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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching live from paris. let's take a quick look at the main stories we are covering this hour. we begin with the ripple effect of the brexit vote. nigel farage, prominent leave campaigner, steps down as the leader of the independence party. three days of national mourning in iraq after one of the deadliest suicide bombings in recent memory. more than 200 people were killed in baghdad yesterday when a truck exploded in the middle of a busy shopping district. at the euro's 2016, french
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supporters overjoyed last night to the finales score. now france moving on to the semifinals against germany. and britain's finance minister cuts corporate taxes in an effort to stop companies from leaving the u.k. after the referendum vote. we will have the details in our business update, coming up in about 15 minutes. we continue to see the ripple effect of the brexit referendum in british politics. nigel farage, one of the figures of the leave campaign and the leader of the u.k. independence party resigned moments ago, saying he has done his bit. aim in politics
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was to get out of the european union. that is what we voted for in that referendum two weeks ago. that is why i now feel that i have done my bit, that i could not possibly achieve more than we managed to get in that referendum. so it is right that i should now .tand aside as leader during the referendum campaign, i said, "i want my country back." is, i am saying today want my life back. and it begins right now. thank you. cyril: let's try and make sense what is happening with benedicte from london. it is surprising to see nigel farage stepped down after a successful brexit campaign. he says that he has a comp mission, and that is why he is stepping down. do you buy it back oh benedicte: nigel farage does say that they have succeeded, the brexit camp. that is what his mission in his
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political life has always been, first to have a referendum that was held, and then to get the brexit vote. so i believe him that he is standing down. for now. let's remember, it he has resigned once before and been persuaded to come back. he was asked that very question just after that statement by british colleagues of mine. what is significant is that there are quite a few rumblings, , andnal divisions within in that success -- in that sense it is not completely surprising. cardwell, nigel farage does not get on without all. there are several issues. others are saying that nigel farage said today unsurprisingly that after five conservative candidates standing to be the
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next conservative leader and the next prime minister to succeed david cameron, he says there are three brexiteers. he did not name them. i will. th, liam fox, and watch out for andrea letson, the x minister. she has just officially launched her campaign today, and she is snapping at the hot favorite, the home secretary. nigel farage has been such a central figure of u.k. politics over the last few years. sure, but central nonetheless. do you think he is out of politics for good? if so, what might he do now? divisive, influential, listened to by a number of people in this country. is he out of politics?
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he is out as a leader, but he says he will watch the president like a hawk. he has also told us, and john kline jun -- and john kline ker -- jean-claude junc says as well, that he will not serve in parliament. that should make some more controversial speeches as we saw him do a few days ago on the back of that brexit. he says he feels in a sense unleashed, that he can speak out now. i think he has been speaking out quite a lot, so he is not going to go away from our studios or tv screens or from the airwaves more than ever. what he also hinted at -- and we need to watch out for it -- he is going to go around the eu, encouraging people like marine le pen to have a frank vigil. watch out for him not here in the u.k. but traveling around
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the eu to see if there can be other countries that can vote for similar leaving the eu. tends togel farage encourage independence movements across the eu. thank you. benedicte was alluding to the race within the conservative party to take leadership of the party. theresa may has established an in those vying for the seed of david cameron. centered largely on how the future leader of the party would handle brexit proceedings. 10,n the battle for number theresa may is racing ahead. according to a poll in "the sun," 60% of voters support her. while campaigning for the remain cap, she says brexit means brexit but favors a slow withdrawal from the european union.
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>> i do not think it is possible to say there is an absolute deadline. what is important is that we do it in the right timescale and to get the right deal for the u.k. i said we should not invoke article 50 immediately. contender, business secretary andrea letson, who shot to prominence campaigning for the leave vote. a former investment banker, she believes in the scrapping of free movement of people and wants free trade negotiations. letson has said she would speed up the process of britain leaving the eu. >> we need to get on with it and sees the opportunity. it is about giving certainty to businesses, saying to the world that we are open for business and let's get some free trade agreement started. is in third place. his odds diminished after many see as his betrayal of boris
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johnson. , a candidate will be eliminated. the final two remaining will go forward to a vote. of the entire conservative membership. cyril: moving on now, emotions were running high last night in baghdad's district as residents mourn the death of more than 200 people in one of the deadliest suicide attacks in the capital. a suicide truck exploded in the middle of a busy shopping area. owen, it washis, a mix of sadness and anger last night in this district. the anger particularly apparent when the prime minister visited the site of the attack. >> absolutely. the anger, the shock. that shock is now turning to more anger.
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how hes anger as to managed to get into the district and set off this bomb. , but iturity measures had been attacked before. managedticular vehicle to get through. mourning, but whether or not the anger is directed toward the government it remains to be seen. bomb attacks are a fact of life in baghdad. to some extent, residents there have become in your -- have become inured to them. how major and how deadly days this? 11,he last attack was may when sadr city was attacked. more so, i think the stories that are emerging, whole
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theyies have been found prized in the rubble. in particularly the children. the death toll amongst children is particularly bad, and i think this is the real danger going forward. this takes on a sectarian dimension. isis has almost succeeded to what they aim to do with this blast. cyril: thank you very much. following a wave of attacks against israelis in recent days, the country is set to extend settlements in east jerusalem. according to local media, the government has approved 800 new houses, most of them in a large settlement in the west bank. this comes a few days after the caughteast peace accord -- called for them to stop the settlement. the israel-turkey feud that lasted six years appears to be well and truly over. a turkish ship carrying aid for palestinians docked in the
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israeli port of ashdod yesterday. >> turkish leaders hope to send lady lela directly to the gaza strip. instead, the first delivery in six years was unloaded in the israeli port of ashdod. the security forces made sure there was not any material that could have been used by hamas, and transported the material by truck. is an effort by the ,sraeli government that this some of the goods would already have been delivered tomorrow to gaza. >> in 2010, relations between israel and turkey reached their lowest point when israeli forces stormed a turkish ship, trying to break the blockade israel imposed over gaza, killing several activists. after years of negotiations,
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diplomats reached an agreement last week. part of the deal is the delivery of aid through israel, but not a lifting of a blockade that israel imposes on gaza to prevent hamas from developing weapons. some people are opposed to the deal, including a family of four men detained by hamas. if hamas and gaza are going to get such a great benefit out of it, a material benefit, we are determined and we are waiting for the government to do its thing. they did not do anything. >> protesters say the government signed a deal to build a pipeline out of turkey so they could sell gas to europe. says minister netanyahu the timing with turkey was crucial. to football now, and euro 2016 per in the last quarterfinals matchup, france put on a clinic against iceland,
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sending them home on a final score of five goals to 2. unsurprisingly, fans were overwhelmed. supporters flooding the rainy streets of paris, celebrating france's victory over iceland and seeing the night through on the shopping is a -- on the champs elysees. the fighting started 13 minutes into the game. the opening goal was done with a left foot through the goalkeeper's legs. three more goals followed in the first cap for france. dimitri's low shot in the corner, and andre's chip just before the break. 4-0 at halftime, and not even the rain could that not even the weather could rain on this parade.
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a second in the match for iceland with a header. a five-to victory that means france advances to the semifinals. fans leaving were elated. i am happy. it is a good win just like two years ago against switzerland, except this time it is iceland. >> it is really great. we loved it. it is extraordinary. i almost lost my voice. >> france will come head-to-head with world cup winners germany. >> we are not an ordinary team, so let's not be overconfident. we still have a chance. a difficultng to be match, but it is the right moment to be them. they will be missing players and we are in great shape. >> france has not been their neighbors in an international tournament in since the 1958 world cup, and they will get a
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chance to change that thursday in marseille. cyril: the ripple effect of the brexit vote -- nigel farage, prominent leave campana, steps down. three days of national mourning in iraq after one of the deadly suicide bombings in recent memory. more than 200 people or killed in baghdad yesterday when a truck exploded in the middle of a busy shopping district. israel is set to build in a stress it hundred -- an extra 800 housing units and settle mostly around jerusalem. this comes after a wave of palestinian attacks on israel. turning to business news -- stephen carroll joins me for that. we are going to start in italy, where concerns over the stability of its banks are rising. stephen: plunging to an all-time low in trading earlier, after the european central bank told him to reduce the amount of bag loans -- a bad loans. at the end of 2015, there were
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almost 47 billion euros of gross nonperforming loans. the ecb wants the figure cut to 8 billion by the end of next year. this will come as italy's prime minister is eject -- injecting billions of euros into the country's troubled banks against eu rules. germany strongly opposed any such moves. italian banks were hard hit by the turmoil following the brexit vote because of the level of their bad debt. cyril: how is that affecting the markets? stephen: as you might imagine, it is depressing the italian market today. the ftse in milan is down about 1%. across theing european markets, we had started the day in the green, but things have turned into the red as the day has gone on. in london, gold miners are doing well as investors are looking into buying into six havens. one of them is up by nearly 6% in london. cyril: in the u.k., the finance minister has begun to announce
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specific post brexit plans for the economy. stephen: george osborne is planning to cut corporation taxes in britain to less than 15% in an effort to attract businesses to invest in the u.k. the finance minister says britain should prove it is still open for business. a 15% rate would put the corporate tax below many of its neighbors and could potentially raise the ire of governments in paris and berlin. >> cushioning measures aimed at softening the blow of brexit, the u.k. finance minister, george osborne, pledged to cut corporate tax below 15% as part of a five-point plan to keep hold of investment in the wake of the country voting to leave the european union. in an interview, he said points included ensuring support for bank lending, pushing for more investment in china, a focus on growth in the north of england, and maintaining the u.k.'s fiscal credibility. wake of thehe
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referendum, the country was unlikely to hit its budget surplus. competition was put in with ireland over its 12.5% rate. the boost as businesses are considering the future in the companyong them a looking to get in and operators certificate to allow it to continue operating in europe if the u.k. is forced out of the common market. >> the country which is going to hand out an air operators certificate could negotiate the terms to localize the airline committees. that will enable a certain amount of development and job creation. >> however, easyjet says for the moment it has no plans to move its headquarters from the u.k. and may reconsider, depending on
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the outcome of u.k.-eu trade negotiations. stephen: france is hoping to attract some of those companies that might leave the u.k. over brexit. david cameron once famously said he would roll out a red carpet for any company that wants to leave france over high taxes. speaking this weekend, the french prime minister -- the french minus -- the french finance minister said he would not be looking to a similar offer. >> there are some advantages to being in london, but at the same time they were in europe. at the same time -- they are no longer in europe now. that warning. decision particularly in the financial services sector. i do not want to raise the specter of a reverse carpet. i do not think it is appropriate to talk of the reverse red carpet. cyril: finally from you, a box office triumph to the sequel for
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"finding nemo." has had finding dory $42 million of ticket sales. it has grossed almost $540 million globally. it beat its big rivals on the fourth of july weekend. paste "finding nemo" yet. d "findingnot pace nemo" yet. cyril: it is doing well, though. stephen: i really want to see it. cyril: stephen carroll, heading to "finding dory" to a cinema near you. we are taking a short break. we will see you after this. reading the papers for you today -- a bloody last few days with attacks around the world. bangladesh, turkey a couple of
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days ago, and baghdad yesterday high death toll there, at least 240 dead. >> yesterday was the bloodiest day in baghdad for the last year. the photo used by this article in "the wall street journal" gives you a sense of the sheer destruction caused by that blast . the attack has been put in the context of the defeat in fallujah by iraqi forces, saying a series of losses in syria and iraq has prompted the militants to revert to more guerrilla style tactics, including suicide attacks in urban areas. the article also underlines the deteriorating security situation in the capital, and of course iraqis' mounting frustration and anger with their government. when the prime minister turned up hours after the blast, he was jeered by an angry crowd and his motorcade was pelted with rocks.
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cyril: it is worth noting this was particularly gristly yesterday and particularly deadly. absolutely. this article in "the washington post" points out 45 people were killed last tuesday at turkey's main airport. 20 people died in the bangladesh capital friday. at least 140 people, including many children, were murdered in baghdad as hundreds of people gathered for the holy month of ramadan. this article argues that we in the west have become almost numb to suffering in baghdad, to mass atrocities in baghdad. the article said there will be wearebaghdad hashtags on twitter. peoplemost of the 20
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killed in >> were foreigners. haxie: many of them were italian nationals. an article in an italian daily focuses on the identities of the attackers, as the piece explains that far from the traditional image you might have of would-be fundamentalists being recruited from poor neighborhoods, young men with little to no education, these men in fact were highly educated. they all lived in a very wealthy kactor -- a wealthy dha neighborhood. one was the son of a wealthy politician. being called the sons of the elite turning to terrorism. cyril: islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack, with the government is denying islamic state is behind it. all the attacks you mentioned during the month of ramadan.
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>> there is a very unsettling and interesting article in "the new york times," that reminds us that as ramadan was approaching jihadist propagandists, it is widely believed that rewards for noble acts are rated during the two of robert. ramadan.ert and -- of that is what this article is arguing, and we have seen so very many devastating atrocities in recent weeks. the journalist even traces this most recent spate of attacks to the orlando nightclub just three weeks ago. the frenchou look at press, it has, unsurprisingly, very different priorities. , almostbsolutely perfect" reads this front page. this of course is referring to
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france's dazzling five-to win over --ht over france it does worry that just three days before france comes head-to-head with germany, the semifinals on thursday, the national team is lacking something. so almost perfect but not quite. cyril: there is a sense that people now are daring to dream, the even with powerhouse germany coming up in a couple of days, france could just go to -- very lovely is a optimistic piece in "the huffington post" backing that up. the joyous cacophony, as the final whistle blew. magnificenthe memories of 1998, the year that france won the world cup. cyril: it is a good time to be on the champs elysees.
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haxie: absolutely, and i can hear it. there is a photo or run on social media, and it is one that --tracked because the french we see the image of a man, his arms raised at the game, wearing the shirt of the atlantic team. but it is not just any supporter. iceland, the of internet has been impressed at his willingness to support the national team, just like everyone else really, with many commenting that for all his claims to be a normal president, french president francois hollande would never dare to support them amongst the commoners. we end with this piece. apparently it has been scientifically proven that holidays are good for your health. something that french have known for longer than the rest of us. haxie: there is a lovely piece
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in "le figaro" that shows that people may be seeking justification for their รบ]x
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