of electctric vehics anand other technology. the news sent shares of calsonic tanking. this week investors will watch revised gdp and the speech by janet yellen on friday. thanks very much for that. many investors throughout the region traded cautiously following the comments from some u.s.-fed officials. seoul's kospi index pell by .9%, closing at its lowest in nearly three months.
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singapore also declining by .6%. in china the shanghai composite declined by .8%, 2821, snapping two days of gains. lower commodity prices hit resource related stocks. the hang seng gained by a fraction, 19,830 as the closing number. shares of casino operators jumped as tourists from mainland china increased in april. shipments of home appliances in jean continue to rise in april. they have been climbing for 12 months. analysts say the shipments amounted to $1.4 billion an increase of 10% from yen terms. the analysts say consumers bought bigger refrigerators, larging washing machines and air-conditioners. health officials have calculated the latest fertility rate and they say the average number of children a japanese woman has in her lifetime has risen slightly
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to 1.46. nearly 1 million 6,000 babies were born last year. the rate has been rising among women in their 30s and 40s and the rate for women in their late 20s rose for the first time in five years. though japan welcomed more newborns last year it posted a population decline of 285,000 people due to the largest number of deaths in the post-war period. 635,000 couples tied the knot last year, and marks three straight years of decline. ministry officials found that pepeople married later in life,n average men were 31 years old, women, 29. officials say they recognize the need to create an environment to make it easier for people to have a family. here is a look at some of the
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other news we're following. japan says over the next five years it will nearly double the money i it allocates to fir competing for infrastructure projects abroad. government officials say they'll boost capital to about $200 billion. the initiative is designed to help japanese companies aiming to win projects in asia, russia and africa. japanese government officials have put a figure on the damage from a series of powerful earthquakes in april. they estimate the impact on buildings and infraststructure southwestern kumamoto and oita prefectures will cost between $22 billion and $42 billion. authorities fear the local economy will take a big hit due to the toll on businesses and tourism. a senior official in japan's ruling liberal democratic party is calling on the prime minister to postpone the proposed consumption tax rate. the geneneral council chairman says shinzo abe should delay the hike two years. the government plans to raise the tax next april from 8% to
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10. she says the cooling global warm and earthquakes in the southwest have created critical situation. the diets of people in emerging countries are changing. they're eating more bread and meat. that is a business opportunity for many. but the rise of western foods also presents challenges. and as this next report shows, they are issues that could affect all of us in the years to come. >> reporter: indonesia, a nation hungry for growth with 250 million mouths to feed. rice is the staple food here. often three times a day. but for how much longer? incomes are swelling and the national diet is diversifying. young people especially hunger for western-ized food. the favorites include bread with sea foods and vegetables. >> translator: i eat a a l lot brbread because itt is easier t more convenient toto eat than
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rice. so i eat bread almost every day. >> reporter: in southeast asia consumption of wheat and beef doubled since 2000. that of coffee has grown four-fold. japanese companies are responding to the change. a bakery and a trading firm have teamed up to produce and sell bread in indonesia. >> translator: what's the best seller? >> translator: in terms of volume, sandwich bread. >> reporter: the bakery is planning to sell a greater variety of bread in indonesia. >> translator: the market will keep doubling. we're targeting our products at young people. theyey are very curious about n things. iec >> reporter: the bakery f faces challenge in the years ago. securing enough wheat.
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growing demand from emerging nations will put more pressure on supply chains. bad weather in the main production zones could lead to a decline in output and a surge in prices. >> traranslator: i think flour consumption around the world will keep rising. that means supply and demand will continue to be tight. >> reporter: d diets are changi. creating new opportunities for food suppliers and new risks. feeding the hungry is no longer enough. the challenge now is meeting the new demands of the affluent. that's a look at business news. i am going to leave you with the markets.
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makers of traditional textiles used for kimonos are in the process of creating works that will represent all of the participants in the 2020 tokyo olympic and paralympic games. as part of that project, they have unveiled designs featuring motifs of the g7 nations. in our one world in kimono series, we have this report. >> reporter: in early may some
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very unusualal kimonos were unveiled. the kimono for france has beautiful flowers. there is a city-scape of arches. the project is the brain child of takakura. he runs a kimono shop and hopes the project will take the traditional world of kimono beyond the usually design of flowers and birds. he wants to revitalize kimono culture and transform it into something younger people will embrace. >> translator: i felelt that th image of kimono had gotten stale. i would like to shatter the s r stereotype by showing that these garments can accommodate any
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design. >> reporter: over the past two years he's enlisted artists across japan to design kimonos and sashes depicting countries across the globe. 20 have been completed so far. the pieces representing the g7 countries were among the first toto be completed. for the u.k. themed kimono this artist proposed an innovative design. look closely, and you can see motifs from "alice in wonderland" and a 007 movie series. the artist's i image of germanys a more efficient country inspired this abstract design.
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the straight lines echo the school and the country's modern architecture. the national flower is incorporated into gears representing germany's heavy industry. a classical music score flows in waves across the fabric. >> translator: i wanted to create a piece that expresses my individuality. it's my understanding that the germans excel in that regard. i wanted my work to live up to their reputation. ♪ >> reporter: of the may event models moved across the stage and the audience applauded each and every one. but some had a special place for the pieces representing their country. >> there was many, many ideas frfrom germany in there. brands of companies, ideas of culture and very well in terms
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of colors and design very well conceived. very nice. >> i'm interested in the japanese tradition and the new designs, and it was -- they were beautiful. especially the italian one. >> translator: the ministers from each country appeared to be pleased. i was moved by their happy expressions. >> reporter: he has 170 more kimonos to complete and only four years to go. kito yamamoto, nhk world. >> he has his work cut out for him. thank you for the report. it's 24 degrees celsius or 75 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh has the world report. >> we have been monitoring a syststem moving through the central portions of the united states for the past couple of days.
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it's not really moving very far, and that's really the big part of the story right now. we have a cololumn of clouds that's stretchching from the indica dakotas toward texas. because of high pressure further to the east it's preventing the system from moving, and that's where we're seeing very stormy conditions. here are a couple of pictures from texas on monday. you can see the destruction that's taken place because of this. we had a few tornado reports from the southern and central plains as it went through the day on monday, but we're seeing this pattern showing itself up again as we go throughout tuesday. be on the lookout as we have a risk for stormy conditions not only for tuesday but likely into the middle of the week. high pressure toward the east is anchored over the deep south, bringing in the southerly flow. but as the low pressure system comes in with the colder air, that clash is creating
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instability, and so for tuesday we still have some areas closer toward nebraska and into portions of oklahoma and kansas with an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms. that includes hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. flash flooding cannot be ruled out. those of you as far north as minnesota and texas, down south, we're seeing the risk also lingering around. be on the lookout for that. this is a good indicator of how unstable the air is because of how warm it is. the high pressure system dominating the temperatures. 23 in winnipeg. 26 in chicago. it should not be that warm. 29 in toronto. so that heat ahead of that colder air higher up is where we're seeing that very unstable weather. speaking of warm weather, another warm day over japan. we saw highs past 30 degrees in places. now we see the clouds moving in, instability and a trough moving over the korean peninsula. that brought some rain and we aree expecting the rain t to spd
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over j japan going forwa in time. the original timing wasas expecd fofor this frontnt to really cl out by late thursday into friday. now we are seeining that extendg just a bit. and so looking for the possibility of rain for most of japan, anywhere during the next few days from wednesday through friday. rain extending into friday with highs into the mid 20s and over into hiroshima. originally thinking they would see the dry conditions but nowo the chance for rain and highs into the mid 20s through the end of the week. europe still seeing unable weather due to a low pressure system in the central portions of the continent which is bringing strong winds. as it pushes to the east it brings the perfect of rain and thunderstorms. high pressure bringing in warm air, but that's going t to brina little bit of instability as anotheher system comes in from e west over spain. be on the lookout for thunderstorms popping up from time to time.
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very warm up into places like berlin on tuesday. highs in the mid 20s. 17 in london. 18 in paris. rain toward lisbon. thunderstorms possible from moscow, kiev and vienna as the low continueses to push toward e east. that's a look at your forecast. hope you have a good day wherever you are.
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be sure to watch "newsroom tokyo" at the top ofr
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>> hello and welcome to live from paris. i am and that young. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. being called in as greece begins to evacuate thousands of stranded refugees off the northern border of macedonia. the french government is urging people not to panic as the growing number of petrol stations are running dry as a result of the ongoing industrial campaign against the government toss controversial


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