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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 14, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24." sayse's top diplomat johnson lied to the population. german populate -- politicians say johnson's behavior has been outrageous. barefoot mallory -- maori w arriors joined french troops for the bank -- the bastille day parade. america's top diplomat seeks russia's help to end the war in syria. john kerry in moscow.
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first, though, the appointment of boris johnson as britain's top diplomat has been met around the world with bafflement and, in some cases, outright shock. said the ayrault former brexit campaigner had lied to his country. his german counterpart described johnson's behavior as outrageous. johnson, who once likened the eu project to hitler, will attend his first foreign meeting of eu ministers in brussels on monday. within hours, british prime minister theresa may stood in front of her new home and
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called for unity. prime minister may: we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us. that will be the mission of the government i lead. reporter: among the fresh and firstnown faces in may's cabinet, leading brexit campaigner boris johnson. a controversial character, one of the former london mayor's first jobs will be to fix some personal relationships. a number ofgonized european heads of state with the rhetoric he used during campaigning ahead of the eu referendum. president barack obama, who johnson called "incoherent, inconsistent, and hypocritical in his opposition to britain leaving the eu." >> we have a massive opportunity in this country to make a great success of our new relationship with europe and with the world, and i'm very excited to be asked to play a part in that. >> you've got a few people to apologize to, haven't you?
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president obama, for example? >> united states in -- of america will be in the front of the queue. reporter: the job for negotiating the brexit will fall to the mostly re-created government departments. ministeritish foreign -- a former british foreign minister has been named the new chancellor. laura: to talk more about all the happenings at downing street, i'm joined by quentin . managed toon has insult almost every leader around the world, from hillary clinton to vladimir putin. how can he possibly build bridges at a time when the u.k. needs its allies more than ever? clearly he is going to have
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to work very hard. he is used to apologizing. great dealogized a in his lifetime for the short of shock jock collins he writes -- the sort of shock jock columns he writes in newspapers and his ability to shoot from the lip. the person most offended by him at the moment is tired erdogan rdogan, the turkish president, about whom he wrote an extremely distributed will -- disreputable poem. boris johnson's great-grandfather was a turk, the turkish minister of the interior. he has a lot of work to do. he's a very charming man. i think he will have used that charm. he also is, interestingly, much less ideological, i think, than most of the other brexit campaigners. he is a man -- this is perhaps what to me -- what theresa may has seen in him -- who actually can do deals, so it may be that
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he will get away with it. otherwise, i suspect that theresa may has simply put him there so that he will fall on his sword and make a mess of it. laura: what do you think of may's overall strategy of appointing several eurosceptics? these are ministers who will be in charge of negotiating for britain's exit from the eu? is that the right strategy? it's quite a dangerous strategy, but i'm not sure it's one she could avoid. she had to bring the brexit campaigners into the government. in order for them to actually trust any outcome that is negotiated, she probably had to put them in the hot seat, so to speak. and i think the key man there is not boris johnson. it's going to be david davis. he's in charge of the brexit negotiations. the danger is that he and his colleagues, like liam fox, who is in charge of trade, are actually pretty in-your-face,
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tough negotiators, with a very single-minded view that they want out of the european union, almost regardless of the price. and i think theresa may, on the other hand, will be much more inclined to say, look, we've got to do a deal that's good for everybody. so, i think the danger is that these people may be actually very difficult negotiators, who will alienate all their european union partners and then we will have a messy outcome. laura: theresa may got rid of the chancellor, george osborne, someone who has been -- had been tipped to one day take over from david cameron. she's also got rid of someone who has been described as her archenemy, michael gove. do you think she has made enough of a break? quentin: she's made a pretty drastic break. there's only a couple ministers who have survived in their jobs. what's interesting is, having
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made a presentation yesterday, setting herself very much in the andle ground of politics rather on the left of the conservative party, her cabinet now, her government is much more right-wing than the cameron government was. so, there is quite a big shakeup. whether she can hold that together, whether she can really practice the unity that she --aches is going to be huge a few huge challenge which we will see in the coming months. laura: jeremy hunt is a minister who has been in the press for all the wrong reasons. are we surprised to see him hold onto his ministry? was, along with the defense minister. maybe theresa may felt he must finish the job and he started. i think the other thing that we have seen about the government is she has gotten rid of most of the old public school delete from the government -- elite from the government.
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johnson is the only one left. all the rest are much more self-made people. laura: thank you very much. l, french president francois hollande has urged theresa may to act quickly to take britain out of the european union. élan spoke after presiding over the annual -- hollande spoke after presiding over the annual bastille day parade. this year, troops from australia and new zealand were the guests of honor. we have more on hollande's comments on the brick -- the brexit. during his annual tv interview, the french president was mindful of one of the major crises facing not just france, but europe as a whole. president along: if europe -- president hollande: the u.k. cannot have outside what it had inside. it's over. when you are no longer there,
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you no longer have the same advantages. reporter: francois hollande also mentioned that brexit uncertainty meant he was striving to contain any knock on effects on the french economy. elsewhere, the long-lasting terror -- anti-terror measures may be coming to an end in july, 2016. -- is theot prefer threat still there? yes. and it's the same. we have the same adversary. reporter: that was a reference to the islamic state group, something hollande also spoke of. sending french military advisers to iraq once local forces are ready to retake the city of mosul. at home, in the wake of four months of protests in the wake of deeply unpopular labor reforms, the president admitted he could have done better, but was not backing down.
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president hollande: perhaps it was better to do more to begin with, but i think it's going to be good for the country and it conforms to my values. reporter: as widely expected, hollande also had harsh words for his iconic the -- his economy minister, emmanuel macron, who has not exactly been discreet with his presidential ambitions in recent days. areident hollande: there rules and government. the first one is solidarity. respecting these rules means staying in government. not respecting the means not staying -- not respecting them means not stating. reporter-- staying. interviewers followed up on the 10,000 euro hairdresser. >> the presidential house budget decreased. my own salary has gone down by 30%. you're coming after me for this? eeporter: prolonged -- holland
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has always put some effort into his image, being elected as the mr. normal candidate. he has fared -- laura: reports that donald trump has picked his running mate. u.s. media claims the republican has picked indiana governor mike pence to join him on the ticket, hence his well-regarded -- ticket. pence is a well-regarded republican. trump says there will be no announcement till friday. other potential running mates include newt gingrich and chris christie. meanwhile, the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, is in moscow, reportedly armed with a controversial plan to cooperate on military action in syria. washington is said to be putting forward a plan to coordinate airstrikes on the two countries' common enemy. to u.s. wants russia pressure its ally, bashar
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bombing syrianop citizens. in a recent tv interview, aside said he had no -- assad said he had no intention of standing down. the correspondent for "the guardian newspaper," thanks for joining us. critics say the united states and russia have opposite goals for syria. is there any common ground for the two countries? reporter: you know, the rhetoric would seem to suggest there is some common ground and some overlap, because both the united states and russia are saying that they are fighting terrorists in syria, terrorist groups. of course, how that unfolds in practice is a different matter. we've seen over the course of russia's air campaign that it has mainly targeted other rebel groups in an attempt to bolster its ally, bashar al-assad. but that said, it also took back the historic city of palmyra from the islamic state just a
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few months ago, so it looks like there may be a window right now for the two countries to work together to take on the islamic state and the al nusra group, which is a syrian branch of al qaeda. laura: syrian president al-assad said that russia has never asked him to step down. this was a key demand from the u.s. when it came to an agreement with russia a few months ago. alec: that's right. kerry is expected to try to breathe new life into the descended that has into widespread fighting again and to restart the detox -- the peace talks. those efforts look like they are going to be less successful, probably. is again, what we might see possibly coordination to fight the islamic state. we know that russia and the u.s. are already coordinating in syria to make sure that they are
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bombersheir planes and are not running into each other in the air. so, i think that this coordination is possible. russia is also very welcoming of the greater attention that it has been receiving from the united states recently. it had previous visits from john kerry. it had a visit from the assistant secretary of state victoria nuland. it is not ashow isolated after sanctions over ukraine. laura: alec luhn, thank you very much. iran has warned it will back out nucleareal on its program if economic sanctions are not lifted more quickly. it's a year since they agreed to curb their nuclear program in return for sanction really -- re lief. they have criticized tehran for testing ballistic missiles. july, 2015 -- after lengthy negotiations, the joint
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comprehensive plan of action, or the iran deal, was finally brokered by china, france, russia, the united kingdom, and the united states, plus germany, collectively known as p5+1. it's been a year since iran pledged to abandon its nuclear program for the partial lifting of international sanctions. since, iran has cut its nuclear and destroyed98% a major plutonium reactor by filling its core with cement. in return, iran has gained access to frozen assets totaling in the tens of billions. beyond the strict parameters of the agreement, relations between washington and tehran are still fraught with difficulty. >> there are continuing issues. nobody pretends that some of the challenges we have with iran -- a nuclearam was about track and about a nuclear program. it was not about the other issues that are involved in the
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relationships more than -- with a number of nations in the region and the united states. reporter: critics say the deal has fallen short of its targets. there has been international criticism. german intelligence accused iran of trying to acquire technology that could be used for a military nuclear program. u.s. lawmakers are tabling a bill that would impose new sanctions on iran over human rights violations for the sponsor -- or the sponsorship of terrorism. if iran violates the agreement, the p5+1 can invoke a provision sanctionsnap back into place. iran says they have held up their end of the bargain. >> at any time and under any circumstances, should the world powers that signed the nuclear deal refused to keep their commitments, we are completely
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ready and have the nuclear capability to reestablish our nuclear program without delay. iran deal was always a point of contention among u.s. republicans, who unanimously opposed it, and irani and hard-liners. -- and iranian hardliners. now, the future of the deal will depend on who comes into power. laura: for the first time in nine years, israel has agreed to allow the import of cars, vans, and trucks into gaza through the areas crossing near the northern northerncity -- near a gazan city. it was closed following a violent takeover by hamas in 2007. reporter: a major transit point has reopened. for nine years, it was reserved for public passage. now these cars are in route for sale -- en route for sale in
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the territory. are car importers, and this was one of our main demands during meetings with authorities on the israeli side of the crossing. it is more practical for us, rather than having to go all the way to rafa. it is much closer now. it's also less dangerous and time-consuming. >> this is the first time that vehicles have been open to go through the araz crossing. it's the first time that buses have crossed for transportation to gaza. aporter: israel imposed blockade on gaza after hamas seized control in 2007, bringing the economy to a virtual standstill, according to the world bank. since, traders have had to drive some 45 kilometers to pick up shipments. the crossings are tightly regulated. israel currently bans 300 types
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of goods on the basis that they could be used for military purposes. while progress has been made, the palestinian authority says the current level of imports are not enough to meet the needs of 1.95 million gazans. laura: now to some incredible scenes at the tour de france this thursday with britain this room temporarily -- briton chr is froome temporarily losing the yellow jersey. the crash into a camera motorbike, a crash which saw his bike broken. he then had to run up the mountain before grabbing a service bike, which didn't actually work. he then had to wait for his team to wade through the crowds with another bike. he eventually crossed 1:40 behind his rivals, but his yellow jersey has been retained after a review.
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incredible stuff. let's get the business news for you now. delano d'souza is here with us in the studio. starting out with the bank of england, deciding today to keep interest rates on hold. delano: a decision that surprised many investors who had been waiting for britain's first rate cut in over seven years. the bank of england says it is likely to deliver stimulus in three weeks' time, once it has assessed the impact of a brexit. the bank of england also cut its forecast for investment in housing. the released today shows interest among homebuyers in britain diminished to its lowest level since 2008. now, the bank of england's decision had an immediate impact on the pound. sword tong -- sterling its highest level in two weeks against the dollar, a height of over 2% -- high of over 2%. it is now trading marginally lower, around 1.41%.
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britain's new finance minister is ruling out an emergency budget. philip hammond says the u.k. suffered a loss of confidence in the wake of the brexit. his main challenges to regain the trust of global investors and to keep the british economy growing as it breaks away from the european union. reporter: amid the political turbulence in the u.k., newly appointed finance minister philip hammond is promising to steady the ship. under david cameron's government, he held a series of key posts, most recently head of the foreign office. he sought to reassure the markets and the general public. britain has a positive future post brexit. >> the number one challenge is to stabilize the economy, send signals of confidence about the future, the plans we have for the future, to the markets, to business, to businesses, to international investors. britain is open for business. reporter: he has pledged to
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scale back on austerity measures introduced by his predecessor, george osborne. prime minister theresa may has given him some leeway to stabilize the economy. hammond says now is not the time for an emergency budget. >> we will work through the summer to assess the situation in the economy. we will make an autumn segment in the usual way and then a budget in the spring. and if we need to send messages communityestment about our intentions, there are many ways we can do that without holding an emergency budget. reporter: hammond met with the bank of england governor on thursday. the two will have to work in tandem to maintain stability as the u.k. withdraws from the eu. ftse ended the session in the red with a decline of 2/10 of 1%. strong gains elsewhere in europe with the docs and the cac 40 ending with gains over -- the
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dax and the cac 40 ending with gains over 1%. -- mesese missing app saging app, line, went public, listed at -- gains of nearly 0.5% across-the-board. shares of monsanto are up 2.5% after bayer announced it was increasing its takeover offer. the european union launched a new legal battle against google, abusing itsof position in the online ad market. they say google is hindering rivals by limiting their ability to price -- place search ad websites.ompetitor thesebelieve that all restrictions, they allowed
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google to protect its very high market share for search advertising. they hindered competition. they also stifled choice and innovation, to the detriment of consumers. u.s. bank byargest assets has reported stronger-than-expected second-quarter earnings. net revenue at j.p. morgan rose to $25.2 billion, up from the same period last year. growth was also higher within the consumer banking and investment banking divisions. the bank's chief executive said he wanted to do something about wage inequality in the united states. over the next three years, jamie dimon said he will raise the pay of some 18,000 staff. japanese tech giant nintendo has seen its shares go through the roof in recent days as the new is gainingn go"
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popularity. it ended the session up 16% in tokyo. the app's success looked likely to become -- continue as the game becomes available in europe. nicholas rushworth reports. nicholas: it's become a global phenomenon in a matter of days. in the realch world to find creatures on their smart phone screens. enter a pokémon attic. >> i get out -- addict. >> i get out of the metro three stations before my workplace. there could be pokémon on the way. there could be a pokémon hiding behind a tree or something like that. gaming of session has seen nintendo shares surged more than 50% since the game was released last friday. the rally has boosted its market value by billions of dollars. the released so far is only partial worldwide with germany
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the first to get it in europe and with japanese game fans on tenterhooks. no release date has been announced there. >> i don't have the courage to wait, so i'm trying to find a foreign version. nicholas: one business publication is headlining "it's time for everyone to calm down." might not save nintendo. the japanese firm has a 33% stake in the pokémon company. lastndo invested in it year and will only get a minority share of the revenues. delano: last week, goldman sachs announced it had landed jose as an advisor. since the announcement, the former president of the european commission has come under fire from politicians in france. the french president has spoken out. francois hollande says the job is morally unacceptable. morals are linked
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to the person, not the institution they serve. mr. barroso was the head of the european commission for 10 years. at the time, we had the crisis provoked by subprime
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