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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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watching, we just are looking live and paris with extensive coverage of the orlando shooting. authorities are beginning to release the names of the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history that left 50 people dead, 21 names have so far been made public. we will be live in orlando in just a moment. who exactly was omar mateen? that is a question being asked today. the jihadist group is calling
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him the soldier of the caliphate in america. the muslim community is quickly to denounce him. saying the killings do not reflect what was preached at mosque. ♪ >> 24 hours after the worst mass shooting the u.s. has ever known, the world is beginning to learn the names, faces, and stories of those killed. authorities are working to formally identified all 50 victims and notify their families. for 21 names have been made public. the victims were young, many of them latino, who never came back from their night out. in orlando, our team attended several vigils overnight. here are their reports. tears.w roses and many
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mike and carlos have come here a few meters of where the carnage unfolded to pay tribute to the victims. >> we were supposed to come here yesterday, but we did not. we stayed home. we heard of it. we are not even from here, we are from new york. we had to come here. these are our brothers and sisters who died. >> many local say they feel overwhelmed with pain. these two did not know each other a few hours ago, but now they are here to support one another. >> i don't know who he is. i know that we saw each other. that is how we were able to recognize each other. >> all my god. i cannot -- oh my god. i cannot express my emotions. i was minutes away from when the
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incident occurred. as i was going out, he was walking in. >> chris was in the club when the shooter opened fired. boom,n you hear the boom and you think it is part of the song. and you hear screaming. it continued. you realize that it -- [indiscernible] orlando's morning and families are still waiting to hear from loved ones. the process of identifying victims has been a conniving way slow. slow. been agonizingly a list is then set up for those who have died in the tragic shooting and their families have been notified. >> who is the shooter, omar mateen? son of afghan immigrants.
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he pledged allegiance to the islamic state group during a phone call with 911 shortly before going on his killing spree. but the nature and length of the jihadist group is still unclear and his ex-wife describes him as mentally ill. photo that omar mateen posted of himself to social media. the 29-year-old lived here in port saint lucie 200 kilometers away from the pulse nightclub. born in new york to afghan parents, he worked at a security -- as a security guard and had two firearm licenses, but despite having a clean criminal record, he was known to law enforcement officials. >> the fbi first became aware of him in 2013 when he made inflammatory comments to coworkers alleging possible terrorist ties. in the course of the investigation, omar mateen was interview twice. we were unable to verify the substance of his comments. the investigation was closed. >> the fbi says moments before
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going on the deadly rampage, omar mateen made a 911 call in which he claimed allegiance to the islamic state group. but on sunday, his father insisted that his son's actions did not have anything to do with religion. the site ofa that two men kissing had angered omar mateen. his ex-wife painted a disturbing picture as an abusive and a printable husband who she said used to be her. and an unpredictable husband who she said used to be her. >> he would get mad out of nowhere. that is when i started whirring about my safety. they started abusing me physically. there he often. ery often. oftenestigators are now
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-- investigators are trying to figure out what made him in the lives of dozens of innocent people. director onh foreign relations joins us to shed more light on what happened yesterday in orlando. ago, it was often said that western intelligence services were now able to detect and the wort complex -- and thwart complex terror attacks, and the only vulnerability were with lone wolves. the u.s.,rance, and people who do have direct links to terror networks are able to execute their plans and carry out attacks. what do you make of the state of security services in the u.s., and in the western world? tothe islamic state is able
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perform two kinds of attacks. one is rather sophisticated. they takeer end, literature and trigger off the actions of so-called lone wolves, people who were able to get access to weapons. did not go necessarily to syria or iraq and later perform -- later act out. >> do you consider omar mateen a long love? -- you consider omar mateen a loan wolf? likely that hehe
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did not have a direct link or iraq.ctions from he took this decision on his own electing to pledge to isis at the last moment. >> the islamic state group has called him a soldier of the caliphate. expert, our terrorism was saying that when they use the word, it is means they have had a connection, contact with him before. not use that word for instance for the san bernardino shooter. in this instance, that would suggest there was prior contact between omar mateen and the islamic state group? >> well, it is possible. maybe he had contact with isis. those people are very, very sedentary.
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[indiscernible] they use the word soldier, yes, perhaps the relationship. we need to be there he do, very cautious. >> investigation is ongoing to determine the links between omar mateen and islamic state group. accuray much. -- thank you very much. the does have been held across the u.s. in the wake of the shooting. silence was observed 6:00 p.m. local time. mourners gathered to pay their respects. a community overwhelmed with grief. in orlando, residents pay tribute to the victims of the mass shooting that has shaken the country to its core. and dozens of other cities across the u.s., thousands joined in the mourning.
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here in new york, they lay flowers, lit candles, and asked how the country had fallen victim to yet another mass killing? >> terrified. no place is safe anymore. it is scary that there are people in this world that can see sexuality, color, economic standing as being something to divide each other in their life is not worthy or worth anything. ♪ we are a temple ♪ >> in>> the city of west hollywood in california, advocates of gun control held their own vigil and called for action. >> we think it is a life lost in the families that are grieving tonight. at the same time, to turn the grief into action. we cannot prevent all gun deaths, but we can prevent a great deal that -- then we are
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preventing right now. >> but the attacks have unleashed a wave of solidarity. as local blood banks and hospitals in orlando, lines to donate blood stretched as far as the eye could see. we must not forget that some families are still in the dark about the safety of their relatives -- the state of the relatives. they're waiting to find out more from authorities. >> yes. i have to apologize. i have technical difficulties and need to report by phone. you are correct. there have been 21 names released of the 50 that have been killed. center,open a medical there have been families waiting around for pod hours now -- waiting for hours now waiting for word if their loved ones could be found.
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some have been lucky to have --d of the ones that are it does not look that good in terms of whether they made it out alive. >> can you describe the scene in orlando overnight? i know you attended several vigils. what were they like? >> yes. well, the gay community got together and they were trying to console each other through a difficult time period. i did attend two different gay bars in the city. they were very large, places where they are well known in the community. there was an out point of grief, frankly. they took a stand. there is a lot of sense of shock, obviously, as they had been targeted. not only is it--
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the worst mass shooting in the history of the united states, but the worst act of domestic terrorism in the u.s. since 9/11. they are trying to understand why they were targeted in particular. it is a difficult thing to get through, but a lot of what they were saying was that they do not want to back down, or be bullied, or scared. a lot of them said they had a difficult time coming to grips of why omar mateen, someone who had a history of domestic violence getting divorced from his wife, then he was briefly interviewed two different times and investigated by the fbi in 2013 and 2014. although he was cleared, he was allowed to work as a security company as an armed guard. and to go on to be able to buy,
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legally, two different weapons, including an assault rifle, one in which he used in the attack, raises so many different questions in this country. it goes back to the comparisons of other mast shootings in newtown, connecticut and elsewhere. people are kind of riveted by it. in theeing politicized election cycle in the u.s. by the opposing candidates. >> all right. -- thank youy much very much. we will talk about the political angle. how comequestion -- the fbi twice questioned him and twice concluded he was not a threat? that is a question they will have to get a more specific answer to. the muslim community was also quick to denounce the attack. the killers own him on said --
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here is a council on american islamic relations. years, members of the lgbt community have stood shoulder to shoulder with the muslim community against any acts of marginalization and discrimination. i have a word for isis and the supporters. you are an operation -- you are and aberration. you are an outlaw. >> donald trump and hillary clinton not surprisingly have to say, with varied different -- with barry do different reactions. from themeets underscore the differences between them and the different narratives that will be emerging in reshaping both of their campaigns in the coming weeks and months. hillary clinton focused on gun control.
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she said we'd need to focus on the need to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals like the suspect, who carried out the orlando attack. donald trump immediately turned to the issue of terrorism. forccepted congratulations his views on radical islam. he criticized the president for not using those words and his own statement. he says without a change in leadership, these attacks would only be the beginning. we heard from bernie sanders. he has not bowed out of the race. he straddled both of those lines. he said there was a real need for more from gun control, but he also called for more efforts to destroy the islamic state group saying the u.s. must do everything humanly possible to prevent these types of tragedies from occurring again. the controlling terrorism -- we will be hearing a lot more of these themes in days and weeks to come. donald trump is set to give a speech in new hampshire. his campaign says his speech will now focus on the issues of immigration and terrorism. hillary clinton has postponed
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her first joint rally with barack obama. she might have a few of his later in the day. we do expect her to talk about this tragedy. >> she was supposed to give a robust anti-trump speech on monday. we are five months away now from the presidential election. it is a heated election cycle. how do you think this will play out in the polls? >> the latest survey we had on the general election outlook was published by fox news on friday in that survey gave clinton a three-point lead over child in a general election scenario. of where the orlando attack may impact voters is on security issues. the way they do national security how the candidates can keep the country safe. a wall street journal, nbc news poll last month showed registered voters believed by a 10 point margin that clinton would be a better commander-in-chief and better able to secure the country.
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keep in mind, donald trump saw a boost in his approval rating in the wake of the san bernardino attacks back in december. that is what prompted his initial call for muslims to be banned from entering the u.s. a barry controversial view but one that sparked amongst his supporters. he could see a boost in the days to come. we will keep an eye on the polls as a commentary but the reaction to this tragedy could be crucial going ahead for clinton and trump. >> kate moody, thank you very much. we will get more on the political angle with our washington d.c. correspondent in 20 minutes. also happening, in south africa, a new sentencing hearing for oscar pistorius, the former track star convicting of murder after killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp three years ago. behind bars,a year but has been released in prison and allowed to serve out the rest of his term under house arrest. he is being sentenced again after prosecutors appealed that
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decision. in french authorities are trying to stamp out football violence, which has marred the beginning of euro 2016 following clashes in marseille over the weekend. several people have been arrested and are going on trial today. 10 people are on trial monday. the violence in marseille. six british nationals come a one austrian person, and three french people -- >> for all 10 people, the principal crime was violence and for using makeshift weapons. the violence was against police forces and also against other football fans. a reminder of the headlines, the parties are beginning to
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read the names of the orlando nightclub massacre. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history has left 50 people dead, 21 names have been so far made public. who would set the was omar mateen, the shooter, and what were his links to the jihadist group? the jihadist group calling him a soldier of the caliphate. investigators are searching his house in florida to find out more. the muslim community was first to denounce him. the killing does not reflect what was preached at his mosque. for continuing coverage on the orlando shooting, let's see what is being written in the papers today. catherine has been reading the papers this morning. 100%rine, papers covering the daily orlando shooting, the massacre i should say. catherine: we will take a front look -- he will take a look at
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the front pages and start with usa today, the wright state's circulating paper. their headline, straight to the point, 50 dead in worst mass shooting in u.s. history. it tells you right there all you need to know. the wall street journal on their front page is focusing on claims that the shooter at the club pledged support to the islamic state group. the new york daily news, a tabloid in new york city, they are focusing on the fact that the gunman was able to buy the assault weapon that he used in the attack legally in their headline there starts out saying, thanks an array. rifles to the national association, campaigning to have not many can restrict and in the u.s. >> france is no stranger to terrorist attacks. two major deadly attacks on french soil just last year. we remember americans reacting
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vividly and emotionally to the attacks in paris. >> we have been getting support from the french press here. i will go quickly. referring, they are to the attack as terror and hatred. that is a nod that those who were targeted to a gay nightclub. a possible hate crime angle. it is between a large image of two men embracing outside of the nightclub with a headline, orlando, the new gaping wound. >> let's take a closer look at courage in the u.s.. >> take a look at the orlando sentinel, they had been covering the story round-the-clock jury orlando is more known for disneyland and mass shootings. the editorial board is saying, sunday's heinous act of brutality must not define our community. they say what ever the investigators uncover regarding motive, we have to remember that
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50 innocent people were killed, and that is a blow to any community. what we need to do now stand united and stand together. the miami herald editorial board is wayne and saying -- is eighing in. it is a horrific hate crime against the lesbian, gay, and transgender community. it would be a national community if this would fan the flames of anti-muslim or anti-gay sentiment. >> the mass shooting has been able to reignite that debate. plus, the debate on gun control. at awas looking online site that tracks mass shootings in america and the figures shocked me. this is the 176 mass shooting this year. it is the 15 this month. the new york times takes a closer look at the types of
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weapons that were used in the 16 most recent mass shootings, and how the gunmen were able to get their hands on these weapons. turns out most of these weapons were obtained legally, and they passed federal background checks. despite the fact that at least eight of the government had criminal backgrounds, and also documented mental health problems. >> you have been looking at an editorial cartoon. >> this comes from the montreal gazette in canada. it is a map of the united states and mexico. it is made up entirely of handguns and assault rifles. if you take a closer look, the florida peninsula is the barrel of a gun. the little star showing orlando. >> this is all taken place in the context that is there politically charged. deadly tragic this is an as it is, it is happening during the presidential race. some newspapers are speculating on how to make affect the race. >> is coming from the daily
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beast, they have a column saying, donald trump has managed to make your land of shooting all about himself. he is injecting himself into the story, and a tweet, wrote that the attack groups and he was right about the attacks on muslim terrorists and that all muslim should be banned from coming to america. in this situation, this man was an american citizen. also, not only is talked rushing to profit politically from orlando, he is dozing the truth to do it. >> so was the shooter a lone wolf or not? the investigation is ongoing. they have been reporting that right before the shooting, the shooter pledged to support to the sonic state group. -- to support the islamic state group.
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saying inspired by attacks and directed by attacks. lone wolf would fall under the inspired by category. they tend to be more amateurish like in san bernardino, california. thats well carried out have support from terrorist groups. it said that in many cases, the personal motives of the individual who carries out the theck is mixed in with terrorist ideology. in california, they targeted the workplace of one of the shooters during a holiday party. here, there have been allegations in the press that the shooter possibly expressed anti-gay sentiment, and that is why he shot up again nightclub. a difference there and inspired by versus directed by. andays that in many cases inspired by attacks, they stem from somebody who is ari on the edge and ready to do something,
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and that they are using islam as an excuse to justify violent reactions. >> his wife has been saying that he was bipolar, mentally unstable. we will continue to learn moú
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