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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 24, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. you are watching on "france 24 ." petrol stations are ddry as strikes hit oil refineries. prime minister says he is committed to changing turkey's
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ofstiution with the wishes president recep erdogan. we begin with the latest on a fuel crisis in fran ce. 1/5 of stations are low as workers strike. ppolice used a water cannon to break up a blockade. unions are protesting labor reforms. stuck in the middle, consumers, increasingly frustrated. reporter: a moment drivers have been waiting for, a tanker
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arriving for motorists. >> if i drive further i will break down. reporter: around paris, motorists raced to fill tanks. >> this is the only station i found open. reporter: the shortage could put jobs at risk. ani've been waiting 3/4 of hour for gas. reporter: in some places the crisis has been easing. big.he queues are still so >> we are obliged to control traffic because people get angry. doorter: employees next
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hand out drinks. only southern france appears to havebeen spared the fuel shortage. laura: as oil and trasport workers strike, unions and leaders blame each other. president hollande has no intention of backing down. reporter: as strikes intensify against france, the government singles out the union. president hollande: i will not be pushed into accepting these blockades. >> i call once again on the cgt to stop its actions, stop
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radicalizing and trying to sow tension. reporter: the union rejects the call. not warn the government to challenge the right to strike. the are trying to divide cgt. reporter: far left politicians are backing thecgt. >> it is hollande and valls who are responsibile. singley there is not a protest that doesn't get violent. reporter: as the bill heads to the senate, the strike shows no sign of abating.
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police firedn water cannons during a huge demonstration in brussels. they started hurling objects at police. lookingled forces are . a spokesman for says the forces mission will focus on the north before moving into raqqa. let's get more with adam, from beirut. forces fought a bloody battle for kobane.
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be no meanqqa will feat. are: democratic forces mobilizing troops. the frontlie is 50 km north of raqqa. this doesn't mean we will see an offensive on the city because with mosul we had statements like this months ago. it is dominated by fighters from the ygp. guerillasied to pkk in turkey. they have arabic fighters with them with units from the free
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syrian army because the possible lack of trust -- worth noting, goes both ways. fighters whoh won't allow local arabs back into villages. we heard statements about the force on raqqa, but at the moment it is the kurds who are best placed. they are closests and have had the most traction and training and support from americans and air support.
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laura: there seems to be a renewed push on 2 major fronts, syrian and iraq. adam: the battle in fallujah is in a more advanced state. shelling the city proper, the first city taken by teh islamic state group. is any people's eyes it long-overdue battle. there are complicated trust issues, to the extent that the shia militian taking back out of thell be city proper. if they are not able to enter
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the city that could make it more difficult. there are concerns with teh civilian population. armyhvae been asked by the and tribes to wave the white flag but that would allow them to be identified with the i.s. group. their best ploy is to lie low whichh this battle, fierce. extremely laura: greek police have started evacuating a refugee camps. migrants are moved toe better
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organized facilities. macedonia and other countries closed borders. reporter: the operation began at dawn with vehicles standing by. many say they are reluctant to leave. three months nhere ago. next step, i'm go to serbia. migrants arey westerne to get to europe. they fear moving to another camp will take tehm -- them
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further away. germany.stination is to the maps.rding o authorities stopped us. migrants mostly from syria, iraq, and afghanistan stranded in northern greece in squalid conditions. they'duthorities said be moved to new camps. the operations is expected to take 10 days. laura: turkey's new prime
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minister unveiled his new government. he replaced davutoglu, who stepped down last week. reporter: annoucnign his new cabinet, there was no doubt of his friendship with president erdogan. the government is entirely of supporters. chaning the constiution to give the president more power. duty weost important have is to change the constiution to reflect the relationsihp between the
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president and people. reporter: not everyone is happy. leader fears it could give erdogan authoritarian powers. >> all these powers will be controlled by one man. inevitable to wind up with despotism. reporter: eu officials also have concerns. laura: to talk more about turkey, i have a specialist in strasbourg. we had turkey's new p.m. not wasting any time, saying he plans.eporter erdogan's
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should turks be worried? fore has been nominated that. there is a de facto regime and goingfessed that what was anti-constitutional. the man of be recep erdogan and change it to one-man authoritarian regime. anything cannot say against this system, it is thereee in western europe are refugees and erdogan is
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using them as bargaining chips. laura: but erdogan himself has comethe change will only via a public vote. most polls are opposed to this. able to do this? >> the problem is he changed the forem and has been elected a function designated by the former constitution. minister ise confessing that for 2 years there is an
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anti-constitutional regime in turkey. it is saying we've been outside the legal framework and countries cannot say anything because there is the fear of the far-right in europe. laura: erdogan's motivation in expanding powers -- facing challenges on every front. this deal with the eu is on shaky ground, and the fight with kurdish sepratists. be aat the motivation to strong leader? >> that is true, and the leader loyal opposition is
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to erdogan when it comes to kurds. together to is all kick off kurdish deputies. recep erdogan is using nationalism to be able to cooperate with nationalists against kurds. process istization completely finished, it's over. centralization, nationalists, and putting aside improvement in
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democracy. laura: have to leave it there. the french prime minister has wrapped up his middle eastern visit. manuel valls is pushing a relaunch of peace talks. butstininans are in favor netanyahu says nothing can replace direct negotiations. reporter: a solution has eluded statesmen for decades. effort fell' flat. push arying to
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french-sponsored peacve intitiative. p.m. valls: if the situation doesn't change, tensions will continue to rise. reporter: the israeli p.m. puttingvalls' proposal, directference on negotiations. difficultyahu: every issue will be on the table. reporter: the palestinians insist on sticking with the original plan.
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the talks in paris will go ahead but neither israelis nor palestinians will be tehre. laura: time for business news. we will start with google. markus: very much in spotlight as french investigators raided headquarters in paris. probe into tax elliot richardson has a look. elliot: 100 tax officials marched in the offices at 5:00 a.m.
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owes the french state 1.6 billion euros. goolgle saidt company isnian accused of funneling profits to ireland. u.k. millions in back taxes. thege osborne defended payment. european authorities are payments aref the illegal. pay italyed to
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millions in euros after allegations of dodging taxes. markus: a company could reconsider investments in franche. belonging to total have been shut down. the company previously had a millioninvest 600 euros in the sites. eurozone finance ministers are confident of reaching a deal with greece for more bailout money. talkes are still ongoing.
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greece has passed a string of reforms. struck last was year with the rest of the eurozone. it is unclear whether parties will made headway during talks in brussels governmentthe had done a lot of work pushing forth reforms. i hope there is full agreement and we can move on. markus: brazil's interim president has unveiled a series
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of reforms with a constitutional change that could cap spending. willl temer says it boost economic growth. temer took over 12 days ago. he says fixing the economy will take time. notident temer: we will pull out of the crisis in 3 monthws. we will take some time. but if we can hand the coutnry to calm elections, we have done our job adequately. markus: u.s. stocks gaining this
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having thendices biggest gain since march. investors digesting better data from the housing market. in europe the indices bounced higher as well. we saw financial stocks doing quite well. shares higher on this side of the atlantic. the germanng over competitor wmf and that helped shares, which the cac in turn.
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monsanto has rejected a takeover bid from bayer. the all-cash offer is inadequate. monsanto shares have been climinbing on wall street. willicism that the deal go ahead. switzerland is cracking down on a bank over a scandal in malaysia. bsi tols have ordered shut down operations over money laundering.
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executive wants ab inbev beerll off most european brands. ññ1111@1@1@1@1púúa xx
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