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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 7, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: welcome back. the u.s. president deeply disturbed after the shooting at another black man by police. he was killed after he was full over for a traffic stop. his death streamed live by his wife on social media. another black down was shot by police on tuesday. two women in the race to replace david cameron and become britain's second female prime minister in history. she has more than doubled the vote of leadsom. can france change their luck tonight and beat germany and get
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into the finals of the euro championship. the match just got underway. ♪ anchor: we begin in the united states where for the second time this week a black man has been shot dead by the police. the governor of minnesota has asked for a federal probe after he was killed after being pulled over for a traffic stop. a child was in the car at the time. 37-year-old, a father of five was also shot by police. andrompted angry protests president obama says he is deeply disturbed. wasoments after castillo
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shot at a traffic stop, his streamed theve aftermath after he lay dying in the drivers seat. >> he was trying to get his id and while it out of his pocket. he let the officer know and the officer shot him in the arm. >> i was reaching for it. reporter: her young daughter was in the backseat of the time. officers he was licensed to carry a concealed gun and had one in his possession. after being asked to get out of the car, he was handcuffed and detained. an investigation is underway. >> one adult male was taken to the hospital. we have been informed this individual is deceased. a handgun was recovered from the scene. bc will provide an additional investigation. the officer involved in this
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incident has been put on standard paid administrative leave. reporter: the incident comes just as the justice department opens a civil rights investigation into the police killing of alton sterling. he was shot in baton rouge two days ago. mobile phone footage of the killings have riled public anger, forcing protesters on the street to demand justice. lauren: let's go to washington to our correspondent. we juster of castillo, saw his death and that extraordinary picture. she says her son was just black in the wrong place. how have police officers defended what has happened? >> so far, very little explanation given by the chief of police of the st. paul police. the usually peaceful suburb where that tragic incident took
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place. they have not released the name of the officer involved in the shooting of that young black male. obviously, an investigation is underway. the department of justice is involved with trying to assess the situation. james comey, the director of the fbi, testified before congress said that his agency will most likely get involved. this is a very sensitive case. as you mentioned earlier, the president himself has spoken and took to facebook to say all americans should be deeply troubled by these instances. these are not isolated incidents. a lot of political pressure. the investigators trying to shed light on what looks like, at first glance, very troubling circumstances which has led to the deaths of young black males at the hand of police officer's duet times are white. lauren: alton sterling,
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castillo, two more names to add to a long list of black men killed by police. some unarmed and some armed, but nevertheless, this is a cause for concern for african-americans, isn't it? gallagher: definitely. that is why you are seeing the movement. the black lives matter movement that emerged which is increasingly shedding light on these tragic instances of young black males dying at the hands of police officers, at times unarmed. according to witness accounts, not posing a direct threat. this is a very real problem in the united states and one which is still far from having been resolved. lauren: thank you very much, gallagher. as gallagher mentioned, the head of the fbi has been testifying today. he faced tough questions from republicans about his decision not to press charges against hillary clinton over the use of
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classified e-mails on her personal server. the speaker of the house paul ryan is seeking questions and answers. comey saying that clinton was careless. >> when i look at the facts we gathered, i see evidence of great carelessness, but i do not see evidence that is sufficient to establish that secretary clinton were those with who she was corresponding both talked about classified information on e-mail and new when they did it, they were doing something that was against the law. i know no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case. a lot of my former friends are saying they would. i wonder where they were the past 40 years because i would like to see the cases they brought. nobody would. lauren: the race to replace david cameron has been narrowed down to two. may won the most votes in a secret ballot of mp's. lo former investment banker
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ngsend came second. by the autumn, britain will have its second female prime minister in history. it is up to grassroots members of the conservative party to decide who wins. we will have to wait until september 9. we are joined live from london by benedict. may is seen as a safe pair of hands. she got 199 votes. way ahead of leadsom who is pretty much an unknown. >> that is right. may is still the hot favorite. she proved why that is. she shows her self as the unifier of the country. the second round got 199 votes.
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that is more than she did in the first round. showing she is gaining support. . very high number, 199 she is a safe pair of hands. she is a known quantity. she holds a very senior ministerial post for the last six years. she has taken on battles and often won them. she is said to have a lot of courage in those battles. leadsom is really an unknown. city andtressed her business background. it is interesting because she got 84, which is way behind mrs. may. she got 84 votes today. there has been much greater scrutiny on her. she has come a little bit a proper on accusations of embellishing her disputes.
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people that work with her before say she is bigging up her experience. what will the 150,000 conservative party members choose to vote? we will know who will become the u.k.'s second female prime minister on the ninth of september. lauren: there are some fears in the conservative party of corbyn syndrome. that is the party members may vote for leadsom, going against mthe mp's. >> well, we will have to see about that. that is a real possibility. let's underlined that may was on the remain side that lost the referendum. she has made it very clear that brexit means brexit. leadsom was on the winning side. how much of a part will the fact that she is a leading brexiteer play, or in the end, will the
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members of the conservative party, mostly male, mostly over 50. we are told from the middle class, what they really choose somebody that is a safe pair of hands? the suspense will continue. the campaign will begin in earnest now. the postal vote will happen throughout the summer and we will know who will be the second female prime minister after margaret thatcher on the ninth of september. lauren: thank you very much, benedicte. sunday's suicide bombing in baghdad is now officially the deadliest terrorist attack in iraq since the invasion 13 years ago. 292 people were killed in the blast at a market that was crowded with shoppers buying goods at the end of ramadan. the attack was claimed by the islamic state group. in syria, the army is close to
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blocking the supply route to rebels in aleppo. there was heavy fighting on thursday despite cease-fire. assad's forces have been trying to cut the road for more than two years. 200,000 people still live in the rebel controlled parts of aleppo. no means no. it sounds simple enough but not so in germany where parliament has changed the rules on rape. it previously was the responsibility of the victims approved they had done enough to fight off their attacker. sexual assaults on new year's eve pushed the issue to the floor. a 20-year-old iraqi and 26-year-old algerian were given a jail sentence for their role in the attacks. reporter: it has been dubbed the no means no law. the german parliament passed legislation toughening sexual
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assault and clarifying the definition of rape >> finally making the no means no law part of the criminal code. reporter: the law no longer's requires victims to pursue rape charges by proving sexual assault. saying no is enough. >> it takes an active sexual misconduct which will be punished in the future. reporter: the new law classifies groping as a sex crime and make it easier to prosecute assaults committed by a large group. this comes after the new year's eve attack in cologne where more than 1000 women were assaulted. the attacks shocked germany and prove a turning point in the debate on legislation. it means any conviction can be used against an applicant in an immigration or asylum hearing and it can be easier to
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deport. the law was voted in by an overwhelming majority. >> total vote, 601. yes votes, 601. [applause] reporter: germany has long lacked kind other developed nations when it comes to its rape laws. only one in 10 ratepes is recorded in germany. rateonviction is only 10%. lauren: the funeral of the former french prime minister was today. he died on saturday at the age of 95. the entire political craft to pay homage to the man. he served under the socialist president but his influence went beyond his three years as prime and esthe -- prime minister. reporter: he planned every detail of his funeral.
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site,cation, a landmark housing french military museums, a hospital and a burial place. the speaker, including president francois jhollande. he was a great and beautiful figure of our republic. a bright person who helped shape several generations represented here today. attending,mong those several political leaders of the right and left who say they were inspired by the former prime minister, including the current prime minister. the newly formed the socialist party was formed in 1974. he defended business friendly reforms and had a well-known rivalry with the president.
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after he was appointed as prime minister, he was elected several times mp, served as senator and european lawmaker but never became president which he and his supporters regretted. >> he was the best among the socialists. i voted for him. >> he was an honest man. if he had been elected president, france would be in a much better state today. reporter: he remained an influential political voice until his death, often criticizing the socialist party. in his final interview, the former prime minister supported the brexit, saying the u.k. was preventing the european union from going forward. lauren: france are taking on germany, fighting for a place in the final of the euro 2016. a final which will take place right here in paris on sunday.
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fans watching germany in berlin. no goal yet 15 minutes into the match. germany won the world cup in brazil in 2014. they also knocked france out at the quarterfinal stage. france has not been germany at a major tournament since 1958. we look back at what has been a painful relationship for the french. reporter: it was a defining moment in franco german rivalry. a world cup semi final, schum aker goes into the the frenc hman. there is no yellow card and no golal. >> it was such a shame. just a few centimeters wide of the goal. we could have onwon 2-1. there are many regrets. what happened to me was tough to
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take. 1982, a: sevilla, french tragedy. the game tied 1-1, the germans seemed to drifted out of the game. a beauty of a goal made it 3-1 in extra time but the french team lost on penalties to the dismay of every household in the country. >> every two minutes, nothing happens. from an emotional perspective, it stirred up hatred and riled up hatred against germany. reporter: two years later, they meet up again in the semi final. they bow out 2-0. >> after what happened in 1982, we could have had it again in 1986 but some players said the germans always win in the end. 2014, france and
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germany meet again in rio. france loses 1-0 and a victory over the germans makes it feel like it is not meant to be. >> 2014 is evidence of today. everybody remembers the final minute. old games like 1982 and 1986 along in the past. reporter: french players want to put the past behind them as they prepare for tonight's clash. they might want to remember this game and the 1958 world cup where france beat germany 6-3. that 20i have it minutes into the match it is still 0-0. we will keep bringing you update if you cannot watch the game. we have business news now. turmoil, we have been talking about it for a while. but some good news for the british. >> we will start by looking at the market.
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a big reversal in the crude oil prices. futures closed down nearly 5% because the u.s. government recorded a weak crude inventory. you can see both indexes closing down nearly 5%. they are having a substantial effect on oil giants like chevron, united health and exxon mobil, being dragged down almost 1.5% on the market. u.s. stocks traded narrowly mixed throughout the day. a lot of attention to what will come out tomorrow with the all-important job report. these falling oil prices weighting down in wall street. a different story early in europe as you saw. a strong sign of backing for london as the world's principal financial center. banks osborne, six says they will keep it as the top spot. goldman sachs, bank of america,
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merrill lynch and j.p. morgan. the statement comes as there has been concern of thousands of jobs with investment banks may try to move to cities like frankfurt or paris. todayces were handed down for the manipulation case. inr men from barclays london were sentenced the multiple years in prison. it was used by banks to set prices on financial products and trillions of pounds in loans for households and companies worldwide. this is the first time anybody has been jailed in the scandal since the alleged ringleader was convicted last year. portugal could become the first ever eurozone countries fined for breaking the eu's fiscal rules. it began disciplinary refuges for failing to rein in their deficit. portugal and spain must now show
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they breached the rules because of exceptional economic circumstances. otherwise, they could be fined 2/10 of 1% of their gdp. >> the commission concluded portugal did not collected by the deadline of 2015. spain is off-track to correct it by 2016. higherious reasons, gross and lower interest rates were not sufficiently used to reduce. >> after a seven-year investigation, french prosecutors want french telecom over a wave of employee suicides between 2008 and 2009. 35 workers took their lives. the ceo stepped down in light of the scandal. he faces charges of harassment as well as other executives. a spokesman says a request for the trial was normal and does
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not assume a decision of guilt. picketedbooed by employees. the ceo is the driving force behind a controversial restructuring, allegedly triggering a wave of staff suicides. prosecutors now want the former boss to stand trial over allegations of psychological harassment. six other executives could be on the line in a case seven years in the making. >> we hope this will teach everyone a lesson. the lesson is executives cannot focus on making a profit, in light of everything else particularly at the expense of everybody's likelihood. thanom 2008 to 2009, more 30 staff committed suicide. many of those died left notes blaming management. he cut 22,000 jobs and relocate thousands more. according to the union, company
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executives manufactured a climate of extreme stress, aimed at forcing staff out. view of the brutal policies put in place by the this moral calling harassment is not good enough. this behavior amounts to manslaughter. >> france telecom became orange in 2015. the company has declined to comment on the case. a judge will now decide whether or not to call a trial. if it goes ahead, it will be the first on in france that a company of orange's scope and a top executive or face prosecution on harassment charges. >> the job situation in france today is improving. some companies are going through unusual means to find new employees. the methods are getting stranger and stranger. in the private sector, those who
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hope to get mid-level or management jobs are facing unusual tasks that are replacing the traditional job interview. reporter: this is no ordinary cooking class. a supermarket chain in france is looking to hire a manager. they plan on narrowing the field of candidates by having them make a dessert together. this recipe is picked up by the team, something that is made by the recruitment manager. >> it is about the method, the way of doing things. if they can manage a team in the kitchen, they could manage a team in the store. for the candidates around the table, they spearmint is fun and levels the playing field. gets anday everybody starts off at the same point. reporter: new hiring practices can throw candidates off their game. this recruitment agency wants to
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hire. the first task is for everyone to prepare a pitch to see why someone else would get the job. the aim is to test team spirit and the ability to remain in control. >> it is easier at first to know who was in front of us instead of the traditional face-to-face interview where you have to maintain a certain posture for an hour and a half. here we have the complete vision of the candidate. reporter: hiring the wrong person could end up costing a company of to 10,000 euros. that is the cost of training, salary and finding a replacement. employers say so far this method is producing better results. open moredorf-astoria than 75 years ago. it has hosted every single sitting u.s. president, plus countless diplomats and celebrities. next year, the hotel will close its doors. a chinese firm purchased it in 2014 and plans to create luxury
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condos. $100 million for severance packages for the 1500 people who work at the hotel. still, it may live on in film. being the site where eddie murphy's coming to america was shot and this tango scene in scent of a woman. ♪ if you have never seen that movie, you must see it. lauren: i will. i love eddie murphy's coming to america. it is one of my top five. >> i don't know if the language would have worked so we did not cut a clip. lauren: thank you very much. stay with us. more news and headlines coming up after this. ♪bq
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