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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 31, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. it you are watching live from paris. the ivory coast tries its former first lady for crimes against humanity. arming death squads after disputed election results in 2010. tens of thousands of civilians amidst an army offensive. more industrial unrest in france as real workers go on strike. forns continue to fight
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government reforms. formerthe ivory coast's first lady accused of personally arming death squads. charged for crimes against humanity and serving a 20 year sentence for crimes against the state, she is charged with ordering attacks on her husband's rival following disputed election results in 2010. she is currently being tried at the international criminal court in the hague but they insisted that this case would be tried at home.
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>> she is serving a 20 year jail sentence for crimes against the state. the committee that organized reprisals. the current president. some say the trial is assigned of his bias. this court was chosen to do just that. this is political justice taking his orders from political powers. president denies these allegations but says the trial has been dealt a blow as human rights groups have called out without a full investigation.
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>> our correspondent is there and we saw pictures walking around a court smiling and looking very relaxed and greeting her supporters. yes, she looked smiling and pretty confident. fromormer first lady areorters and indictments up for the jury members. there is that involvement trying to build in the electoral crisis. they achieve it to weapons. the militia groups in order to kill civilians. determined.
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>> this is a purely political trial because the husband lost the election to the man who is now the president. divisive and ivory coast's history. >> the human rights organization.
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it decided not to get involved in this trial. they are intentionally facing life in prison. >> there are thousands of civilians trapped in the iraqi city of falluja. said to beforces are meeting with fierce resistance from islamic state. my fear, and lost control. prepared.
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thank you for being with us. civilians are said to be trapped in the city. can you hear me? troubleving a little and we will try again later. the phone lines are pretty difficult into that country. and amnestyations
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international. they seized power in 2007. half of those killed were collaborating in israel. for more on this story, we can go now to jerusalem. the high commissioner of union -- there are serious concerns about fair trials. >> they have called on thomas not to carry out these executions and across the board. there were several murders inside the gaza strip and the had to take this action as a deterrent. evidence that the penalty is a deterrent.
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they called on thomas if it really wants to change the legal situation to start investigating ,he allegations of corruption that it would be a preferable first step. that they don't trust the legal system in the gaza strip. too many allegations of collusion and of torture. >> the fact that it didn't happen is still a big risk between them off and fatah. >> the three executions show us the size of the division between the palestinian factions. party, ian from the
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have read it for separate officials condemning this. saying that the government had no authority to carry out such a step. and threatening them. that the ruley would be put to any kind of justice in the west bank. it shows us that there really are two governments for the palestinian people. and what we are seeing is that these governments don't speak to each other. that is the lesson i think for today. >> reporting from jerusalem.
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>> civilians trapped in the city of falluja, the iraqi army entered the city for the first time and battling to dislodge the islamic state fighters that seized control of the city back in 2014. from the norwegian refugee, can you hear me now? >> yes, i can. >> we are talking about tens of thousands of civilians trapped in falluja. islamic state fighters are stopping anyone trying to leave? >> they would be directly threatened and managed to make it.
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>> losing falluja would be a psychological blow to isis. and now it is a real jewel in the crown for isis and the caliphate. >> i cannot hear you very well, are indicating fighting is very much indicating on both sides of the party, there is caught inside the hall -- the boss fire. >> would it be huge
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psychological blow to isis? >> it is humanitarian. >> the mayor has announced plans to open a refugee camp in the city and hidalgo says both europe and france are failing to live up to their responsibilities. the current situation is simply untenable.
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>> the situation starts over. mayor is taking the situation into its own hands. >> we have identified several places particularly in the north of paris which belong to us. >> it would be setting up the you and standards that are specified. they hope to partner up with nonprofit associations as well as bring in finance from the state.
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>> they began a new strike tonight. is staving off major disruption. >> it will be participating. commitment they were holding out for. commitment from the company and it was no longer a reason to go on strike.
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>> the company's ceo did not hide his anger and threatened to resign in response. they firmly denied cutting out management. >> whenever negotiate without management. >> the government wants to avoid a tough one. the recent strikes is out of the question. affairs touch on her own labor regulation. >> it could bring an agreement and not before next monday.
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>> being stuck on a crowded platform in the corinne, but here it is. disrupted for a second straight day. they claim for lives. states and donald trump appears to have run out of patience with the media. something the present of nominee made crystal-clear at a press conference in new york today. he is facing scrutiny over money he raised for army veterans. millioned to raise $6 and was revised to $5.69 and journalists are asking what happened to the difference.
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it made him hot under the collar. >> i raise millions of dollars, like this sleazy guy right here from abc. he is a sleaze in my book because you know the facts well. you know my opinion to the media. it is very low. i think the media is, frankly, made up of people that in many cases are not good people. >> the soccer superstar in his absence in barcelona. we have the story.
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his father with a hefty fine and even possibly a jail term. to avoid paying taxes, they earned image rights. the five-time world player of the year suggested it wasn't his fault but his father's. >> i never look at the contracts. i trust my dad. he's in charge of my things and he tells me what i do. >> prosecutors may have been during the recent panama papers scandal. the barcelona striker and his father opened a company in june of 2013.
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>> unions the driving force behind all of this strike action. a powerful force in france. affected by the ongoing strikes to see the unions responsible for the walkout. you can see him on the screen, they said the unions should be held responsible for the loss of labor and revenue. he accused the union of behaving like terrorists. they say they plan to sue him for defamation. this is a war of words. a very clear sign that the
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strikes will have lasting consequences from a legal and financial standpoint. what kind of effect are these strikes having on private businesses. >> this company transforms rubble into sand. recently, deliveries have become scarce. it is starting to feel the effects of a 10 day strike. >> with can't have a proper schedule, that's why the revenues are down. i think we lost 15% of the business. hurtingwill soon start the wider economy. >> we are hoping that the strikes will stop soon.
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really hurting and we are already in a difficult situation. it is also a problem for our clients. >> companies are facing disruption. this can produce up to 100 cubic meters every hour. we can't control the number of tracks coming in and leaving. >> is a works with independent delivery services. he has had to worry about one thing. have the truck's managed to deliver concrete to all of the construction sites. he's lost 30% of his revenue in may alone. >> volkswagen has reported a drop in profits compared to the same a year earlier.
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profits after devastating losses of 1.6 billion euros at the end of 2015. , they set auto giant the losses. the group will survive. >> the lowest point was the fourth quarter of last year. since then, they have improved by 500 million euros. i see positive indications things may continue to improve. >> downward trend on wall street. therestill in the red about three quarters of a percentage point. it is the biggest increase in
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six years. inflation rose fairly steadily. raising interest rates sooner rather than later. half aded down percentage point. oil prices rising to just above $50 a barrel during tuesday trade. negotiators are trying to rebuild momentum around the thatatlantic trade deal faced growing opposition on both sides. the european commission president has called on member states to reconfirm their commitment at a summit in june. the accord would not undermine their interest. regulations about the origin of foodstuffs is of particular concern.
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he insisted he would not give in on what he calls crucial protection. discussions have been underway for several months. >> the price of oil is hitting locals and foreign investors. it has hit people hard.
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the country attracted investors from all over the world but the currency has slumped and many of them are struggling to stay afloat. >> businesses are hit hard by changing fortunes. worth over $7.5 billion in 2012. >> we have encountered some difficulties, especially regarding foreign exchange. we believe this is not a phase that will last a long time. >> squeezing foreign-currency supplies.
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>> our company has been forced to stop operations that the foreign exchange rate will improve. >> they predict growth will drop to 3.9% this year. >> tech giants are cracking down on hate speech. facebook, twitter, and microsoft has signed on to a new code of conduct. they can remove or disable the content if necessary. european governments have been increasing pressure to tackle online racism as the refugee
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crisis continues to spread. that are growing concerns it is a recruiting ground for terror groups. this is one step trying to crack down on that. ññ1111@1@1@1@1púúa xx
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05/31/16 05/31/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> sentenced to life imprisonment. he will finish off his life in prison and that is all we wanted. i hope this serves as a lesson to all the dictators out there. amy: the former dictator of chad has been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity for ordering the killing of 40,000 people. we will go to senegal to speak with human right watch's reed brody about the historic trial


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