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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  July 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday, i'm james tengan in tokyo. welcome to nhk "newsline." the families of japanese victims killed in a bangladesh terrorist attack are getting some closure. they traveled to dhaka to identify their loved ones and they've brought the bodies home. a plane carrying the seven caskets and families touched down tuesday morning in tokyo. the victims died friday after a gunmen stormed a cafe.
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22 people were killed, including two police officers. most of the victims were foreign and included italians, an american and an indian. japan's foreign minister and other officials offered flowers and prayers for the victims. >> translator: there is no excuse for terrorism. taking the lives of innocent people, it cannot be condoned. >> one survivor of the attack watanabe arrived earlier and was taken to a hospital. japanese police plan to conduct autopsies on the seven victims to investigate the cause of their deaths. the autopsies are due to be performed at six hospitals in kahn ga wau prefecture south of tokyo. police hope and plan to interview the survivor watanabe. the japanese victims were experts on helping developing countries. they were in bangladesh to help improve transport systems in the
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capital. >> reporter: this 27-year-old was a consultant for a japanese construction firm. when she was in college, she took part in a project in cambodia. the project leader says her talents could have been used to help many countries create better societies. >> translator: the temperature was around 40 degrees celsius and the work was tough when we were in cambodia, but she never complained. she always smiled, and the children loved her. >> reporter: one of her former classmates says they traveled together through india. >> every time you talked to her or got the chance, she would go to new places, helping out other people, meeting new people and keeping us in touch.
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>> reporter: 80-year-old tawn cau wau was into radio technology. after retirement, he keep knowledge to help around the world with projects. before his departure for bangladesh, he talked about the project with his friends. tanakawa said his favorite drink is wine but he'd try not to drink in bangladesh as it is a muslim country. a friend of 20 years mourned tana tanaka's sudden death. >> translator: tanaka was anxious about going to a muslim country where there are strict rules. i know regret and anger cannot bring him back, but i'm not ready to accept his death. >> reporter: 42-year-old yuko
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sakai worked on development projects in various countries. she was featured in a japanese magazine. this woman wrote the article. the two met in bangladesh. >> translator: neither she nor i thought she was going to a dangerous country. we promised to see each other when we got back to japan. she never dreamed she would be caught up in a terror attack. she must have felt terrified and regretful. >> reporter: 48-year-old nobuhiro kurosaki was a civil engineer who helped construct subways. he was eager to work on projects overseas where the need for transportation systems is increasing. this university professor worked on one of the projects with him.
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>> kurosaki dedicated himself to his job. it's sad that such a person became a victim of terrorism. >> reporter: the japanese were involved in studies to introduce new transportation systems in dhaka. the city's home to over 60 million people and growing. and traffic congestion is a serious problem. the standoff friday night in dhaka lasted over 12 hours. police in bangladesh are trying to learn more about the people who launched the attack. the armed men took many hostages. survivors say they were asked to recite verses from the koran. those who couldn't were killed. the siege ended as security forces stormed the building. six of the attackers are dead. investigators are questioning one who survived. and they're holding another man
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they suspect was involved. details are now emerging about the e group of men. nibras islam attended university in malaysia. police believe he took a leading role in the attack. rohan imtiaz was the son of a senior politician of the country's ruling party. his family had reported him missing. friends of meer saameh mubasheer describe him as shy and say his family was strict, religious and reclusive. khairul islam payel moved to dhaka after graduating from an islamic school. police say all the men disappeared several months ago. local media report they had been following islamic leaders online who are allegedly linked to the islamic state group. the b bangladeshi government denieses any links saying the perpetrators were all homegrown
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radicals. we turn to business. fresh signs of prolonged uncertainty for britain's economy have capped the recent rally in stock prices. gene otani joins us for more on that and other business headlines. >> the post-brexit rally on asian stock markets seems to have run its course. in tokyo investors booked profits on those gains as the yen strengthened. for details our business reporter from the tokyo stock exchange. >> the stubbornly strong yen continues to eat into the earnings of japan's major exporters. the currency's rise dragged on the nikkei. the closing levels for this tuesday, july 5th, the nikkei average fell, finishing at 15,669, ending six days of gains. the topix fell 0.4%. investors worried about uncertainties in the uk and global economies, steering well clear of risk.
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as a result the dollar fell below 102 yen, a one-week low. the stronger yen weighed on export-oriented shares. carmakers that make most of their models here in japan such as mazazda and mitsubishi were g losers. and retailing dropped 4.2% recording a decliline in shoppe for a sixth straight month in june. benchmark crude futures retreated. shares of oil and gas field developers were lower, inpex down 1.1%. investors looking ahead to friday's u.s. jobs report and the upper house election here in japan this weekend. let's start with china the shanghai composite gaining by .6% to 3,006. climbing back over the 3,000 mark for the first time in more than two months. sentiment improved on the back of a private survey showing
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activity in the service sector in june climbed to an 11-month high. looking at sydney s&p asx200 declining by 1% to 5228. the federal election is dampening sentiment there. hong kong hage sang dropping by 1.5%. a wide range of stocks were sold after three days of gains. singapore retreating after hitting a two-month high on monday. some financial firms are looking at the possibility of moving their european bases out of london. the city is a key financial hub but executives are worried about london's future role after britain voted to leave the eu. the ceo of jpmorgan chase of the united states said in an e-mail to employees the firm may need to move its european base from london in the next several months. britain's hsbc is thinking about moving 1,000 employees based in the british capital to paris.
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western media report morgan stanley of the u.s. has set all working group to look at relocating its european base from london to another city in the region. they also say britain's barclay's bankk is looking at dublin as a possible relocation site. the lord mayor of the city of london is trying to put people's minds at ease. jeffrey evans says the financial district will stay competitive. >> the width and depth of london's offer is vevery considerable. it's not so easy to move activities and businesses to other centers. it's one of these areas of uncertainty. but we are very clear we have ambition and intention to remain in a leading international financial center. >> evans will visit japan next week to explain the effects of brexit. he'll be meeting top executives of japanese financial institutions and corporations. japanese automakers are
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rorolling o out new models of ss cars to take advantage of their renewed popularity. toyota motor has remodeled its 86 for the first time in four years. company officials say it has bebeer engine e performance and body that reduces air resista e resistance. fuji heavy industries introduced a new model of its lavorg passenger car. the automaker claims it drives like a sports car. >> translator: people in their 40s and 50s who are feeling less pressure at home and at work are renewing their youthful interests in sports cars. >> domestic sales for new cars fell in 2015 for the first time in four years but analysts at a private think tank say the japanese sports car market is seven times bigger t than it wa five years ago. annual sales are more than 40,000 units.
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here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. more companies from overseas are thinking about buying japanese businesses. the first half of this year saw a rise in both the number and value of such deals. a tokyo-based m and a broker says there were 107 from january to june. the total value surged 260% to $17 billion due to large transactions such as the purchase of sharp by taiwan's hon hai precision industry. japan post says it t will start selling low-cost smartphones next month. sales would begin in central japan. phones would be delivered through the mail. executives plan to expand the business nationwide. companies and various industries are entering the budget smartphone market. cheaper models are growing in popularity because of low monthly charges. a tokyo-based venture firm is taking on its bigger rivals about it a tiny car.
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it's even smaller than so-called mini vehicles and easier to drive. the aim is to put small-town manufacturing skills in the driver's seat. >> reporter: a venture firm developed the car. materials companies and other businesses liked the concept and decided to help out. it seats two adults. the current law only allows it to be driven in designated areas. but it's the main car the government is considering as a means of transportation for senior citizens. this is the gentleman behind the concept. he used to design cars at a major automaker. he decided to start his own company so he could have more creative control. he aimed to make a car that people would be excited to drive. one distinctive feature is the body which is made of light, sturdy cloth. >> translator: vehicles tend to be intimidating, but not ours.
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we wanted to make a car that was more like a stuffed toy. that's why we used cloth for the body. >> t translator: he has an onli meeting with a small firm in central japan. his company plans to outsource manufacturing to families around local factories, using cloth instead of metal to build the car means spending a fraction of the cost on facilities and equipment. this auto parts design firm supports the venture. the firm designs car seats for major automakers. the boss was inspired by the idea of developing a car from scratch. >> translator: our c company veterans dreamed of designing their own car. we have experts for all kinds of components. so by working together, we thought we could build an entire car from the ground up.
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>> reporter: one challenge was to produce the curvy body of the car using cloth. it requires advance processing technology, but the firm believes some of their small and medium-size business partners can do the work. >> translator: this material doesn't stretch, so we need to cut it into parts to produce the curves. >> reporter: workers used their experience with car seats to come up with prototypes through repeated trial and error. it was a chance to show off the technologies they had acquired over the years. a small-town factory specializing in plastics was put in charge of the car windows. its president, too, was excited by the idea of bringing something new to life. >> translator: our normal work is meeting pre-set orders.
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as you might expect, the idea of working on something of our own stirs more passion and emotion. >> translator: technologies that weren't utilized, those now used for other purposes and others that were never mainstream, we want to make them main players. >> reporter: this unassuming cloth car may only have two seats, but it's carrying the passions of many people in small-town factories. it could also pave a new path for japanese manufacturing. >> that's a look at business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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japan and the united states have agreed to limit the protections for certain american civilian base workers in japan after the recent murder of a japanese w woman in okinawa. a u.s. base wororker wasas arre and chargeged with her murder. foreign minister kishida and defense minister nakatani met the commander of u.s. forces in japan, lieutenant general john dolan and ambassador caroline kennedy on tuesday. >> we constantly work to improve our ability to protect and defend japan through fulfillment of our treaty obligations and we strive to be working in trust and friendshship with the communities around our bases and the entire japanese nation.
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>> both u.s. military and contract works are covered by the status of agreement. u.s. military has the primary jurisdiction over them in thehe case t they break the law whilen duty. the two governments have decided to limit civilian employees who are protected by it. >> translator: the main contents of this deal are policies to educate and train every u u.s. military worker. i believe this is the very significant agagreement. >> translator: we have clarified strict measures to combat drunk driving, and we hope t the u.s. military workers will strictly abide by them. >> there are 7,000 u.s. civilian workers at u.s. bases across japan. china's booming online lending industry has put more money in the hands of average
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citizens. officials had hoped that would generate broad economic benefits. but itit's creating some social problele as wellll. in the second part of our series, we look at risks associated with china's growing appetite for easy money. >> reporter: china's economic growth mostly left farming villages like this one behind. but now money's flowing in. some of china's 4,000 online lendnding firms specialize in loans to farmers. lenders often contact prospective borrowers to see if they'll be able to pay the money back. >> translator: how much do you need this time?
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>> translator: we want to buy vinyl sheeting and equipment for greenhouses. we'll need about $7,600. >> reporter: the helpeders take pictures of the couple's land and house to assess their credit worthiness. the company decides the couple is a safe bet and offers to lend them more than $9,000. >> translator: if we can expand our farming business we'll be able to earn more and live a better life. >> reporter: china's leaders have voiced support for the online financial industry. but they want to makee sure tha recent borrowing frenzy doesn' cause the market to overheat. >> translator: we'll restore order to online financing. we'll establish proper systems and develop the industry. >> reporter: officials are worried that t the free flow of money could cause a housing bubble.
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more and more people are borrowing online to invest in real estate. this man bought some property last year for about $280,000. he says it's now worth about twice that. >> translator: it's great. i can make money. >> reporter: but experts say 40% of online lending firms have had legal and management troubles. last december, authorities arrested managers at the p2p lending firm that reportetedly collected money from 900,000 investors and spentt lavishly on themselves. the firm had shown ads likike ts on state-run tv. many thought that lent the business a an air of legitimacy. the company's victims are making their voices heard.
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people who have been scammed by this firm and others have no way of getting theirir money back. they're turning to the government for help, but to no avail. china's leaders face a challenging task to ensure online lenders continue to contribute to economic growth without threatening social stability.
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here on nhk "newsline," let's get an update on world weather with jonathan oh who starts off in china. >> we have monitoring the rainy season front that has brought so much rainfall for a good portion of the southern areas of chinan to the southeast and southwestern portions of the country. yes, it led to flooding and even landslides. if you look at this video, it's dramatic enough in andnd of itself. you can see the water flowing under this particular bridge on sunday because of heavy rainfall continuing to really take place along the rainy season front in china. the floods have affected more than 43,000 people and damaged or destroyed hundreds of houses throughout the month of june. sunday to monday morning, more than 500 people were rescued and 2,500 people were evacuated. a landslide occurred near a highway. large stones and mud were on the road and e ended up blococking traffic. up to 180 millimeters of
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total rainfall with rates up to 80 millimeters an hour are expected by tuesday night and a landslide warn iing has been issued to wide areas of the yangtze river basin. we do continue to see that stationary front that indicates the rainy season moving and staying over areas near shanghai and along the yangtze river. we are going to see the rainfall continuing as we move forward in time. that front is now lifting north toward the korean peninsula as well. heavier rainfall is expected as we go forward in time. someme places may see from 1 10 200 millimeters of rainfall during the nexext few days. be on the lookout because flooding and landslides will be a part of the story for some of these locations. meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on a typhoon that is now moving toward the north and west. it's a strong typhoon. it's the first typhoon of the western pacific typhoon season of this year. winds 144 gusting to 216. as we go overnight into the day on wednesday, we're expecting it to become very strong and thehe
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continue itsts way up toward taiwan and okinawa, you're looking at the p possibility of having these impts f from the e storm. not just the heaeavy rain but ao ststrong winds a and also ththoh wawaves. that's all stuff that we'll be watching very closely as we go throughout the rest of this week. coming up on wednesday in tokyo, we're looking at a little bit more sunshine. a high of 29. plenty of rainfall. shanghai may be a break with a drier day of high of 34 as we go through wednesdaday. as you look at the forecast for europe, you may notice nott a lt of cloud cover for a good portion of the continent. we do have a massive high pressure system keeping the area quite warm, southerly flow moves in. up toward the north we're seeing a low pressure system over the scandinavia peninsula and moving away from there, so we'll see rain from that moving into russia. we're concerned there may be another low coming onshore and that's going to bring the chances for rain, heavier rainfall with the possibility of
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stronger thunderstorms for the central portions of the continent as we go throughout late tuesday into wednesday so look out for that. iberian peninsula, you're going to see a very warm day for tuesday. and we'll see unstable weather possibly as we go i into the eay parts s of with the morning. wrapping things up with a look at north america, one area of low pressure bringing unstable pressure for the eastern portion of the united states. a cold front attached to that continues to remain over the eastern portions of the united states, so look out for scattered thunderstorms and heavier raininfall from time to time. another low will be moving across the upper midwest. that's going t to bring a a cha for some rain and thunderstorms over the great lakes into the midwest as we go throughout the day on tuesday. 25 the high in winnipeg and 34 in denver. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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as we near 28 minutes past the hour, we end this hour's nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. thanks for watching. d
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>> thank you for joining us. i am nancy damage. here are the headlines. from the race to become lead the the next prime minister. .heresa may opponents to labor law reform take to the streets again today. at nationwide protests come the start of the second round of parliamentary talks. also in paris, the parliamentary inquir


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