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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  July 6, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. an o wednesday. i'm james tengan. welcome to nhk "newsline." a bangla deshee woman has spoken about her ordeal. the attack ended with 23 people dead. the majority of victims were foreigners including italians and japanese. sharmina parr veen said they
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were celebrating a birthday when the armed men came in. >> we nodded. she said okay. don't worry. if you're bangladeshi, we will not do harm to you. >> she was told to put her head down on the table. she then heard people screaming for help. she said the attackers targeted the foreign attackers within the first 30 minutes. >> they asked my husband to stand. he was standing in front of the glass and that video i think all of you have seen the backside of my husband that he is stand ngs front of the glass door. they told him to put his hand up. >> parveen said she and her daughter believed they would die. police believe the attackers
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targeted foreigners and sought publicity to try to stoke international fear. on tuesday the bangladeshi home minister revised the number from six to five. the chef is among the list of victims bringing the number to 23. friends and families have been mourning the victims. among those killed were nine italians. on tuesday an italian government plane carried them to rome. many had worked in the clothing and textile industries. one was a pregnant woman who was planning to return home. president sergio matarella observed a moment of silence with the victims' families. students and faculty at a u.s. university have been mourning
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the loss of a friend. tarishi jain. >> all of your dreams and aspirations were taken from us much too soon by a senseless act of violence. >> thank you for everything and we will keep you forever. >> jain had gone to bangladesh for an internship at a bank in dhaka. muslims living here in japan have prayed as they end the holy month of ramadan. about 250 people gathered at a movk in gunma north of tokyo.
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one said murder goes against the teachings of islam. >> translator: i'm very sad that people who are working to make my homeland better were killed. >> translator: as a bangladeshi living here, i feel very ashamed to learn that japanese people have been killed in my homeland. >> bangladeshi students and their families gathered in yamaguchi. they read from the koran and prayed for the victims. >> we are very sorry for that incident. we didn't think that it could be happening in bangladesh. >> the man said he does not want people to equate islam with terrorism. now to the world of business. fears over the impact of britain's vote to leave the european union.
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let's go to gene otani for more details. >> stock prices sank in asia. tokyo shares were lower after bank of england governor mark karr carney reports. >> investigators scrambled for safe havens as it became clear that the fallout from the british referendum is far from over. the nikkei fell more than 500 points at one stage. the benchmark dropped 1.8% to close at 15,378. the british pound took another beating after investment firms in the uk suspended trading in british real estate funds. during asian trading the pound hit another fresh low below 1.28. sterling's slide is taking the dollar down too while bets on
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the safe haven yen accelerated. hit a low at the mid-100 yen. car makers and electronics manufacturers were the hardest hit. mazda motor fell 6%. taiyo yuden tumbled almost 8%. market players will be looking to payroll data ahead of the fed's policy meeting later this month. moving onto other markets in the asia pacific region, china bucked the downward trend. gained to end at 3,017. it rose on the fourth straight day on speculation the government may take additional stimulus measures. but gains are limited as many are cautious after the yuan sank
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to its lowest level since november 2010. let's move onto hong kong. hang seng declining to 20,495. some investors pulled their money from companies closely related to the uk. others in the region also declined amid uncertainty. kospi declining by almost 1.9%. singapore, indonesia, and mumbai were closed for holidays. britain's central bank want to get people to take out more loans. it has lowered the minimum amount of capital lenders must hold and reserve. >> this is a major change. it means that three-quarters of uk banks accounting for 90% of the stock of uk lending will immediately have greater flexibility to supply credit to
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uk houses and firms. >> will rise by up to 150 billion pounds or $200 billion. electronics maker sharp has introduced a new cooking oven that could communicate with users. known as the internet of things or iot. >> translator: a dish under 300 calories, please. >> the oven learns the user's tastes and proposes as many to suit. it can also suggest changes to a diet and change to unbalanced eating. the oven is expected to launch in september. it would cost about $1800. hai tech is one of the major
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pillars for the japanese firm to build its business. here's a look at other business stories we're following. japan's toray industry has a new plant. pps demand is rising as it's more durable and lighter than steel or aluminums. toray officials hope it will become a hub. apple says iphone owners in the u.s. will soon be able to register themselves as organ, eye, and tissue donors by using an app. people can sign up through a health information app to be released this autumn. the information will be sent directly to a group in the u.s. working to raise awareness of organ transplants. that's a look at business news. i'll leave you with a look at the markets.
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brazil is taking steps to address concerns ahead of the rio olympics. there's less than a month before the games begin. a ceremony was held to mark the security forces. >> translator: w we have to guarantee people safety during the games.
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>> officers have begun patrolling venues for different events. more personnel deployed at airports and on the streets. there have been several muggings involving athletes training for the olympics as well as other visitors. last month gunmen stormed a hospital which will provide services for the event. one person was killed. brazil's financial difficulties are adding to the problems. police in rio have protested over unpaid wages. the brazilian government plans to mobilize over 80,000 security personnel during the olympics. half a million people are expected to converge in rio for the games. continuous heavy rain in inland china has left 120 dead and many missing. it's caused mudslides and floods along g the y yangtze river.
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12120 deathths were reported in provinces since last thursday. the government says more than 280,000 houses have collapsed or are damaged. and that over 1.3 million people have been evacuated. it says the rain has resulted in economic losses of more than $5.7 billion. the premier has met visuals to confirm damage and relief measures. weather officials expect more heavy rain in wide areas. a typhoon could make landfall in coastal areas on friday. heavy rain is also affecting the korean peninsula. north korea has released water from a full dam without warning. they're telling people to stay away from rivers. military officials say the dam's water gates were opened in the morning. officials are worried the water could cause flooding.
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pyongyang's move was made despite an agreement saying they will notify the south ahead of time. the agreement was made in 2009 after a sudden discharge from the dam left six south koreans dead. in just a few days, people in japan will go to the polls to elect members of the upper house. in the leadup, our series japan decides is looking at some of the key issues. today we focus on an area devastated five years ago but a powerful earthquake and tsunami. miyagi is where candidates vie for a single seat. nhk world's toem owe kuzumi has more. >> reporter: miyagi had two seats in the last election. but there is only one this time. and of the three candidates, one
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is from the ruling and opposition parties. he used to be a junior high school instructor and was first elected to the upper house six years ago. >> translator: i ask for everyone to cooperate in protecting japan. i will put everything i have into keeping my seat. >> reporter: the ldp is waging a battle against a unified candidate jointly held. prime minister shinzo abe and many cabinet ministers have come to show their support. >> translator: voters can choose the opposition including the japanese communist party and the democratic party to entrust japapan's safety in the childres future or choose the liberal
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democratic party in komeito. >> reporter: infrastructure was hard hit by the destruction of 2007. and kumagata wears a wristband which he has promised not to remove until the recovery is complete. >> translator: i wear it to remind myself every day of the people's feelings in the affected areas. my politics originate here. >> reporter: kumagai says he's determined to be involved in the reconstructionon as a diet memb. >> translator: the battle in miyagi is one that will determine the fate of the administration. i absolutely cannot a afford to losese. winning is the only option. and i'll do my best.
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>> reporter: mitsuo akurai is opposition. he served three terms in the house while working as a doctor. he has criticized economic policies of abenomics. >> translator: we have to topple the abe administration from power. >> reporter: sakurai is running as a unified candidate of four opposition parties. local assembly members of different political parties have come together to support him. the policy affairs chief of the democratic party helped with sakurai's campaign. >> translator: i want reasonable people to help ma strtsurai sak.
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>> translator: my parents didn't have jobs when i entered university. i'm aiming for grant-type scholarships that students don't need to pay back. >> reporter: he said he would improve the scholarship system. sakurai says he's determined to keep it from the opposition party. >> translator: the race is hard as only one person will be elected. it is significant that the opposition p parties are workik together to stop prime minister abe's reckless drivining. i'm hoping to beat the giant governing party by pulling together people's individual power. >> reporter: yui is seeking his
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first term. his campaign promises includes revising the constitution and reducing consumption tax. >> translator: it's time to stand up as a true sovereign nation for this is necessary to amend article nine, create a defense core, and step up national security laws. >> reporter: voters in miyagi will now have to choose between the two familiar faces or a new one. toyomo, nhk world. the constitution. campaigning for the upper house election is on. and japanese voters will have a chance to weigh in on these issues and more. for the first time in history, 18 and 19-year-olds will get a say by casting their ballots. don't miss our special coverage
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2016 election japan decides. sunday, july 10th on nhk world. the theater tradition dates back. to promote their art to foreign. >> reporter: visitors from around 30 countries are learning the basics of the art form at the noh theater. more than 160 people tried on the iconic masks and walked on the rehearsal stage at this shop. >> the end of the stage. >> i felt really unstable when i was walking around and thought i was going to fall. but was really good at the end. >> reporter: the organizers believe anyone can appreciate
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noh by focusing on the music. even if they can't understand the words. ♪ participants tried their hands at traditional japanese instruments. they also practice chanting together. >> i feel really lucky to experience. >> everyone enjoy in something
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and they won't understand. so i enjoy. >> reporter: as the organizers had hoped, even this small amount of training paid off when the participants became the audience. >> because we practiced it, when they started singing, could hear it. even though we didn't understand japanese, we remembered the phrase. it was interesting. >> i liked the noises and sounds of the music. they make such cool noises.
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>> translator: dancing, chanting, and playing the instruments gave our foreign guests a deeper understanding of the art form. i hope this can help those overseas learn to appreciate noh. >> reporter: workshop organizers are hoping to transform those as an art form for a select few to something everyone can enjoy. nhk world, tokyo. >> what a great workshop. i'm james tengan. you're watching nhk "newsline." weatherwise it's fair here in tokyo. with a reading now in 77 degrees fahrenheit. parts of taiwan and china are bracing for a powerful typhoon as jonathan oh tells us. we do have a violent typhoon on our hands. this system really intensified over the past 24 hours going from strong and now a violent
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typhoon. it is the strongest category when it comes to classifying these systems in the western pacific. and it is expected to continue to move towards the west/northwest. as we look at this visible satellite imagery, it's a picture from space and it gives an idea of the scope of the system. the central core is actually located close towards taiwan. there it is right there. but you can see a lot of the clouds that are scattering around it as well. lots of moisture that it will bring to the region as we go forward in time. currently nepatark's pressure is down 900. it's a very powerful storm. we expect conditions to continue over taiwan and also to the mainland portions of china. going forward throughout thursdayay into friday and saturday.. so this is the time too prepare now because this system i is expected to bring not only lots
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of rain and strong winds, but also some very big waves. some may be dealing with waves as high h as 10 meters. so moving forward in time, this system will bring in a lot more moisture. it's going to absorb it from the tropics and move it to the west. some areas looking at 250 millimeters of rainfall. once you accumulate and see the runoff from the mountains, it could be a much more serious problem for those in the southern lying areas. meanwhile we've been monitoring the rainy season front. this system -- the typhoon wili bring a souththerly flow. that's going to enhance that front which means more rainfall isis expected as we go througho the next day or so. so be on the lookout for that. the next four days, here it is. shanghai looking at wet weather through the week. also looking at rain for thursday. taipei, naha all looking at wet
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weather. then eventually looks like drier conditions for naha.a. now,w, as we look at the foreca for india, the monsoon is in place but we're dealing with flooding problems as well. let me show you the video to give an idea of the situation there. heavy rainins triggers floods i northwest india. river levels rose posing threats to people living nearby. i mean, this is somewewhat of a familiar scene around this time of year. nevertheless, it doesn't make it any easier for those living there. looking at some more of that wet weather pattern as we go forward throughout the next 24 hours. especially for those in the central portions of the country. wrapping things up with a look at north america. the focal point over the up ir midwest. a low pressure system is really bringing in a lot of warm air and moisture and then cold air from the north. we're looking at seeing an
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enhanced risk in portions of the upper midwest. chicago and winnipeg you will deal with storms with warm and muggy conditions from d.c. into atlanta. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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a japanese has completed the first half of a solo voyage across the pacific ocean. arrived in tokyo a after a two-momonth journey. he sailed on a ten m meter yach. his local yacht club said on its website that he completed the 12,000 kilometer journey on tuesday. the 66-year-old has more than 40 years' experience. but it's his first attempt at a solo round trip across the pacific. he plans to begin his return
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voyage this month and sail into his home port around october. wishing him a safe and sound journey. i'm james tengan here on nhk "newsline."
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>> hello and a very well welcome -- warm welcome. top stories this hour -- britain's military intervention in iraq in 2003 was not absolutely necessary at the time. when the conclusions of the chilcott reports. the firing seven years in the making has been made public. messi sentenced to 21 months in prison. law, there are li


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