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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 26, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. you're watching live from paris. protests turn violent, thousands march against the labor force. powerplantt -- workers on strike. fierce clashes in cities across the democratic republic of congo. delayingf elections and sending his rivals abroad. and i knocked out all of my opponents and i got hit by a landslide. donald trump clinch the number
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of delegates he needs to run for the white house. >> rallies turned violent in paris. tens of thousands marching against the government's labor reform. strikes continued with public transport and oil refineries affected. , who hinted he would be willing to compromise. the unions want the new law scrapped altogether. >> it is d-day for striking workers and normandy. tideare hoping to turn the on the new labor law.
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>> i think this will hit them in the pocket. it is the same, both bridges are blocked. nobody is going through. the city's economy is paralyzed for now. reporter: representatives make no apologies. they say they moved to force through the law without a vote leaves them with no choice. article 49.3 the killed compromise. refuse toe ones who talk to the government. we are very sorry about it. there is a lack of democracy and discussion with workers. south 500in the protesters. showinge again opposition to the reforms. we all you have one demand. they want the withdrawn.
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-- we want them withdrawn. >> workers at oil refineries have also joined picket lines. the prime minister has come out fighting. realnetworks and fuel supplies have been hampered. thanare much less severe during similar actions last week. arehe nuclear power plant joining the strike. all 19 nuclear plants are affected. the government says the action will not result in power cats. >> in normandy 50 or so employees blocked the road outside of the plant handing out flyers to convince people to join in labor reform protests. a similar scene took place on the northern site, one of the
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largest plans. >> the government is provoking us. especially prime minister. we want to respond and show yes we can block a nuclear plant. >> among the 19 nuclear sites, 10 lower production to reach 5000 megawatts, and a percent decrease in national production. a risk of widespread electricity cots is low. none of the nuclear plants are entirely shut down. current production levels are sufficient according to the government. european production capacity is enormous. if we have issues getting enough energy from resources we could call on our neighbors. , employeesicket line are considering extending the strike by a day. >> unions blocked renting
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presses pretty only daily allowed to print was the only paper that would print an article from the cdt leader. they call it a shameful attempt to pressure the media. a former journalist, thank you for being with us. presidentsocialist locked in a bitter standoff with the unions where do you see this ending? >> we don't see it ending. it could be the prime minister would resign since he is the one pushing for the reform that nobody understands anymore. the majority of the population is against it. the left of the left as we call it. part of the right is against it. the unions are obviously mobilizing the streets. it is unique.
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we don't understand where it is going. it is puzzling. >> we saw where nicholas sarkozy push through pension reform. that was a different situation. >> reminds us of the 1990's. he was saying i will not do anything, i will not change my policy. it ends up battling. we expect no less from the situation. it is worrying because we are only a few months away from the next general election. needs majority on his side. he has lost it. his popularity is very low. what is next? it is complicated. >> to the unions have the spur
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of the public at this date? no power cats. >> they don't blame the unions for the moment. they are responsible for the way of doing politics. they didn't even try to have polite conversation about it. we will force it to you. is a provocation. it ends badly because it started badly. we do understand why it has to be so strong. why couldn't we do it more calmly? >> he came to power say he would
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bring down unemployment. is this not him making good on his promise to do so? >> why did he do it from the beginning? this is not the year to do it. this is not the time to do it. nobody will help him. nobody has to gain from it. we all expect that he will not even go through the general election. he believes in that. leaving advisers are him now. we don't understand why he is doing it so strongly. by doesn't he tried to appease things? we have the euro coming, we have the tour de france. summer. why shouldn't we come down and tried to talk to push away this low and avoid the national
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crisis that we don't need at the moment? we are in a state of emergency. we have been for a long time now. it's not the time to do that. >> thank you. moving to other news, there have been violent protests in cities across the democratic republic of congo. two people killed in clashes over plans to postpone elections. the president is accused of pushing back reforms to scrap term limits and run against himself. more from the capital. >> everything started well this morning. thousands gathered to march peacefully. they were chanting and singing. they were dancing. it was all very peaceful until one part of the protesters decided to throw rocks at the police. this is where the police started
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firing tear gas. hours after that protesters kept burning tires and blocking streets. it took a few hours to back to normal according to the police. there were less than 2000 protesters. it took a while to the back to normal. a few hours after the stop we could still see tires burning. >> to the united states. donald trump has enough delegates to be the republican party candidate for president. he's the only royal stat that she is the only one left in the race.
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here he is reacting from the campaign trail. >> i want to thank. i won the election in a landslide. deal.y can't close the she is unable to. we will see what happens. >> he told us how trout managed to reach the magic number of delegates. >> the associated press poll's out that news. i spoke to the man responsible for the delegate tracker. this they journalist here in washington who calls all of the republican party delegates. there are many that donald trump has. those that he won through caucuses throughout the country. then there are the unbound delegates.
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republican party officials who first need to same officially they will support donald trump and will support him at the republican party convention in cleveland in july. that journalist asked these officials from the republican party whether they now do support donald trump. he finally got that magic number. 1238. one more than he needed. this is a surprise when you look back to a year ago when donald trump first announced he was running for president on the 15th of june in manhattan. he was never going to be the favorite. now he is the nominee.
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he will be crowned at the republican party convention in july. -- has likelyhe rival is hillary clinton, she is embroiled in a scandal involving her personal e-mail. what is happening there? >> the scandal and the story that won't go away. she has not been charged with anything. she hasn't broken any laws so far according to investigations that are underway. we do now know according to the inspector general within the state department when she was , sheecretary of state broke ruled by doing official business on her private e-mail account. republicans will be attacking her throughout this campaign season and donald trump will concentrate on this from now
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until november. he still says he thinks she may be indicted and may not be able to run for president. that is why he mentions bernie sanders. for hillary clinton this is the big story that will not go away. she says she's did nothing wrong having a private e-mail server. republicans say everything was wrong with that. she was putting the country in danger by including classified material in her communication. he will hear more about this story from now until november. it is already part of the stump speech of donald trump and it will continue to do so. >> the italian coast guard is calling a record. in one day 4000 migrants were
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rescued in 22 separate operations. peoplep was carrying 500 that capsize. on the well-worn route from libya to europe. >> stranded at seeing before being rescued by the italian coast guard at a spanish frigates. the scene took place 50 kilometers off the libyan coast and is becoming a common site for the european union's rescue mission. operationsnd-rescue have been completed. saved as well as other services. the overcrowded fishing vessel way.ze as rescue was on
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100 people went missing. the warmer weather and commerce he has embolden human traffickers leading to a spike in boat arrivals this week. over a year there has been more than 37,000 arrivals in the country. a 9% drop. nonetheless the country some migrant shelters are under pressure to house 100,000 people, twice as many as two years ago. meanwhile authorities have finished the evacuation of a huge refugee camp with macedonia. people have been moved to better run facilities elsewhere. the camp hosted 14,000 people. they found themselves track -- trapped in both countries sealed their borders. let's bring you a reminder of our headlines. protests turn violent. thousands marched against labor reforms. oil refinery and power pint
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workers on strike. the prime minister said he was willing to compromise. fierce clashes across the democratic republic of congo as the president accused of seeking state power by delaying elections and sending his opponents abroad. and i knocked out all my rivals and i got here by winning landslides. -- gets the feels nomination for president. he's clinched the delegates he needs to run for the white house. let's get business news for you now. oil prices are above $50 a barrel. >> a short while ago we saw the international benchmark index at $59 and $.49. less than $50. but we saw it pop above that
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important threshold a little bit earlier for the first time this year. prices have now rallied around 80% in recent months. lows of $27 a barrel. and it is linked to lower production in canada and venezuela, and falling u.s. crude stocks. a little earlier i spoke to the chief market analyst at cmc markets in london and asked whether oil over $50 makes a difference? >> it has a distinct possibility to those shell producers who have quite a high breakeven rate. they are feeling a lot less pain now than they were. around 25 or $30 a barrel.
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that being said this rebound is likely to find its upside limited because of the fact all of this oil production could well start to come back online. >> what is the outlook? what is going to be driving prices in the months to come from your perspective? where will prices had? >> i think this is the key conundrum. we see the strong rebound. how far can we go higher? we have a meeting. are not producers likely to agree. we still have a supply. the supply glut is slowly diminishing. while changing ever so slightly they are not changing in favor
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of the demand curve. aroundit will be limited 55, $60 a barrel. michael joining us earlier from london. there has been a fresh wave of protests. labor performed package, the french petroleum industry is playing down the effects of the strikes. two of the french biggest oil refineries are now out of action. they say there is an of supply and the problem is the spike in consumption. >> despite everything we have the problem of consumption. orple who watch television
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listen to the radio are panicking. they want to top off their fuel tanks. we have a demand for fuel which is 3-5 times higher than normal. our logistics are not made from that. but something to keep an eye on. the help of the global economy is taking center stage as leaders meet in japan. the host of the meeting has warned of big risks ahead. whether theyis will agree on common action with some very visible divisions on display. >> a global economic situation, as bad as it was in 2008. that is the claim put forward.
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>> we agreed on a understanding with the world economy faces big risks. to stand against those risks we were able to compile the economic initiative. >> his call for action comes after they downgraded the world 2016.ic outlook by his call for the fiscal stimulus falls in line with his plan to revitalize japan's economy, struggling with deflation and sluggish growth for years. to have been welcomed by germany. angle merkel's government has stood behind the belief austerity and cutting back on spending is the best way to balance the books. slowdown, theic u.k. prime minister said
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globally it was not that bad. cameron stood with merkel saying well a flexible approach to the economy would be welcome, g7 country should taylor economic policies to their own needs. the lack of enthusiasm highlights divisions among the countries are presented the seven leading free-market economies. we will take a look of the stock markets next. two days consecutive gains on wall street. american stock seem to be on a breather. the dow jones industrial average and negative territory. they are holding onto slight gains. retailers are among the winners
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after weakness in that sector. retailing shares popping back somewhat. a choppy session on the side of the atlantic. as you can see right here, only marginally so when it comes to london. mining stocks helped that index go above the flat line. banking shares came under pressure here in europe after two fairly strong days for that sector in particular. oil also in the spotlight. it headin we saw towards the $50 a barrel. you up-to-date with some other stories we have been watching. investigators have rated the head office of mcdonald's. they have confirmed the search took place on the 18th of may west of paris following a report
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that tax authorities want the fast food giant to pay 300 million euros in back taxes. earlier this week they rated the offices of google and france. the american cruise ship operator royal caribbean has a deal to build three new vessels. the deal is worth 2.5 billion euros. it will be delivered by 2022. they represent 22 million work hours. it comes weeks after they handed over the world's biggest cruise ship. japanese airbag to theht up -- takata airbags, investment firm is interested in taking a 60% stake in the company.
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carmakers have been forced to recall tens of millions of cars equipped with this info later that was made by takata airbags. that is the business. back in an hour. >> we're taking a short break.
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05/26/16 05/26/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >>, it would've been better if i used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone, but at the time, this did not seem like an issue. amy: the state department's spectre general concludes hillary clinton broke government rules by using a private e-mail server without approval for her work as u.s. secretary of state. despite saying she would cooperate, she refused to be interviewed by


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