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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to live from paris. in the french capital, let's take what is making news this hour. the un security council is urging warring factions in south sudan to immediately end violence after fresh classes -- clashes in juba. portugal, the country celebrated its victory over france at the euro 2016 finals.
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despite the early loss of its star player after a knee injury. much disappointment here in france at the national team came victory, writing on team performance -- riding on team performance. the embassyp story, of the south sudan could be in full-blown conflict after new fighting in the capital of juba. at least 272 people have died in the latest violence. the u.n. counsel is calling on warring factions to immediately -- end
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rich, would you talk us through the latest developments? day of heavyll -- fightingterday, broke out at 8:00 in the morning and went until evening time. this morning, everything was quiet and suddenly, at 9:00 there was the sound of artillery pummeling the nearby area. i am in juba. this ongoingearing through other parts of town. base in the.n. north of juba, which is close to the international airport, an area just outside.
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base has u.n. displaced people. i could hear it going overhead during the course of the break. market happened -- more could happen on friday evening. >> both the president and vice president are calling for calm but is anybody actually listening? ancommand has been interesting question throughout the war. command -- it is
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uncertain. also developing a question where the army continues to fight but both sides are continually blaming each other. >> richard neal reporting in jupiter. -- in juba. >> in baton rouge, residents staged a fresh demonstration against the fatal police shooting of a black man last week. 200 people gathered on sunday evening, saying they moved in as the crowd tried to block a highway access road. they have been rallying after alton sterling was shot dead airing a videotaped altercation with two white police officers. >> and rouge is not over the
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death of alton sterling. the 37-year-old was shot dead by police the same week another man, philando castile was killed in minnesota. sunday, hundreds of people protested in baton rouge, some clashing with police. arrestedin riot gear activists accused of throwing debris and blocking roads. their message was the same as one heard in other protests across the u.s.. they say police must change its attitude towards black men killed or brutalized by officers proportionally more often than any other part of society. we used to be former slaves, we were segregated, less than 50 years ago we got the right to
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vote, we got the black president but that is not enough. >> president obama trying to defuse the tension from spain where he shortened his visit to return home. his security forces are hoping for unity. ofthe overwhelming majority people involved in the movement, what they want to see is a better relationship between the police and the community. the best way to do that is to bring allies aboard and that includes police departments that are doing the right thing like dallas. >> president obama said those who attack officers are doing a disservice to the cause. there are threats of more , a policen kashmir officer ground when an angry cat out -- angry crowd pushed his car into a river.
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after the death of the popular separatist commander who died in the gunfight with the indian kashmir hasiday, been a flashpoint for more than 60 years. the ruling center-right coalition is projected to win enough seats to govern in its own right. this is according to australian broadcasting corporation projection. the 76 seat majority required is the minimum needed to avoid relying on labor, independence, or small parties. this was taken over by dancing fans, waving national flags over -- after portugal's win over france. tens of thousands of supporters flocked the streets. the country's first
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international title delivered as superstar renaldo watched injured. they prepare to take the cup home. >> we will come back to that in a moment. the french team is meeting french president francois lond -- francois lond. everybody was hoping that this would be a somewhat joyful occasion but that is not the case. >> in some ways, no, but it is joyful outside. they are arriving at the presidential palace in paris, led in by the cameramen -- by one of the first to come into the palace.
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you see the french manager and behind him the team. they are due to have lunch with the french president now. on angratulate them performance better than many people were expecting. they targeted the semifinals for the french team. they went one step further than that. there was that win against germany down in marseille. everything was in place for today. there was potential victory paradess being mooted. this driving up from the french countryside emblazoned with the logo, "champions of europe." internet's best comedians has been trying to sell it.
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a big celebration in lisbon. a lot of portuguese people were celebrating on the streets. on the streets of paris there was a mixed atmosphere. it captures the country's imagination particularly after that win against germany could go all the way but in the end, as is often the case it wasn't to be. the portuguese, a very well organized side, just a little bit too strong. >> certainly as far as the french authorities are concerned, it is a major relief that that tournament without -- went off without a hinge death without a hitch -- without a hitch. >> there have been a few ugly scenes if we look back to those clashes between english supporters and police down in marseille. there were a few disappointed
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people over tonight's entry to the site which was packed about three hours before kickoff but , given whatar was has been happening over the past year or so, this tournament could be a target for terrorists. a huge security operation was rolled out and it went off without incident. paying tribute to the security personnel and the police in helping people keep people safe. this is also an opportunity for the french authorities to harold what has been a well-organized event as they put -- they host the potential world cup. leaveare going to have to it there because we are getting breaking news now from london, the conservative party leadership candidate is supposed to be making a statement. this being that she was competing against the home
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weretary, theresa may, and are just waiting for her to come forward to make a statement and it looks like here she is. >> good morning everyone. this morning, i have written a letter to graham brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee, and i would like to read it out to you. the best interest of our country inspired me to stand for leadership. in leaving the eu, a bright future awaits where all our people can share in a new prosperity, freedom, and democracy. the referendum results demonstrated a clear desire for change. strong leadership is needed urgently to begin the work of
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withdrawing from the european union. a nine week leadership campaign at such a critical moment for our country is highly undesirable. business needs certainty. a strong and unified government must move quickly to set out what an independent united kingdom's framework for business looks like. it is also essential that current workers in the u.k. and businesses that employ them know where they stand. the conservative party was elected only last year with a strong manifesto. we now need a new prime minister in place as soon as possible, committed to the filling that manifesto as well as implementing the clear instructions of the referendum. theresa may carries over 60% of
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the support from the parliamentary party. she is ideally placed to implement brexit on the best possible terms for the british people and she has promised that she will do so. for me personally, to have won the support of 84 of my colleagues last thursday with a great expression of confidence, for which i am credibly -- incredibly rightful. was less thanthis 25% of the party and after careful consideration, i do not believe this is sufficient support to lead a strong and stable government should i win the leadership election. privilegeo greater than to leave the conservative party in government and i would .e deeply honored to do it i have however concluded that the interest of our country is
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best served by the immediate appointment of a strong and well supported prime minister. i am therefore withdrawing from the leadership elections and i wish theresa may the greatest success. i sure her of my full support. thank you very much. [applause] why have you changed your mind? she was a candidate to be a leader for the conservative party standing against british home secretary theresa may. let's cross to our london correspondent, benedicte paviot. given what we were hearing this morning, there is no surprise that she has pulled out of the race. apologized to theresa may after suggesting that being a mother made her better for the
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job, something that seems to have backfired. >> indeed. she has pulled out of this two-way contest to become the next conservative party leader, the next united kingdom prime minister to succeed david cameron. i think the question from the journalists that remained unanswered was the key point. why has she changed her mind? she says that she has changed her mind because 60% of the parliamentary party of competitive and pes have backed her rival, the home secretary, theresa may and that she, andrea hassome -- andrea leadsom 25. she has had a very bad few days. she gave an interview to the times where she underlined how
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dsom had aa lea stake in the future because she had children. she said she understood better what it meant to leave the country forward. she has grandchildren. so the scrutiny of the media is really, i think, the undoing of andrea leadsom. downturn asll theresa may, only 20 minutes ago will lay out her stall on an economic front of what she theresa may, wants to do w when she becomes prime minister. she made that speech before dsom pulled out. one word. titimetable.
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when will l david cameron nonow cease being prime minister. we have e effectivelely chosen theresa a may, a prime mininistn waititing. the overall feeling in the country is that t we can no lonr wait until t the night of seseptember. so let's remember a british prime minister lives where his official residences -- residents is and where he works in downing street. we expxpect more dramatic developments here in london in clearer onurs to be what that timetable will now be. a big big change. and if not just the conservative party in that role, we have just in the last half hour heard from angela eagle who says that she is standing as a candidate for the leadership of the labour party.
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what degree of support does she hahave? . >> we looked like we are going to have many female politicians in the fourth run of british polititics. she has announced her decision to stand for the leadership of the labour party. she has said these are dangerous times for the country and that this referendum has divided the country. what support does she have? she certainly has great support within the labor parliamentary party. the p problem for her is that se is c challenging the leader, who has only b been a leleader for e or 1 10 months and thahat is jey corbyn.. the leader of the labour partyt, who o refuses to quit, refuses o of the m majorking unions, who says that he has the autotomatic right if s somebody- that is now the case - -- to gon
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the ballot and stand against heher. ththere are different legal advices about that and there is no c certainty but jeremy corbyn will be e automatically on the ballot. will there b be other candididas besides angela eagle? we don't know but it is not impossible. predictions are a waste dangerous and as we haveve seen, totally impossible. determined,byn is so as he says he has the support as he did last autumn of 60% of the labour party members. he says he is prepared to take them to court so we could get a very ugly situation, certainly in the labour party unlike the onone that looks likike a coronn in the conservative party. we could get a nasty situation in the labour party where there is a war between the labor mps in westmtminster that represent the whole of thehe country and
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those members of the labour -- even aeven illegal lelegal battle that could gogo n for weeks and d months. we've got nigel farage who stepped down. ahead.resting day that is benedicte paviot .eporting on the chaos ther today at 3:40 p.m., 51% will be looking at how women politicians are increasingly fit to clean up the mess of that post right to vote. -- host brexit vote. the un security y council is cacalling on wararring factionsn south sududan to prevenent the spread of violence. much sleep in portugal as the country celebrated its 1-0 victory over its host, france.
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win, it's star player renaldo watching after an i -- a knee injury. performance in the country still recovering from those terrorist attacks. and it is time now for business news and i am joined by stephen carroll. nintendoarting with who has been struck by pokemon fever. --the japanese came in gaming company saw its shares soar with new mobile game, and it quickly shot to the top of the download charts. the gameme sees players use ther phones to catch pokemon in real-life locations. an important milestone for the japanese firm, which has traditionally been reluctant to transfer its popular games onto mobile.
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they have invested more money into nintendo and the jump added some $7 billion to the company's value in just two days. nintendo shares finishing the day up 25% at the end of the day, the biggest one-day gain since 1983. that rise helpsps shares. european shares following that trend in trading. banks and mining firms leading the gains in europe. homebuilders also seeing recovery followed by post brexit jitters. on that story, aberdeen assets frozen for two more days. one bank doing particularly well .s the italian lender its shares have been hammered over fears about the lenders
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level of debt, trading of over 5% in milan. shares are down by 60% so far this year. britain finance ministers going on an offensive on wall street today. one of the biggest investors in new york in an effort to keep aftero stick with britain he voted to leave the european union. the finance ministers says he wants to strengthen trade ties with the united states and mexico and canada. build a moreo outward looking global facing britain." this trip toto the united states will be followed by similar stops in china and singapore. >> in the u.k., the farmer airshow gets underway today. postingplayers are
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massive orders for new aircraft. worth $4 a3 50's billion. 3.4oeing aircraft worth billion. a more muted tone of this event as josh vardey reports. this year, the airshow threatens to be haunted by low oil prices and the ghost of brexit. it iside those woes, widely expected there will be fewer orders than 2014. 224 billion dollars of aircraft and engines were announced. while the industry enjoyed five yeyears of increased demand, orders so far this year compared to 2015 up into have tailed off. boeing has a hundred orders last year while airbus over a thousand.
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both aircraft industry leaders also face a massive tax stock of orders with some customers fearing they may not deliver on time. airbus has been facing stream -- extreme challenges in the wake of the vote to leave the european union. meanwhile, with potential markets opening up in india, iran, and china, other manufacturers say that this knocked the two leaders off the top spot. the industry as a whole remains stable. there has been a surge in complaints over online shopping in china. consumumers paid 150 thousand complaints about online shopping last year of 87%. the complaints focused on paying from the substandard quality of goods, delayed shipments, to products not matching the description. the rise insay complaints is partly down to better knowledge of consumer
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rights. alibaba argues fakefake quadra -- products are of better quality. >> suc ú
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