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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes live around the world. i am genie godula. he these are the headlines. the iraq he army says it is moving into the stronghold state of fallujah. it surrounded the city week ago but has held off a full attack to give civilians a chance to flee. rescue boats contitinue to searh the mediterranean for survivors of a new series of migrant shipwrecks. more than 700 people are thought to have drowned the past week alone. a verdict set to be handed down
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in the landmark trial of the former leader of chad. firste habre is the leader to be tried by another african nation over abuses of human rights. also, one of china's richest men opens a theme park he is hoping will rival disneyland. we will have the details in our business update. and the man known as the human arrow makes a death-defying jump over the great wall of china. that and more on the way. first, our top stories. genie: the city of fallujah in iraq is one of just two urban centers still held by the icelandic state group. iraqi -- by the islamic state group.
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iraqi troops have surrounded fallujah for a week and they have just begun with what they say is a final push into the city center. if the mission succeeds, it would take fallujah back from the islamic state group for the first time in over two years. our correspondent has the details. >> it is a battle for fallujah. this video, taken by the iraqi army, appears to show government troops and shiite militias just outside the city, where they claim they have captured a weaponss shipment bound for islamic state fighters. kilometersust 50 west of baghdad, was the first city to fall into jihadist hands two years ago. >> our troops are ready to fight the extremists and morale is high. the elite troops and counterterrorism forces are ready to storm the city of fallujah and purge it from the islamic state group. we are waiting for orders to storm the city. theave a fighting over weekend has forced 3000 people
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to flee the city, and it is believed 50,000 are still trapped there with limited access to food and clean water. asorts to retain fallujah, peshmerga forces have launched offensives. they have managed to capture nine villages in the area. >> the importance of liberating the villages is that it is a first step getting closer to mosul, pushing away from the kurdish area and protect areas. >> the islamic state group is coming under increasing pressure. it is fighting back. fallujah, a city that the iraqi army recaptured last month. the formers bring in head of a french military mission for the u.n.
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thank you for joining us, general. the iraqi military, backed by paramilitary troops and u.s. support launched about a week ago per why are they only moving in, if that is indeed what is happening, now you >? difficult city to be taken. it is a very strong city. it is difficult for the iraqi government to take back the city. genie: i am sorry, general, we will have to leave it there. we have some trouble with your phone line. let's come back now to paris, where seven suspected french on trial today and all of them are originally from the eastern town of strasbourg. they are accused of going to
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train in syria with islamic state group. one of the men is the brother of one of the suicide armors in the paris attacks last november -- suicide bombers in the paris attacks last november. 14,000 migrants have been rescued since last monday. that was the biggest -- the busiest week of crossings from libya to italy this year, but 700 more are thought to have drowned at sea this past year alone. kyle brown has this. >> the bodies of those who did not make it alive on to europe's shores, were unloaded by crane on sunday. dozens of corpses have been recovered by search and rescue teams combing the mediterranean. on wednesday this crowded boat began to list before capsizing altogether. some of those rescued last week spoke of their efforts to save their fellow travelers. the water was coming in from
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everywhere. we tried for more than six hours to save people. it just was not possible. the children, some jumped in the water, some swam. the situation was out of control. more than 700 people are feared to have died in three separate incidents last wednesday, thursday, and friday. it is thought to be the most deadly week for migrants since april 2015. when shipwrecks left more than 1300 peoeople dead over just a w at the libyan coast. rescue teams have been working around the clock. as the weather warms, more migrants are taking the risky voyage. many cannot swim, and they are often sent without lifejackets on boats that are barely seaworthy to cross the
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mediterranean, in the hope of a better life. genie: a verdict is expected to fall this monday in the trial of former chadian president hissene habre. he seized power in a coup in 1982 and is accused of human rights abuses during his eight years in power. he is being tried in senegal in a landmark case. it is the first time a former african leader is being tried by another african nation for human rights abuses. our correspondent reports. >> within these old crumbling walls was the scene of years of suffering of torture. this man spend years locked up in the dungeons. returning to the cramped cells, memories come flooding back to him. cells, 3 byn small 4 meters. they were meant for no more than 10 people but they packed in 27. that is how lots of people died.
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the same habre -- hissene habre let a military coup. over the next eight years, his regime was characterized by widespread human rights abuses and atrocities. he was ousted by one of his former generals, he remains president of chad to this day. accused ofent was systematic torture, saying that 40,000 people died as a result of his rule. threw twohrown, habre senegal, where in 2005 he was placed under house arrest where he was indicted in 2013. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for the first african leader to be tried for human rights abuses in another african country. the trial has been dismissed by protesters as politically automated.
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dozens of his alleged victims have come forward to give evidence to put him behind bars. genie: that verdict is being read out as we speak. ours bring in correspondent. marc andre, we are hearing that he is been found guilty of rape or it tell us. >> that is the first thing that comes out of it since the judge basically just read the entire judgment, and it is the first charge that has been declined. there has been a lot of time to explain what those terms are, and the violence against both men and women have been listed, with a reminder of the witnesses . , two hours ton get these other crimes, including crime against humanity or crimes and torture. arear the proceedings really quiet. there is no protest outside the room.
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the room is filled with people. a lot of the ip people are coming in to look at this first people arelot of vip coming in to look at this first trial on human rights grounds. genie: what kind of impact might there be across the continent from this verdict and his trial in general? >> it is really a test for an international community, accused in the last years on focusing of an african leader. this is the first time in african leader has faced african judgeses. it has been created by senegal. we so far, the sections of the trial will determine if more trials like this will happen, but on that it is really a great judge that has been behind the pinochet trial in spain, that is here, and that
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been a historical moment for international justice. genie: we just heard that hissene habre has been convicted of rape. talk us through what has been the key charge in the trial in which way it might go. he has been accused of torture and of killings, mostly opponents.itical but he has also been accused of sexual violence and torture, which remains one of the main reasons why he was arrested. many groups in chad -- he is accused of having a system of repercussion against opponents, and the judge is clear about reminder to people that he targeted some people in chad. genie: thank you so much for that.
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marc andre reporting from the trial, former chadian dictator hissene habre. let's look at our other new stories on "france 24." iran says its pilgrims this year will miss the annual pilgrimage to back up because saudi arabia is "blocking the path." ofadh has been accused didisrespect of iranian pilgrim. this is the latest between the regional rivals after two failed series of negotiations. scientists say one third of coral in parts of australia's great barrier reef are dead or dying because of mass bleaching. evident in march with the warming sea temperatures. 11 people have been killed by an armed squad in venezuela. the victims were in their homes when several armed men were
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forced to move into the courtyard, where they were shot dead. the colombian national and three miners are among the victims. the suspects are on the run. france, we are gearing up for another week of social unrest, this time affecting french transportation. unions are pushing for more strikes in the hopes that forcing the socialist government into talks to try to change controversial labor reforms. jessica reports. jessica: under the watchful eye of french police, petrol thisise russian -- petrol distribution is back on track. in the weeks to come, it promises to be a rocky one. andrance's rail company trade unions are calling for strikes. for indefinite periods. of aris you can face a bit wait for metro as the trade union has called rail workers to strike, this time on the second
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of june with an indefinite duration. the trade unions are seeking negotiations witith the government.. >> our words are falling on deaf ears, so we have to raise our voices. we are not taking a breather. in the coming days we will take more action. on the 14th of june we have planned a large protest in paris. strikes are taking to the skies, too. seaside, the cgt trade union representing poor and. . compans have announced a 24-hour strike the second of june. along the marseille coastline, tankers are prevented from docking. genie: this is memorial day in
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the united states, when americans pay tribute to war veterans. donald trump made the most of the memorial day weekend on sunday, speaking to thousands of motorbike enthusiasts in front of the league and memorial in washington, d.c. rolling thunder, the name of that event, when bikers flock to the u.s. capitol to raise awareness for prisoners of war and for those missing in action. our correspondent philip crowther has more now from trump's controversial appearance. bikers have long been seen as one of donald trump's niche voting blocs. they are on board the trump dan trump -- aboard the bandwagon. donald trump: thousands of people are dying. hard to believe even, of our vets, our most cherished people. thousands are dying waiting on line to see a doctor. >> my father was killed in vietnam. i consider this trump exploiting
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the veterans. he did. raise awareness for those missing in action. or held as prisoners of war. the presidential campaign has crashed the gathering. rolling thunder is an event for veterans in washington, d.c., a joyous occasion. but when donald trump is in town, things get tense in the nations capital. served.d trump never he, in fact, dodged the draft. he has said, with respect to john mccain, that p.o.w.'s are losers. we are going to throw out all the filth that has been here. you are out, bro. all of you. enjoy the last few weeks left that you have got. security,to social
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giving them social security that comes out of my paycheck. >> we are going to have a say now. >> many in the crowd seemed to have forgiven trump for his mocking of senator john mccain, a former prisoner of war. >> he tells it like it is. he tells the truth. i think it is time to clean house. >> the idea of an empty inspiresment candidate veterans. -- the idea of an antiestablishment candidate inspires veterans. genie: world-famous base jumper jumper jefft corliss dropped from a helicopter and flew through the air at close to 200 kikilometers per hour to hit a target that was suspended over the great wall of china. that successful stunt came after
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a decade of planning. next to someone who i am sure has no problem at all jumpingg out of helicopters, given carol. we are going to stay with china for your business update, starting with one of china's richest men, who has opened a theme park which he hopes will rival disneyland. lin is tryingjen to be disney at their own game and by opening a theme park that focuses on chinese culture as well as has cheaper tickets. weeks afterned just -- >> it is the happiest place on earth. the $3 billion city, boasts a theme park, shops, hotels, and an aquarium, designed to rival the first disneyland in
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china. the man behind the project is one of china's richest men. he is on a mission to put chinese culture back on the map. >> chinese culture led the world for 2000 years. for 300 years. we lack confidence in our own culture. stopped himhas not from making big purchases in america.a. studiost one ofof the behind the batman films for $3.5 billion. wang is still battling for the upper hand in the $610 billion chinese tourism industry. >> the high cost of disneyland versus his parks, hehe is culture, to chinese
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understanding the local market. will also take on disney in france. he's pouring 3 billion euros into the city. japan, where the government looks to delay a controversial rise in sales tax. stephen: the tax on goods and services was meant to increase from 8% to 10% in april of next year, a policy that is a key part of a been nymex -- of abenomics. pushed thet tax hike economy into recession. speaking at the g7 meeting last week, shinto aim said -- ansh will push backe the sales tax to october of 2019. genie: and some good news for the economy here. stephen: growth was better than
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expected in the past six months in japan. growth was .6% in the first quarter and .3% in the three months before. both figures are slightly higher than previous estimates. this coming on top of new data from the european commission. confidence in the economy in france rose significantly in may, despite all the protests and strikes. it is a quiet day on the european markets. the london and u.s. markets are closed. here is the picture in paris and franklin. small gains on the cac and in focusing on the comments from janet yellen at the federal reserve last week when she said they would continue their policy of raising interest rates if the u.s. economy improves. more business headlines -- its flightsll hold from venezuela because of the country's crisis. it will be suspended from june
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17. the german airline says it has seen a drop in passenger numbers because currency controls are making it impossible for them to transfer foreign currency out of the country. the price of bitcoin surged by 20% in the past week after it is announced the digital currency would be auctioned in the coming weeks. the australian arm of the why says this is selling $13 million confiscatedhat was as a result of crimes. it has been a very good year for bordeaux wine producers. producers are selling vintages from last year for almost 20% more than in 2014. it is hoped to the weather of 2014 will produce their best wine in a decade. genie: there is some bad news for french cognac producers. homes and businesses have been affected in many parts of the country, but it could spell disaster for some growers in the cognac region.
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where hectares of vines have been destroyed. >> this cognac producer take stock of the damage. storm hit an estimated 5000 hectares of cognac plus most procedures vineyards. the barrage of hill stone -- the barrage of hailstones has devastated growers. it is a hard pill to swallow for the flourishing cognac sector. was year 18 billion liters produced, generating a turnover of 2.6 billion euros. -- 80 million liters was produced, generating a turnover of 2.6 billion euros. experts say the full consequences of the storm will not be felt straight away. cognact 5% of the growing region has been affected. some stopstill
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because of the loss. it is not clear the immediate impact. >> growers are already counting the cost. 50 hectares have been destroyed at this distillery. his insurance companies will only pay compensation for the first harvest after the storm, even though its impact the last several years. >> next year we are not insured at all. it was only really for this year. we are estimating that in two or three years we will have a decent harvest. >> violent storms have also battered wine producing regions. growers are calling on the government to classify the storm as a natural disaster to allow them to unlock extra funds. genie: just to wrap up with you, stephen, we are in the heart of the french open, roland garros. close to surpassing the $100 million mark in the prize money that would be a record for a tennis player. djokovic is meant to be
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an opponent in the quarterfinals today. rain is not helping things. if he gets into the quarterfinals, that would earn him 294,000 euros, which would take in just over the line of the 100 million mark. that is prize money. it does not count any money for advertising, which is big as well. genie: incredible. i should have stuck with tennis as a kid. stephen carroll, thank you for that. you are watching "france 24." next half-hour hour, security forces are using a new tool to control unlawful drones. that with eagles. more on that coming up after the break.
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