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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome. you are watching live from paris. here the headlines. protests and strikes across brands. the country's gas tanks and railroads are being targeted to try to force the government to roll back a bill that would reform labor laws. the g7 gets underway in japan. on the agenda, supporting the global economy, the refugee crisis, and beijing? 's moves in the south china sea.
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theatic pictures capture moment and overcrowded migrant boat capsizes off the coast of libya. five people died. also coming up, the price of oil has passed $50 a barrel for the first time this year. we will tell you what is behind the move. of the disappearing act louvre museum. you could be forgiven for thinking the famous pyramid had simply vanished. we will tell you more about that. france has begun to dip into its
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emergency fuel reserves to deal with gas shortages as hard-line trade unions slow down the oil sector. it's not just the oil industry. electricity production could slow down with strikes and most of the country's power plants. unions are also calling for mass protest across the country. all to kill the government's reform plan that aims to make french labor laws more competitive. the government's main adversary is the hard-line union known as the cgt. they have a lot staked on this fight with the prime minister. for the only day union still defying the government in an increasingly bitter battle over plant reforms -- labor reforms. the most powerful union in terms of negotiating power and second largest in terms of members. once a radical communist group,
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it softened its tone during the 90's. the firstt leader is not to be a member of the communist party. but the union is still going further than other mainstream ceded groups who have seate to the controversial law. nuclear plant workers have now joined their ranks. either we talk or we choose to radicalize things that the government is doing now. >> the prime minister has said changes could still be made. he is holding firm that the law will not be withdrawn. >> out of the question to change direction. there can still be changes and improvements, but no withdrawal of the tax. large crowds of peaceful demonstrators turning out back in march, numbers have dwindled as protests have turned more violent.
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recent polls found that while seven in 10 people oppose the labor reforms, more than half what the protest to stop. >> we will be going live to claire williams in central paris to find out how those protests are shaping up in about five minutes. first, japan. leaders of seven world powers have been getting a taste of the local culture ahead of the g-7 summit being held today and tomorrow in the country. barack obama, angela merkel, hollandefrancois picard among others being hosted. the official dinner has just started in the last few minutes.
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centered on the slowdown in china. during one of their meetings earlier today just after lunch the host of the g-7 summit brandish some data showing the world was on the brink of the same sort of crisis. very dramatic symbolism from prime minister abe there. very little consensus on how to deal with this. we have the government committed to the dual policy of the school stimulus and monetary easing. in germany you have governments more committed to a program of austerity. there will be lots of talk about flexibility and allowing the g-7 countries to go their own ways. china's recent very assertive
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moves in the south china sea have also been high on the agenda. >> that's right. was quitester abe insistent that china's actions in the south china sea were quite high on the agenda. because this summit is taking place in asia, although china is not part of the g7, but also because japan has its own territorial dispute over some islands. they will return to china's increasingly asserted claims to parts of the south china sea tomorrow, but china will not actually be named in the final communique. there will be a lot of talk about respecting the rule of law and also keeping maritime lanes open to trade. despite that rather weak
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statement that we are expecting tomorrow, china has reacted angrily. the official news agency has accused japan of using the g-7's him and to try to isolate china diplomatically. >> thank you. every day overcrowded boats leave the shores of libya full of desperate migrants willing to risk everything for a shot at a new life in europe. those boats randomly fall prey to the choppy mediterranean waters and we seldom witnessed the drama that unfolds at sea. these pictures taken by the italian navy show you exactly what it's like the moment the boat capsizes. >> and italian navy ship captured the scene. the faithful and deadly moment this wooden boat packed the tols with people -- packed the gills with people rocked violently back and forth before it flipped into the sea,
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throwing the 567 people into the mediterranean. a few crawled onto the sinking hull. most began to swim. several people died. those on board were migrants. mostly from sub-saharan africa. seeking a better life in europe. they were rescued by the italian patrol boat. it had received a satellite sos call from a migrant aboard the vessel. as the ship approached the boat to hand out life vests, it flipped over. the number of similar ships makingng the perilous voyage frm libya to italy has picked up in recent days and is expected to continue throughout the summer. alone,is week on tuesday 3000 people were rescued in 23 different missions according to the italian coast guard.
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over 300,000 people that have arrived on italy's shores in the past two years with at least 7000 more drowning before they could get there. were injured in barcelona as protesters clashed with police in a third consecutive night. tensions arose when squatters were forced out of a bank they had been occupying for years. demonstrators came out in support of the squatters and want them allowed back inside the premises which have been used as a community center. we are learning that a police operation is currently underway in central paris. a man who features on the government's terrorist watchlist is currently holed up in a building near the seine. a police report has said he was armed but that has yet to be confirmed. the individual is believed to
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have spent some time in syria in th. the elite antiterrorist police unit is on site. survivors of last november's attacks in paris are meeting this week with the judge is leading the investigation. for families of the victims it's a chance to find out exactly what happened. oliver farry has the story. of three the second days for investigating judges to receive survivors and relatives of the victims of the paris attacks. wednesday was the turn of those affected by the siege of the bataclan. they hoped it would be an opportunity to piece together what happened that night. >> the victims want to know exactly how far along when it comes to the investigation. they also want to know if all their questions will be answered. they want to know how and why it happened to be able to move
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forward in their life with more confidence. the relatives and survivors were given a detailed account of the siege. forensic cluese to yield more detail. >> we want to understand what happened. the soundtrack will tell us more. we will hear the gunshots. also toldilies were of the arrest warrant's that had been issued in france and throughout europe as part of the investigation but some parents have questions to ask about how it could have happened. i'm hoping the investigation will also look into security breaches that happened since the terrorist attacks. at the bataclan it's not ble that there were no guards at the entrance. >> 89 of the victims died at the bataclan attending a concert by the american band, the eagles of death metal.
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there will be one more day of hearings. >> claire williams is in central where protesters are gathering for another march against the government's labor bill. we have been telling you that the country's oil sector is partly paralyzed. there are strikes in the transport sector as well. flights have been canceled at the airports. claire williams is covering the rally for a. have been calling for people to come out in large numbers in central paris. for the union, it is very important to turn out large crowds today and show they can still achieve that high turnout. how is that looking for the moment? claire: the crowds are beginning to gather here. we think they will start moving in about an hour.
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it's a big test for the unions today. they have shown they can get people striking across france. but can they get people out on the streets of paris? that's really an important question. places a very symbolic for the french left-wing. this is where francoicois hollande held a victory rally after he won. aremany of the same people back here protesting against his government. he left the door open to amendments to the bill that the protesters want reversed. how is that playing out? the prime minister said he could imagine some modifications to the bill but
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that he could not imagine what they would be and that the heart of the bill would not be changed. for the protesters today, those words do not mean an awful lot. any changes he would agree to would because medical. they say this is an attack on workers rights. -- any changes he would agree to would be cosmetic. they say this is an attack on workers rights. we will continue to hear more from you throughout the afternoon. we will be taking a close look at how many people turn out. let's take a look at paris's most famous museum, the louvre. the pyramid which has almost become as iconic as the eiffel tower has disappeared. well, kind of. >> blink and it is gone. the famous louvre pyramid.
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the glass structure has been transformed and turned into an optical illusion. the french photographer has long said the streets are his own open-air museum. fitting that he has turned his eye on the facade of the world's largest museum. >> the only way to make it disappear by playing with the architecture. from one point of view making it completely disappear like a magician. but also making it look different from other points of view. so people are taking photos and depending on where they stand they have a totally different photo. alikerists and parisians have come out to pose for selfies and souvenirs. up close, it's a bunch of dots. further away, his photograph becomes a mirror image of the museum's surrounding architecture. almost erasing but also highlighting the permit to build in 1989 by a chinese art
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contact, it caused an uproar when it was constructed in the napoleon courtyard with its renaissance architecture. now a paris landmark, the pyramid latest transformation will be up until june 27. >> stephen carroll joins the onset for the latest business news. starting with the price of oil which has hit a new benchmark. >> this has been one of the biggest stories in the business world over the past two years after hitting a 12 year low. injust over $31 a barrel january. now seeing the benchmark rise above $50 for the first time in six months. the recovery is being driven by a number of different factors. the $50 benchmark for the first time this year. hasprice of rent crude oil risen 80% since it hit a 12 year
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row of $20 per barrel in january , defined earlier predictions. but it remains its -- below its 2014 peak. higher oil prices have been driven by higher demand worldwide. china india and russia together use about 100 million barrels more every day that they did last year. in the u.s. months of cheap led to using record amounts of fuel. supply disruptions in several oil-producing countries have sent prices up despite higher production in iran and saudi arabia. supply ofe biggest oil to the u.s., -- wildfires in canada, the biggest supplier of oil to the u.s., have slashed supply. russiaetween opec and about freezing oil production
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has also helped with the recovery. analysts are now starting to raise their forecasts, saying oil prices could hit $60 a barrel by the end of 2017. let's return to the g-7 summit in japan. a warning for china over the steel industry. >> china faces new trade terrors for imported steel. industryity in the driven by state-funded chinese producers caused the loss of thousands of eu jobs since 2008. brussels will step up its trade defense measures. beijing has accused the u.s. of damaging trade after it raised imports on some types of steel from china. this comes as china is bidding for greater access to world markets of the world trade organization. look at what's happening on the stock markets right now. gaining by that
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increase in oil prices. costs andhad to cut jobs over the slump we have seen over the past 18 months. the exception is spain. shares in the national bank have slumped after it announced it was announcing new shares -- royal caribbean has signed a deal to build three new vessels. they will be delivered by 2022. after theust weeks shipyard handed over the world's biggest cruise ship to royal caribbean. the switch to hd television in france has helped boost revenue of electronics retailers.
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the chinese e-commerce giant alibaba is being investigated in the united states over its accounting practices. the company says the sec has requested more information. and finally, disney has unwittingly created a currency black-market. >> this has to do with the disney dollar which has been withdrawn from circulation from the theme parks. the bill features characters like mickey mouse and others. disney announced it would stop selling the bills after newly 20 years. they have now become some of a black-market item on ebay. $ selling for up to a one dollar pirate of the caribbean bills sold for $14. a special 50th anniversary note
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went for $500. >> time for the press review. let's start with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he wrote a new coalition yesterday with the far right movement and the most right-wing government israel has ever seen. >> that is what the papers are saying. that coalition includes the new israeli defense minister. he is known for his hard-line views especially when it comes to israeli arabs and he's a former archenemy of netanyahu. the men have known each other for 30 years now. it seems they have put their disputes aside. >> the jerusalem post has a rather acerbic piece about the press conference.
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called pivotingoting to to peace? they sick it was awkward from beginning to end. netanyahu broke tradition by speaking english during the conference. he usually does that during the end. inberman said some words english and netanyahu awkwardly complemented him on how much he had progressed in english. a divorcedks like couple trying desperately to be nice to each other in front of their kids. >> there has been a lot of criticism that israel's defense policy is moving in a more belligerent manner with the appointment of lieberman. >> this is a piece coming out of the new york times. hourcalled israel's dark
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by thomas friedman. he was a middle east correspondent for the new york times. he says netanyahu has gone from bad to worse by forcing out the previous defense minister. he describes him as a decent man. and in his place, lieberman is unfit to be a military analyst. the only battles he has known are dodging tennis balls and he has criticized lieberman for his belligerence. for example, praising an israeli soldier who shot dead a palestinian. and this paper says israel will get into another war regardless of who is in charge. >> this is a really sad. it is by a screenwriter. he says, relax. there will be a war in the near future. israel will inevitably have a war because that is what
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happens. there is a real sense of thatnation in this article israel is inevitably drawn to war because that's how things happen irrespective of who is running the government. the only thing that could change is how mighty the next war could be if it happens. that could be because of lieberman. amnesty international accused europe of being complicit with egypt's declining human rights record. >> it's an article from an arab language paper out of london. they are looking into an amnesty international wrote toward that revealed 13 of the 28th eu memember states continue to provide weapons to the egyptian regime despite the fact that they were meant to stop this back in 2013 when it was discovered that injection security forces were perpetrating violence acts against protesters. this repression continues.
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french newspaper revealed that its own correspondent was held in custody by egyptian authorities this week for no apparent reason. several newspapers headlining with pictures of a tragic capsizing of yet another migrant boat in the mediterranean just off the coast of libya. are really shocking pictures. 500 migrants trying to cross into europe by boat. at least five were killed. the pictures were released by theitalian navy who came to boat's rescue. really underlining how careless the crossing is -- perilous that crossing is. >> the german anti-islam movement who are very outspoken on the issue of migrants is embroiled in a rather embarrassing mixup that has to kinderh cando
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chocolate. >> a local branch has lashed out on facebook over kinder's new campaign which has replaced blonde haired blue-eyed kids with more ethnic looking kids. they asked if it was a joke. what happens is that these see our faces you childhood photos from germany's national team. it was a very clever marketing team. >> it is all the players of the german national team. and yet it draws the ire. thank you very much for the press review. .ou can catch it on our website stay tuned.
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coming up after this break, french collections. we explain the role of french trade unions in politics and how they carry so much weight despite s such low membership. that's coming;
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