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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. you are watching " live from paris" on "france 24. qs at the petrol pumps are the prospect of power cuts, too. workers join a national strike starting tonight as the unions vowed to continue their fight against labor reforms. in israel, politician who once called for the bombing of an egyptian dam has been named defense minister. -- he door lieberman avigdor lieberman has been named. and the ukrainian returns to a hero's welcome as she is freed by russia after 2 years in jail.
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focus now is on her political ambitions. laura: first, fuel shortages and now fears of power cuts here in france as well. workers and nuclear power plants are joining a national strike starting tonight. the government has already dipped into emergency fuel reserves and this is the latest in protests of government plans to overhaul labor laws. reporter: the first nuclear plant to enter the labor reform friday. some of the employees here have started a strike. reactors will slow down and so will the production of electricity. and a total shutdown is even being considered by the cgt
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union, looking to make an impact. isn't enoughing anymore. we are not being heard. so we're going to start using bigger weapons and we are all going to fight to tell the government that enough is enough. reporter: at the call of the cgt union, all of france's 19 nuclear sites have voted to join the strike on thursday. the organization carries a lot of clout, the most popular workers union in 17 of these sites. one of the odds of seeing france crippled by power cuts? company that controls electricity grid, explains that in the scenario of a nuclear stoppage, hydroelectric gas power plants would be able to fill in, and electricity imports are also an option. while a complete shutdown is not a possibility, targeted cuts could take place in strategic locations. marcy's largest
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shopping center was hit. laura: the fuel shortages are increasingly being felt here in france. an example, almost half of petrol stations in the paris area are running low on fuel. a line of cars as far as the eye can see. 24/7petrol station opened and it's seeing four times more customers than usual. here there is petrol but everyone is rationed. >> i thought i would have a better chance of finding actual on the highway so i gave it a go. >> there is no pixel anywhere, or you have a minimum two hours way. 30 meters is better than nothing. reporter: since the industrial action kickoff, petrol consumption has tripled. it is partly due to those who are preparing for the worst. tomorrow i have 400 kilometers to do so i'm stocking up. >> nothing is happening.
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>> wait, don't get angry. it is going to work. reporter: tempers flare and tensions easily fray. >> i have an appointment in an hour. >> we do what we can. all done, you can go to your appointment. under such exceptional circumstances from everyone at this petrol station pitches in, even the boss. >> when things get heated, we try and calm the situation, and usually it doesn't go any further. reporter: french motorists will need to be patient, as more than one third of the country petrol stations have run dry. laura: so what is behind all of this disruption? the french unions want the government to drop labor reforms, in particular to repeal article two of the new law, which would allow competitors to opt out of some regulations. prime minister manuel valls says his government will not be backing down. s: to be clear, ladies
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and gentlemen, there will not be a removal or changes made it to article two. it is right at the heart of the spirit. to go back would be a hard low on employees because they would lose the benefits of the new rights granted by this law. laura: more victims of the november paris attack has been meeting with magistrates. it comes one day after the encounter with families and victims of those who were killed on the streets of the capital. this time it is the love ones of aclan who were in the bat concert hall when a 90 people left the lights at a rock concert. i'm joined by the head of the french organization for terrorism victims. thank you for being with us here on "france 24." ,as this meeting been helpful been useful to people whose lives were turned upside down by the terrorist attacks six months ago?
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>> it was very useful. of course, it is not answer all the questions, but answers some of the questions, and also, it shows how investigators are going to try to find an answer to the unanswered questions. so it is really important that there is a big come a good communication between the investigations, investigators, allthe victims, and that the team goes forward to have information to give -- to explain exactly what happened, to bring all of the person concerns into a trial. we note that this trial will be before 4 years. the quicker the better. laura: they could take 4 years before the trial is held? guillaume: they have a limit. laura: he must be tried within
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four years? so investigators have that time to get it together? course, if it could be done quicker, should be done quicker. we know at this child there will be at least a 4 person at a minimum. some are in france, some are in turkey, and some are, of course, in belgium. there could be more about because we have time and things are going very quickly. we have been informed about all the different type of investigations that are going forward. ,hey can tell us what is sure what are the parts where we still have some questions, and of course, there was interaction with the victims. they can ask questions. some of the questions were not concerned by investigation but how they were treated just after the events, and we have to explain them. this is part of another process.
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they could go forward with the questions. there is a lot of very important, precise questions that, for example, i was at that n.ace in the batacla i had a feeling there was the local persons. i saw 4 persons. can you be sure there was 3, but not 4 persons? they could explain to the conclusion that there were 3. maybe there were 4, but nothing to show that there were 4. everything shows there were 3. that is an example. important to explain how they can be convinced, with all the elements they have at the moment. but this is a work in process, and of course, things can change . if other elements come into the investigation, and it was very , and yeah, i
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thought it was very good, very long, because of course, very complicated. everything has been explained as interday, even what happened .he stadium, around the stadium everybody has the same level of information. the only difference was due to the questions of the public. laura: so there is a good channel of communication between the investigators and the victims -- guillaume: and there is one to be more meetings like this to go forward and more elements as soon as they have more elements. laura: and one of the most sensitive and really, delicate issues here is that the families willose who were killed be getting to see autopsy reports so they will see how their loved ones died. guillaume: they will have access to the autopsy reports and that
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is also very important for the ones with lost someone -- laura: have had to wait six months to find out what happened. guillaume: everything has to be answered, why, because every think should be done in a proper way that cannot be used to be rejected afterwards by the defense. everything is done in a way that nothing can be used by the thense to put it out of file because we know there is going to be a trial. laura: thank you very much. guillaume: thank you for inviting me. laura: some news coming in the last hour. the police in belgium have detained 4 people on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group did the arrests follow searches in the city of antwerp thursday. the suspects are accused of trying to drum up recruits to fight with these lumps the organization in syria and libya. arrested.mally
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the other 2 were given a conditional release. no apparent link between those arrests and the suicide bombings that hit brussels international metrot and the city's system in march when 31 people were killed. we will be keeping a close eye on that for you as it develops. now, though, controversial politician has been named defense minister in the israeli government. avigdor lieberman, who once called for the bombing of an egyptian dam, today promised to follow responsible and reasonable policy. out of politics for two years while he battled a corruption lieberman replaces an outgoing minister who had warned about the rise of extremism in israel. we go to jerusalem. we go to our correspondent there. appointment has been met with disdain by the opposition in israel and the palestinian new version as well but also by some on the israeli right. reporter: yes, that is right.
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"dismay" is the right word and it is across the board. you expected from the opposition. perhaps you would not expected quite so strongly from members of the military and former ministers who held the position of defense minister and also within the right-wing government itself, including the son of one of the founders and israel's --st right-wing trimester right-wing prime minister, menachem begin. it is not just his controversial views and his right-wing rhetoric, it is also the way it was done. he is replacing a man who was experienced. moshe yaalon was a respected defense minister with a history in the military. avigdor lieberman has no military experience to speak of. all that together makes it is usually controversial appointment, one "the new york times" has called baffling. laura: we're getting reaction already from the state department in the united states,
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statement saying "the expansion himhe coalition to include raises legitimate questions about the direction of israeli politics." clearly there will be some tensions with the u.s., israel's key ally, of course. why has netanyahu appointed someone who is so controversial, both in israel and outside? reporter: so controversial, and it is worse than you know. there is a huge history of personal enmity between the two going back years. he has done it, he says, in order to expand his government. mr. netanyahu was ruling until now with a one-seat majority -- excuse me. 61 seats out of 120. and it was too narrow. but he also was in negotiation proceeding is to lieberman's appointment with the labour party. that didn't go through. saidabour party leader
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today that it leaves the case that mr. netanyahu prefers a right-wing government. he chose us to lieberman. the labor leader said "he could have had us, he didn't choose us." inescapable conclusion is that this is where i mr. netanyahu feels comfortable, heading a form of government. laura -- far right government. laura: after two years in a russian jail, ukrainian pilot nadiya savchenko is now back home. the 35-year-old was free as part of a prisoner swap. she was convicted for killing 2 russian journalists in eastern ukraine, charters she denies. -- charges she denies. reporter: a hero's welcome. back in herenko is native ukraine after spending 2 years in russian jail. at her result to fight for her country is only stronger. i'm ready once again to sacrifice my life for ukraine on the battlefield and i will do everything possible in order for every child being held prisoner
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to be free. reporter: savchenko was captured while fighting in eastern ukraine. she was then indicted for allegedly playing a part in the death of 2 russian journalists covering the conflict. the pilot denied all the charges throughout the proceedings, even going on hunger strike for a total of 80 days. she just became a national symbol, and upon arrival in kiev was awarded the country's highest honor by resident poroshenko. he promised to continue to fight against russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine, and reclaim crimea from russia. poroshenko: just as we brought back nadiya, we will bring back crimea under ukraine's control. time, 2: at the same for you -- 2 freed russian servicemen were heading for moscow. the ukrainian court found them guilty of terrorism.
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p region did not talk of a prisoner exchange when he met with the relatives of the two dead russian journalists he explained he granted savchenko a party because they asked him to show mercy. i only wish to thank you for this position and expressed hope that this decision has taken on mentoring considerations will reduce tensions in the conflict zone and help avoid further chemical, unnecessary losses -- further terrible, unnecessary losses. reporter: the decision comes a few weeks before the european union decides whether or not to extend sanctions on russia for its involvement in the ukrainian conflict. laura: the afghan taliban has appointed hibatullah akhundzada as its new chief. ,e replaces mula akhtar mansour who was killed in u.s. drone strike. the telegram looks unlikely to change tactics under its new leader, but he takes on an increasingly fragmented group. reporter: taking over the reins of the taliban.
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,awlawi hibatullah akhundzada his appointment confirmed in an online statement of the leadership council. the new telegram boss -- taliban boss is seen as a religious scholar rather than a military commander. >> one of the oldest recruits of the taliban movement. he was one of the first to join them, 50 years old, born in the city of kandahar, known with a very strong presence with the taliban. he was the head of the religious , the, and he had the role most important religious figure of the telegram. reporter: the announcement comes after former leader akhtar mansour was killed in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan on saturday. bitter divisions emerged after mansour replaced the telegram founder, so the well-respected akhundzada could unite the fractious group, along with the taliban hardliner and the son of the founder as deputy leaders.
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it is too early to say whether a change in leadership could revive afghan taliban peace talks, which mansour turned his back on. >> today americans are saying that by telling him they want to push forward the peace negotiations, we don't know this is going to work. like obama is throwing the dice. the results on the ground, military operations on the ground with the taliban and are increasing, not decreasing. reporter: just this wednesday, suicide bombing near kabul left seven people dead. even admitted powershift, the attacks continue. laura: queues at the petrol pumps and the prospect of power cuts. workers at nuclear plants are joining a national strike starting tonight as the unions vowed to continue the fight against government labor reforms. in israel, a controversial choice for defense minister, after gore lieberman --avigdor lieberman, replaces the outgoing
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moshe yaalon. and home at last -- ukrainian pilot nadiya savchenko returns to a hero's welcome. she is read by russia after two years in jail. the focus is on her political ambitions. let's get some business news for you now. markus karlsson back with us in the studio. kicking off with the crisis right here in france, the government says it has already had to get into strategic oil reserves. markus: indeed, we got that is from france's transport minister earlier this wednesday. he says france has used three days worth of strategic fuel reserves out of a total of 115 days of supply. as small business owners say they are suffering from a lack of petrol during the ongoing oil strike. the northwest of france and areas in the southeast are the hardest hit regions. elliott richardson takes a closer look at france's strategic oil reserves and what they are there for.
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elliott: a strategic plan by france. the blockades around oil refineries has led to widespread disruption. the oil reserves have been used for the first time since 2010. each fuel company put aside 30% of its production last year as part of the reserves. france has been dipping into them for the past two days, according to the secretary of state for transport. >> it amounts to 115 days of consumption in france the oil we have had the beginning of the crisis. days worthd up three of supplies because we are obliged to do so. it permits us to it respond quickly. well refineries say they have compensated for these problems. the industry has denied that the situation is critical. >> everyone is concerned as to whether the stockpile of oil across france has been reduced. but that is not the case. i'm not too concerned by.
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france's reserves were set up following the 1973-1974 oil crisis. allaying fears that the constructs will lead to long-term this division problems. markus: we are sticking with the as we see french on implement falling. fresh figures from the labor ministry shows the number of job seekers fell in april by 19,900. was the second consecutive month that there was a drop in job seekers and it is the first time in five years that we have seen that happen. it puts the jobless total of just over 3.5 million people, which is still near record highs , but the april figures are fueling hopes of a sustainable turnaround, as economic growth strengthens. reporter: for just over a year now we have seen economic growth rate had backed with the manual rate of 1.5%. around that level we know the french economy starts creating jobs, which could lead to a fall in unemployment.
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markus: there we go, sense of the french economy strengthening. made it this time around. microsoft announces it is slashing 1850 jobs from its smartphone business. most of the affected positions are in finland. microsoft is also writing down the value of the business line $950 million. the american firm has struggled to turn its smartphone unit around and sales of slump alongside rivals apple and samsung. it bought the business from note here -- nokia two years ago. it follows $7.5 billion worth of write-downs last year. we are going to take a look at the stock markets next and over in the united states, stocks are extending a rally from yesterday . energy-related shares are doing well as oil prices have risen to within striking distance of the $50 per barrel mark.
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it has been a while that we have not seen oil that close to that level. dow jones industrial average up around 20% this hour. american stocks also taking their cue from european markets, where we saw gains earlier for the second consecutive day. banking shares did well and fresh data showed german businesses are feeling more upbeat about their futures, something that helped sentiment in europe with the frankfurt dax in particular up 1.5%. a deal overnight to send greece more bailout money was also seen to boost sentiment in europe. eurozone countries have agreed to unfreeze rescue loans for athens to the tune of 10.3 billion euros. but there are some? -- there are some question marks still to iron out. the international monetary fund will not jump onoard to rescue with new cash for now. it wants reassurances that debt relief for greece will be an issue that took center stage during the talks. a breakthrough deal
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from brussels, with more cash on the table for greece in mechanician of its efforts to adopt reforms. also agreed, a roadmap for long-term debt relief to ease greece's mountain of debt. brussels says mutual trust is returning. >> i think it is an important program, ane long important moment for all of us. since last summer, where we had a major crisis of confidence between us. reporter: the deal gives athens 10.3 billion euros in new loans, the debtally, ok's for relief in 2018, outlining criteria for that, such as that the cost for greece for repaying its debts in the long term will not exceed 20% of gdp. there will be no reduction in the amount of debt. however, greece will have longer to repay. addressing the need to ease long-term debt has been a demand for the international monetary fund for years, but until now
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has been strongly opposed by berlin. the deadlock led to months of wrangling with the imf. >> now recognized by all stakeholders that greek debt is unsustainable. we also welcome that there has been agreement on the methodology for sustainability. breakthrough in brussels follows new budget cuts and tax rises in athens over the weekend. a move by eurozone finance ministers for an agreement in principle on the increase of debt over the long-term is short on details, which will need to be worked out between eurozone governments. one vital aspect is long-term relief for greece. in the bundestag, it is t the late -- it is delayed until after germany's general election. markus: let's look at other business headlines this wednesday. netflix and other video streaming services face a call
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on a fifth of their content from europe. that proposal has been introduced by the european commission. -- a part of apprenti plan to create a single digital market in the european union. some critics say that cultural quotas are outdated. the boss of british retailer martin spencer has warned that conditions remain challenging for the company in the year ahead. pretax profits fell by over 18% in the past year. the new chief executive has promised to overhaul m&s' clothing lines, among the worst performing part of the business in recent years. shares dropped more than 10% in london trading. and euro disney has gone on trial in france. the themepark group is facing allegations that it was a discriminatory job ad 10 years ago, requesting that candidates have european citizenship to work as parade artists. sparked accusations of
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discrimination from antiracism organizations. euro disney says the wording may have been clumsy but he denies any attempt to discriminate. that is the business news for now. laura:;
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