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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. we are "live from paris." barack obama officially endorses hillary clinton. he says he cannot wait to hit the campaign trail. they will appear at a rally together in wisconsin later this month. up security following yesterday's deadly shooting at a café in tel aviv. thousands will lose their entry permits. hundreds of extra troops are being deployed to the west bank. taking off festivities -- k icking off festivities with an
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open-air concert. this, as strikes threaten to disrupt the event. first, the u.s. president, barack obama, has officially endorsed hillary clinton to succeed him as president. obama's or -- obama spoke shortly after meeting with bernie sanders, who insists he will still fight the final -- at thentest in convention next tuesday. ama: i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there has ever been somebody so qualified hold this office.
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she's got the courage, compassion, and the heart to get the job done. and i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. laura: with the democratic primary contests almost wrapped up, they can get on the common aim, stopping republican donald trump from taking the white house. unbelievableit is to me, and i say this in all sincerity, that the republican party would have a candidate for president who, in the year 2016, makes bigotry and discrimination the cornerstone of his campaign. 's" philipance 24 crowther is in washington, d.c., with more on his endorsement. video was released by the hillary clinton campaign on her website and on youtube, in which barack obama says that he endorses her, he is with her,
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using one of her campaign slogans, and saying that he cannot wait to get out on the campaign trail. he will be out on the campaign trail as early as next wednesday, the 15th -- wednesday, june 15. he will be campaigning in green bay, wisconsin, together with his former u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton. they will be campaigning together the day after the very last primary here in washington, d.c., a primary that will still be contested between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it looks a little bit like like -- like that might have been the deal that obama and sanders came up with earlier today. he wanted to go out on the campaign trail with her as quickly as possible, but he will wait until the whole primary season is over. it will be over next tuesday. he will be on the campaign trail the wednesday after that. laura: of course, philip, sand
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ers and clinton and obama all united in one aim, that is to stop donald trump from becoming the next president of the united states. philip: that was pretty clear from bernie sanders, that he was not going to drop out straight away, but his main aim and every should nowmain aim be to stop donald trump from entering the white house in january, 2017. in other words, at some point, bernie sanders will be endorsing hillary clinton and will presumably also join the campaign trail with her and will be seen on stage with her. but not yet. bernie sanders does not want to go out without a fight. he wants to contest this very last primary. he will be able to say that he announced that he was running for president roughly a year ago. also here in washington, d.c., in front of a very proud, just -- crowd, just a few cameras, as a senator. he wants to show he went all the
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way, that he contested every single primary, and came away from those with a lot of wins and a lot of supporters and a lot of sway within the democratic party. so, chances are that he will at some point suspend his campaign, though he does say that he will take it all the way to the democratic convention in philadelphia at the end of july. what that means is he wants to take his ideals, the ideals that he has been fighting for and that his supporters believe in, he wants those to be mentioned as clearly as possible at that convention. he wants those to be part of the image of the democratic party going forward. it looks like, today, pretty much everybody got their way. the hillary clinton campaign gets bernie sanders to bow out at some point. they get the endorsement from barack obama. hillary clinton now knows she will be joined on the campaign trail by the u.s. president. laura: philip crowther speaking to me earlier. the united states has urged israel not to punish innocent
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palestinians for last night's deadly shooting in tel aviv. people died when two palestinian brothers opened fire at a café. five others were injured. hundreds of israeli troops are now being deployed to the west bank, and the israeli government has revoked entry permits for more than 80,000 palestinians during the muslim month of ramadan. more, we go to tel aviv. our correspondent, irris makl er, is there. they won't be able to travel to jerusalem during ramadan. also, the village where the two gunmen came from is being targeted. tell us more about the government's crackdown, if you will. the government's retaliation, we heard from israel's prime minister, who, for the second time in two days, visited the market site where the shooting took place. he outlined israel's
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first against the town where the two attackers closed military zone, no permits to work for any member of that family or the extended family and clan. then there is the action against tens of thousands, more than 80,000 palestinians, who, at this time of year especially, travel from gaza to jerusalem, from the west bank to jerusalem, and to inside israel. it's a time of visiting relatives and the al-aqsa mosque. all of that hasn't stopped as of yesterday. that is viewed -- all of that has stopped as of yesterday. that is viewed us collective punishment. there are other measures that were discussed in the security cabinet meeting today. one of them will also be a long-term look at how israel deals with palestinians who have no permits to be inside israel but are here as workers and for other reasons as well. laura: what about israelis?
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we saw your report earlier that tel avivians are already determined to carry on as before. israelis, after all, our people used to dealing with terrorism -- are people used to dealing with terrorism. irris: i don't know that they are used to it. it's a decision they have made. i was surprised to see the café where the shootings took place cleaned up, open, full of people, everyone returning to life. and they all said to us, this is our decision, this is how we respond, and we are determined not to let terror win. those were the words they used. and if we change our routine, then it has won. the funerals were held today of some of the people who were murdered yesterday. they were incredibly sad. at the same time as you have this determination to be joyous, there is the underlying sorrow of attending funerals which are
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very emotional. laura: thank you very much, irris makler. kurdish separatists have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the southeastern city -- in a southeastern city. out thesaid it carried attack which killed six people, including a pregnant policewoman. it was the second attack in sirte in as many days. turkey in as many days. there was stern criticism of turkey's president in the german parliament today. one lawmaker accusing recep tayyip erdogan of hate filled threats and smears after the turkish leader said german mps of turkish descent have, quote, blood."- "tainted erdogan was referring to the boat to recognize -- the vote to
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recognize the genocide of world war i. erdogan: president accused them of betraying their country and supporting terrorism. they backed a resolution in the bundestag which classify the murder of over one million turkish armenians as genocide. >> i would not have thought it possible that, in the 21st century, the democratically elected president would link his present -- his criticism of democratically elected lawmakers in the german bundestag to describe their blood as "tainted." they have questioned the lawmaker's intentions. erdogan has made veiled threats. >> first and foremost, in the
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coming period, germany must reverse course on this misstep. if germany doesn't walk back we willstep, of course assess the situation and our follow-up actions will be different. the diplomatic spat comes at an unfortunate time for germany. angela merkel has called the turkish response incomprehensible, but the german chancellor needs and kara' -- ankara's support to stem the flow of migrants into the eu. the economic reality means relations are unlikely to be permanently damaged. germany is turkey's largest export market as well as home to more than 3 million turks. identity?tic of -- could it be a case of mistaken identity? was in police claimed he
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custody after he was extradited. two eritreans have come forward to say police have the wrong man. his sister has come forward to say her brother is innocent. the other man is accused of bringing tens of thousands of people to europe as part of a multimillion euro smuggling network. .o the u.k. now two former prime minister's have announced their support for britain staying in the european union. they say a brexit will undermine the peace process in northern ireland and would bolster the case for scottish independence. longboat -- lawmakers have extended the deadline for the vote in the referendum. on june place vote takes place on june 23.
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hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected at the euro football tournament. there are questions over whether france is really ready. hearts of the country are still recovering from last week's deadly -- parts of the country are still recovering from last week's deadly floods. it is security concerns at the forefront of everyone's minds. kate moody has more. kate: at the foot of the eiffel tower, some 90,000 people will be welcomed to the paris fan zone. snack bars, shops, and nine giant screens will be the -- bring the excitement of each match to the crowds. there are fears that these could become easy targets and add to the already herculean task facing security forces. >> as far as i'm concerned, our police and security services have better things to do then look after the fan -- do than l ook after the fan zone.
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in a state of emergency, i don't think it is prudent to have them. reporter: organizers decided it was better to consolidate spectators in a controlled area. in paris alone, 1500 security agents will conduct checks backed up by surveillance cameras. >> the fan zones will be just as secure as the stadiums, with the same police presence and security measures. going to the fan zones will be safe. reporter: 80,000 police and private and 12,000 security guards will be deployed to protect both matches and fan zones. authorities have been conducting simulations to prepare for an attack. there is no intelligence that indicates a specific threat. laura: united states recently alerts for france
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and europe, warning that the euro 2016 tournament was a potential target for terrorists. philip crowther and gallagher fenwick have been finding out how france has been facing an uphill battle when it comes to winning back american tourists. >> the first time that members of so many -- the monument in question is the journalists memorial. the french ambassador is here to add the names of eight journalists killed that charlie hebdo's headquarters in paris in 2015. now, a new u.s. travel warning means french authorities are on the back foot to reassure potential american visitors. >> now we have to prove that they were alarmist. that's what the french tohorities are doing, provide security to all the americans coming to our country's and coming for the summer -- to our country and coming for the summer coming for the euro soccer tournament. reporter: euro 2016 is mentioned as a potential terror target in this travel warning.
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it was written by the state department. >> we don't have a current threat in place, but it is a possibility. we want americans to know that before they go over. reporter: so far, visits this year to france are down. they have dropped 8% compared to 2015. airline bookings are down. >> if you do still want to go to europe, i have been sending a lot of people to italy this year. or if you really want to feel safe, scandinavia. >> and the pilots are on strike. they are on air france. can you call somebody? reporter: the aim for the state agency that promotes tourism and departures to france is to make those take off again after they took a turn for the worse with recent events in europe. the parisian authorities
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especially are investing big money into making americans returned to the city of light. laura: italy's four time prime minister is to undergo heart surgery next week. silvio berlusconi was admitted to hospital early this week and is to have a defective aortic valve replaced. doctors say he should make a quick recovery. he has been increasingly sidelined from politics after he lost power in 2011. days of funeral services are underway for boxing legend muhammad ali. an islamic prayer service is taking place in his hometown of louisville, kentucky, one of the first venues where he won as a professional boxer. the service at freedom hall will be followed by a funeral procession and another funeral on friday. all of the seats for friday's memorial were claimed within just one hour. let's get to some business news. markus karlsson is with me in
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the studio. we're going to start with the ride-sharing company, uber. they have had problems in france before. markus: they are in a spot of bother in this country once again. a french court has found the american firm and -- has find the american firm and two managers some 800,000 euros in total. 0ber self was fined 800,00 euros. half of the fines were suspended when -- suspended. this was the first trial in france involving uber managers. the case revolved around uber pop, which connected on professional drivers with customers. suspended that service in
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france last july and now only operates with professional drivers in the country. prosecutors were calling for a maximum fine of 1.5 million euros. mario draghi is throwing down to eurotlet politicians. the president of the european central bank is calling them -- on them to be bolder. he spoke in brussels, saying fieldhe ecb alone cannot the economy. he said national leaders are not doing enough, and that their action is needed. the ecb president warned of a democratic timebomb as the eurozone is getting older. >> your area's working age population is projected to start gradually decreasing in the next decade. in that context, employment growth is likely to start decelerating in the not-too-distant future. markus: that was mario draghi speaking. now, the ecb president may be
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part of the reason the global stock market stumbled this thursday. the winning streak we have seen for global stocks in the past week is fizzling out. in the united states, stocks are in negative territory. we are about 40 minutes from the close. oil and metals are putting pressure on shares in those sectors. banking stocks are also down stateside as bond yields are falling. european stocks ended the session in the red. indices were punished by a drop in oil prices, similar to what we are seeing currently in the united states. it put pressure on energy-related shares one company down more than 3.5% at the close of the european trading day. we are going to switch to another topic. ireland and other european smaller economies are the most honorable to a british departure from the european union -- most vulnerable-- most
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a british departure from the european union. 20 different economies could be affected by a brexit. ireland and malta are at the top of the list of countries that could be affected. luxembourg and cyprus are also in the top four, with switzerland in fifth place. many british businesses are trying to figure out what a brexit would mean for them, and that includes the tourism sector. tourism in the u.k. is worth --ut 22 -- billion pounds about 22 billion pounds. the industry worries about the consequences of a leave vote. charles pellegrin has more. charles: big ben, st. paul's, and tower bridge. visitors come to see some of the world's most iconic landmarks. but with that number fall if --
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but would that number fall if they were to leave the european union? for this man, the answer is clearly yes. >> the majority come from eu countries. there are reports that people from germany, italy, and france are less likely to come to the the u.k.ou -- come to if we leave the eu. charles: the tourism industry in the u.k. is worth just over 20 billion euros per year. 2015, 67% of the visitors came from the eu. some travel analysts say a brexit could attract more visitors. valueld cause the pound's to fall and make the u.k. a cheaper destination. >> the u.k. would actually become a more attractive
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destination, as prices would be relatively cheaper. nonetheless, one of the country's largest tourism lobbies has said that a brexit would be economic suicide. markus: let's bring you up-to-date with some corporate stories we have been watching for you. air france bus competition has wrench in itsh -- plans. the 1.5 billion euro deal would have had it broadcast .xclusively on canal + remy ced profits for ountreau. -- cointreau. revenues were stronger.
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the luxury goods industry has seen slumping sales in china during a crackdown on lavish giftgiving there. amazon is trying to break into britain's grocery market. it is starting to deliver fresh foods in parts of central and east london. the company is trying to establish a foothold in a market where someone hundred 78 -- market worth some 170 billing pounds each year. amazon is facing stiff competition. sponsors of maria sharapova are sticking to their champion, despite her two-year ban from tennis. evian is the latest to say it will maintain its sponsorship deal. nike says it is resuming their cooperation with syrup over -- with sharapova. we have more. >> you can still show sadness --
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status by not winning the match. reporter: suspended, but back in the good graces of her main spon sor. six years ago, nike signed russian tennis player maria sharapova to an eight-year contract estimated to be worth between $70 million and $100 million, making her one of the highest-paid female athletes. fast forward to this past march, when shareholder announced she test positive -- tested positive for a substance that had been banned three months earlier, but that shareholder -- sharapova had been taking for years. nike immediately suspended its and sement, as did porsche tag heuer. in a report out this week, nike has decided to take sharapova back on.
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they said that the international tennis federation found that maria did not intentionally break its rules. based on the decision of the itf and their factual findings, we hope to see maria back on the court and we will continue to partner with her. appeal t has vowed to he ban. with the nike deal back in the works, she can count herself among the lucky ones. in the past, the brand has definitively dropped many a scandal ridden athlete, including, among others, oscar pistorius, ray rice, and lance armstrong. markus: a lot of money involved. unfortunately, i don't have any sponsorship contracts to start or finish. laura: don't give up yet. markus: that sounds like a plea. laura: please send money. thank you very much, indeed.
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stay with us. much more still to come here on "live from paris."
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