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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> it is 1:00 p.m. in paris. thanks for being with us on this best deal dayng, has been celebrating its national holiday. has beenhollande celebrating with forces making their way down paris's most famous avenue. heavilyes remain stretched. the new u.k. risks entering a
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vicious cycle with europe. theresa may began her first full day in downing street. her cabinet includes leading brands it campaigner boris johnson. commanderlamic state omar the chechen is dead. killed close to mosul. officials said back in march that he died in an american airstrike in syria. our top story this thursday, it is bastille day in france. the 14th of july.
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the traditional celebrations have begun with the military parade taking place with troops from australia and new zealand joining french armed forces for that traditional marching down towards the plaza where francois hollande took the salute of the troops. our correspondent was there. >> the traditional military plaza concorde was under heavy security this year. france is a state of emergency following the attacks in paris and 3000 police officers were mobilized to secure the parade. the risk from jihadists remains very real. taking place at the center of the parade, according to protocol, was french president francois hollande as well as the
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defense minister and other members of the government. among the guests was u.s. secretary of state john kerry. guests of honor were australia and new zealand and that was in honor of their country's role at the battle of the sewn in world war i. protests been lots of in france. his popularity ratings are dwindling and the presidential elections are moving past. >> that was catherine nordstrom reporting. the next main event is much more political. francois hollande make his life appearance -- his live appearance. mark, you are our french political editor. coming as it does, the last bastille day before the next presidential election. be -- it could be
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his last bastille day interview because maybe he will not run next year for the presidential or maybe he will run but according to the polls, he is most likely to lose. he said before that he would only announce his intentions by the end of this year but obviously, every word, his body language will be closely monitored to see if he gives any indication that he will jump into the race. so there will be a lot of speculation of his intentions and also what he will say about his economy minister who two days ago, just two days before this presidential time, launched a movement -- he clearly hinted himself wanted to be a candidate so obviously there will be talk about unemployment, security, the
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state of emergency that is going to be lifted on the 26th of july. the president will confirm that but his political intentions will be what people will be watching for. being his usual self, francois hollande will probably give an indication but not clearly state what he would do. >> a taste of what is likely to come. that interview kicks off in 10 minutes time. we will continue to follow with your help all that has emerged from it. in the u.k., theresa may has announced the beginning of her cabinet. saysresident of the eu britain risks a vicious cycle. those leading the campaign were appointed to key positions,
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among them boris johnson and the man who will lead the brexit negotiations, david davis. mark thompson has been having a look. within hours of being given the keys to number 10 downing street, theresa may stood in front of her new home and called for unity. >> we will make britain a country that works for a leveraged -- a privileged few but for everyone of us. that will be the mission of the government highly. -- government i lead. >> leading campaigner boris johnson among the cabinet. a controversial character, one of the former london mayor's first jobs will be to fix some personal relationships. johnson antagonized the number of heads of state with rhetoric he used during campaigning ahead of the referendum. also, barack obama who johnson
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called incoherent and hypocritical in his opposition to britain leaving the eu. >> we have an opportunity to make a great success of our new relationship with europe and the world. i am very excited to be a part of that. >> you've got a few people to apologize to. the united states of america will be in the front of the queue. >> a newly created governmental eurotment -- euros but -- david davis has been appointed secretary of state for accessing the european union. georgee of the outgoing osborne, emma run will step into theresa may's shoes as home secretary. as that cabinet begins to take shape, all eyes on boris johnson. benedict is our london
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correspondent. rightd to get the balance in a that needed to include those who had one in the the choice oft boris johnson as foreign secretary, the head of bridges -- british diplomacy is most controversial. it is most controversial here in the united kingdom and clearly, we are getting all the feedback that is making world headlines. what about this picture? i don't know that he is ever going to live that down. what boris johnson is respected for is the victory of brexit, one that he didn't even expect himself. --is eloquent, cap charismatic according to some and not according to others.
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he is highly intelligent, that he is -- all of those are pluses. he speaks four languages, french, turkish, other languages besides. but whatery impressive he is not known for is his diplomacy. diplomacy.n forun- there are many gaffes people can list. people knowsome about john major, when he was prime minister and was described as boring, came up with a puppet and theyat was gray added over his clothes and trousers a pair of underpants. anybody will understand that was not terribly flattering and sometimes i think satire can be a death by a thousand cuts. will it pay off or not? >> that is as far as the foreign
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secretaries job goes. what about other appointments that have been made so far? >> the day has been very interesting. there is lot of -- a lot of blood on the floor. early, she was out swept back into downing street at 11:15 a.m.. that philip hammond was the first one in the door and is the new finance minister. we didn't know what was going to happen to the former justice secretary. the very man who was by boris johnson's side was a prominent exit -- brexiteer. and still there are other ministers today. he appointments are amber riley, energy secretary -- amber rudd, energy secretary.
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green injustin education. key posts for women and that gender parity theresa may so wanted in her government. >> we will continue following those exciting events from as the united kingdom looks ahead to those key brexit negotiations. to kenya now where the developing story continues. a hostage situation is still underway in the west of the country. a man described as an extremist was being held in a police station where he grabbed a gun and shshot a police officer, killlling for or ofof them -- killing four of them. you can see on those images ,oming in from western kenya they have gathered to rescue some of the prisoners being held at the station to bring that
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hostage situation to an end. kenya has been battling with the influence of al-shabaab militants from across the boarder in somalia. that developing story. warned of nations has fresh fighting in south sudan after days of deadly gunbattles. there are fears of a looming humanitarian crisis. juba as a cease-fire in president and vice president appeared to be holding. a peace accord was signed in december. victims are being treated in the capital. even for the children of south sudan's capital, the streets aren't safe. bys little boy was hit twice
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mortar from a tank while playing under a tree with his brothers. his guardian is relieved they weren't killed. >> i hope that south sudan regains peace because the people of south sudan are good people. i hope people live in their houses again without killing each other and peace comes back to the country. five days of fighting between forces loyal to bitter rivals, the president and his deputy, and south sudan's government says more than 270 have been killed. the u.n. fears the death toll will be much higher. 200 kilometers south, hundreds of south sudanese weight to cross into uganda. they are just a fraction of the 36,000 people who have fled juba in the past week. soldiers have been blocking some from leaving. the refugee agency's operation from the ugandan side of the
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border say they have been on emergency footing since december. the prospect of tens of thousands of new arrivals would be unmanageable. >> back in march the pentagon had announced two debts in syria. chechen has been killed near mosul. itsman is considered one of top commanders. mark thompson has more. beard, his bright ginger omar was among the most recognizable and feared members. known as omar the chechen he was on the united states most wanted list and had a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. his death was confirmed by the websites used by the militants to issue news. martyrednt said he was
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as he participated in clashes to repel the campaign against the city of mosul. the u.s. believes he may have been killed in march after an airstrike in northeastern syria. the islamic state said he was seriously injured in that attack. it is believed the 30-year-old died frorom his wounds but is unclear when and where. after fighting against russian forces he joined the georgian military in 2006. he became the islamic state groups military commander in northern syria seven years later before eventually becoming a military advisor to the chief abubakar alba daddy. baghdadi.- al iraqiath is a blow to the islamic state who lost control of falluja just two weeks ago. businesstest
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headlines, kate moody is here. we given with a late round of troubles for google. a fresh round of antitrust charges against the internet giant. that is the third time that is happening, these related to ads and online shopping business and the latest charges accuse them of hindering competition by hindering the ability of its rivals to put sad -- put search ads on third-party websites. google could face fines of up to 10% of its global annual revenues it is ultimately found to have broken the eu's competition rules. to grappleials try with the economic consequences of the brexit. >> from the bank of england, which decided not to cut interest rates, that would have been the first time in seven years that they have gone ahead with what market analysts have
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been expecting. they have been expecting the central bank to take action and protect the economy from the so-called brexit effect. it would keep rates at already record lows of .5%. the bank of england could change its tune later this summer and released billions of pounds into the economy if necessary. policymakers expect to change monetary policy in august as we get more indications of what brexit will mean. >> tell us about how the market will react. >> the prospect of this looming decision had actually been boosting markets around the world. european markets are still in the green although they have weakened just a little bit since the bank of england's surprising announcement just a few months ago. up,can see the london ftse frankfurt dax up one and a half
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percent and crossing the 10,000 barrier. the pound sterling has jumped slightly. meanwhile, the new york stock exchange will be set for one of the biggest ipos of the year later on. "line" is setapp to go public. it launched in 2011 to help people communicate in the aftermath of japan's earthquake and tsunami. it has 218 million active users mostly in asia. it combined photo sharing, games, stickers, and a mobile payment system. the stock offering to pay to finance international expansion. >> one of the biggest winners on the asian markets has been nintendo thanks to a new game that has taken the world by storm. >> the japanese giant has seen
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its profits drop as its consuls become less popular but the go" hasnal app "pokemon driven shares through the root -- through the roof. >> it has become a global phenomenon in a matter of days. in the search locations real world to find virtual creatures on their smart phone screens. pokemon. the metro three stations before my workplace because there could be pokemon on the way. if i got some shopping to do i go on foot rather than by bike, metro or bus because there could be a pokemon hiding behind a tree. >> the gaming obsession has seen shares for nintendo surged more than 50%.
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the rally has boosted its market value by billions of dollars. >> the release so far is only partial worldwide with germany and with japanese data not being announced. >> i do not have the courage to wait so i am trying to find a foreign version. >> one business publication, australian financial review, is headlining it is time for everyone to calm down. "pokemon go might not save nintendo." it only has a 3% stake in the company. andendo invested last year will only get a minority share of the revenues. >> in paris we have been marking the traditional 14th of july celebrations which culminate in a fireworks celebration. >> a lot of french citizens have been cutting back their
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fireworks budgets. that is not the case in paris. they are devoting 700,000 euros to fireworks. that is a similar sum to recent it doesd while something like a lot of money, the u.s. city of boston spent about two and a half million dollars on its fourth of july fireworks earlier this month. london spent 2 million euros on its new year's display while dubai took the crown with 5 million euros just a few years ago. perhaps it is worth taking a look just to see where some of that public money is going. >> think you very much. is my one minutes past 1:00 here in paris. a quick break and it is time now for a look at the days press review. >> here for a look at the
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international headlines. thanks for being with us. is, ofthe big stories course, the arrival of theresa may in downing street. with a whole new cabinet. >> the front page of today's independent sums up what london papers and people are feeling about the state of british politics right now. former prime minister david cameron preparing to vacate number 10. the caption, "all yours, teresa." may formallyre of accepting the queens >>. it is very much confirmed what she had artie made clear that although she campaigned for the remains she would week to see brexit through.
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she is serious about brexit. the headline of this piece is a note that appointed three leaders to the key brexit related jobs in government, selecting david davis as the man in charge of the exit from the eu. according to this journalists, it is proof that she is not interested in backsliding. >> not everyone is pleased about that. there is a rather convincing analysis of mays speech in the garden. in promising to speak for the ordinary working-class family struggling to make ends meet, the new prime minister is making a direct pitch for the political center ground but may's first cabinet position would suggest a shift to the right with liam fox and brexit campaigner boris chunks and -- boris johnson holding the top offices. >> it was his appointment that
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became is the biggest surprise to many. >> a surprise to many and an embarrassment to others. --t iconic image of boorish boris johnson at his buffoon in best. the caption, dear world, sorry. it would seem they have reason to be concerned. they have compiled an eye watering list of johnson's international gaffes. on 1000ths ago he w pounds for writing a poem about having sex with a goat. prosecutedmedian was for an offensive poem he wrote the president. and of course the time boris a 10-year-oldd boy to the ground through a game
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of street rugby. >> everyone believed his career had come to an end when he dropped out of the race leaving the brexit. >> in this cartoon, the telegraph sums it up. graph. looking up on a career boris johnson's >>. day,4th of july, bastille it is highly political because it is a day where francois holland speaks publicly. >> it is unlikely to be a day of celebration for the french president. see it painting the very start looking man in the middle. ,n the middle we have hollande and on the left the prime minister and on the right the economy minister all under the
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headline. the 14th of july marching out of step. the is a reference to what paper calls the raging battle currently being played out amongst the three men. at the heart of the matter, the nasty habit of speaking out against the government. >> the paper goes on to explain details, the difficulties facing francois hollande. just a couple of days ago, -- who does not belong to a political party -- organized a movement he set up. it has been seen as a possible launch pad a presidential bid next year. as this points out, this is not the only thing troubling hollande right now. there is a french team crushing defeat of the portuguese -- at
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the hands of the portuguese. also a revelation across the world that the president personal hairdresser earns almost 10,000 euros a month to keep
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